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What Is Amazon Fire Tv Recast

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You Need A Tv Antenna To Use It No Exception

Amazon Fire TV Recast Review!

Were emphasizing this point in its own section for extra clarity. The device will not work with your existing cable or satellite subscription. Before you even consider buying the Fire TV Recast, you need a TV antenna to pull in over-the-air channels. More often than not, you can usually pull in at least a few channels with an antenna, but if you live in an extremely rural area, you may not be able to grab any channels at all. If thats the case, then the Fire TV Recast will be a completely useless device for you.

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Amazon Fire Tv Recast Dvr Storage

Some cable-alternative streaming services like Sling TV provide you with cloud DVR storage. Amazon Fire TV Recast is a bit different since its a device. So, instead of cloud DVR, the Fire TV Recast uses hardware storage to save your recordings. This actually gives you more freedom over your recordings, meaning you can save videos for as long as you wish. The 2-tuner model contains 500 GB of DVR storage, whereas the 4-tuner model packs in 1 TB .

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What Is Amazon Fire Tv Recast

The Amazon Fire TV Recast is a digital video recorder that lets you watch broadcast television in real time or record it and watch it later. Using any old antenna, you can get OTA content onto one television set, Fire tablets, and mobile devices. You can even watch shows when youre not home.

The Fire TV Recast has multiple tuners, too, which means you can record different shows simultaneously. So if theres a sports game on at the same time as The Good Place on NBC, you can record both, or watch one while saving the other for later.

As an object, the Fire TV Recast is little more than a black box with a few ports on the back and a button to initiate a Wi-Fi connection. A coaxial cable port lets you connect to an antenna. An Ethernet connection point gives you an option to hook up the Fire TV Recast directly to your router. Theres a power port for plugging in the device via the included cable. And theres a USB slot that will eventually allow for external storage but isnt useful for the time being. Note, theres no SD card slot.

How Does The Fire Tv Recast Work


The Fire TV Recast isnât a streaming boxâit only works with an existing streaming TV setup. And, because this is Amazon proprietary tech, it needs to be an Amazon Fire TV setup. That basically means a Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, or Smart TV powered by Amazon Fire TV.

Unlike more DVR services that are cloud-based, the Recast is a discreet piece of hardware that you link up to your multimedia system. In fact, you will need to link the hardware to your existing Fire TV streamer, as it does not have its own user interface. You need to control it via your existing Fire TV interface, including voice control via Alexa. There is also a mobile app if you want to control and watch via your mobile device.

Connect an antenna to the box, and also connect to your Wi-Fi, then link the Recast to your Fire TV device so you can control it from there.

Working with the antenna, the Fire TV Recast scans the airwaves and creates a list of available channels and a channel guide for up to two weeks in advance. You can then select a channel to watch now, or browse through the guide for things to record.

Depending on whether you go for a basic or a premium box, you will have either two or four channel tuners, so you can record either two or four programs at the same time.

Again, depending on the model you go for, you can record up to either 75 hours or 150 hours of content.

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How To Set Up And Use The Fire Tv Recast

Once you have all the pieces, find a good place to put your antenna, such as near a window. Feel free to leave the Fire TV Recast near it. You dont need to put the box near your television set. Go ahead and tuck it under an end table or shove it into a closet.

To set up, connect the antenna to the Fire TV Recast and plug in the device. Then launch the app and follow the prompts.

When the Fire TV Recast is ready, you can browse a list of channels in the app. If you want to watch anything from a cable channel, youll still need a cable or live TV subscription. But anything thats OTA will be listed and freely available. Then, you can start watching or program the DVR to record shows for later.

One neat convenience is that you dont have to be in your home to stream content on mobile devices. Even when youre away, you can stream content through the app, even over 4G.

When you are home, however, you can use a paired Echo-compatible device to control the Fire TV Recast with your voice. For example, you can say, Alexa, open the channel guide, or Alexa, record The Late Show.

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It’ll Be A Boon For Antenna Sales

Over-the-air antennas already are inexpensive you can get a basic indoor antenna for something like $20 or $30. Amazon has an OTA box, and it’s also going to sell you something to plug into it.

While it might not be on the product listing page just yet, you better believe that Amazon’s going to be pushing antennas alongside the Fire TV Recast. Because the only thing better than selling a single product is selling a single product that also requires you to have another product.

Speaking of which, you can find our list of the best over-the-air antennas here.

Live And Recorded Content Playback

Amazon Fire TV Recast Review

How do I watch my recorded programs?

You can watch the programs that you record with your Fire TV Recast:

  • On a Fire TV streaming media player or a Fire TV Edition television by navigating to the DVR tab
  • On any compatible Alexa-enabled device by asking Alexa to play a particular recorded program or
  • In the Fire TV mobile app by navigating to the My Recordings tab.

Can I watch live and recorded TV and schedule recordings when Im not at home?

You can watch live or recorded programs, and you can record shows airing live, when you are on the go in the Fire TV mobile app using cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

You can only watch live or recorded programs on your Fire TV streaming media player, Fire TV Edition television or Echo Show if those devices are connected to the same network as your Fire TV Recast.

Can I watch live and recorded content from Fire TV Recast in the Prime Video mobile app?

No only the Fire TV mobile app enables you to watch live and recorded content from Fire TV Recast on a mobile device.

Can I watch my recorded programs on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes you can watch up to 2 programs on 2 different devices at the same time. This includes playback within the Fire TV app on any mobile device.

Can I save recorded programs on my mobile device to watch offline ?

No this feature is not supported.

Can I watch live and recorded programs from Fire TV Recast on an Echo Show?

Can I watch live and recorded programs from Fire TV Recast on an Echo Spot?

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Using The Recast With Fire Tv

As far as browsing the Recast, everything is nicely organized on your Fire TV interface.

Scroll down on the Home screen, and a row of live TV shows is blended right in with your other options, like Amazons Prime programming or your Amazon Channels subscriptions.

The DVR menu at the top lets you quickly get to your recorded programs, so you can watch or delete them, as desired.

And the Live TV channel guide lets you search ahead up to two weeks of programming to find things to record.

None of this feels tacked on at the last minute, and navigation is not confusing. It all fits in seamlessly with Fire TVs other content and its user interface. Theres zero learning curve.

In my experience, the TV programs loaded fairly quickly, if slower than launching a show on Netflix, for comparisons sake. I personally felt that watching on mobile was a better experience than viewing shows on the big screen, because you dont notice the poor picture quality as much when on mobile.

The other key feature is voice control.

You dont need a Fire TV Recast in order to voice control a TV, to be clear. Thats a Fire TV feature, too.

But Alexa has been updated to work with the Recast, so you can say things like Alexa, open Channel Guide,Alex tune to NBC or Alexa, show my recordings, among other things. You can even record shows, cancel recordings and delete recordings by voice commands, as well as rewind and fast-forward by a period of time.

Amazon Fire Tv Recast: Everything You Need To Know

Everything that’s important, anyway

The Amazon Fire TV Recast is one of the more interesting devices released by Amazon in recent memory. That’s not because it’s particularly original we’ve used other similar devices before.

Instead, it’s what it means for the streaming TV industry as a whole that intrigues us. The Fire TV Recast is going to be a boon for over-the-air television in the internet age. It’s going to be a boon for anyone who sells antennas.

And it’s going to help fill any holes left behind by the streaming services, which don’t always carry local channels in every location. Plus, it makes recording those local channels simple.

Here are the major questions asked regarding the the Amazon Fire TV Recast starting with a big red button pointing to where you can buy it.

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After The Antenna Scans For All The Channels Within Its Radius You Can Start Watching Content On Your Tv Or Smartphone

On your Fire TV, a new section, “DVR,” will automatically appear in the top menu bar.

You can browse what’s currently on, what’s coming up ahead, and a list of your recorded shows.

The app is also easy to navigate and record shows on. Whether you hit ‘record’ on your TV or phone, the recording will show up on both devices.

There are two storage sizes of the unit available: the 500 GB, which can record up to two shows at once and store up to 75 hours of HD programming, and the 1 TB, which can record up to four shows at once and store up to 150 hours of HD programming.

The interface isn’t perfect for example, you can’t search for channels and shows directly or schedule recordings through the app. Overall, however, the viewing and recording experience is reliable and strong enough that I can live with these small drawbacks. Hopefully, Amazon has plans to update these features to make the product even better.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to watch the news and live events as they’re happening, record the ones you can’t catch live, favorite your most-watched local channels, and enjoy entertainment on your phone, all without paying a subscription.

Who Should Buy The Fire Tv Recast In Short: Amazon And Fire Tv Fans Who Miss Watching Live Local Tv

Amazon Fire TV Recast review: This over

Due to its seamless connection to the rest of the Amazon/Fire TV ecosystem, the Recast is a top option if you already own a Fire TV device. It’s as intuitive to navigate and integrates with the existing menu and your Amazon account.

I’m usually the person who stands on the sidelines and offers the occasional, non-committal murmur of support as others sweat their way through tech set-up, but even I found the process of setting up and using the Recast easy. The cost will be a one-time investment that pays for itself over time.

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Fire Tv Recast: Why Do You Need It

Hold on, this all sounds a little old school doesn’t it? Slingbox still makes devices like these, right? Plus, there’s TiVo and AirTV. Cutting the cord has also become easier than ever thanks to streaming TV services like Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV.

So why in the world do you need a Fire TV Recast? For a very specific reason. If you’re looking to cut the cord and want to primarily dedicate yourself to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, one of the biggest drawbacks is live TV and sports.

You’re really losing out on the broadcast channels. You can easily get them back streaming by signing up for a streaming TV service like YouTube TV, but that’s going to cost you around $40 a month.

You can get an HD antenna, but that locks your broadcast channels to a single TV, which doesn’t allow you to watch on the go or record. On the other hand, competitors like Slingbox and AirTV don’t offer the same features that the Recast does.

For instance, the Slingbox is built to let you take your existing cable or satellite subscriptions on the go. If you’re trying to cut the cord, that’s not going to help you at all. AirTV, on the other hand, lets you cut the cord but doesn’t have DVR capabilities of the Recast.

If you’re looking to cut the cord and don’t want to jump into the word of internet TV bundles, the Recast allows you to add your local broadcast channels to your streaming device if your streaming device is in Amazon’s ecosystem.

Designed For Simple Setup And Use

  • Follow the steps in the app to set up the Fire TV Recast
  • Watch on your compatible devices

In the Box

  • Amazon Fire TV Recast 4-Tuner 1TB DVR
  • 50W Power Adapter
  • Designed to Provide Anytime, Anywhere TV Entertainment
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Over-the-Air Channels
  • Just Ask Alexa
  • Designed for Simple Setup and Use

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Should You Buy An Amazon Fire Tv Recast

If youre looking to watch OTA television with the convenience of streaming it to nearly any device, and youre in the market for a DVR, consider the Amazon Fire TV Recast. Not having a monthly subscription fee sets it apart from plenty of other DVRs, such as TiVo. It also slots in nicely to households using other Amazon products. Just be sure you have all the required companion devices before committing to it.

First Look: Amazon Fire Tv Recast

Amazon Fire TV Recast 500GB DVR, Amazon Fire TV Stick an…

ByNick Pinolast updated 7 October 20

Amazons over-the-air DVR could change the way you stream TV

In a slew of announcements it was easy to lose track of the Amazon Fire TV Recast a new DVR device from Amazon that will record shows using an over-the-air antenna and feed them to you via your Fire TV streaming player, Fire TV Edition flatscreen or Echo Show device.

One reason it was so easy to skip over was that Amazon announced both an Alexa-enabled microwave and a Wall Clock a short 10 minutes before the announcement of the Recast and another is that the Fire TV Recast is kind of complicated its not really a proper Fire TV device in the way weve come to understand them.

That being said, once you wrap your head around what the Recast can do, its not an embellishment to say that the Amazon Fire TV Recast could reshape the media landscape, helping cord cutters and cord-nevers leave cable companies behind once and for all.

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