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Mythology: Timeless Tales Of Gods And Heroes A Coffee Table Book You Can Read When You Need An Enthralling Story About Mythical Gods

Unboxing What I Love About You and Our Memories Book I Romantic Gift Ideas I Amazon Stationery

Promising review: “I first read Edith Hamilton in Latin class decades ago. Miss Hamilton brought life to the stories, and was great fun. I had a very talented teacher who gave her all to even middling students such as myself. Several “Edith” paperback editions have come and gone due to age and wear. This edition is outstanding in every way. The print quality and quality of the volume, well, speak volumes about the care of the production process. Made in China! I wonder what Miss Hamilton would had said about that! I hope to send this book as gifts during the upcoming Christmas season. Well done!” John from the Turbine Electric City

Price: $24.31

Cult Classic By Sloane Crosley

A young woman discovers she’s the unwitting guinea pig in a New Age-y experiment whereby a combination of rumination and social media manipulation attract former paramours for you to confront and find closure. This story could easily veer into too-kooky territory instead, it’s a wry, insightful, laugh-out-loud funny meditation on one of the riskiest things any of us can undertake: falling in love. “Cult Classic” is a little on the fantastical side. And just plain fantastic. Erin Kodicek, Amazon Editor

The Asset: American Assassin By Saul Herzog

Lance Spector quits the CIA, and this time he swears hes out for good. Then a vial in a titanium case arrives at the CIA headquarters. The note reads, I will only speak to Lance Spector. This action-packed spy thriller is the authors debut and the first of the Lance Spector series, which features five books in all. Its a twisting, turning read thats best devoured in one sitting.

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A Marble Patterned Essential Oil Diffuser To Create A Calm Atmosphere That Really ~rocks~ Before You Fall Asleep

Promising review: “Beautiful, highly recommend! You can set it to mist for one, three, or six hours and can use with lights or without lights. Great quality, comes with cute water measuring cup. I use this in my home office. Contemporary marble look design goes with any decor!” Mindy R


A 64oz Water Bottle That’s Insulated Stainless Steel And Has A Straw Because Hydration Is Key And You May As Well Have All The Bells And Whistles To Keep You Quenched

I Love You to the Moon and Back: Amelia Hepworth, Tim Warnes ...

Promising review: “I bought this after the untimely demise of several glass and plastic drinking cups and tumblers at the hands of a two-year-old human. We are three days in and she has not yet defeated this bottle so I am hopeful for a long and hydrated life together. The bottle keeps liquids cold, the color and finish are nice and attract many compliments from fellow water enthusiasts. Prepare to be asked if its a more expensive brand and put on your best smug smile and answer ‘No, its a Simple Modern.'” Sara Williams


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Rare Beauty Blush In Love: 2614 Amazoncouk

Theres no denying that blusher is having a moment more is indeed more and one such product thats sweeping across our FYPs is Rare Beautys blush. Racking up 109 million views the hashtag #rarebeautyblush boasts swathes of glowing reviews with rosy-cheeked fans often using a single splodge for the desired effect.

In our TikTok trial of the viral under-eye blush hack our tester found the formulas the most pigmented theyd tried, saying that it buffs in effortlessly, drying down to a semi-matte, blurred finish that looks like a natural flush of colour. Sadly we couldnt track down the happy shade we tested on Amazon but beauty buffs will be pleased to know its available in a deeper hue called love.

The Ordinary Aha 30% + Bha 2% Peeling Solution: 787 Amazoncouk

Perhaps one of the more alarming looking trends to find its way onto our FYPs, the blood-red formula hails from cult favourite The Ordinary, and won a spot in our edit of the best chemical peels. Take note though, our tester stressed the potency of the formula and, despite being well seasoned with chemical peels it did tingle slightly.

But in terms of results, this scarlet elixir was indeed a cheap miracle-worker, with our tester adding that after just one use, their complexion looked smoother, more radiant and quite literally like wed just shed a layer of dull, dead skin.

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If You Tell By Gregg Olsson

This true crime story by New York Times bestselling author Greg Olssen tells the tale of three sisters who underwent unimaginable abuse and torture in their farmhouse in Raymond, Washington, at the hands of their mother. Its a bleak tale of absolute evil but theres a light at the end of the tunnel showing us the unbreakable bond of sisterhood. Its a harrowing read, but one that will stick with you.

The Essential Calvin And Hobbes By Bill Watterson

Knock Knock What I Love about Us Fill in the Love Book

Calvin and Hobbes need no introduction, and whether youre a long-time fan of Bill Wattersons colorful characters or new to this brilliant comic strip, this is sure to delight. Its worth noting that this can only be viewed on color tablets, not on your desktop PC or black and white e-reader, but dont let that deter you. Following the imaginative adventures of Calvin and his tiger, Hobbes, this collection brings together the first two Calvin and Hobbes collections, Calvin and Hobbes and Something Under the Bed Is Drooling, as well as an original, full-color, 16-page story.

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The Community By N Jamiyla Chisholm

“The Community” transports readers to an abusive cult in Brooklyn mere miles, yet an entire world away, from the gleaming skyscrapers of NYC. Chisholm chillingly recounts how her mom quit her job, converted to Islam, and allowed her husband to move their family into a secret Muslim society, where they were separated from Chisholm, then only age two. I was captivated by this harrowing tale, told through vivid flashbacks of life under lockdown, and in the present day, as Chisholm confronts her mother about how their lives were derailed. Lindsay Powers, Amazon Editor

An Aerogarden If You Want To Start Growing But Only Have Some Counter Space To Spare

This includes six herb seed pods of Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil and mint, with a 3-oz. bottle of all natural plant nutrients .

Promising review:I got this as a birthday present for my husband, the classic man who is impossible to buy for, and he was thrilled with it. He’s a by-the-numbers kind of guy, and followed the directions carefully. As a result, all six of the herbs have germinated, and we are already using some of them only three weeks later. One thing: the light is much brighter than I expected. It’s bright. The timer keeps it on for 15 hours a day, so hopefully there’s a place in your house where it won’t reflect off the TV screen or light up somebody’s bedroom.”


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A Fabric Defuzzer Sure To Clean Up Sweaters Sofas And Other Aging Fabrics That Have Been A Real ~pill~ Lately

Promising review: “I didn’t think it through when I threw some dark shirts and sweaters in the wash with a couple of light towels. They came out with all those fuzzies. I ordered one of these based on the price and customer reviews and I can see why this is rated so high. Since it’s so portable, I just sat on the couch and shaved two shirts and a pair of cottony exercise pants while watching tv. I probably would have never worn these items again if it wasn’t for this great little gadget.” Paula Nelson


‘courageous Dedicated’ Indigenous Advocate

The Love of Her Life: Harriet Evans: Books

Until recently working as a top expert at Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency, FUNAI, Pereira was head of programs for isolated and recently contacted indigenous groups.

As part of that job, the 41-year-old organized one of the largest ever expeditions to monitor isolated groups and try to avoid conflicts between them and others in the region.

Fiona Watson, research director at indigenous-rights group Survival International, called him a “courageous and dedicated” defender of indigenous peoples.

“He’s an immensely passionate person, and extremely knowledgeable,” she said.

Pereira was especially revered for his knowledge of the Javari Valley, where he was also FUNAI’s regional coordinator for years.

But he is currently on leave from the agency, after butting heads with the new leadership brought in by far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who faces accusations of dismantling indigenous and environmental protection programs since taking office in 2019.

Pereira “was effectively forced out at FUNAI, basically because he was doing what FUNAI should be doing and have stopped doing since Bolsonaro took office: standing up for indigenous rights,” Watson told AFP.

Pereira has frequently received threats for his work fighting illegal invasions of the Javari reservation.

That includes helping set up indigenous patrols. He and Phillips were on their way to a meeting on one such patrol project when they disappeared.

He and his partner have three children.

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Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer: 2578 Amazoncouk

They may taste delightful but bagels are a right pain to slice. Whether or not hoards of TikTok users agree with this, or simply love seeing these bagel mini guillotines in action is neither here nor there, but the hashtag #bagelslicer has now reached 7.5 million views.

Slicing through bagels in one quick, safe and easy motion, these contraptions could be a no-brainer for bagel lovers, and could be especially helpful for those with low hand-eye coordination or low vision.

A Floral Water Fountain With Three Pressure Settings And An Adorable Design Sure To Convince Your Particularly Persnickety Pet Their Water Is In Fact Fresh As A Daisy

This has a water level indicator and an LED nightlight. It includes a filter, but you can also get refills when the water starts to seem less than fresh.

Promising review: “Cats aren’t prone to drinking enough water and they also abhor getting their whiskers wet. This fountain was a huge hit from the moment I set it up and solved both of those problems. My kitty now guzzles water any time she wishes, which is definitely more than before . This is fantastic!” X

Price: $27.98+

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Most Sold Amazon Books: May 29june 4

  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
  • Book Lovers by Emily Henry
  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • Verity by Colleen Hoover
  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
  • In the Blood by Jack Carr
  • Oh, the Places Youll Go by Dr. Seuss
  • Nightwork by Nora Roberts
  • Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover
  • They Both Die At The End By Adam Silvera Published By Simon & Schuster Childrens Uk: 4 Amazoncouk

    Book of Love Official Trailer | February 4

    Whether reviving your summer reading pile or shopping for a friend, TikTok also happens to be humming with book reccomendations and reviews too, with the #BookTok feed now having been viewed a whopping 57 billion times.

    When it comes to YA fiction, whether youre shopping for yourself or a young reader, one title that seems to be on everyones lips is They both die at the end by Adam Silvera. The no.1 bestseller following two strangers Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio who, after being told they have just one day to live, decide to spend their last hours together. The hashtag #theybothdieattheend has been viewed nearly 81 million times, with fans even recording their reaction while devouring the tome from cover to cover.

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    A Splendid Ruin By Megan Chance

    An opulent mansion, dark family secrets, and the loss of a parent, set against the backdrop of the 1906 San Francisco earthquakes. Megan Chances A Splendid Ruin tells the story of May Kimble, who finds herself welcomed into the wealthy Sullivan family after an aunt she never knew existed contacts her following her mothers death. But dark secrets haunt the Sullivan mansion, and as May begins to realize she may be in danger of losing everything even her freedom earthquakes strike the city. May takes the chance to reclaim whats rightfully hers, but will she seek vengeance on those who have taken everything from her?

    Bissell Little Green Cleaner: 33163 Amazoncouk

    The thought of cleaning upholstery is hardly an appealing one, but this nifty gizmo appears to make it a little easier. The gadgets handheld sucker combines spray and suction so, when dragged across carpets, sofas and car seats should lift spots and stains, say, if theres often four mucky paws scampering about, and you can actually see how much dirt has lifted from the colour of the liquid left in the water tank.

    The hashtag #bisselllittlegreen has so far amassed over 31 million views and, while it does seem very pricey right now, we couldnt find a new one for less elsewhere. And if its something youre adding to your list well hopefully see the price plummet once Amazon Prime Day arrives.

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    Corrections In Ink By Keri Blakinger

    “Corrections in Ink” is not just a story about life in a women’s prison it’s something much bigger. This is the chronicle of a woman who stared into the abyss of addiction, dove in head-first, then pulled herself out of the ashes of her life through a combination of determination, privilege, and second chances. Gritty, surprising, and hopeful, Blakinger’s memoir is as indelible as ink on a crossword. Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

    Things Mentally Strong People Dont Do By Amy Morin

    i like you book amazon rumahhijabaqila com” alt=”I like you book amazon >”>

    We all know the importance of physical exercise to keep our bodies strong, but what about our minds? Psychotherapist Amy Morin created a list of 13 things mentally strong people dont do that was picked up by and went viral. In this book she expands on those things, helping readers break bad habits like resenting others achievements and indulging in self-pity and looking at how we can increase our mental strength.

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    Where The Forest Meets The Stars By Glendy Vanderah

    Joanna Teale has been through difficult times first, she lost her mother, then she battled breast cancer. Now, shes ready to get back to her graduate research and throws herself into her work from dusk until dawn. One day, shes disturbed when a mysterious child shows up at her cabin, with no shoes, covered in bruises. Ursa claims to have been sent from the stars to witness five miracles. Jo agrees she can stay with her, and together with her neighbor, Gabriel sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding the girl. But is Ursa really who she claims to be? As the final miracle approaches and the past catches up with her, some painful secrets will be revealed.

    Accidental Amazon Alexa Activation

    Whether it’s commercials or shows talking about Alexa on TV or you said a word that sounded similar to “Alexa,” your speaker just activated and you’re confused. Luckily, there are four things you can do to minimize this:

    • Say “Alexa, why did you do that?” — This feature gives you more insight as to why Alexa performed an action.
    • Move the speaker farther from the television.
    • Press the mute button on top while watching TV.
    • Change the wake word from the default “Alexa” to either “Computer” or “Amazon.”

    Alarms and timers too loud? Here’s how to fix that.

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    The 32 Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

    PSA: The Twilight saga is now on Amazon Prime Video

    The Twilight movies, which used to be on Netflix, have officially moved over to , and it just wouldn’t be a list of the best movies to watch on the platform right now without them. If teen vampire shlock isn’t your thing, we also recommend the indie dramedy Emergency, Chris Pine-Thandiwe Newton spy thriller All the Old Knives, and Regina Hall’s horror movie Master. Coming up later this month is the final Daniel Craig James Bond film, No Time to Die, which hits Prime Video on June 10.

    An important note about how this list was made: In order to keep the list as relevant as possible, we’re stressing the best recent releases, Prime Video originals, and critics’ favorites. But we’re also putting our own personal spin on the list, with underrated gems we’re recommending to our friends, classic favorites, and important selections that highlight diverse voices. We’ll be updating the list regularly.

    A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker To Help Make Your Mornings Eats More Delicious And Efficient

    Kindle Paperwhite (2021) One Month Later – But Why?

    Promising review: “I am actually excited for my weekday breakfast now. These homemade mcmuffins are so good! My favorite version uses sliced tomatoes, Swiss cheese, and precooked bacon . So many options, so easy! My kindergartener and my teenager both love it. I wish it came in a four count I may have to buy another one for our family. It’s also easy to clean with a quick wipe down.” Joolie

    Price: $33.99

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    The Drop Dawn Blue Floral Print Square

    If you’re a fan of the cottagecore trend, check out this floral blouse from the limited-edition line, The Drop, from Amazon. It features a flattering square neckline and slightly puffed sleeves with elastic at the cuffs. The button-down style made from viscose offers a casual look that pairs well with jeans and shorts for days spent sightseeing or brunch dates. Right now, it’s only available in XS and small, so we recommend shopping soon before it’s sold out for good.

    Shoppers love the look of the top, but several are also enthralled with its soft feel. One even said, “I wish I could find 10 more shirts made from material. The feel of it is wonderful.”

    To buy: , $50

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