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What Are The Perks Of Having Amazon Prime

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Listen To Music Sans Ads

20 Amazon Prime Benefits You Should Know About!

Before you sign up for another streaming service, you should know that through you already have access to one. Prime Music offers a collection of two million songs and thousands of playlists to fill your ears with joy minus those annoying commercials. That being said, if you want an even bigger music library, you can subscribe to , to stream over ten million songs on all your devices for just $7.99 .

Amazon Try Before You Buy

Amazon Prime members have access to try clothing before they buy it. We all like to see things we wear before we buy them. Shopping online makes that nearly impossible. Amazon tries to address this by allowing you to try certain brands of mens, womens, babys, and kids clothing before you buy it.

With Try Before You Buy, you choose up to 6 items to try in a seven-day window. Keep what you want, and send back what you dont. You will only be charged for what you keep. Shipping in returns is free. Sign up for Try Before You Buy.

Early Access To Lightning Deals

All year round, Amazon runs a sales and deals section of its website called Lightning Deals, which offers big bargains on products for a limited time. There is a finite amount of stock on offer for each item and when they have all been bought, the deal is over.

Prime membership means you get a 30-minute heads-up on all deals before non-members can also purchase them, so you get the chance to snaffle them first. This is especially attractive during big sales periods, such as during the build-up to Prime Day and Black Friday this and every other year.

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Get Reimbursed When Your Deliveries Are Late

We all know the two-day shipping is one of the biggest draws of an Amazon Prime membership, so it can be frustrating when your package doesn’t come on time. Amazon gets it, which is why they created their late-delivery refund policy. If your Prime package doesn’t get delivered within the hours Amazon specified, you’ll receive a shipping refund and may even qualify for one free month of Amazon Prime. All you have to do is via email, phone, or live chat, and they’ll handle the rest.

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime: Unlimited Access To Books And Magazines

18 Amazon Prime Perks No One Tells You About

Prime Reading launched in May for of course Prime members. This service provides unlimited reading access to more than 1,000 ebooks, magazines and comics and no eReader is necessary because the materials can be accessed on any device through Amazons free Kindle apps.

Available content includes everything, from bestsellers at the top of the charts to magazines such as Ideal Home or Womans Weekly.

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What Is Amazon Prime Day And What Will Octobers Event Look Like

Amazon Prime Day is a multi-day sale hosted by the mega-retailer during which it offers a wide range of deals exclusively to Prime members. Prime Day is typically 48 hours long and shoppers can find discounts on everything from clothing to kitchen appliances. Amazon said Octobers Prime Early Access Sale is happening in 15 countries like Canada, Italy, Turkey and more. In contrast, over 20 countries had access to Julys Prime Day.

The benefits of Prime Day extend beyond saving on products. Amazon also often offers a variety of promotions and incentives leading up to and during the event. Before Julys Prime Day, for example, Amazon offered a Stampcard through which members could collect stamps by completing tasks like watching shows on Prime Video, using Prime Reading and more to earn a $10 credit. Other Prime Day incentives have previously been offered through the .

Since there are only a few months between Julys Prime Day the retailers most successful one yet and Octobers event, Amazons upcoming sale is an experiment for the retailer, who will be watching closely to see how shoppers respond.

Have Packages And Groceries Delivered Inside Your Garage

Pirates who threw packages from houses are not a joke. There are reports that more than 200 million packages have been taken out of the exterior of homes by 2021. This service helps prevent porch theft completely.

You will have to connect a MyQ Smart Garage, but if Amazon is connected to your house via MyQ app it allows you for your package to be delivered to your garage when your package is delivered.

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Baby Registry Welcome Box

If youve registered for a new addition to your family through Amazon, you may be eligible for a free registry welcome box. Boxes could include samples of diapers, baby wipes, cleaning supplies, and even a swaddling blanket. There are a few qualifiers, so pay attention to Amazons details before requesting one.

Does Amazon Prime Always Have Free Shipping

10 Hidden Amazon Prime Benefits & Perks You should know!

One of the best perks of Amazon Prime is fast and free delivery. Amazon Prime members get unlimited free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items . Free one-day delivery on over 10 million items is also available with no minimum purchase.

And if youre pressed for time, Amazon offers Prime members same-day delivery on over 3 million items for orders over $35. This is useful if you need to buy a last-minute gift or simply want to get as close as possible to the instant gratification of in-store shopping. For groceries and household essentials, Prime members enjoy fast, free two-hour delivery.

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Tv And Movies With Prime Video

This is probably what Ive mostly used my past Prime memberships for. There are some good exclusive TV shows such as The Boys and The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, and plenty of other box sets.

There are also some decent recent and classic movies. Amazon is also making more original movies, and has purchased legendary studio MGM so well see even more films appearing just on Prime.

You can stream from your computer, smart TV or devices such as a Chromecast or Fire TV stick, or download to your phone. Dont forget though that this costs £5.99 a month on its own, which might be a better option for you.

Find out which streaming service is the best value for money

Amazon Prime Day And Prime Early Access

is an annual, two-day, sales event exclusively for Prime members. Many of the recent, high-profile Prime Day deals have been compelling, with Apple computers, , Ring video doorbells, Instant Pot cookers and more all going on sale.

While Prime Day comes but once a year , Prime Early Access regularly gives Prime members 30-minute-advance access to limited-quantity, limited-time sales known on Amazon as “Lightning Deals.”

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How Much Is Amazon Prime And Is There A Better Option

Amazon just raised the price of Amazon Prime from $99 to $129 per year, though for many it’s still worth the price. It gets you a whole range of benefits, and that list of benefits is likely to continue to go grow.

But is there a better option? Not really. Amazon has established itself as the leader in online shopping, and the extra benefits that Amazon Prime gets you make it even better. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering the competitors — if you’re mainly looking for video streaming, then Netflix may be your best bet. If you want music streaming, perhaps go for Spotify.

If, however, you’re looking for a service that rolls all of these things into one service, then Amazon Prime is absolutely the way to go.

Other Factors Lenders Consider

9 free Amazon Prime Video perks you probably didn

Most lenders use various factors to determine which applicants receive their credit cards. This means they may decline some applicants with excellent credit. Here are the most important factors lenders typically consider other than credit scores:

  • The more money people borrow, the higher their chances of bankruptcy in the future, so lenders typically pay close attention to credit utilization when deciding to approve or decline an application.
  • Debt-to-income ratio. A high debt-to-income ratio is another red flag that the applicant may face bankruptcy in the future. As a result, lenders carefully consider applicant debt-to-income ratios before approving or rejecting a loan application.
  • Age and mix of credit accounts. Lenders are more likely to approve an applicant when they have multiple types of loans that have been open and in good standing for years. This shows lenders the applicant is a responsible borrower and likely to pay as agreed.
  • Age of applicant. Lenders also pay close attention to the age of the applicant. Although younger borrowers may be approved for student credit cards, traditional options are typically more readily accessible to consumers over 22 years old.

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Prime Try Before You Buy

Prime Try Before You Buy lets Prime members order and test out new clothes and accessories before making a final purchase. You can choose up to eight items and keep them for a weeklong “try-on” period. Keep what you want, send back what you don’t, and complete checkout online.

Amazon will only charge you for the clothes you keep. This means that if you end up sending back everything, you don’t have to pay a cent.

You’ll also have access to the Personal Shopper feature. For $4.99, Amazon will hire a personal stylist to choose a selection of men’s or women’s clothes for you. You’ll still have a week to try them on, and you can send back whatever you don’t want for no charge.

My Year Without Amazon

Why I cancelled my Amazon Prime membership

I actively chose to go without Amazon in 2021, so I obviously cancelled my Prime membership even though I was paying just £39 a year.

This was largely a step to proactively support other retailers . But I also wanted to make sure my money didnt help Amazon continue to grow its profits while it manages to avoid paying a fair rate of tax here in the UK and elsewhere.

Of course you might think that going without isnt possible, but Id urge you to give it a try. I found it so much easier than I thought I would, and Ive been surprised how much less I bought and how much less things cost at the same time.

You can read more about how and how much money saved.

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Earn Vip Points And Deals From Zappos

Zappos, Amazon’s online shoe store, offers extra perks to Prime members. Aside from free shipping on all orders, you’ll earn double the VIP points on every order, and unlock exclusive deals.

Like with Try Before You Buy, you’ll also have the option to try on any pair of shoes for up to 30 days before deciding to buy or return them.

Shopping Benefits Of Amazon Prime

Is Amazon Prime Worth It? (10 Amazon Prime Benefits)

From a site that started as a bookseller, Amazon has become the go-to destination for shopping for all things from groceries to furniture. The biggest event geared for Prime members is Amazon Prime Day. This two-day, summer event offers deals on the site’s most popular products and devices for the 200 million-plus members.

Outside of Prime Day, the Prime membership benefits include:

  • Prime Wardrobe’s “try before you buy” program that lets you select six eligible items for seven days before deciding if you want to keep them
  • Personalized shopping and styling assistance for Prime members in select regions who pay an additional $4.99 fee
  • Whole Foods Market in-store discounts of 10% off most products, and 5% cash back if you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card.
  • Free two-hour grocery delivery in select cities
  • Up to 20% discounts on subscriptions for diapers, baby food, and other products with Amazon Family
  • Exclusive access to product discounts offered only to Prime members
  • Select discounts and deals when you shop with Alexa voice controls
  • Eligible for credit card

You do not need a Prime membership to enjoy the benefits of the company’s Subscribe & Save program. Those who sign up for regular deliveries of household goods such as cleaning supplies or batteries can save up to 15%.

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Get Hbo And Other Premium Tv Without Cable

You probably know about Prime Video and Amazon Music Prime, but you might not know all the special details. Amazon Prime members have access to a large number of feature-length movies and hit original TV shows like The Boys and The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, as well as an Amazon Music Prime library featuring 2 million songs and thousands of curated playlists.

Prime members can also for watching later offline.

And if a show or movie you want to watch is not included as part of your basic Prime subscription, you can subscribe to premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz for $5 to $15 a month, with no need for cable or satellite service.

Music lovers can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited to get a library of 90 million songs that can be streamed to multiple devices for $9 a month or $89 a year.

Shipping And Delivery Benefits Of Amazon Prime

For frequent Amazon shoppers, the savings in shipping costs alone may make the annual fee worth it. Members enjoy:

  • Free one-day delivery on more than 15 million items, with the exception of some areas. Get your items by 9 p.m. the next day
  • Free two-day shipping in the contiguous U.S. for eligible items
  • Free two-day shipping on Amazon Pharmacy items even when paying without insurance
  • Free same-day delivery in eligible ZIP codes for eligible items
  • Free Key In-Car Delivery through the Key by Amazon app in select cities and with compatible connected vehicles. Amazon offers similar services for garage, gate, or home delivery. This allows you to order for delivery to your car/gate/garage/home, even when you’re away
  • Free release-date delivery in the contiguous U.S. in eligible ZIP codes for special pre-order items
  • Free grocery delivery in select regions, including one- and two-hour options in certain areas, through Amazon Fresh
  • Free delivery on Amazon Pantry orders of $25 or more
  • Free no-rush shipping to earn an order discount or rewards on future purchases

Non-Prime members can also enjoy free shipping on eligible items, as long as they order at least $25 worth of goods. Orders will generally be delivered within five to eight business days. Gift cards receive free one-day shipping but they don’t apply to the $25 minimum.

Some resellers on Amazon fulfill and ship their own goods, and they may apply their own shipping charges regardless of your Prime status or your order amount.

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Save Money On Prescription Drugs Online Or At Your Local Pharmacy

Prime membership provides a discount card for prescriptions at local pharmacies.

Amazon Prime Rx savings program gives Prime members discounts on prescription medicine, whether it’s purchased at or in-store at a physical pharmacy. An Amazon Rx savings card can be printed out or saved digitally and used for discounts at more than 60,000 participating pharmacies, including CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid.

Amazon says that members can save up to 80% on common prescription drugs using Prime Rx, but it’s important to note that Amazon’s Prime Rx savings program does not work with health insurance. You’ll need to be sure that any savings you get from the program are more than you’d get from insurance coverage.

Access Everything Amazon Subscribe & Save Has To Offer

Eight Amazon Prime perks that will save you money

With , you can set certain household essentials on auto-order to arrive as often as once a month and as infrequently as once every six months. Cleaning supplies, trash bags, groceries, and laundry detergent are the most common items available.

The best part is if you subscribe to five or more unique items, youll get 15% off. Fewer than five unique subscriptions in a shipment will still get you 10% off, but timing it so you can get the whole 15% off is the way to go. Learn more about how Subscribe & Save works or see .

TIP: To be fair, Subscribe & Save is technically available to all shoppers. But there are some items you can only subscribe to if you have a Prime membership.

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Earn Discounts With No

If you decide you dont need that box of envelopes, rain boots, or what have you the day after tomorrow, you can select free No-Rush Shipping at checkout, and Amazon will reward you with a promotional reward or instant discount. Those discounts or rewards may be used for a variety of items in several categories, including ebooks, Amazon Instant videos, Prime Pantry, and more. Theres no limit on how much you can earn, so select the slower delivery option whenever possible for big rewards. Find out the items you should never buy online.

Earn Cashback With Amazon Card

If youre an avid Amazon shopper, consider getting an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa credit card. You can earn 5% cash back on any product purchased at Amazon.

Sometimes they are promotions that include free membership. Unfortunately, at present, the company doesnt offer free memberships to Amazon Prime.

Amazon offers its Prime Rewards cards at Amazon stores. The cards give you 5% cash back for purchases from Amazon. The card is not billed every two to three weeks and does not contain caps or limits on points. This program can be used to buy items on Amazon.

We personally dont have an Amazon Prime Credit Card despite making most of our purchases through Amazon. Why? We try to keep the number of credit cards we have to a minimum.

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