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What Is Amazon Web Services Used For

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Regression Testing Of Web Services

What is AWS? | Amazon Web Services

Functional and non-functional testing of Web services is done with the help of WSDL parsing. is performed by identifying the changes made to upgrade software. Web service regression testing needs can be categorized in three different ways, namely, changes in WSDL, changes in the code, and selective re-testing of operations. We can capture the above three needs in three intermediate forms of Subset WSDL, namely, Difference WSDL , Unit WSDL , and Reduced WSDL , respectively. These three Subset WSDLs are then combined to form Combined WSDL that is further used for regression testing of the Web service. This will help in Automated Web Service Change Management , by performing the selection of the relevant test cases to construct a reduced test suite from the old test suite.

Web services testing can also be automated using several test automation tools like , , Unified Functional Testing, Selenium, etc.

Use Cases Of Amazon Webservices


We all hate waiting in hospitals for a turn to come up. As a patient, we do not have patience and want to get done with our diagnosis at the earliest. And that is understandable behaviour. However, the number of people visiting a hospital and the staff having to set up all the equipment, are some reasons that cause these situations.

Amazon Web Services provides some relief here. With the help of AWS Repp has come with cloud-based tracking solutions. It helps keep track of patients and assets that reside in the vicinity and it makes use of IoT to do so. It also updates, electronic health records considering the data from sensors that capture the movements of patients in the room.

AWS offers Server-less IoT infrastructure to this achieve this and help save as much as it can, for speeding up the overall process at the hospital


It is certain that most of us know what McDonalds is?McDonalds is a highly popular Burger and Fast chain across the globe. Theyhave more than 37000 outlets across the globe and serve more than 60 millionpeople every day. This gives you some idea as to the volume of customers theyhandle. It is no different for home delivery they provide.


Talking of numbers FieldLens, now hosts 80,000 usersand 110,000 projects that use containers, and are deployed through AWSCodepipeline and secured using AWS Service. It offers high integration andscalability.

What Is Web Api

A Web API or Web Service API is an application processing interface between a web server and web browser. All web services are APIs but not all APIs are web services. REST API is a special type of Web API that uses the standard architectural style explained above.

The different terms around APIs, like Java API or service APIs, exist because historically, APIs were created before the world wide web. Modern web APIs are REST APIs and the terms can be used interchangeably.

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Interview Highlights: Tim Bray And Michael Cusumano

On how Amazon got into cloud computing

Tim Bray: “Amazon has always been a very opportunistic company and looked for opportunities across many sectors of the business space. So in connection with keeping on the air, they had obviously had to become very, very expert at building out lots of computing infrastructure to support the website. Computers running code, storing data, transmitting data, transforming data, doing machine learning, all that stuff had to be built. And, you know, they noticed after a while that they were getting pretty good at building this. And well, maybe they could try selling it. … And in fact, they did.”

AWS right now has about 30% of the cloud computing market. Is that a number to be concerned about?

Tim Bray: I think the number may actually be higher than that. And it’s really hard to discover how big the cloud computing market actually is because, you know, what’s cloud computing? Is Outlook email cloud computing? Is Google Maps cloud computing? And there are other vendors such as Oracle and IBM who are trying to get into cloud computing and making large inflated claims about how much revenue they really have. But it’s pretty clear AWS is the biggest chunk. You know, it could be as high as 50%, but 30% sounds plausible to me.

On potential security issues of AWS

Why do you think AWS should be broken off from Amazon?

On using Microsofts antitrust battle as a way to think about Amazon as a monopoly

What Is An Api

Amazon Web Services  IT Jack

APIs are mechanisms that enable two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. For example, the weather bureaus software system contains daily weather data. The weather app on your phone talks to this system via APIs and shows you daily weather updates on your phone.

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What Is Amazon Web Services And Why Is It So Successful

Amazon Web Services , the cloud platform offered by Inc , has become a giant component of the e-commerce giant’s business portfolio. In the second quarter of 2021, AWS brought in a record $14.8 billion in net sales, accounting for just over 13% of Amazon’s total net sales. Having grown steadily in the 30% range the past few quarters, AWS is a frontrunner to other cloud computing platforms such as competitor Microsoft Azure.

So what is AWS and why is it so lucrative and successful for Amazon?

Aws Infrastructure And Technology

AWS operates globally in what are called regions 25 in all spread across six continents. Each region consists of multiple availability zones. And these are the physical data centers where computers live and are geographically separated to reduce the likelihood of a local disaster taking out a whole region.

Additionally, there are over 200 edge locations scattered around the world as part of AWSs content delivery network .

In addition to the publicly available regions, there are a few special regions. Two regions are designated for use by those working in and for the U.S. government so-called AWS GovCloud. There are also two regions in China, which are operated by local qualified companies in accordance with Chinese law and regulations. All of these regions availability zones and edge locations are tied together through AWSs private high-speed fiber-optic network.

AWS has even invented its own proprietary hardware to make its network faster and more robust. And chances are youre already using the AWS network. If you use Netflix, Twitch, Hulu, Reddit, or Slack, all are AWS customers.

So, what are the pros and cons of using AWS? And how does AWS stack up to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud ? Lets dig in.

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What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of An Aws Certified Solutions Architect

The roles and responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect Associate include the following:

  • They are responsible for designing services and/or applications within an organization.
  • Explain large and complex business problems to the management in simple terms
  • Integrate systems and information that matches the business requirements
  • Take care of the enterprise and architectural concerns along with programming, testing, etc.
  • Scaling up the process and building infrastructure for sustainable use
  • Determine the risk level associated with the third-party platforms or frameworks

Platform As A Service

What is Cloud Computing? | Amazon Web Services

PaaS removes the need for you to manage underlying infrastructure , and allows you to focus on the deployment and management of your applications. This helps you be more efficient as you dont need to worry about resource procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching, or any of the other undifferentiated heavy lifting involved in running your application.

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When Should I Use Lambda

Lambda is an ideal compute service for many application scenarios, as long as you can run your application code using the Lambda standard runtime environment and within the resources that Lambda provides.

When using Lambda, you are responsible only for your code. Lambda manages the compute fleet that offers a balance of memory, CPU, network, and other resources to run your code. Because Lambda manages these resources, you cannot log in to compute instances or customize the operating system on provided runtimes. Lambda performs operational and administrative activities on your behalf, including managing capacity, monitoring, and logging your Lambda functions.

If you need to manage your own compute resources, AWS has other compute services to meet your needs. For example:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers a wide range of EC2 instance types to choose from. It lets you customize operating systems, network and security settings, and the entire software stack. You are responsible for provisioning capacity, monitoring fleet health and performance, and using Availability Zones for fault tolerance.

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk enables you to deploy and scale applications onto Amazon EC2. You retain ownership and full control over the underlying EC2 instances.

What Is An Api Gateway

An API Gateway is an API management tool for enterprise clients that use a broad range of back-end services. API gateways typically handle common tasks like user authentication, statistics, and rate management that are applicable across all API calls.

is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. It handles all the tasks involved in accepting and processing thousands of concurrent API calls, including traffic management, CORS support, authorization, and access control, throttling, monitoring, and API version management.

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Does Intellipaat Offer Job Assistance

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Overview of all AI based Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon VPC enables the building of a virtualized environment with the ability to scale AWS deployment. VPC offers total domain control, including customization of IP address range, subnets creation, route table configuration, and network points access management. With configurable dashboard administration controls built for optimum use, you can easily change your VPCs network settings. Users can, for instance, create a public-facing subdomain for web servers that have internet connectivity.

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Things To Keep In Mind

  • AWS is a paradigm shiftUsing AWS effectively requires re-thinking how you deploy services and un-learning how youve managed systems in the past.
  • AWS Service LimitsWhen your account is created, Amazon places an initial limit on the number of AWS resources you can use. When you reach the limit, you will not be able to access additional AWS resources until you contact AWS Support and request a Service Limit increase. Amazon sets these limits to prevent new users from unintentionally requesting a large set of resources and incurring unexpected service charges.
  • Understand Your Security ResponsibilityAlways employ due care when processing, transmitting, or storing sensitive information. See the Allowable Data Use for guidance, but SSNs, credit card numbers, and other personal information must never be stored in AWS. AWS has a core set of secure services, but it is up to each user to implement appropriate security controls and to comply with applicable University policies, notably policies relating to the protection of University data and the UC Electronic Communications Policy.
  • HIPAA Business Associates Agreement There is a system-wide BAA in place between AWS and UC. In order to cover your AWS accounts under the terms of the UC AWS Enterprise Agreement and HIPAA Business Associate Agreement , please review the overview material provided by UCOP: See the Protected Health Information announcement under for more information.

What Are Rest Apis

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST defines a set of functions like GET, PUT, DELETE, etc. that clients can use to access server data. Clients and servers exchange data using HTTP.

The main feature of REST API is statelessness. Statelessness means that servers do not save client data between requests. Client requests to the server are similar to URLs you type in your browser to visit a website. The response from the server is plain data, without the typical graphical rendering of a web page.

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In The 15 Years Since Its Launch Amazon Web Services Transformed How Companies Do Business

It enables glitch-free Netflix streaming. It hosts digital drug-design tools of the kind that led to Modernas COVID-19 vaccine. The Seahawks use its computing power to analyze game data. It stores a digital repository of King Countys archives. And even The Seattle Times relies on it to make sure the website doesnt crash during surges of reader traffic.

What is it?

Its Amazon Web Services .

The massively successful Amazon division, which opened for business 15 years ago, doesnt have the same consumer cachet as two-day shipping or Prime Video. Cloud computing? Gobbledygook to many.

Yet the importance of AWS to the company, consumers and the global internet economy is difficult to overstate. Internally, the division is Amazons cash cow, making up 59% of the companys $22.9 billion profit before interest and taxes in 2020, despite accounting for just 12% of Amazons revenue. AWS infrastructure also supports Amazon logistics, helping route more than 2.5 billion packages every year to the right address , not to mention nearly all of Amazons other operations.

On a wider scale, the launch of AWS revolutionized the economics of web-based business by creating a $300 billion industry, cloud computing. Nearly every large company and government agency in the country uses some form of cloud-computing services, according to research firm IDG.

How Current Cloud Service Providers Are Offering Elasticity

Introduction to AWS Lambda – Serverless Compute on Amazon Web Services

This section presents an overview of how current cloud service providers are offering elasticity solutions.

Fig. 1. How AWS offers elasticity.

Microsoft Azure offers both Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service . With Azure IaaS, users can host their application either in a VM, where they are responsible for managing everything, or by installing the OS to make up the application running on it. And with Azure PaaS, users can host their application using Azure Cloud Service, where users can create either a web role or a worker role . Like Amazon, Azure also uses a reactive approach, where the users have to specify a set of auto-scaling metrics. Azure presently uses only horizontal scaling techniques. To automatically scale an application running either on VMs, web roles or worker roles, users have to set some metrics in the Azure Management Portal. The auto-scaling metrics currently provided by the Azure through portal are Average CPU usage and Queue message . One of the auto-scaling rules in Azure can be, if CPU usage > 75%, to add a new web role instance. The Azure Watch, which is being replaced with Cloudmonix , developed by Paraleap, provides an elasticity service to monitor and auto-scale any Azure-based solutions. Azure Watch offers an elasticity service by inspecting the performance of Azure-based applications, and based on that, they automatically allocate resources for the applications according to real-time workload.

B. McKenna, in, 2016

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What Kind Of Projects Are Included As Part Of The Training

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You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. After completing the projects successfully, your skills will be equal to 6 months of rigorous industry experience.

The Lego Of The It World

AWS rolled out its first mass-market product, Simple Storage Service, or S3, on March 14, 2006. To many at Amazon, that day marked the birth of AWS.

Guided by Vermeulens back-of-the-napkin blueprint, streamlined in a brainstorming session in a rented room at the Washington State Convention Center, and designed, Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels said, over the course of many long, dark nights at the Pacific Medical Center, S3 allows developers to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web, the company wrote in its initial news release.

Storage for the internet was I dont want to say obvious but so clear that if we had it, customers would find it useful, Barr said. In those early days at Amazon, he shared an office with Rudy Valdez, who now leads Amazons solutions architecture and training division. He was literally calling up customers and saying, Hey, Im Rudy from Amazon, would you like some storage?’ Barr said. Many bit.

Within two months, the number of objects think of them like files stored on S3 had exceeded Amazon developers expectations by a factor of 100. Today, more than 100 trillion objects are stored on S3, an ocean of data underwriting advances in fields from weather forecasting and genomic research to advertising and facial recognition.

Amazon is the Lego of the IT world, Vogels said. We built very small building blocks. So it allowed developers to stack things together.

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How Do Apis Work

API architecture is usually explained in terms of client and server. The application sending the request is called the client, and the application sending the response is called the server. So in the weather example, the bureaus weather database is the server, and the mobile app is the client.

There are four different ways that APIs can work depending on when and why they were created.

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