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What Is An Amazon Seller

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What Is An Amazon Seller

How To Setup Your Amazon Seller Central Account | Complete Seller Registration [START HERE!]

Amazon Sellers use the Seller Central Portal, where you own the products in your inventory until your customers buy and receive them. You can choose to manage fulfillment using Amazons FBA service, or you can do it yourself. Typically, being an Amazon Seller is the cheapest way to start selling on Amazon.

As a Seller, you have two different fulfillment options:

Harden Your Account With Two

Amazon now offers two-step authentication.

If youre unfamiliar with two-step authentication, its an added layer of security for your account. Youll login with a password plus a security code.

How do you receive the security code? There are multiple options, including a text message sent to your phone, a voice call, or an authenticator app.

The advantage of two-step authentication is that if somebody gets your password, that person still needs the security code to login. Its going to be difficult to get that security code unless the individual who stole your password also has your smartphone.

Its difficult to overstate the kind of financial ruin that a malicious person can cause by getting into your Amazon Seller Central account. Do yourself a favor and beef up security with two-step authentication.

Tips Tricks And Tactics For Maximizing Fba Sales

This platform isnt new. For you, that means there is plenty of valuable insight to be gleaned to help you maximize your FBA sales from the start. Theres no need to be a brand name or have a brand new product. If youre looking to increase your profits and streamline your growth using this service, here are a few tips and tactics to keep in mind.

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Benefits Of Amazon Seller Central

Business owners who use Amazon Seller Central to sell their products benefit from access to the platforms large customer base. In addition, they benefit from discounted shipping rates, since Amazon negotiates lower fares with shipping companies and postal services.

When using the FBA option, customer service and product returns are also taken care of by Amazon. Moreover, vendors have access to Amazons warehouse facilities, so they do not need to add storage to their business costs.

Lastly, Amazon Seller Central comes with a range of analytics tools that merchants can use to optimize their product sales.

Which Central Should You Use

How Amazon Seller Central Benefit The Most?

The fundamental difference between Vendor Central and Seller Central is who will be selling your products. With Vendor Central, Amazons retail team buys and resells your products to their customers.

With Seller Central, you are selling directly to Amazons customers. There are significant differences between the two, so its important to fully understand the potential opportunities and drawbacks with each.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, lets define Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central and give an overview of what each offers.

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Amazon Fba Vs Fbm: What Should You Choose

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to let Amazon handle fulfillment of your products or to handle your order fulfillment in house .

Essentially, you have three official options for fulfilling Amazon orders:

  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Fulfillment by Merchant
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • You can use FBA for some products and FBM for others but lets break these down to understand each better.

    Will Amazon Seller Central Provide A 1099 Tax Form


    Amazon Seller Central will provide you with a 1099, but only if you meet certain criteria. You must have at least $20,000 in sales and more than 200 transactions.

    You can find the 1099 on your Amazon Seller Central page. Look under Reports and Tax Document Library.

    Please note: if Amazon doesnt provide you with a 1099 tax form, that doesnt mean you dont have to report the income. Talk to your tax advisor about how you should report Amazon income.

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    How Can I Use Amazon Best Sellers Rank To Estimate Sales

    Consider this: Lets say we have a product that has a BSR of #1699. We know from our checking our own sales that a BSR of #1,699 translates to roughly 810 sales per month, as long as our Best Sellers Rank stays roughly around that same value.

    But just a month ago, our average BSR was #3,000 for about 30 days and we only did 510 sales that month.

    However, last fall, our BSR was #500 on average for 30 days and we did 1,980 sales that month.

    While using the BSR is a quick way to estimate the sales of a product, it does not mean it will have the same BSR month after month. If you are doing product research, its important to look at the historical sales data when deciding what to sell.

    What About The Amazon Seller App

    What is the Late Shipment Rate on Amazon Seller Central

    The Amazon Seller App helps you manager your business over mobile devices.

    It allows you to:

    • Manage your orders you can view pending orders, confirm shipments and receive notifications when a product is sold
    • Manage your inventory search for any items and update prices and quantities
    • Search for new items to sell check prices, sales ranks and reviews
    • Estimate item profitability before selling estimate total item cost including fees
    • List items create listings through the app
    • Respond to messages respond to customers on the go
    • Access to Amazon Support contact support through the app

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    How Is Amazon Seller Account Central Different From Vendor Central

    The fundamental difference between selling your products online and selling in traditional physical markets is that the former eliminates an intermediary requirement in the profit-generating process. However, Amazon, which connects your product to a global market, does charge a fee for the fair features it provides.

    When comparing Vendor Central vs. Seller Central, the key difference is that the latter is for individuals who seek to start their own business and independently manage the entire process.

    On the other hand, Vendor Central is a platform for existing businesses that seek to sell their products in bulk to Amazon, which then manages the entire process of selling, shipping, and profit margin determination. Depending on your demands and opportunities, you can choose between Amazon and other online options.

    How To Access Amazon Seller University

    Did you know that Amazon has its own seller training videos and webinars? Yup! Its called Seller University. Every new seller should go through this section to familiarize themselves with selling on Amazon and to learn more about Amazons guidelines.

    On the Seller Central homepage, you will see a section titled, Tutorials and Training. Then click on Visit Seller University.

    You can choose from dozens of topics to learn about.

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    What Is Amazons Born To Run Program

    In order to keep items in stock at Amazon, you need some sales velocity. But Amazons Born to Run program helps out vendors without any sales volatility under their belt. The program gives Vendors the chance to launch new products on Amazon at a faster rate so they dont have to wait to garner sales and positive reviews.

    Product Size Determines Fba Fees

    Amazon Seller: Appstore for Android

    FBA fees are based on the size of the product youre storing and shipping. Size includes any packaging for your product, such as shoe boxes, blister packs, or retail packaging. Amazon divides FBA products into two size categories.

  • Standard-sized products: Standard-sized items, fully packaged, must weigh less than 20 pounds and not exceed 18x14x8.
  • Oversized products: Any item over 20 pounds and/or exceeding 18x14x8 is considered oversized.
  • Remember: The FBA fees below are added on top of the Referral and Account Fees discussed earlier.

    Fulfillment by Amazon fee changes most recently took effect June 1, 2021. Click on the tabs below for a look at how current FBA fees stack up based on size and item type.

    $2.40 per cubic foot $1.20 per cubic foot

    If youre considering FBA, you need to be aware of other fees that can creep onto your bill. These include long-term storage fees and relabeling fees for improperly prepared products. If you dont stay on top of these, they can quickly eat away at your profits.

    To learn more about FBA fees, read our .

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    How To Create Discounts And Deals In Seller Central

    Amazon sellers have the ability to create promotions, discounted deals, and coupons right from their seller accounts and theyre easy to set up.

    Simply hover over the Advertising tab and choose from Vine, Deals, Coupons, Prime Exclusive Discounts, or Promotions. Note: you must be enrolled in Brand Registry to use Vine.

    A common way to provide discounts on your products is by using a clippable coupon. You can set the discount you want to provide and a coupon will be displayed on your listing as well within the search results to help your listing stand out.

    How To Become An Amazon Seller And Sell Your Product On Amazon

    We have many options of online marketplaces to shop or sell products, one of them is Amazon and this is a website that most people use to shop online and here people can also sell their own products. If you also want to sell any of your items, you have to become an Amazon seller. In this article, we will tell you what is an amazon seller and how to become an amazon seller?

    Creating your own e-commerce website takes a lot of time and money to sell products and attract customers. People dont believe in any new online selling platform. That is why, when it comes to shopping or selling online, Amazon is the most popular and most trusted market among people.

    Millions of people shop on Amazon every day because people trust Amazon. So you can also easily sell your product on this website. To sell online with the help of , you have to create your own seller account on this website.

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    Difference Between Seller Central And Vendor Central

    If you want to set up a business online and use Amazon as your platform, you have two options. Both Seller Central and Vendor Central allow you to sell products online, but there are differences between these two interfaces.

    Amazon Seller Central allows business owners to sell their products directly to Amazon customers, acting as third-party vendors. This is known as Fulfilment by Vendor . Packaging and shipping are the merchants responsibility under this option. On the other hand, Amazon Vendor Central allows businesses to supply their products in bulk to Amazon and act as first-party suppliers. Under this scheme, there is no interaction between sellers and buyers, but the merchant lets Amazon handle the order by enrolling in the Fulfilled by Amazon program . Under this program, vendors send their products to an Amazon warehouse, where it is stored until an order is placed. Warehouse staff then package and ship orders to customers.

    Amazon Vendor Central is an invite-only program, whereas anyone can use Amazon Seller Central. Sellers who consistently deliver a strong performance under the Seller Central platform may receive an invitation to join Vendor Central.

    When A Customer Doesnt Respond

    How To Become An Amazon Seller

    If a customer doesnt reply to your message, try to make things right anyway. Send them a replacement for a damaged item or give them a refund. Email them that youve done so, and why, repeating your apology, even if you dont expect a reply. They may just not feel like replying, but resolving the issue will make them feel better and your dedication to customer satisfaction may bring them back to your store again.

    Also, leave a response to their negative feedback. Its going to stay there unless the customer removes it, so all you can do is show that youve made an effort towards resolution.

    A few tips:

    Keep your feedback replies polite, short and to the point. It should contain these main elements: an apology, the proposed resolution presented via email, and assurance that you are working to make sure it doesnt happen again. Even if that customer doesnt care, this response will be visible to other Amazon customers who are reviewing your rating as a seller. Keep it professional, too. Dont try to be funny or cute, because this shows disrespect for the customers problem.

    Heres a neat Gliffy chart that you can use to guide your seller feedback process:

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    What Is A Merchant Token On Amazon

    A Merchant Token is your API key used to give Amazon Marketplace Web Services apps access to your Seller Central account.

    Since an app has the ability to make significant changes and actions in your account with access, you should be careful about who sees your Merchant Token, and who you provide it to.

    Seller Feedback Vs Reviews

    Seller feedback is a distinctly different system from Reviews. The process is very similar, but the targets are very different. Seller feedback focuses on the seller, while reviews are all about the product. Many customers get the two confused, and this can mean getting a poor rating for something that wasnt your fault, like shipping if you use FBA. In addition, seller feedback can be left by the same customer for each order they place. Product reviews can only be given once, but they can be revised as desired.

    Getting positive feedback and reviews are both important to the Amazon ranking algorithm. Customers that leave a product review in your seller feedback could be a potential lead for getting a positive product review as well. You should focus on building both and finding ways to take advantage of the positive shopping experiences your customers have.

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    Individual Selling Plan Vs Professional Selling Plan

    Amazon Seller Central is available under two plans: individual and professional. Under the individual selling plan, sellers are charged 99 cents for each product they sell. On the other hand, the professional selling plan is available at a monthly non-refundable rate of US$39.99.

    Screenshot comparing the features of individual and professional selling plans of

    Does Amazon Vendor Central Require A Warehouse In The Usa Is That Mandatory

    Amazon Seller Guide: 8 Powerful Tips Every Amazon Seller ...

    If operating outside the United States, Amazon Seller Central is recommended.

    As a seller, you can ship directly to a Fulfillment By Amazon warehouse or directly to the customer. Remember, you will have to clear the products through customs and pay any import duty or taxes. Your customs broker or freight carrier such as FedEx will handle this for you.

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    Pricing Of Vendor Central Vs Seller Central

    How would you set minimum pricing for your products? If thats the kind of control that youre looking for, then youre going to want to use Seller Central.

    Amazon says that it will honor any minimum advertised price requests. However, Vendor Central partners are known to complain that the company rarely does so.

    Remember, Amazon promises to match any other sellers price. So if someone notifies Amazon that theres a cheaper price of a product youre selling somewhere else online, you can expect the price of your item to drop.

    Thats when the price war begins.

    Wars arent good. People get hurt in wars.

    Bottom line: a price war will hurt your bottom line. Also, its difficult to get Amazon to raise the price back to the MAP once the battle lines are drawn.

    The good news for Seller Central partners is that they can set whatever price they want for the products they sell. So if they want to take a page out of Robert Cialdinis playbook and jack up the price significantly as a way to promote the idea of quality, they can do that.

    Advantage: Seller Central partners. They have more control over pricing than Vendor Central partners.

    How Can I Improve My Amazon Bsr

    In short, you need to sell more products and outsell your competitors! If you are selling the same number of products or less than your competition, your BSR will not improve.

    Optimize your listing copy

    If you want to improve the searchability of your product as well as the conversion rate, you should work on optimizing your listing with relevant keywords and compelling copy.

    Price competitively

    Work on a proper pricing strategy for your products. If you priced fairly within your category and compared to the competition, this will ultimately help you sell more products and boost your BSR.

    Improve your listing images

    Since a customer cannot see or touch your product in person, your product images are what will help sell your products. Make sure your images are of great quality and can help point out important features and benefits. Better images = higher conversions = higher BSR.

    Add a video to your listing

    Not only do images help sell your product but a product video will bring your listing to a whole other level. Video comes closest to a customer experiencing your product in person.

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    Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Amazon Vendor Central

    Vendors have access to an extensive range of marketing tools, ranging from sponsored product ads to premium content and in-depth analytics. Moreover, products sold under this scheme are listed under the Ships and Sold by Amazon tag, which can increase confidence among buyers and boost the vendors bottom line.

    As for the drawbacks, and because Amazon acts as the seller, a products retail price is determined by them. Moreover, prices are subject to change at any time. Logistics and operational performance terms are also controlled by Amazon. Failing to meet those terms in a timely manner results in chargebacks. Payment terms for Amazon Vendor Central merchants are not as fast as those that apply to Seller Central and are set over 30, 60, or 90 days, as opposed to 2 weeks for Amazon Seller Central vendors.

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