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What Does An Amazon Fire Stick Look Like

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Does The Amazon Fire Tv Stick Need Internet

Amazon Fire TV Stick unboxing and first look

All of the Amazon Fire TV Sticks work by streaming your favorite music and videos, so they require the internet to work. You’ll need to connect to your home’s network, which is a fairly simple process. Plug the Firestick into the HDMI port behind your TV and use the remote to navigate to Settings. Choose “Network” and find your home network’s name. Select the network, enter the password, and select Connect. You should be connected to the internet and ready to stream.

Although you need internet to use the Fire TV Stick, you may be able to download content for offline viewing using your Amazon Prime Video account and play it back later without internet.

How To Install Apps On Fire Tv Stick

Installing apps on the Fire TV Stick is pretty easy, thanks to Alexa. Sure, you could spend your time clicking around the interface, selecting the magnifying glass and typing in an app’s name, but you don’t have to.

Instead of clicking around the on-screen keyboard , you can just talk to Alexa, by holding down the Alexa/microphone button, and saying the name of an app.

Alternatively, you can do this the old fashioned way:

1. Select Find on the Fire TV home screen.

2. Select search

3. Here you could use Alexa, by pressing and holding the mic button and talking for voice search, or you could type out an app’s name and select the connected results.

4. Select that app from the results screen.

5. Select Get.

6. Select Open.

You’ve downloaded and opened an app!

Reconnect The Fire Tv Remote

If youve already tried fresh batteries and youre still experiencing Firestick remote issues, then try reconnecting the remote to your Firestick by holding the home button on the remote for about 10 seconds. Use your phone if you can and navigate to the settings menu of the Firestick and select add new remote in the controllers and bluetooth devices tab.

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Advantages Of The Fire Stick

One other advantage of the Fire Stick is Amazon Alexa Voice. You can use Alexas Voice Control to make the selections you want. If you dont want the added expense of Alexa, though, you can download the free Fire TV Remote App and use your phones voice features to make your choices.

Finally, a cool advantage of the Firestick is that it learns. The Stick uses your choices to anticipate what you might want to watch and make suggestions. The Fire TV Stick uses ASAP or Advanced Streaming and Prediction to make programming suggestions for you.

Where To Buy A Fire Stick

Do Prime subscribers really need that Amazon Fire TV stick?

You can buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick on Amazons website, or you can buy the Fire Stick at any Best Buy, Staples, or Target stores. If you want the best deal, you might want to wait for the Fire Stick to go on sale on Amazon.

Best Buy has the device available for purchase online with free shipping, or you can pick it up in your local store. You can get next-day delivery when you order Amazons streaming device in a store. You also have the option of picking it up in-store or ordering online and selecting the pick-up option.

Staples is another retailer that has this device available in-store. You can order it online and have it delivered the next day for free, pick it up in stores, or order online and choose the pick-up option.

Target also has this device available. You can order online and have it delivered, but youll receive it a week later. Like the other two retailers, you have the option of picking it up in-store or ordering it online and choosing the pick-up option.

Shop: , Best Buy, Target, Staples

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What Are The Downsides To Sideloading

The primary downside is one of security. Not every sideloaded application violates copyright lawto use the YouTube example again, sideloading a YouTube application onto your Fire Stick is perfectly legal. Theres nothing stopping you from legally installing a piece of software on your device, the same way you can install any program of your choice on a Windows device. Theres no law that states you have to stick to the pre-installed Amazon Appstore for your software, in the same way that Mac OS users dont have to use the Mac App Store and Windows users can turn away from the Windows Store for their applications.

The other side of this equation, of course, comes from the media youre streaming through the software you sideload. It isnt about the installation itself, but rather, what youre watching on your Fire Stick, along with the applicable copyright laws in your country. Most free movie applications on the Fire Stick do break some kind of copyright law, so its important to secure your devices streams over your network. Well cover that in more detail in just a second.

How The Fire Stick Works

Once you plug your Fire Stick into your HDMI TV via the USB port, the Fire Stick connects via Wi-Fi. The Fire Stick also comes with a Bluetooth remote. Once the Stick has connected, users are directed through the set-up process and prompted to sign into their Amazon Account, where they can access all of their content.

You can access any music or videos purchased through your Amazon account and have views and pictures stored on your Amazon Cloud Service. In addition, the Fire Stick is a repository for many other types of content.

  • Netflix App
  • ESPN
  • Hulu

A big advantage of the Fire Stick is that you can access the content you want instead of being locked into an inflated cable package. You can pick and choose the content you are interested in using.

The Fire Stick is a central repository for all of your content. Once logged on, you will have access to any music and videos purchased through your Amazon account. Also, you can view any pictures uploaded to your Amazon Cloud service.

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Fire Cube Vs Fire Stick Deals

At the time of publishing all five of the Fire TV streaming devices are on sale at Amazon, and the Cube has the biggest sale of them all. The Fire TV Cube is just $79, savings of $40. All of the sticks are far cheaper, though.

The Fire TV Stick 4K is now $25 , a 50% discount, and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is $34 . Of all these streaming devices, Tom’s Guide recommends the Fire TV Stick 4K Max the most.

Is Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k Good

A look at Amazon’s Fire TV Stick ~ Great steaming device

Amazons Fire TV Stick 4K, like most streaming sticks and dongles on the market, is good for those who want the benefits of a set-top streaming box without, well, the box. The Fire TV Stick 4K is particularly good for Amazon Prime subscribers, as its optimized to work with Prime Video and features Alexa voice remote integration.

If youre in a tight space like a dorm room, or just want to free up more counter space for pictures of your dog , a space-saving streaming device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is the way to go. It supports most apps and services, but youll want access to Amazons Prime Video to take full advantage of the Fire TV Stick 4K.

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Whats The Amazon Fire Stick

The Fire Stick is, well, a stick or dongle that plugs in directly to the HDMI input port on your TV. Running a forked version of Android, Amazons streaming dongle is a nifty solution to make an older or non-smart TV into an internet-connected television. Moreover, if your television just isnt getting updated to support the latest streaming services, the Fire Stick presents itself as an affordable alternative to having to replace an otherwise perfectly good television.

The updated 2020 Amazon Fire Stick model brings a few upgrades, like a significantly faster processor and support for HDR video.

The Fire Stick integrates particularly well with Amazons own Prime Video streaming service. However, it is also an excellent option for nearly every other popular video streaming service including Disney Plus, Apple TV, Discovery Plus, Netflix, and YouTube .

In addition to streaming services, the Fire Stick supports a host of additional applications including a range of games, though playing anything more than a Frogger clone with the included remote is a chore.

K Streaming And Performance

Besides the updated remote, the Fire TV Stick 4K’s biggest feature is right on its name: It can stream 4K media. Specifically, the Fire TV Stick 4K can stream ultra high definition video, including high dynamic range media in HDR10 or Dolby Vision. This makes the stick even more capable than last year’s Fire TV, which only supported HDR10. According to Amazon, the stick is also faster than the previous Fire TV.

In terms of hardware, the Fire TV Stick 4K uses a quad-core 1.7GHz CPU with 8GB of memory. It has MIMO 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 with BLE. The Wi-Fi specs are important, because unlike the larger Fire TV, there is no Ethernet adapter included with the Fire TV Stick 4K .

I streamed Daredevil in 4K HDR on Netflix with the Fire TV Stick 4K connected to my home 5GHz FiOS network. It loaded almost instantly and jumped to 4K resolution with Dolby Vision in seconds. Media playback was clear and snappy in testing, and you can reliably expect 4K video if you have a good wireless network.

Menu navigation is quick as well. Browsing through different rows on the main screen and switching between different apps feels very responsive. Alexa also responds to queries quickly, and the voice remote reliably activates Alexa and controls TV volume with little to no delay.

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Fire Tv Stick Vs Chromecast

The final battle comes down to Fire TV Stick and Chromecast. First, its important to point out that the basic Chromecast is just for casting other devices to your TV, so is mostly likely not what you are looking for. Instead, a better comparison can be made with the .

The Chromecast with Google TV comes in three colors: snow, sunrise, and sky. Its a dongle that connects to your HDMI port and needs a USB port for power. The included remote works with Google Assistant.

Theres only one model available, and its just $49.99 and supports 4K/HDR streaming. Bundles with HBO Max or Netflix are available to give you an initial discount on either service.

Chromecast with Google TV is quickly adding more apps, and all the major ones are included. For more niche services, you may only find them on Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku.

For the most part, it comes down to whether you prefer Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Plus, the Fire TV Stick comes in two cheaper models without 4K support if you dont need that.

Setting Up The Amazon Fire Stick

How To Set Up Fire Stick?

One of the advantages of using the Amazon Fire Stick is its simplicity in setup. Here’s how it works:

  • You want to remove all contents from its packaging. Start by powering on the Amazon Fire Stick. Connect the micro USB adapter from your device to the AC adapter and plug it into the wall outlet. However, if you have a USB connector on your TV, you can plug the USB adapter into your TV as your power source. Then, you will not need to use the wall outlet.

  • Next, you need to find the HDMI ports on your TV to plug in the device. Look for these ports on the back or sides of your TV. The manufacturer will have a label indicating which ports are for HDMI cables. The Fire Stick also comes with an HDMI extender you can use if the device is too bulky to fit in a tight space.

  • From here, you want to turn on your TV. Use your TV remote control to find the input or source button. Now, looking at the back of your TV, see which port you plugged in the Amazon Fire Stick device. It is the input you need to select on your TV.

  • As your TV loads, grab the remote control that came with your package. Install the batteries. Press and hold the home button until it pairs with your TV.

  • Once the remote control pairs, you need to follow the instructions on your TV using your Amazon remote. Press the enter button to make your selections.

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    How Does It Compare To The Competition

    Two of the closest alternatives to the Fire Stick are the Chromecast with Google TV and the Roku Express.

    The brings tight integration with Googles content ecosystem and the ability to cast videos and photos from your phone. If youve got Nest Hub or a Nest Audio, you can add the Chromecast to a speaker group or even get it to play content using your voice. The Chromecast with Google TV offers much of the same content catalog with one major omission Apple TV support.

    Meanwhile, the Roku Express is less about integration with services and ecosystem products, and more about offering a place for all your streaming services. The company claims support for over 3,000 content sources and this includes Apple TV, Disney Plus, and more.

    The Fire Stick also goes up against other models in Amazons portfolio. This includes the Fire Stick Lite, that is roughly the same in terms of capabilities including HDR video playback. However, the Fire Stick Lites included Alexa Voice remote lacks full HDMI CEC control and cant entirely replace your television remote.

    Theres also the Fire TV Stick 4K. Priced a little higher, the Fire Stick 4K is designed for Ultra HD streaming and supports Dolby Vision playback, in addition to HDR and HDR10. The rest of the feature set, however, remains common across the portfolio.

    Amazon Fire Stick: What It Is And How To Use It

    The Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming media device that transforms your TV into a smart one. It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies from top services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.

    Further, if you want to bypass having cable services, the Amazon Fire Stick gives you an alternative. You can buy a subscription to live streaming platforms and watch your TV shows, programs, and games live.

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    Amazon Fire Tv Stick Lite Review: Features

    The Fire TV Stick Lite plays well with other devices in Amazons ecosystem and its simple to sync up the streaming player with other Alexa-enabled devices like an Echo Dot or Ring doorbell.

    But if you want screen mirroring, the Fire TV Stick Lite doesnt support it. Youll need Apple TV or Chromecast.

    How To Set Up The Fire Tv Stick

    Amazon Fire TV Stick – Hands On

    Yes, that USB Micro cord and power adapter that came with the Fire TV Stick might not be necessary for getting the Fire Stick up and running, but you’ll want it to ensure faster performance.

    Here’s everything you need to get the Fire TV Stick up and running and streaming all of your favorite content.

    1. Plug the USB Micro cable into the power adapter.

    2. Plug the other end into into the Fire TV Stick.

    3. Plug the Fire TV Stick into an HDMI port in your TV.

    4. Press Home on your remote.

    If you have trouble with this step, try using the remote control closer to the Fire TV Stick, holding Home for 10 seconds and changing out to fresh batteries.

    If those steps don’t work , just unplug the power supply from the Fire TV Stick, wait a minute and plug that back in.

    5. Press Play/Pause on your remote.

    6. Select Your Language.

    7. Select your Wi-Fi network.

    8. Enter your password and select Connect.

    9. Select Sign In or Create an Account. Let’s assume that you have an Amazon account, and the below steps follow selecting Sign In.

    10. On a phone, tablet or computer, open, sign in and enter the unique activation code you get in step 2.

    11. Select Continue, because selecting Change account would imply you just signed in with the wrong ID.

    12. Select Yes or No to opt in or out of storing connected network passwords with Amazon. I personally opt for No.

    13. Opt in or out of parental controls.

    15. Select OK after noting where Parental Controls are managed.

    18. Click OK.

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    What Is A Fire Tv Stick

    With an Amazon Fire TV Stick, youll have access to all the popular streaming services, like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube, and more. All you need is a reliable WiFi connection and a TV with an HDMI port, and you can use the Fire Stick to replace your expensive cable subscription.

    With Fire TV, you can watch over 500,000 movies and TV episodes from free and paid streaming services. You can also watch live TV and sports or listen to music with Spotify, Pandora, and more.

    You can get the regular Fire TV device to watch content in 1080p HD resolution, or you can get the more expensive version to stream content in 4K Ultra-HD.

    If you want to know more about the difference between 1080p and 4K, check out our article here.

    Amazon Fire Stick 4k Max

    The newest, most feature-packed Firestick is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, released October 7th, 2021. This model succeeds the Fire TV Stick 4K model, boasting 40% more power and faster app launching with a 1.8GHz CPU versus 1.7GHz. In addition, you get a 750MHz GPU versus 650MHz, 2GB RAM versus 1.5GB, Wi-Fi 6 support for smoother streaming if you have a Wi-Fi 6 compatible router, and faster graphics rendering for your favorite Amazon App Store games. As for storage, it includes the same 8GB as the previous model.

    The Fire TV 4k Max remote is the same as the 4K model, and all graphical navigation is the same since it uses the same Fire OS version. You wont see a difference in the user interface if you upgrade, except for faster launching and app-switching.

    Just like its predecessor, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max remote comes with a power button and volume controls for your TV, plus it has four app buttons, and of course, its integrated with Alexa Voice.

    The Alexa Voice function allows users to quickly search for content with the touch of the blue Alexa icon at the top of the remote.

    Of course, this newest generation matches the 4K model with Dolby Atmos audio, 1080p, and 4k HD video quality.

    The price tag on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max device is only $54.99 and supports most streaming applications and services. The older 4K model is currently only $34.99 on Amazon, but its original price was $49.99, making the Max version worthwhile for all the new enhancements it delivers.

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