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What Are The Best Products To Sell On Amazon

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Use Amazon Reviews To Find Product Market Gaps

Best Products To Sell On Amazon In 2021

When deciding what items you should purchase for selling on Amazon, its important to get a feel for what the customer wants. Vendors might have the time and budget for focus groups to get consumer feedback as to desired products and what they like and dont like. But, this doesnt work for all vendors.

Since many vendors dont have the time or budget to do so, mining Amazon customer reviews is a timely and cost efficient way to decide what you should be selling on Amazon and why.

If youre thinking about selling a specific product, research Amazon reviews and keep the following things in mind:

  • What items people are raving about
  • Look for unsatisfied customers with a particular product
  • Use the complaints to modify your prospective product

When you dive into Amazon reviews youll get a firsthand look at what people love or hate about a certain product. You can take that information into consideration when you decide what products to sell and if you should make any modifications to the product you are going to sell.

Select Your Source For Products

Once you are done researching on which products to sell, you should start thinking about sourcing them.

Here are two places from where you can start your search:

  • Alibaba: If you are planning to sell on Amazon, Alibaba is a good place to source your products. It is a place where you can source inexpensive imports. A good thing about Alibaba is that it helps you learn about product sourcing. This is extremely helpful if you are new to the business.
  • Wholesale marketplaces: Wholesale buyers markets are another way of sourcing your products. Wholesale markets are situated in every major city in the US. And the best part is, they focus on every imaginable industry. To locate your nearest wholesale market just google it. Also, dont forget to add the product name or category you are interested in. The Dallas Market Center, NY NOW Wholesaler Gift & Home, Los Angeles Gift & Home and Las Vegas Market are major wholesale markets in the US worth visiting.

Competing With Other Sellers

Typically in a popular category, like Home & Kitchen, many sellers identify a niche with a large volume of sales and think they can take a piece of the pie.

In reality, they may just be making it harder on themselves. You may see a niche like apple slicers and think, Wow, the top sellers do over $100,000 in sales. I should sell this too.

But when you dive deeper, you see this particular niche is very oversaturated many sellers have hundreds of reviews, low pricing, and there is nothing that really differentiates each product that is offered.\

A new seller might not think about that and end up attempting to sell a product that cannot compete in an established market.

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Amazon Promotions & Coupons

Amazon Promotions allow you to create coupon codes that you, and deals that allow you to drive more sales. For example, you can create a promotion that gives 10% off if a buyer purchases 2 or more of your product. The wording gets displayed right on the product page.

Amazon also recently introduced Amazon Coupons for 3rd party sellers. This is different that coupon codes. Items placed on coupon get special placement on the coupon page, and there is a very small cost associated with running the coupons, but its a great way to get some volume sales going on your items as well as helping to fix any of your slow selling products on Amazon.

What Are You Going To Sell In Q4

What to Sell on Amazon

We hope this guide gives you some good ideas on what products you can sell during this time of year, and bookmark this page for updates in 2022 Q1. Get out there and make it happen!

Let us know what you think of these categories, or if you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below.

Check out our full for more information on product research, sourcing, listing creation, and much more.

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How Jungle Scout Can Help Launch Your Success:

Rather than pay thousands for training, Jungle Scout provides training, plus one of the best tools out there to help you:

  • Locate Niche Products and Suppliers with the Supplier Database
  • Create Killer Amazon Listings with the Listing Builder Tool
  • Know What’s Hot on Amazon with the Search Data Tool
  • Increase Sales with Automated Emails with the New Launch Tool
  • Generate Keywords that Convert with Keyword Scout
  • Find Profitable Niches with Profitability Finder
  • Learn Insider Tips and How to Get Started Selling Training with the Included Academy and Live Q& A Sessions.

Beware Of The Extremes

Selling in an untapped market can be highly rewarding but its risky. Chances are good, if a product isnt already available on Amazon, its likely because there isnt a great demand for it.

Before investing in 200 copies of Troll 2, maybe purchase one, list it on Amazon and see how long it takes to sell. If youre sitting on that inventory for more than a month, its likely not worth purchasing the other 199.

At the same time, buying a bunch of products in high demand can also be unwise. If you buy dozens of popular frying pans, for example, you might face stiff competition from other sellers on Amazon who may undercut you on price. That means you could be sitting on those frying pans far longer than youd like. Hope you like eggs.

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What To Sell On Amazon In Q4

Normally, we recommend selling evergreen products that can be sold year-round, but there is so much opportunity to make money with seasonal products during the last few months of the year.

While most categories on Amazon will see spikes in sales during Q4, there are some seasonal products that sellers can significantly profit from during the holidays.

Note: Please make sure you do your research and make your own decisions for your business. The ideas shared in this article are meant to give you some inspiration and thought starters for what you can sell during Q4.

Try To Source Items That Are Easy And/or Inexpensive To Make

Best Products To Sell On Amazon FBA | March 2021

The easier and cheaper it is to manufacture the product youre interested in selling, the greater your chance of gaining a tidy profit. Think of it as the difference between a Honda Civic and a Bentley. The former can be built in a matter of hours, while the latters build time is measured in months. And the respective costs reflect the difference. Also, consider Amazon seller fees.


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Developing Your Amazon Best Seller

Just because these categories are the best sellers on Amazon does not mean that your product has to be in one of these categories. In fact, having a product in one of these categories could be a terrible idea! These are the best sellers, so youre guaranteed to have a ton of competition.

Amazon has a whopping 41 different categories at the time of writing. Almost every one of these is ripe for a creative entrepreneur.

However some product ideas are simply going to have more competition than others.

But how can you know which one is best for you?

Building A Safe Haven At Home

As people worldwide spent more time at home in early 2020, product sales increased across at-home entertainment, home office items, home improvement, and cookware.

Work and play from home

Opting outside

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Exercise And Fitness Equipment

Again, not much of a surprise here, especially since New Years and health resolutions come right after the holidays. This is the time of year when fitness products sell the most and 21% of consumers are purchasing exercise/fitness items early. You can also count on selling these types of products after the new year.

This category can be very competitive so try to think a little outside of the box if you are selling and marketing a private label fitness product.

If you can find popular exercise and fitness products to resell via retail or online arbitrage, that is another viable option as well.

Tip: Try local discount stores such as Marshalls or Burlington you can find low-priced brand name exercise and fitness equipment to resell on Amazon.

If you go the arbitrage route, make sure you scan items with your Amazon seller app first to be sure you are ungated in a particular category or brand.

Get The Training Support And Tools You Need For Success On Amazon All In One Place

Amazon FBA Product Research Guide 2021

Access all of these tools and more with Jungle Scout + Extension at an incredible value.

Whether you are brand new to selling on Amazon or a seasoned seller looking to increase sales, Jungle Scout provides the best bundle of tools plus training to help you achieve your goals.

Save Big on the first month and really big on the Suite and Master deals today before the savings expire!

According to a Jungle Scout customer survey, 80% of Amazon Sellers wish they started sooner

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Ask Customers For Reviews

Whether you fulfill orders on your own or through FBA, a few days after customers receive their orders, send a follow-up email asking about the customer experience and purchase. Invite customers to share a review based on their insights. Reading reviews as well as the customer questions and answers section are part of the customer journey the information is used as part of their research. The more reviews you have and answers to customer questions, the better because it shows that customers are engaged with your product in the marketplace.

Also, positive reviews create social proof. Customers are encouraged to buy products with a high star rating and positive reviews.

Use An Amazon Keyword Research Tool

The first step to take when finding items to sell on Amazon is to use a data-driven Amazon keyword research tool.

I recommend using for all of your Amazon-specific keyword research needs. This tool will help you validate product demand and show you the search volume of your product.

This step makes it possible for you to see how many people are looking for a specific product and determine whether the volume makes it worth selling it. Need more options? Check out this list of

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Smart Devices & Speakers

Image Credit: CNET

Smart devices are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. Last year, more than 60 percent of searches on Google were performed through a smart device.

And in case you are wondering where all the smart devices are coming from, there are two major contributors, Google and Amazon.

One thing to note is that these two are not the only ones in the Smart Devices industry.

So if you are eyeing this category, you could easily market the devices from other credible manufacturers.

The best way to start selling Smart Devices on Amazon or on any other US store is to buy directly from manufacturers.

For example, the products available on Amazon are mostly sold in bulk on Alibaba.

However, it is better to search for smart devices and speakers that are within double-digit figures.

The Population Keeps Growing And That Includes Things For Babies

What are the best products to sell on amazon?

Our next profitable Amazon category is babies. As long as humans are procreating, their progeny will need, for lack of a better word, stuff. And because babies dont stay the same size for very long, this means they need a lot of stuff. The bonus of selling baby items is theyre inexpensive for you to pick up, lightweight, durable, and always in demand.

Pro tip: market to first-borns because parents to spend more on them .

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Look At The Amazon Trend Report

You go to the and scroll down to the bottom, and you can see the trending products. You can view more trending items by clicking the arrow mark.

If you have some preferred products by selection, you should test whether they are in high search interest in your target sale places over time in Google trend or not.

Moreover, you can look at the reviews of the similar products which are sold online to get to know the pain point of the product so that you can design a better product to sell. Many products make our life easier, such as tile which can track your keys or cards so that you can not end up being locked out of your home or making a new card in the bank.

Once you choose the right products to sell, you are half successful. Products are crucial to your online business. So be careful when choosing products. Best products can bring large sales and profits for you.

Follow The Products Seller Ranking And Sales History

These are two important things to keep an eye on. The sales history is vital for knowing how a product has performed over a set period of time. This helps you decide if its been consistently popular or only at specific times.

The seller ranking, on the other hand, gives you an idea of how many units of the product your competitors are moving. Jungle Scout is a great extension thatll help you with Amazon competitor analysis.

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Avoid Selling On Product Categories That Big Brands Already Dominate

At every phase of the product-selection process, you should keep an eye on all the big fishes out there. Watch out for the main competitors in your niche. Yes, this list changes every week, as every week, a brand would have generated higher sales than the other.

  • The most crucial thing is to check if any new major manufacturer has entered the space. Most sellers do this on a regular basis to stay updated.
  • They create google sheets and update them often with all their competitors be it existing or new. When you do this, you will have a deep idea as to how competitive the market is.

If a big brand is entering your niche market, it is a sign that there is going to be a huge demand for that particular service or product. So, it is better to cover such niche way ahead than big brands do and become a potential seller for that product.

Finding Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon Is Easier Than You Think

These are the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA!

I want to know what to sell on Amazon but how do I find the product that will make me a profit?

Wouldnt it be great if there was a one sentence answer to this? Or if there was a single tool dedicated to finding products to sell on Amazon? Well in the spirit of being a true writer, I cant give you a one-sentence answer. But, I can make good on that second question. More on that later

Some of you may have been selling with an Amazon business for years and are looking for your next big score. Some of you may be dipping their entrepreneurial toes in the water for the first time as a new Amazon seller and dont know where to start. Helium 10 is here to bring these groups together, as we believe both ultimately strive for the same goal: profit.

If youre a nature-loving hiker, you may live by the creed, Its the journey, not the destination! This is inspiring on the trail, but lets be honest for an Amazon seller, that would be like saying, Its about struggling to rank, not the money!

Lets take a deep breath and say it together, Its a little about the money!

In this article we will breakdown:

  • What it takes for a private label product to be profitable
  • Finding what to sell on Amazon by giving you examples of some of the most successful product listings and categories on Amazon
  • Some of the tools and strategies you can start using today to make money selling on Amazon

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Find Private Label Products To Sell On Amazon

An offshoot of direct-sourcing is private labeling, and its a great way to find products to sell on Amazon under your own brand. Private label suppliers manufacture goods, then label, tag, or package them under your brand.

You can find private label products in virtually any product category, from personal care items and cosmetics to kitchen tools, pet supplies, gourmet foods, and much more.

The process of finding private label products to sell on Amazon is similar to finding wholesale and direct-source suppliers. Many manufacturers offer a private label option on their stock goods. Or, you can find private label vendors within a specific product category using a quick online search, like this:

When it comes down to it, private label sourcing is similar to buying from wholesale or direct-source suppliers. You have to buy in minimum quantities, and stock and ship products to your customers. Of course, this can be done via your own fulfillment setup, using FBA as your Amazon fulfillment tool, or a combination of both.

Likewise, you need a way to track your inventory and product costs and forecast your reorders. The same inventory tracking tools that work for wholesale and direct-source purchasing can help you organize your private label product sales on Amazon.

Give,, and a try if youre heading down the private label path.

Pros and cons of private label sourcing

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