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What Are You Allowed To Sell On Amazon

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Which Countries Can Sell On Amazon Us


Currently, Amazon U.S. accepts sellers from 102 countries around the world. You can view the entire list of accepted countries in .

According to Amazon, to be able to sell from one of the countries listed, a seller will need to have proof of residence in their home country as well as a valid phone number and internationally chargeable credit card.

Create An Amazon Seller Account

The next step is to create a new Amazon seller account. Before signing up, keep the following on hand:

  • Business email address
  • Tax information
  • Phone number

Next, head over to to sign up. Amazon will ask for details about your business, such as address and tax information, as well as bank and identity information.

Amazon requires sellers to get approval for certain product types. Fashion, grocery, music, and jewelry are popular categories that require approval before setting up your Amazon seller account. Read the overview of product categories you can sell in.

Once your Amazon seller account is approved, youre ready to get your products listed and start selling.

Use Chrome Extensions To Help You

No human has time to search through millions of products to find what doesnt have much competition. But bots sure do.

Chrome extensions like have monitored over 500 million products on Amazon. Jungle Scout also writes up year customer trend reports, surveying thousands of customers, and analyzing how their buying behavior changes.

In all, youll find your preferred method for finding what products to sell on Amazon.

If youre looking for data-backed Amazon product ideas in a short amount of time, using bots is the way to go. But if youre the creative type, we recommend doing manual research from your niches perspective.

You can gather your own trends and see patterns in the market that can be exploited. You can hopefully narrow down at least a few product categories that seem promising, but are they really what you should invest on?

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Start Selling On Amazon Us Now

Bottom line: Amazon is a great opportunity to start a business. And if youre going to sell on Amazon, definitely sell in the U.S.

Although there may be a few easy-to-overcome obstacles for you to consider as a non-U.S. resident, once youre past them, the benefits cant be beat. Youll have access to Amazon U.S.s 2 billion monthly customers, extensive fulfillment network, and powerful research data.

Get started today!

How To Avoid Accidentally Selling Restricted Products

How to Care for Your how to sell on amazon

You obviously dont want to break any rules. But that list of categories with restricted products is long, and the explanations for each one can get complicated. You dont want to inadvertently start selling products that could get you into trouble with Amazon . To avoid making an honest mistake, here are five smart steps you can take.

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Gated Vs Ungated Categories

The main difference between the two is that gated categories require you to get approval, and ungated categories do not.

To make it easy for you, Amazon has a broad list of categories. Each tells you which ones require approval, which have extra steps to start selling, and which ones require no special process at all.

Create An Amazon Listing

In order to receive the shipping destination and FBA warehouse that you will be sending the product to you will have to . While creating the perfect listing on Amazon is an art and science unto itself, here are some basics:

  • Make sure you have great images. Your products image is the first thing the customer sees, so you want to make sure that its an accurate representation of your product and brand.
  • The title should be informative and SEO friendly. Your title serves two functions. First, it lets Amazons search engine algorithm know what your product is so it can properly place it in their catalog. Second, it tells the customers all of the important information that you want them to know about your product.
  • Implement lots of great descriptions. While this may not be as important as your photos and titles, the bullet points and descriptions help convert those customers who are still on the fence after clicking. And if you can get your product registered through , you can use A+ content as well.

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Thinking Amazon Shoppers Read

Your Amazon shoppers arent thoroughly reading your policies. Even more likely, many people who have purchased your items havent read the product description entirely.

State your policies clearly, and in multiple locations. Politely reiterate policies in customer interactions, but remember its unlikely shoppers have read your store policy or the product description for what theyve purchased.

What Is An Ungated Category On Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon FBA in 5 SIMPLE Steps (Start Here)

To put it simply: ungated categories on Amazon are categories of items that don’t require approval to sell.

When you begin selling on Amazon, getting approval for gated products can range from being a hassle to downright impossible.

As a result, it’s best for new sellers to get started with ungated categories. This is because selling in ungated categories allows you to get started immediately.

Some ungated categories feature popular and profitable products, too.

In addition, good performance in ungated categories makes it easier for you to get approved for gated categories later on.

Find out more in our detailed guide on .

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Decide How You Will Fulfill Orders

  • Merchant Fulfilled Network You store inventory, pack, and ship books independently.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon You ship books to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, and they do the rest for you. FBA includes storage, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns. Using FBA to ship your products is also the easiest way to get the Prime badge for most offers. Many Amazon customers look for products with the Prime badge because it represents fast, free shipping.

Pointing Amazon Shoppers To Your Website

Several sellers have tried including a URL in their product or seller information (such as their product inventory file or business name. This is an Amazon policy violation.

Amazon is a closed ecosystem, which can be a disadvantage for retargeting and branding opportunities. Amazons marketplace design and notoriety grant your store to a large shopper base- but that comes at the price of losing the ability to point shoppers back to a seller website.

Take advantage of other selling channels and strategies to increase site traffic and retarget customers rather than trying to game Amazon.

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Decide What You Want To Sell

If you havenât figured out what to sell yet, you need to do more research. As a reseller, what you sell will largely depend on what deals youâre able to find , but itâs still good to look at some data beforehand.

Some products are more popular than others. And certain items are super competitive which makes them really hard to sell. It doesnât matter if you get a really good deal on a product. If youâre not able to sell it youâre going to lose money.

In addition to using the Dropshipping and Arbitrage extension, you should also use the AMZScout Product Database. Using the database tool makes your product research process simpler.

So, hereâs an easy way to find the ideas of the most profitable items to resell:

  • Start your free trial. Enter quick information to sign up.

  • Open Amazon and search for the items you found with the product database.

  • Open the extension.

  • Review the product information. Check the number of sellers , net margin , the date when the product was first available on Amazon.

  • Check the product score for reselling. Make note of products that have a product score over 7 .

  • Evaluate the product sales performance. Then click the arrow to the left of the product and click the product history. You will see how sales and prices change over the period.

  • Once you have a list of products, look into where you can find them in step three.

    Run Sponsored Product Ads

    Sell on Amazon Like a Pro (Keys to Success, Videos, Facts)

    Amazon has a robust ad platform that lets you market your product to customers on Amazon. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads is a PPC model that lets you promote your Amazon products along search results. Placements on desktop can be above, alongside, or below results for related search terms, as well as on product detail pages.

    Three things to keep in mind when running Amazon PPC ads:

    • Start with automatic targeting. This allows Amazon to use its powerful search algorithms to suggest an exhaustive list of potential keywords for you. Youll be required to pick a flat default bid across all keywords, but the goal here is to get data on how various keywords perform.
    • Once you have at least a few weeks worth of data , start evaluating your automatic targeting campaign to determine which keywords performed the best. You will want to transition those over to a manual campaign, where you can now focus on only the most relevant keywords that performed well for you. With a manual campaign, you have the ability to adjust bids by keyword.
    • Continue to iterate your manual campaign for keywords and bids. Data is your best friend, but if you feel strongly that you should include additional keywords that havent yet performed well, test various bid amounts. Different bid amounts can yield various placements and yield varying results, so continue to test until you find something that works well.

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    Can Be Sold Around The Year

    You might consider it worthwhile to invest in holiday-centric items, such as Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween, or the Fourth of July. You can do that once youve gained a little capital from your FBA success, but we recommend holding off on time-sensitive product ideas.

    You dont want your initial stock to sit around in Amazon fulfillment centers. They will continue to accrue fees and become less profitable over time. You want something that customers will want to buy every month to avoid losing money from warehouse fees.

    Does Amazon Allow Used Goods To Be Sold On The Platform

    Yes. Whether youre selling items you found in a garage sale or from your own house after a declutter, Amazon allows sellers to sell used products. In fact, some people make a living just by .

    However, not all kinds of products may be sold on Amazon as used. Products in some categories are allowed to be sold only as new. The table below shows the categories and the allowable conditions. Basically, any item can be sold as used except for Baby products , Beauty, Grocery and gourmet foods,Health and personal care, Independent design, Watches, and Toys/Games.

    Allowed to be sold as used Not allowed to be sold as used
    Kindle Accessories and Amazon Fire TV Accessories Certified refurbished, Used

    There are four kinds of used conditions allowed on Amazon:

    However, take note that collectibles follow a different set of conditions. Collectibles are those that provide more value than the actual product itself. For example, the item can be autographed.

    Another thing to take note of is that there are . And if you choose to sell through FBA, there are also FBA prohibited products.

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    Amazon Removed My Listing In Error

    i actually requested amazon to remove a counterfeit on my listing but instead of removing that seller they have removed my listing and sent me a listing policy violation claim .please help me how can i recover my listing

    On your other post you mention product detail page tampering. This includes but is not limited to sellers that try to merge their ASINs with older ones that have more reviews, or trying to change the detail page to a different product.But without you posting Amazons full notification, it is not possible to know what exactly has happened or be able to give helpful advice.

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    Offensive And Controversial Materials


    Amazon does not allow products that graphically portray, promote, incite or glorify hatred, violence, victims of violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views. Amazons Offensive Products policies apply to all products except books, music, video and DVD.

    Listings that are deemed offensive are prohibited and can be removed without warning at any time in addition to suspending seller privileges, destroying inventory in fulfillment centers, and withholding of payments.

    Examples of prohibited offensive products include:

    Violence, Intolerance, and Hate

    • Products that contain violent or offensive material that has no historical significance. Amazon reserves the right to make a determination on the historical value of the item.
    • Products that promote, incite, or glorify hate or violence towards any person or group. This includes products that contain violent or offensive material that has no historical significance. Amazon reserves the right to make a determination on the historical value of the item.
    • Products that promote or glorify suicide
    • Products related to terrorist organizations
    • Products that promote or glorify people that have been found guilty of violent or sexual crimes.


    • Products that promote intolerance based on race, religion, and sexual orientation.
    • Products that contain racially derogatory language

    Human Tragedies and Disasters

    • Products related to human tragedies and natural disasters

    Child Abuse and Exploitation

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    Sign Up As An Amazon Seller

    To list a used item on Amazon, you need to as a seller. You can choose between a Professional and Individual account. The Professional account charges you a flat fee of $39.99 per month, while the Individual account charges you $0.99 as per-item fee when you sell something. So heres the rule of thumb: When youre selling more than 40 units per month, go for the Professional account. Otherwise, the Individual account will suffice.

    What Is Fulfillment By Amazon

    Fulfillment by Amazon is a program where you send your merchandise to one of the many Amazon fulfillment centers to be stocked then customers buy products from you, and Amazon ships them. This sort of arrangement allows you to focus on other aspects of running your business while Amazon handles many facets of shipping and customer service.

    Other benefits include extending the reach of your products to Amazon Prime members, and gaining an extra push towards winning the Buy Box, even if your products have a bit of a higher price. With Volusion, merchants have the ability to set up different shipping options including dropshipping, which allows flexibility to try using FBA. You can learn more about Fulfillment by Amazon here.

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    Why Arent I Being Compensated Correctly For Shipping

    Amazon determines how much they think it should cost to ship a product based on the merchants origin, the customers address and the given weight of the product. However, oftentimes the amount of money that Amazon reimburses merchants for shipping won’t match the actual shipping cost. Making sure that your item weight and dimensions are listed correctly will help make these shipping estimates as accurate as possible. However, it may still be necessary to factor this into your pricing decisions – sometimes, you’ll need to increase the price of a product to offset Amazon’s too-low pricing estimates. If you’re having problems making a profit after shipping costs, you’re probably pricing too cheaply.

    Promote Your Products On Amazon

    Step by Step Guide: How to Make Money Selling Products on Amazon

    If it were as easy as set and forget, wed all have an Amazon business with million-dollar success stories. Fortunately, Amazon has many tools to help store owners get their products in front of potential customers.

    Amazon has a powerful search engine with millions of products. To increase the chance that your listing will appear in the search results, youve got a bit of work to do.

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    Can I Sell On Amazon From Home

    Yes, you can sell on Amazon from home Amazon does not require that you have a separate business location or storefront to sell on their platform. In fact, most beginners on the platform more than likely start selling on Amazon from home.

    This being said, like all Amazon merchants, home-based sellers will have the option of fulfilling and shipping their own orders or using Fulfillment by Amazon . To this point, if youre looking to avoid storing inventory at your home and shipping orders yourself, using FBA will give you these capabilitiesâof course, with associated fees.

    Select Your Business Model

    Amazon lends itself well to various business models that fit all different budgets, time investments, and seller personalities. But, the business model you select depends largely on whether you know what you want to sell on Amazon or not.

    can help you identify a high-demand, low-competition product to sell or validate a market opportunity for something you already have or make yourself.

    Here are the most popular business models for Amazon sellers:

    There are also methods of selling on Amazon that are for digital products or are a little more niche, such as Kindle Direct Publishing or .

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    Select Your Fulfillment Method

    There are two methods for fulfilling products on Amazon: .

    Fulfillment by Amazon : A method of selling on Amazon in which a seller sends their products directly to Amazons warehouses. Amazon then stores the inventory and ships it directly to the customer and manages customer support.

    Fulfillment by Merchant : A method of selling on Amazon in which a seller lists their products on Amazon, but manages all storage, shipping, and customer support themselves . This is also referred to as a Merchant Fulfilled Network or MFN.

    • 92% of Amazon sellers use FBA
    • 57% of Amazon sellers use only FBA
    • 34% of Amazon sellers use both FBA and FBM
  • 43% of Amazon sellers use FBM
  • 9% of Amazon sellers use only FBM
  • Note: This article goes into further detail on how to choose the right for your needs and abilities and how to ship products via Fulfillment by Merchant successfully.

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