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What Are Renewed Products On Amazon

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One of the disadvantages of buying certified refurbished products on Amazon is that your choices dont usually include the latest models as it takes time for the customers to return the products and also for the manufacturers to refurbish the products and make them for sale.

Some manufacturers also wont promise that the refurbished products are in new cosmetic condition, though you can always expect that your product will work as if it is new. The products warranty may also be a period which is shorter than for those new items, so you might have to pay for the additional cost for an extended warranty if ever you want this type of protection.

What Is Renewed On Amazon

Products in Amazon Renewed are used or unused products that have been refurbished to work and look like new by qualified suppliers.These products have been returned for various reasons. This could be that they no longer need them and / or want to upgrade to the latest version. Or simply theyve returned a new product during the usual 30 day grace period.Some key points:

  • Amazon Renewed products are not inspected and tested by Amazon, rather third party suppliers that undergo strict criteria to be able to sell and are required to meet ongoing performance targets. This should then weed out any suppliers that are not providing a high standard of service.
  • The refurbishment process involves a full diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts and a thorough cleaning process.
  • Amazon also state that the products have no visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away.
  • The Amazon Renewed Guarantee means you can get a replacement or refund within one year.
  • For refurbished iPhones on Amazon Renewed the batteries must have at lest 80% capacity at the time of sale.

How Much Can I Save By Using Amazon Renewed

Obviously, this will vary from device to device, but as an example, at the time of writing we were easily able to find an iPhone XR 64GB for £379 in the UK and $381 in the US, with the same version new from Apple costing £499/$499.

Some prices are slightly more or less than others, depending on who the seller is, but for the most part they only seemed to fluctuate by a few pounds or dollars.

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Make Sure You Are Qualified For Amazon Renewed

In order to make your product eligible for the Amazon Renewed program, make sure you meet some of the main requirements.

a. Product Inspection Process

Amazon has strict quality requirements for Amazon Renewed. To prove your products match their guidelines, you need to show proof that theyve undergone an extensive inspection and testing process. The inspection and testing process typically includes a full diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, and a thorough cleaning process carried out by the supplier, or by Amazon. And check that they have no visible imperfections that can be spotted from 12 inches away.

b. Product Warranties

In order to support the quality claims of refurbished products, Amazon Renewed also requires a reliable warranty. All products included in the plan must provide a 90-day warranty , covering all defects that customers may encounter, as long as these defects are not caused by insufficient maintenance or installation errors.

This requires the submission of images of at least 8 sample units so that Amazon can view them. They need to look at the box where the product will be shipped, the inside of the package, and the product view from the top, bottom, and all sides.

c. Discounted Price

d. Business Proof

In addition to listing quality products, Amazon Renewed is also only available for trusted brands. To register for this program, you need to prove that your business has been established.

Why Should You Buy Refurbished Products

The Best Websites For Buying Refurbished Electronics [2020]

The main benefit of buying an Amazon certified refurbished product is that you will save money while buying a fully functional item. This is because sellers cant list these products as new they instead offer it at lower prices to attract customers. Another reason why you should buy Amazon refurbished product is that you can rest easy knowing that your product has undergone testing for defects.

Lastly, buying refurbished from Amazon comes with warranties just like those of new products, so you dont have to worry about not getting your money back if the item you have received doesnt work as described.

On the other hand, if you plan to be an Amazon renewed seller, here are the advantages you can enjoy:

  • You get to extend your brand

Becoming an Amazon renewed Seller will help you boost your brand recognition as you can now offer customers another option which is purchasing refurbished equipment. As it is known in the marketing world, the more choices you provide to the customer, the more customers youll have.

  • Avoid competition and join an exclusive program

Not everyone can be a seller of certified refurbished items on Amazon. It is a privilege given only to those who have met Amazons quality criteria and can consistently sell new products. This gives a great opportunity for the very few who are to be accepted.

  • You get to sell to a loyal customer base
  • You can use the Amazon platform

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How To Drive Sales Using Amazon Renewed

Grow your business using these simple tips for selling refurbished products on Amazon:

Final Thoughts

If youre looking to sell refurbished products, or you want to expand your current Amazon business, Amazon Renewed is the ideal program you need to grow and build your business.

To begin with, simply search for product opportunities on SellerApp and track them for detailed insights on their sales potential over time.

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Why Should Sellers Apply For The Amazon Renewed Program

The main benefit is that you offer quality, fully functional products at an affordable price with a 90-day guarantee.

Its not that much different from being a regular Amazon seller once youre accepted to the Amazon renewed program. Youll also work with an account manager one-on-one.

But, having the label Amazon renewed associated with your product boosts your trustworthiness than having used or refurbished written on your listing page.

This trustworthiness is a byproduct of Amazons quality criteria that they offer to an exclusive few. This exclusivity also extends to your brand and adds credibility.

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Things To Know About Amazon Renewed

If youre planning on buying an electronic device you should consider a previously owned or refurbished item, because sometimes you can find a great deal. But how can you know whether a used item will work properly, and what can you do if it doesnt? A program from Amazon aims to instill confidence in your purchase of used electronics on its site. Its called .

Perhaps youve seen the Amazon Renewed label on some Amazon webpages selling electronics and small appliances, or maybe youve read about the program on

This article is going to spell out the fine print about Amazon Renewed and fill you in on similar services from other vendors. Also, Ill share with you my recent experience buying a laptop through Amazon Renewed.

Does Your Brand Have What It Takes For Amazon Success

Amazon Renewed Can You Really Trust it

Take the Sunken Stone success quiz and see how you measure up to the competition. Its quick and easy, but it accurately predicts whether or not your brand has what it takes to succeed on Amazon today.

Dont waste another minute wondering if your brand has what it takesclick the image below to take the success quiz. If it turns out that your brand isnt going to succeed, well explain several steps to take so that you prepare for Amazon seller success!

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Breakdown Of A Renewed Amazon Product Listing

Heres an Amazon Renewed product of a Ninja blender.

The key conditions for a renewed product are the following:

  • The product works and looks like new. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.
  • This pre-owned product has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers.
  • There will be no visible cosmetic imperfections when held at an arms length.
  • Products with batteries will exceed 80% capacity relative to new.
  • Accessories may not be original, but will be compatible and fully functional. Product may come in generic box.
  • This product is eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt if you are not satisfied under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

The key point is that Amazon does not inspect all of the products. It is also done through approved suppliers. The good news is that products in this refurbished state are eligible for 90 days money-back .

What Is Amazon Renewed And How Exactly Does It Work

If youre in the market for a new electronic device, a good place to start is by looking at online retailers that offer previously owned or refurbished versions of that device. Not only are these items cheaper, theyre also a great way to recycle devices that would otherwise end up in an endless third-world landfill somewhere. Buying refurbished does have its downsides, however.

Most retailers dont offer any guarantee that the item youre buying is going to work properly. Thus, buying refurbished electronics is always a gamble. Even if youre buying it from a reputable retailer like Best Buy, youre still taking a chance that a previously-broken device is going to last this time around. Amazons new Renewed program promises to remove this uncertainty.

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Products Included In Amazon Renewed

  • Smartphones
  • Home Entertainment
  • Headphones

I know what youre thinking: they probably look bad, or theyre scratched, scuffed, and/or damaged. This is a common misconception about refurbished technology. More often than not, a refurbished phone, for instance, looks more or less brand new.

In contrast to the recent declines in the new smartphone market, as well as the forecast for minimal growth in new shipments over the next few years, the used market for smartphones shows no signs of slowing down across all parts of the globe, said Anthony Scarsella, IDC

Refurbished and used devices continue to provide cost-effective alternatives to both consumers and businesses that are looking to save money when purchasing a smartphone. Moreover, the ability for vendors to push more affordable refurbished devices in markets in which they normally would not have a presence is helping these players grow their brand as well as their ecosystem of apps, services, and accessories.

I have bought multiple refurbished technology items, from iPhones to MacBooks, and they have always worked perfectly and looked almost as good as new. The only real difference between a new product and a refurbished product is that the refurbished product does not come in official packaging.

Reviews About The Renewed Section

Amazon Renewed: Shop Refurbished, Pre

As people these days have started buying from the renewed section, it is quite evident that renewed items are trending. Sometimes, people buy from this section because they get way cheaper prices here and quality almost similar to the brand new product, and sometimes, they buy them because at first, they want to test the product. So, they go for the safer side. You can give it a try.

Different people, different reviews. Some of them have good experiences and some have bad experiences. Some people find it useful and they recommend buying these refurbished products. On the other hand, some people have horrible experiences, they didnt have good experience about this renewed section.

Talking about my personal experience, I bought this refurbished Samsung phone recently from the renewed section for half the price of the new one. It didnt even have a single scratch on it and it was in normal working conditions. I enjoyed shopping from the renewed section and I will recommend others too to buy these refurbished products. As long as you buy things after proper research, you will succeed. So, my overall experience was great!

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What Is A Refurbished Product

If a product is tested to work just fine but has a cosmetic flaw, or if it doesnt work at all and the customer wants to return it then the seller tries to sell it again, that is what we call a refurbished item a product does not work or has not been properly inspected and tested for defective parts.

Even though it can be easily fixed or the flaw isnt a big deal to everyone, you still couldnt resell it as something new as it is now an open box item someone else had already used slightly, so technically, it isnt so new.

Normally, in the past, these types of products are very hard to resell as people want their things new and flashy its expected for a new product that it should exceed the customers expectation. However, as time passed by, defects became a little normal, and manufacturers caught up to it by giving warranty to their customers and also giving them the option of giving back the products they bought for a replacement or refund as long as receipt of the product is given.

To prepare these type of products, the manufacturer will put them through a comprehensive refurbishment process and tests to check for their functionality and quality. After a long process of making sure that the products are now as good as new, youll have a certified refurbished product at the end of the process. Examples of these are refurbished iPhones, home appliances, and the like. While these items wont work as expected, replacement of any defective items are not that bad.

Sign Up To Become An Amazon Seller

If youre not a seller on Amazon already, youll need to sign up in order to become eligible for the program. Simply log on to Amazons website, and apply to create a seller account. Youll need to fill in some information about yourself, as well as tax information and bank account info, to get started.

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What Does Renewed Mean On Amazon In 2022

Products on that are labeled as renewed mean they have been refurbished or reconditioned. The term renewed only applies to technology products, including laptops, phones, and cameras, and typically comes with a significant discount in price and also included a 90-day warranty from Amazon.

If you want to learn more about the difference between refurbished and renewed items on Amazon, whether it is safe to buy refurbished products, and much more, keep on reading!

Apply And Qualify To Sell On Amazon Renewed

10 NEW Amazon Products You NEED Under $20!

Now that you know what youre going to sell and where youre going to source those products, youll need to

These are the requirements you must meet in order to sell on Amazon Renewed:

  • You must be able to supply invoices showing youve met Amazons minimum order number: purchasing either $50,000 in qualifying refurbished products, or a minimum of 500 refurbished units within 90 days of submitting your application. Also, items with a selling price of $15 or less dont count towards the 500 refurbished units. However, the program allows you to black-out either the required unit amount or the required dollar amount on your invoices. That means you can include lower-priced products. But this is only if you choose to submit invoices with dollar amounts instead of unit numbers.
  • If youre an existing seller on Amazon, youre required to maintain an order defect rate of 0.8% or less in the trailing 90 days.
  • Your company must provide a minimum 90-day warranty on all of your Certified Refurbished products.
  • If you want to list factory-refurbished items that have no manufacturer warranty, youll need to get permission. To do that, you must submit a minimum of eight images of a sample unit so that Amazon can perform a product and packaging review. Youll need to show them the box in which the product will ship, the inside packaging and padding, a view of the product from the top and the bottom, and images of all four sides of the item.
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    Tips To Drive Sales With Amazon Renewed

    Additionally, these tips will help you succeed with the Amazon Renewed program:

    • Price your products at least 20% lower than its new price, and within 2% of the used Buy Box price.
    • Add at least 15 SKUs to get started.
    • Run Best Deals on your refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products.
    • Leverage Amazons Sponsored Products advertising program to drive traffic to your newly created certified-refurbished ASINs .
    • Amazon recommends that you consider using both manual and automatic campaigns. But, for manual campaigns, its best to use broad keywords for driving initial traffic to an ASIN.

    Meet The Criteria For The Amazon Renewed Program

    The Amazon Renewed Program has pretty stringent criteria for approving sellers, which consists of the following:

    • Show invoices with a minimum total value of $50,000 in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 90 days from when you applied.
    • An ODR of 0.8% or less in the trailing 90 days is required for existing Amazon sellers.
    • For factory refurbished items, you must supply a minimum of 8 images of a sample unit for product and packaging review .
    • Providing backing for all refurbished products with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee and accepting responsibility for all claims under the guarantee.
    • For Apple products, invoices are required, dated from trailing 90 days that total $2.5 million in Apple refurbished products.

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