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What Are The Advantages Of Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime Video The Pros And Cons Of This Subscription Service

10 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Not Be Using!

Is Amazon Prime right for you? Learn about the pros and cons of Amazon Prime Video to make an informed decision.

Amazon is one of the most recognizable names in the consumer world. The company provides a wide range of products and services that elevate user experiences. One of these is Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is a premium paid subscription service that provides Amazon users access to various services, including Prime Video.

You can enjoy countless benefits by subscribing to Amazon Prime, which are otherwise unavailable to others or come with an additional price.

So, it is not surprising that as of 2020, the total number of Amazon Prime subscribers exceeded 150 million according to The Verge.

If youre on the fence about subscribing to Amazon Prime, take a look at its pros and cons to make the right decision:

  • The Final Verdict
  • What Is Amazon Business Prime

    With Business Prime, business owners can access perks like creating logins for their employees, applying purchasing rules, getting corporate credit, collaborating on documents, and more. With a 30-day free trial, they can take their time considering whether Amazon Prime or Business Prime is right for them.

    Users can sign up for a free to become a registered seller, get incentives and discounts on purchases, and other benefits. The Amazon Business account also comes with free Business Analytics tools to track business spending, monitor sales, make adjustments as needed, and make plans for future growth. Other free tools include:

    • Setting preferred suppliers
    • Opening an Amazon Corporate Credit line
    • Granting access to users to make purchases
    • Creating approval procedures and applying spending caps for purchases
    • Setting up consolidated delivery for large items to your preferred personal or business address

    Registered sellers can use their Amazon Business account to make fulfilling orders easier by taking advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon . With FBA, you ship your products to an Amazon warehouse. When someone places an order, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the item to the customer. Amazon will also handle refunds and returns. FBA comes with a fee that varies by product and order.

    We Break Down The Benefits And Costs Of An Amazon Prime Subscription

    Shipping, streaming, shopping, reading… Amazon Prime can seem nebulous, and you might be wondering exactly whats included with the yearly pricetag. We’ve summed it all up below to give you a clearer picture of where your moneys going.

    A free 30-day trial for Amazons Prime services gives you a full month of unlimited access absolutely free. But when that expires, what do you get for Amazon Prime’s monthly or annual fees?


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    Is An Amazon Prime Membership Worth The Cost

    Im pretty sure I have had an Amazon Prime Membership for over 15 years now. In the beginning that annual membership fee was a lot cheaper.

    BUT, in that 15 years, Amazon has become a giant company that offers so many extra benefits to their Prime members.

    In fact, a Prime membership has so many benefits now that its practically impossible to use them all.

    And, you dont really even need to use them all to get more than your moneys worth from an Amazon Prime membership.

    BUT, is Amazon Prime worth it to you? If youre actually going to order from Amazon AND youll watch Prime TV & movies, then a Prime membership is almost definitely worth it.

    Is Hbo Max On Amazon Prime

    What are the Benefits of Being an Amazon Prime Member ...

    HBO Max is available on Amazon Prime Video as an additional subscription. You must be an active Amazon Prime member and use your existing subscription in Prime to subscribe for HBO.

    It is the same price as it would be if you subscribed directly with them. You can also access a free trial to get started.

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    Discounted Amazon Freetime Unlimited

    offers unlimited access to 13,000 kids’ books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games. For Prime members it’s $2.99/month for a single child or $6.99 for a family of up to four children. Parents can set controls like time limits and content filters, and personalize the experiences of each child profile. It’s available on Fire Tablets , Kindle eReaders , and Android phones and tablets .

    Prime Book Box is a children’s book subscription that delivers two hardcover books or four board books to kids up to 12 years old. The book selections are popular reader favorites or Amazon Book Editor-approved, so your child can enjoy both classics and new releases. Parents can handle preferences like delivery schedule and preview the book options . The boxes ship for free.

    Kindle Owners Lending Library & Prime Reading

    Prime members can borrow a book a month from the Kindle Owners Lending Library at no extra cost, as well as a book from the Kindle First picks.

    Youll also be able to download and read books, comics, and magazines from the library of more than 1,000 titles available for free with Prime Reading. Until 31 December 2021, Prime members can also get a £5 credit when borrowing a free ebook via Prime Reading.

    Books borrowed from the Lending Library can only be read on a Kindle device, but titles from Prime Reading can be accessed from any device. See our full guide to Prime Reading.

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    Stream Audio With Audible Channels

    Podcast fans, listen up: You can stream original audio series and your favorite podcasts with . With the Amazon phone app, you can pop in your earbuds and slip into a thriller on the treadmill, a political biography by the pool, or a romance novel on the plane. Prime members can listen to the full library for free, while those without a Prime membership pay $14.95 per month.

    Get Your Prime Wardrobe On

    Amazon Prime Review and Benefits: Is it Worth it?

    With dressing rooms closed in most clothing bricks-and-mortar retailers during the pandemic, were unable to try on clothes before we buy them. Now, Amazon has you covered — in clothes. Prime Wardrobe is Prime’s answer to the dressing room. Pick out womens, mens, kids, and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories online at Amazon Wardrobe. Select up to 8 items and they’ll be shipped for free and at no charge to you. You have seven days to try them on and check out what you want to buy. It’s free to return anything you don’t want to purchase. Your Prime Wardrobe order comes in a resealable box or bag with a prepaid return label. You just have to haul it over to a UPS outlet or other retailers taking Amazon returns . They’ll take care of the rest.

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    Access To Lightning Deal:

    This feature makes you a super customer of Amazon. You will be treated as an elite member of the circle by providing you the lightning deals. You can grab all the deals 30 minutes before anybody.

    Lightning deals are quite exclusive offers. The sellers offer a remarkable cut down on prices of articles which are of daily use. Generally, the items include the smartphone, laptops, fashion, grocery, etc.

    How Amazon Prime Works

    Since Amazon Prime started, the service has expanded into many other areas, including offering free streaming movies and music, rapid delivery options, and discounts on groceries.

    You can sign up for a free 30-day trial to sample all the Prime benefits before committing to membership. After that, you have the option to pay a lump sum of $119 for a one-year membership or you can choose a month-to-month rate of $13.

    If youre a student taking at least one course at a college in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, youre eligible for a $59 annual Amazon Prime Student account or a month-to-month rate of $6.49 .

    Amazon also offers Prime members an extra 10 percent off items at Whole Foods Markets as well as additional price cuts each week on select products.

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    Amazon Prime Vs Business Prime: Cost Benefits More

    If you’re considering a Prime account for your small business, which is best: Amazon Prime or Business Prime? Find out the differences to help you make the right decision.

    Anyone can shop on Amazon for personal use. But, for those wanting exclusive deals, discounted shipping, and other perks, Amazon offers a membership program known as Prime, which is paid on a monthly or annual basis. Small business owners can access all the benefits of Amazon Prime with a personal account — but they can get added benefits from a Business Prime account.

    Here are some comparisons to consider when deciding which is best for you.

    Amazon Prime Video Free Trial

    Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership: Here

    Amazon also offers a free Prime Video free trial for its customers, though it is currently available for Airtel users. Known as Amazon Prime Mobile Edition, the free trial allows users to watch the Prime Video on a mobile device. It is a single-user, mobile-only plan that allows you to access the video platform. Hereâs a list of all Airtel recharge plans that come with the Prime Video Mobile Edition free trial:

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    Use Amazon Day To Make Sure Your Packages Arrive On A Certain Day Of The Week

    Im not one for predictability as a total life motto. But, when it comes to boxes sitting on my empty porch all day, give me my .

    Amazon Day is a feature that allows Prime members to select up to two days a week for orders to arrive, and Amazon will combine items into single packages as often as possible. So hey, more room in your recycle bin, because youll have less Amazon cardboard. And you can pick a day you know youll be home to pull everything into the house.

    Which Amazon Echo Or Alexa Speaker Is Best For You

    Its common knowledge that an gets you free two-day shipping. But there are additional benefits that make the service more worthwhileand considering the cost of a yearly membership, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t taking advantage of all of them. Below, we’ve listed some of the perks you should be using as an Amazon Prime member. Arguably, these incentives alone aren’t worth the cost of a membership, but chances are at least one of them will come in handy.

    Amazon has had more than its fair share of debacles over the years. Still, as of January 2021, there are more than 150 million Prime members around the world. If you’re one of them, these perks are worth checking out.

    Special offer for Gear readers: Get a1-Year Subscription to WIRED for $5 . This includes unlimited access to and our print magazine . Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

    If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more.

    Amazon Prime is a premium membership to . If you’re a brand-new member, you can try it free for 30 days. This trial automatically renews, so set a reminder on your phone to reassess and make sure you cancel, if you want to, on time.

    Finally, some customers are eligible for discounted Prime memberships. If you verify that you receive qualifying EBT or government assistance, you can get Amazon Prime for $6 per month.


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    Amazon Prime Benefits You Need To Know About

    19 Amazon Prime Benefits You Need to …

    Amazon Prime benefits cover so much more than free shipping, although thats definitely part of the appeal! I was a Prime member for years before I dug into exactly what comes with my yearly $119 payment to Amazon.

    Between constantly changing the names of Prime Benefits and offering different versions depending on where you live, it can be confusing. For example, whats the difference between Amazon Music Prime and Music Unlimited? Or Amazon Fresh versus Whole Foods Delivery? Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited?

    If youre wondering if a Prime membership is worth it or youre curious what youre missing out on with your membership, this is for you.

    to find out about all the best .

    Get Free Kindle Books Through Prime Reading

    Amazon Prime Benefits That’ll Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Year!

    Prime members get instant access to loads and loads of free Kindle ebooks and audiobooks. You can send the titles to your Kindle device, or to your smartphone or laptop to read.

    If youre a frequent reader, take advantage of , which offers once a month early access to select new titles.

    If youre an avid reader, you can choose to pay $9.99 for Kindle Unlimited. This will open you up to over one million titles and thousands of audiobooks.

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    Is Alexa Included In Amazon Prime

    Alexa is a separate service, and it is not a part of Amazon Prime. Alexa works with Alexa-enabled devices, and it doesnt require a subscription.

    However, if you are using an Amazon Echo Show, you can tell Alexa to stream your videos. You can use Alexa with Prime, but it isnt a part of the service.

    Which Benefits Are Included With Amazon Business Prime

    The benefits offered in the Business Prime account depend on the membership plan. All plan levels have the same shipping and shopping benefits. Not all shipping speeds and methods are available on all items or in all areas. Deliveries default to business days only, but can be changed to daily if requested.

    Shipping benefits include:

    • Prime Early Access to Lightning Deals
    • Progressive Discounts

    Amazon WorkDocs allows for collaboration on invoices, receipts, and other business documents in one secure location. Amazon WorkDocs is available on:

    • Essentials: 1 user and 250 GB of space
    • Small: 3 users and 750 GB of space
    • Medium: 5 users and 1.25 Tb of space
    • Enterprise: 10 users and 2.5 TB of space

    These same plans allow the business owner to set rules for preferred and restricted buying for employees who are provided user access. Owners can also use spending pattern insights to plan budgeting and buying decisions. Small and Medium membership plans include 45-day fee and interest-free payment terms on invoices, while Enterprise plans get 60 days plus Amazon Business Professional Services assistance.

    Small businesses who are tax-exempt can use the Amazon Tax Exemption Tool to enroll online for the Amazon Tax Exemption Program. Once approved, you can apply tax-exemption status to qualifying purchases when reviewing your order.

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    Get Unlimited Streaming With Prime Video

    Prime Video allows unlimited streaming of thousands of movies, TV shows, and award-winning Amazon Originalsand Prime Student members get access for free. When you need to unwind, what better way than with your favorite show?

    Even if you have Netflix or Hulu, often Prime Video will offer exclusive shows or movies. If you stream just one during your free trialhey, it was free, so no worries!

    What Do You Get With Amazon Prime

    Amazon Reduces Monthly Prime Membership Cost For Low ...

    To recap, here are all the notable Amazon Prime features that come with Amazon Prime:

    • Free 2-day, 1-day, or same-day shipping
    • Prime Photos
    • Prime Music
    • Prime Video
    • Prime Reading
    • Prime Pantry
    • Prime Early Access
    • Prime Wardrobe
    • Twitch Prime
    • Exclusive discounts when shopping at Whole Foods Market

    At $119/year, that’s the equivalent of $9.92 per month. Is there any other online subscription that offers this much goodness for such an affordable price?

    Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can still get . And should you ever not receive an Amazon order, see our .

    If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, grab a 30-day free trial and try it for yourself. Chances are you’ll love it!

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    Enjoy Prime Music And Prime Video Subscriptions

    Like Spotify, Prime Music is an ad-free and on-demand music streaming service, included in your Prime membership. The more music you play, the better Prime Music will be at selecting your preferences and building playlists that might interest you. For an additional $7.99 per month , Prime members can also subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited and gain access to over 50 million songs. Without a Prime membership, you could expect to pay $9.99 per month for access to Amazon Music Unlimited. You can also stream this service on the Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot for in-home entertainment.

    Likewise, Prime Video is a virtual warehouse of great TV shows, movies, and award-winning original Amazon Studios content. With Prime Video, you can stream shows or movies to your Kindle, Fire TV, laptop, and more.

    Amazon Prime Membership Cost And Special Prime Day Savings

    An Amazon Prime membership costs $13 a month, or you can pay $119 annually. The yearly Prime membership includes a 30-day free trial, so you can get free access to the final hours of Prime Day and all the associated perks of a Prime membership.

    The retailer also offers a Prime Student membership for $7 a month, which typically comes with exclusive offers like for $1 a month and discounts on textbooks. Students can get a six-month free trial before they have to start paying for their Prime membership. To purchase a student membership, youll need a valid .edu email address.

    As a Prime Day sign on bonus, all new Prime subscribers can score four free months of , plus subscribe to select Prime Video Channels for $1 per month for up to two months.

    Multiple members of a family can also share Prime benefits like Prime shipping, video, photos and more through , which allows for up to 10 memberships:

    • 2 adults , each with their own Amazon account
    • 4 teens , each with their own Amazon login, which is different from an adult account in that adults can share digital content with teens and set viewing restrictions.
    • 4 children .

    For a limited time, those who sign up for Prime using an Echo device will receive a $5 Amazon credit. All you have to do is say, Alexa, sign me up for Prime. Through June 20, Prime members can also get a $10 credit after spending $40 or more on select Prime-branded Amazon gift cards, which giftees can in turn spend on a Prime membership or other Amazon items.

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