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What Are Good Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime

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5 Feel Good Movies On Amazon Prime Video

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    What We Do In The Shadows

    Most ideas for sketches or short films dont stretch to a full length comedy but this one – squabbling vampire flatmates from Taika Waititi, Jermaine Clement and their mates – really lands. What We Do In The Shadows is silly to the extreme, as youd expect from the Eagle vs Shark/Flight of the Conchords alums. Youll probably end up quoting the chores n corpses dialogue and if you get obsessed, you can watch the 28 minute original on YouTube. Iconic.

    Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

    Paul Newman and Robert Redford redefined cool in this 1969 Western, playing the title characters in an instant classic. Based loosely on a true story, this is the tale of two outlaws on the run after committing a string of train robberies. They flee to Bolivia to try and escape the U.S. law, but it tracks them down. Newman and Redfords star power is simply blinding.

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    Amour Amazon Prime Video

    Amour in French literally translates to love. And the story about this octogenarian couple defines exactly that. In love for decades now, George and Anne are a happy couple whove lived life to the fullest with each other by their side. But Georges life is turned on its head when Anne suffers a stroke. But George doesnt give up. He tries everything he can to help her recover. Amour stars Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant in lead roles and is the 2013 Palme DOr recipient.

    Prime: Manchester By The Sea

    Amazon Prime: the 10 best movies of the moment

    Manchester By The Sea set a lot of precedents when it first came out, as it was the first movie released on a streaming service that was on the awards circuit and up for some major statues.

    Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck gave some of the best movie performances of the decade and Affleck even won the Academy Award for Best Actor, which put the idea of streaming services being major production studios into motion.

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    Things I Hate About You

    Director: Gil Junger

    Writers: Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith

    Cast: Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik, Andrew Keegan, Larry Miller

    The best post-Clueless modernized and teen-ified retelling of classic lit by far , 10 Things I Hate About Youadapts Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” and turns it into one of the best high school comedies of all time. stars as the title spitfire, Kat, alongside the late great Heath Ledger as the school renegade who dares try to tame her. Instead, of course, they fall in love. A definitive teen film of its era, 10 Things I Hate About You holds up incredibly well, no small thanks to Ledger’s outrageous on-screen magnetism and the exceptional chemistry he shared with Stiles But it’s also just one of the great crowd-pleasers all-around endlessly quotable, always rewatchable, and genuinely heartfelt. –Haleigh Foutch

    Audience Reviews For Compliance

    • familiar sSuper Reviewer
    • Sep 01, 2014You will be hard pressed to find a more disturbing thriller this year. Compliance is a harrowing experience, made all the more stressful when you see the terrible way these characters behave thinking the law is on their side.The film is ultimately a testament not just to our inability to question authority but our unwillingness to. We the audience sit helplessly as we watch a young woman humiliated by people who are supposed to be her friends, all in the name of compliance to what they think is a police officer. This film explores the dark side of humanity in a way that few films have. It does it with minimal locations and a phone. When the credits rolled I couldn’t believe this was based on a true story. Then I looked up the actual case this film was based on. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the events happened exactly as they were told in the film, and how unsettling it is to know that it happened 70 different times and that the perpetrator was acquitted.Edward BSuper Reviewer

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    Gunfight At The Ok Corral New

    StarsDirected byGunfight at the O.K. CorralStarsDirected byGenreStarsDirected byPearl HarbormoreGenreStarsDirected byStarsDirected byGenreStarsDirected byBraveheartStarsDirected byDistrict 9Without RemorseTerminatorThe TerminatorT2The Tomorrow WarBoondock SaintsWalking DeadThe Informer80s action movieGuns Akimbo

    *once Upon A Time In The West

    Best Movies on Amazon Prime (Right Now) | 10 Good Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime | Flick Connection

    One of Sergio Leones best films, this Western stars Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, Claudia Cardinale, and Charles Bronson. Its an epic film that casts Fonda against type as the bad guy and contains some of the best imagery in Leones career, anchored by one of the best scores ever written by Ennio Morricone.

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    O Brother Where Art Thou

    Joel and Ethan Coen have yet another gem in the comedy-crime-drama-musical O Brother, Where Art Thou?, which is now available on Amazon Prime. This acclaimed film is set during the Great Depression in Mississippi. It’s loosely based on Homer’s The Odyssey and is one of the first movies to use extensive digital color correction to produce its sepia-toned look. With a track of lamenting southern folk music, the film features a breakout cast in the form of three convicts played by George Clooney, John Turturro, and Tim Blake Nelson.

    The Man In The High Castle

    What if the Allies had lost the Second World War, and America was currently ruled by Germany in its eastern half and Japan in its western half? Well, you can find out in this big budget Amazon Prime original series, a thriller which zips around a 1960s North America thats more Ja wohl! than Aw shucks!.

    Dealing with underground resistance groups, various plots and an alternative Cold War , its the kind of series thatll appeal to history buffs, sci-fi fans and anyone whos into high concept, high budget television.

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    Where The Red Fern Grows

    • Screenplay by: Douglas C. Stewart, Eleanor Lamb
    • Starring: James Whitmore, Beverly Garland, Jack Ging
    • Genres: Kids, Adventure

    If you havent seen this movie or read the novel it was based on , youre really missing out. This is a classic story with many different examples of core values and life lessons, like the value of hard work and the importance of family.

    The story centers around a boy named Billy who wants two Redbone Hound dogs to take hunting with him. His parents cant afford to buy him any dogs because of the Depression. Throughout the film, Billy goes through many exciting adventures and experiences some tragedy too.

    Although things are always missed when a story is transcribed from a novel to a screenplay, this movie does a good job encompassing the novels themes. Watching this movie makes you feel like youre on an emotional roller-coaster, but I think thats what makes it such a great classic.

    What’s Coming Up This Week

    12 Best Amazon Prime Movies in 2018

    Here are the highlights.


    • No Time to Die Blockbuster spy flick starring Daniel Craig. James Bond is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica after leaving active service. However, his peace is short-lived as his old CIA friend, Felix Leiter, shows up and asks for help.


    • My Fake Boyfriend — Romantic comedy starring Keiynan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland. Andrew can’t stay away from the toxic boyfriend who just dumped him. His meddling friends decide to help him by creating Cristiano, a perfect fake boyfriend on social media.
    • The Wolf Of Wall Street — Black comedy. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.

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    The 25 Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

    Amazon Prime offers lots of movies to stream, but it can be hard to figure out what’s worth streaming. Here are Amazon Prime’s 25 best movies.

    Here are ‘s 25 best movies available right now on the streaming service. In the world of streaming subscription services, there’s what’s become known as the “big three.” Netflix is still the biggest kahuna in the game, but Hulu and Amazon Prime are hot on their heels. Each service offers its own large selection of movies, with thousands of titles of various calibers included. Currently, Amazon Prime actually boasts the largest movie library of the three, but it could be argued that quantity isn’t nearly as important as quality.

    Amazon Prime’s best movies can be found below, featuring a mix of blockbuster hits, award-winning critical darlings, hilarious comedies, and more. The list below attempts to include something for everyone, and thankfully, Amazon Prime’s selection houses quite the robust grouping of worthwhile streaming choices.


    Before the list begins properly, there are some important notes to be made. First, the movies below are available to stream on Amazon Prime at the time of this writing. As Amazon Prime movies expire, the list will be updated, and new great options will be added. Also, Amazon Prime’s best movies below while numbered for convenience are not ranked. So the movie marked number one is not meant to necessarily be seen as superior to the movie at number 25.

    The Thomas Crown Affair

    They dont make heist movies hotter than this. John McTiernans remake of the 1968 Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway classic is a steamy romp, with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo at their sexiest. Brosnan plays Thomas Crown, an arrogant playboy billionaire who is also the worlds greatest art thief in his spare time . Russo is Catherine Banning, an insurance investigator tasked with solving and recovering Crowns most recent daring theft. The two fall for each other over the course of a delicious cat-and-mouse game, culminating in an unforgettable, intricately choreographed sequence set to Nina Simones Sinnerman. PV

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    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

    Disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist accepts an invitation to investigate a forty year old unsolved murder by Swedish industrialist Henrik Vanger. Meanwhile, tattooed hacker Lisbeth Salander, hired to investigate Blomkvist, discovers the truth behind his fall from grace.

    Starring: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer

    Night Falls On Manhattan

    10 Best Movies to Binge on AMAZON PRIME

    Sidney Lumet is one of the top American filmmakers in history, starting his career with 12 Angry Men and moving through modern classics like Dog Day Afternoon, The Verdict, and Prince of the City. This 1996 crime drama is one of his most underrated, starring Andy Garcia as a New York District Attorney who is trying to confront corruption in the NYPD.

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    The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

    Hankering for a grown-up TV show in the vein of Mad Men? One also set in mid-century Manhatten? The Marvelous Mrs Maisel might be the new series for you.

    Rachel Brosnahan stars as Miriam Midge Maisel, a vivacious, quick-witted upper middle class housewife with what she thought was the perfect 1950s New York lifestyle: husband, kids, beautiful Upper West Side apartment the works. When things take an unforeseen turn and flip that all upside down, she stumbles into trying out standup comedy and discovers she has something of a talent for not only making people laugh, but for hitting upon lifes truths and enigmas while doing it.

    The first season won three Golden Globes and five Emmys, suggesting this Amazon Original may have an even bigger future ahead than Transparent.

    These Movies Are Great For The Whole Family

    • Shoreline Community College
    • Tweet

    comes with a ton of great movies that you can stream for free, including ones that are perfect for the whole family. To save you from the search, we’ve pulled together all the best family movies on Amazon Prime right now, including choices for young kids, teens, and ones the whole family can enjoy.

    Starring: Eli Marienthal, Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Aniston

    Director: Brad Bird

    Motion Picture Rating: PG

    Runtime: 1 hour, 26 minutes

    At the height of the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, young Hogarth meets an extraterrestrial robot in the woods of Rockwell, Maine. Suddenly, Hogarth and his robot friend find themselves in the crosshairs of both governments.

    Iron Giant was way ahead of its time. Few people saw it in theaters, but critics loved it, and the movie has become a cult classic for fans of animated family films.

    Starring: James Whitmore, Michele Mariana, Gary Krug

    Directors: Will Vinton

    Motion Picture Rating: G

    Runtime: 1 hour, 26 minutes

    Dissatisfied with the current state of humanity, author Mark Twain sets off in a hot-air balloon to chase down Halley’s Comet along with some of his famous charactersTom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, and Huck Finn. Sure, the film’s plot doesn’t make much sense on paper, but The Adventures of Mark Twain is an imaginative claymation film filled with dry humor.

    Starring: Gabriel Damon, Mickey Rooney, Rene Auberjonois

    Directors: Masami Hata, William Hurtz

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    The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain

    Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this biopic about English artist, inventor, entrepreneur and caretaker Louis Wain. Set at the end of the 19th century, it follows a man who, after taking in a stray kitten, creates surreal cat paintings that made him world famous. They also seem to reflect his own declining sanity. A feel-good drama with a typically gripping central performance from Cumberbatch, this warm portrait is filled with whimsy, even if it’s a little uneven.

    The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

    Good Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime Hindi

    New films, and classics, just keep coming, but you dont have to drill down to find the finest selections to stream. Well do the heavy lifting. You press play.

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    By Jason Bailey

    to get recommendations on the best films and TV shows to stream and watch, delivered to your inbox.

    As Netflix pours more of its resources into original content, is picking up the slack, adding new movies for its subscribers each month. Its catalog has grown so impressive, in fact, that its a bit overwhelming and at the same time, movies that are included with a Prime subscription regularly change status, becoming available only for rental or purchase. Its a lot to sift through, so weve plucked out 100 of the absolute best movies included with a Prime subscription right now, to be updated as new information is made available.

    Here are our lists of the best TV shows and movies on Netflix, and the best of both on Hulu and Disney+.

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    What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Synopsis: Showrunner Ira Steven launched the fundraising campaign a couple of years ago and what followed was an incredible tribute documentary looking at the history of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” that features interviews with almost every member of the cast, including Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell, Rene Auberjonois, Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson. Sadly though, Avery Brooks’ contribution is limited to archive footage.

    Why you should watch: If you’re a fan of “DS9” than this is a must-watch not only are the insights intriguing and often emotional, but the fictional first episode of a hypothetical new series, crafted together in a writers room packed full of the best writers in “Star Trek” is inspired. There’s a look back at the early reviews , the casting decisions and the issues faced throughout production. This documentary also marks the first time any footage from “DS9” has been remastered in high definition including a portion of the main battle sequence from “Sacrifice Of Angels” .

    Free with ads via IMDB TV

    Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video To Watch Now

    No-one wants to scroll endlessly, so we’ve picked the best movies on Amazon for you.

    There are more streaming sites than ever before, but when it comes to movies there are still few which boast a selection as extensive as Amazon Prime Video.

    2021 has seen a handful of original features released on the platform including the terrific Arthurian drama The Green Knight and uplifting musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, while the library of older titles is also constantly expanding.

    If you’re looking to get into the festive spirit, Christmas classics Love, Actually and The Holiday are available to stream now, as well as Mila Kunis/Kathryn Hahn comedy A Bad Moms Christmas, while for any Beatles fans bereft after finishing Get Back, you can check out the Fab Four’s 1964 classic A Hard Day’s Night.

    Every single film on the list below has been hand picked by‘s team of film experts, so you will know exactly which movies you should dive into when you next open Amazon Prime Video.

    You can also tweet us if you want to recommend your own favourite for the list.

    Our Amazon Prime Video pages will be updated regularly, so keep this page bookmarked as we’ll have fresh recommendations you absolutely don’t want to miss.

    For those wanting something a bit different, weve also created shortlists of the best Netflix movies and the best Netflix series, as well as your guide to Disney+.

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