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What Does Buy Box Price Mean On Amazon

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How Does the Amazon Buy Box Featured Offer Work

Many RVs are box truck conversions. Although not as prolific on the roads today as a traditional trailer or bus, a converted box truck is actually a thing in the RV community. There are even converted ambulances also. However, both the box trucks and ambulances seem to be more in the realm of the RV do-it-yourselfer more often than not.

Where are the best places to sell RVs?

Top RV States Texas. 19,831 Texas RVs for sale California. 17,804 California RVs for sale Florida. 13,295 Florida RVs for sale Ohio. 7,742 Ohio RVs for sale Arizona. 7,699 Arizona RVs for sale Michigan. 7,360 Michigan RVs for sale Washington. 7,333 Washington RVs for sale Oregon. 6,455 Oregon RVs for sale Pennsylvania.

Shipping Time Very Important

The amount of time a seller takes to ship an item is known as the shipping time. This has a high impact on winning the Buy Box, particularly for products such as birthday cards and perishable items.

Shipping time is arranged into the following brackets, which only includes working days: 0-2 days, 3-7 days, 8-13 days, 14 or more days.

The shipping time can be seen on the product detail page where it states the date the item should arrive between.

When Competing With Amazon For The Buy Box

Competing with Amazon entails that you cant be caught slacking in sales, pricing, or user experience. Also, you will have to show a good sales performance. And once these requirements are met, the product pricing will have a decisive effect. In most cases, the offer with the best price/performance ratio is bound to win the Amazon Buy Box.

Though there is one more thing to consider, for some products, Amazon has an endless supply, but for some, it is predominantly out of stock. You can find out what Amazons supply of a product is like using several reporting tools, including DataHawks , which will allow you to see the number of items in stock for the Buy Box owner as well as the historical pricing of a competing product over time. The key here is to look for things that show some out-of-stock history and be ready to get the Buy Box.

If you cannot win over Amazon while stock is available, you need to make sure you are in a position to win the buy box as soon as Amazon loses the BuyBox. For a fast-selling product, you can capture a good number of sales, and if there is not a lot of competition for Amazon Buy Box, you can manipulate the pricing as well.

To Remember:

The user experience is so necessary to Amazon that having too bad a seller performance may result in the suspension of the seller account. It is essential to be prepared & safeguard your listings from Amazon suspension.

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Competition Within Your Listing

Any seller on your listing is your competitor, and they can win the Buy Box by listing a product at the lowest price than yours. This process is essentially a theft: if based on your own labeled products listed on Amazon, this is sometimes referred to as hijacking. Amazons algorithm is awarding new sellers with the Buy Box because they set their prices lower than everybody else.

Buy Box Optimization Tip #: Minimize Your Shipping Time

HEMFV Household 3

This ones for the FBM sellers. Youre not willing to forfeit control of the fulfillment process to Amazon, and we understand that. Its probably the right call for your businesses.

But, it means you pretty much have to be Tom Brady in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LI . Theres not a whole lot of room for error.

The faster you can get your product to customers, the better. Again, this comes back to Amazons brandthey aspire to be the ecommerce company. Only those FBM sellers who promise lightning-fast shipping times will be deemed worthy of the buy box.

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How Does Feedvisor Help Win The Buy Box

In order to stand out in Amazons crowded and hyper-competitive marketplace, sellers need to be constantly dialed into the latest policies, market trends, and advertising mediums. Additionally, sellers need to have a per-item pricing strategy in order to make sure that they dont lose money where they could be making it.

Price heavily impacts the Buy Box, and therefore getting to the right price is crucial.

With that, Feedvisor offers AI-based pricing technology for Amazon sellers and brands. Essentially, the tool automatically changes sellers product prices according to the dynamic and constant changes in the market.

Through self-learning algorithms that continuously improve and learn from each individual situation, the algorithms will find the best prices for your products, helping you maximize sales and overall profits without running the risk of human error.

How Do Shipping Methods Affect The Amazon Buy Box Percentage

Amazon did not become so successful by not listening to their customers, and what customers want is fast shipping. In the past few years, the online giant has therefore massively expanded its own logistics service, while at the same time building up a strong partnership with external service providers such as DHL or Hermes. But how can this improve your Amazon Buy Box eligibility?

Amazon not only offers its services to buyers but to their sellers also. Fulfillment by Amazon, or Amazon FBA, is a program that â for a certain fee â enables sellers to delegate storage, shipment and customer service to Amazon, leaving the sellers with the most important part of their business: the actual selling.

What are the benefits of this? For one, you have more time to expand your business and also â and this is the reason why we mention this here â it will increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. As an FBA seller, you already fulfill two vital factors that the online giant takes into account when awarding the popular orange button: pristine customer service and very reliable shipment.

Here is a list of minimum requirements the seller needs to fulfill:

  • Status as a professional seller.
  • A low order defect rate which takes customer feedback, A-Z claims and chargebacks into account.

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Common Example: Product Pricing

Amazon maintains a sophisticated repricing system designed to give the appearance of the lowest priced products. Amazon ensures that top selling products are always priced lower on their site, and make up for the discrepancy by sometimes charging more for accessories and less popular items. However, the pricing algorithm can impact your buy box. If your product is listed close to or below the RRP on another retail website, even one that isn’t your own, Amazon may remove your buy box.

Already looking beyond Amazon? You’re not alone — a recent survey found 52% of respondents said that they would need to expand to new sales channels to double revenue. See how easy it is to scale on multiple sales channels with Skubana. Get a demo.

For example, this Berg Toys Junior Buddy on Amazon is a complete listing, and there are multiple sellers who are eligible for the buy box.

However, Amazon is suppressing the Buy Box because the product is available for $1 less at Home Depot.

If your pricing is close to the listed MSRP or RRP, you may be competing with other websites who have listed products at the same price or lower.

Amazon also suppresses the buy box if your product exceeds the price of the MSRP. In most cases, you can slightly exceed the MSRP if there are no competing retailers, but not by much.

How Do You Stop It

Amazon Buy Box Explained | Win 85% Of The Sales!

In many cases, buyers can stop suppression by making sure their account metrics are in good standing and their listings are complete. When it comes to pricing-induced suppression, the best prevention method is to monitor the listings of other sellers and lower your prices accordingly to remain competitive.

With millions of vendors on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms, monitoring of any kind may sound daunting, but there are tricks and tools your brand can use that can help.

Helpful toolsNewel Cobb, Senior Brand Manager at Pattern, says one way brands can see what other sellers are charging is by using the predict tool on Amazon. You access it by clicking Products then Product Details followed by Pricing and then Price Changes. This tool shows if other marketplaces have moved first on lowering a price.

There are plenty of other tools that brands can use to monitor price as well.

I also like to use Chrome extensions like Honey, _Price Scout, _or WikiBuy to compare a product across the web to other marketplaces, Cobb said. If you cannot find a new product cheaper on another marketplace, I would use the _Keepa _or Camel Camel Camel Chrome extension to see if the price has moved up or down a ton on Amazon.

Heres how monitoring price fluctuation appears on _Keepa. _

There are other pricing tools available, like RepricerExpress, that can change the price of your product throughout the day so youre always on top of sudden price drops from other retailers.

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Keep Positive Seller Feedback

We dont know for sure how Amazons algorithm works and how it chooses the seller who wins the Buy Box. Perhaps the weight of the feedback is taken into account when deciding which products are to win, meaning that sellers who do not possess good performance metrics have significantly lower chances for a win.

Buy Box Optimization Tip #: Use Fulfillment By Amazon

is one of two methods an Amazon seller can use to fulfill her orders. Whereas Fulfillment by Merchant requires you to pick, package, and ship every order you receive, FBA hands off those responsibilities to Amazon.

Ostensibly, Amazon gives buy box preference to FBA sellers because Amazon knows they can deliver orders on time and without defect. If an FBM seller wins the buy box, Amazon is sort of rolling the dice. Should that seller mess up the fulfillment process, Amazon risks upsetting or losing a customer.

Plus, FBA sellers are eligible for Amazon Prime. Presumably, Amazon wants Prime-eligible sellers in the buy box because consumers who pay for Prime arent interested in products they cant have delivered in two days.

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How Does The Algorithm Work

There is no quick fix to winning the Buy Box. Winners are determined by a complex, machine-learning algorithm that takes millions of data points into consideration. It is up to sellers to stay ahead of any potential issues in order to guarantee themselves the highest chance to win.

It does not take a simple formula to work out how to win the spot. Rather, the formula is a complex and multi-faceted algorithm.

The Amazon Buy Box algorithm takes into account many data points and layers of information gathered about the marketplace, current market conditions, and every seller with the purpose of giving the customer the best value for their money.

Its too simplistic to say that the only thing the algorithm takes into account is price. In actuality, it determines which product offering promises the best balance of high seller performance and low price.

This has always been Amazons goal, offering the best possible experience to their customers. They even describe themselves as customer obsessed. Therefore, it is simply not possible that the formula would only take price into account, as some theories suggest.

While none of us are likely to ever know the exact Buy Box algorithm, we do know the following:

Every seller should focus on spending their energy and resources beefing up the variables that matter to Amazon as much as they can.

The Importance Of Buy Box Mobile

Wooden Box With Lid:

Mobile shopping is more popular than ever among Amazon customers. The Buy Box is located directly under the product image on the mobile site, which is different from how it appears on a desktop or laptop. Customers place their order by clicking âBuy nowâ without looking at the Offer Listing page.

Notably, the âOther Sellers on Amazonâ box is not shown on the Amazon mobile website. The Buy Box winnerâs name is the only thing that is shown. Another reason to put winning the Buy Box at the top of your priority list is if you care about reaching mobile shoppers.

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Important Amazon Business Metrics Explained: Buy Box Percentage

Its time to talk about another head-scratcher: Amazon Buy BoxThis refers to the situation where a selMore percentage. We often get asked questions like What is a good buy box percentage on Amazon? or Whats the Amazon Buy Box Percentage report all about? So, give us your ears for a few minutes, and lets find out how to increase Buy Box Percentage.

Every now and then, we go over some of the most important seller metrics on our blog. Since we recently brought up the Buy Box in a dedicated FAQs post, its only fair that we also discuss the topic of Amazon Buy BoxThis refers to the situation where a selMore percentage and how it relates to the coveted Featured Offer status.

While were on topic, well also try to explain what the Amazon Buy BoxThis refers to the situation where a selMore Percentage report means, reveal what is a good buy box percentage on Amazon, and show how to increase Buy Box Percentage with BuyBoxBuddy, our newest and most hands-off repricer, hands down.

Tools That Will Help You Win The Buy Box

We donât need to tell you that competitive pressure on the online platform is high even when Amazon is not competing for the Buy Box. In order to gain a proper foothold, you need a professional business with the corresponding demand for optimization. What are your Buy Box benefits on Amazon worth if you can only profit from them once every blue moon? This is the reason why certain automatization tools have become vital for success.

A repricer is one of these tools. Repricers automatically adjust the price of your product based on the current market situation, a job that requires permanent monitoring. A good repricing solution works dynamically and intelligently. Instead of setting rigid rules , a dynamic repricer reacts to the current market situation and adjusts the sales price accordingly.

Once the product is in the âAdd to Cartâ field, the repricer sets the highest possible price with which the Buy Box can still be kept. In this way, can win and hold the âAdd to Cartâ field while generating maximum profit for the seller.

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List As A Prime Seller

Despite the fact that a non-Prime seller can win the Buy Box, Amazon still prioritizes its Prime sellers. Sellers that operate under FBA are automatically eligible for a Prime membership, which is an added benefit for sellers who use the service. However, sellers that handle orders themselves have the opportunity to be eligible for Prime.

What Is Buy Box Price

How To Win The Buy Box | Amazon FBA

When I go to manage my inventory, it has a category for Buy Box Price, what is this, and what does it mean?


This is the price that is advertized from the Add to Cart on the product page.

There is also a column named Buy Box Eligible this should have a Yes or No. If you do not see this click the Preferences button above your listings and choose to display it. If you are a featured merchant for the product, you will see a Yes. What this means is that you are eligible to be the Add to Cart found on the product page.

When I go to manage my inventory, it has a category for Buy Box Price, what is this, and what does it mean?

It is the price that the current Buy Box holder is selling the product for.

I show a low price column on my inventory pages, and a buy box eligible column, but no Buy Box Price column. Nor do I see any preference setting for it.

How do add that to your inventory pages?

Edited by: AmherstBooks on Mar 7, 2014 5:46 PM

Let me try to answer the questions since my last post

So if the green check mark is next to your item in buy box eligible, do you have the buy box? I have a bunch of the checks but never looked at the actual product online.

You cannot tell from this screen if you are in the buy box or not. If Your Price is the same as the Buy Box Price and you show Yes in the Buy Box Eligible than more than likely you are the buy box. Only true way to tell would be to click the Product Name and check the product page.

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Myth : You Just Need To Turn Buy Box Eligibility On

Theres confusion in some places about Buy Box eligibility. Amazon decide if youre eligible to appear in the Buy Box, not you.

The thing you can turn on in Seller Central is the Buy Box eligibility column in the reports. You arent turning on eligibility itself. But wouldnt it be great if it was that easy?

This article was originally published in May 2019, and updated in May 2020.

Importance Of Amazon Buy Box

Most customers buy products directly using the Buy Box without even considering the other offers. Around 80% of all Amazon sales are through the Buy Box. That is why it is important to win the Buy Box. That is also why theres a lot of competition for the Buy Box. With mobile shopping becoming more and more popular, the importance of the Buy Box is only set to increase.

In a nutshell, winning the Buy Box is a guaranteed way to boost your sales.

Note: It is possible that a listing does not have a Buy Box. While it is rare, consumers will see a See all buying options message instead.

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