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What Is An Amazon Store Front

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How Does Amazon Store Work

Your Amazon Storefront: Advice for Creating a Store That Sells

After activation of your store, you can start discovering what is an Amazon store and how it functions online.

It is very straightforward: if youve done everything according to your marketing strategy and the concept was correct, then your customers will be attracted to your store and many of them will become your regular customers. A lot of potential customers will be attracted by the possibility to share your brand story, news, and special proposals. Its now up to you to develop and implement your perfect ideas for retail trade.

Your store is a showcase of your brand and inventory. It is good to constantly review and update your listings and pricing strategy.

You can drive buyers to visit your Amazon store with the PPC campaigns, discounts, and sales you announce in your store from time to time. Also, take care of the sitters the goods that do not sell well. Apply discounts.

Use Stores insights to optimize ad campaigns. The Stores insights dashboard is a tool for understanding your Store-related sales, visits, and page views, and traffic sources on Amazon and outside it.

Get The Most Out Of Your Storefront With Supplykick

Weve seen firsthand the benefits Amazon Storefronts provide, especially when you have access to a dedicated team that takes time to research, execute, measure, and iterate a successful and cohesive brand marketing strategy. Our Brand Registered partners use Storefronts to share who they are and create a compelling value prop for customerswhich ultimately leads to increased Amazon sales.

Connect with us if youd like to learn more about our Wholesale or Agency partnerships, and how our team of Amazon branding experts and marketers can help you design and publish the best possible Storefront for your brand.

What Does Amazon Storefronts Cost

There appears to be no additional cost for independent retailers to sell through Amazon Storefronts, and it seems likely that this will remain the case if and when the project launches in the UK.

But there are some costs for any independent retailer selling on Amazon. For those selling fewer than 35 items per month, sales attract a 75 pence charge per item. For businesses selling 35 or more items per month, there is a flat subscription fee of £25 per month plus VAT. In addition to both of these plans, individual items attract an extra referral fee per sale, which varies depending on the category in which the item is listed.

What do you think about Amazon Storefronts? Let us know in the comments below.

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Requirements For Setting Up An Amazon Storefront

The main requirement for setting up an Amazon store is that you must be enrolled in the

The Amazon Brand Registry program helps you protect your brand and products from and it requires a registered text or image-based trademark.

Brand registry also gives you access to a slew of other Amazon features including A+ content and a special dashboard where you can search for and file copyright and trademark infringement claims.

But outside of the Amazon Brand Registry requirement, there is no minimum number of products required to create an Amazon store. You dont have to pay for advertising either.

Basically, once you are enrolled in brand registry, Amazon storefronts are available to all 3rd party sellers, 1st party sellers and Amazon agencies.

Designing Your Amazon Storefront:

Amazon Go, a high

If you are concerned about creating an attractive storefront design, you can follow the guide below to achieve the results easily.

After you have created the store, you have to build the store. It is quite easy to create a customized design for your storefront. There are a lot of options of predesigned layouts that you can choose from and after that, you can easily drag and drop elements onto your chosen layout. Customizable features like product pictures, videos, and texts can be added as per your liking to make your brand page as visually pleasing as you would like hence attracting shoppers to buy your product.

Achieve an efficient Amazon brand store:

To achieve an efficient Amazon brand store, you should group the products the right way and make your star items easily visible. Look for typos and always upload good-quality pictures of your product as they are the key to a successful purchase.

Benefits of Amazon storefront:

  • One of the most important benefits of having an Amazon storefront is that it allows further development of your brand and enhances the shopping experience of your targeted audience.
  • Insight tools of Amazon storefront unlock comprehensive analytics to track the progress of your business
  • It is easier to run an advertising campaign when all of your products are displayed on one storefront which serves as a perfect landing page for promotion.
  • You can free up your time by easily outsourcing the maintenance-related work to a third party.
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    How To Create An Amazon Storefront

    Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry 2.0:

    Before you can create an Amazon storefront for your brand, you must enroll in Amazon Brand Registry 2.0. Obtaining Brand Registry unlocks a suite of free tools designed to help you build, promote, and protect your brand. Plus, it helps to create a better shopping experience for your customers.

    To apply for Brand Registry, you will need a registered trademark. We recommend using

    After, you will be ready to complete the following steps:

    Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central account

    Supply your brand name

    Provide your government-registered trademark number

    List the product categories that apply to your brand

    List the countries that manufacture and distribute your brands products

    Amazon will then review your application. They will contact the individual associated with the registered trademark and ask additional questions to see if your company meets the Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 requirements. Your approval timeline will vary. It ranges anywhere from 24 hours to over a month before youre ready to create your Amazon Storefront.

    When Amazon has approved your application, you will receive a verification code that you can use to enroll in the program.

    Make Use Of The Q& a Section

    Amazon offers a Q& A section that is criminally underused by most brands. Dont be like them. The Q& A section is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to customer service and prove you know your products like the back of your hand.

    A collection of informative answers can be a serious conversion booster, too, and a great way to overcome any concerns holding customers back.

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    How To Open An Amazon Storefront And Why You Need One

    This post will teach you how to create your own Amazon storefront step by step. Youll also learn how to leverage your Amazon store to drive traffic and sales from external sources.

    One of the main problems with is that its really hard to establish a strong brand. Every product listing looks identical and your brand name is often displayed in a tiny font that is easily overlooked.

    To improve your brand visibility, Amazon introduced Amazon Stores to allow you to set up a home base within Amazon to highlight your unique value proposition.

    Amazon storefronts are especially useful if you dont have your own website yet or if you need a landing page to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings.

    This guide will teach you how to create your own Amazon storefront step by step and best practices on how to leverage your storefront to increase your sales.

    Are you interested in creating a strong, defensible brand for your products? If so, I put together a comprehensive package of resources that will help you launch your own online store from complete scratch. Be sure to grab it before you leave!

    Amazon Is More Than Just The Storefront

    Build an AMAZING Amazon Storefront

    Amazon gives you access to so many different tools that its sometimes hard to tell which are best for a specific purpose. The Storefront is excellent for branding purposes, but thats pretty much it.

    Any selling tool you use is only as vital as your teams capabilities to handle the requests. An attractive Amazon Storefront cannot improve your strategies for managing your brand, fulfilling orders, and tracking barcode information.

    For this reason, its essential to invest in the backend as much as your brand spends on the frontend. An agency can help you with the technical aspects of store management to focus on branding.

    If you would like to learn more about selling on Amazon, access The Ultimate Amazon Playbook. The team at Sunken Stone provides this for Amazon sellers looking to take their business to the next level. !

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    Introducing Amazon Storefronts: Over A Million Products From Nearly 20000 Us Small And Medium

    Amazon Storefronts features a variety of product categories including Back to School, Halloween, Home, Pet Supplies, Kitchen and Books, and from businesses in every corner of the U.S., from Maine to Florida, California to Alaska

    Store launch coincides with Amazons first-ever national TV advertising campaign championing a U.S. small business, Little Flower Soap Co., selling on Amazon

    Half the items sold on Amazon are from small and medium-sized businesses

    How To Add Shoppable Images

    Just like Amazon Stores pages, no programming is required to add a Shoppable Image to a storefront:

    • Add a new section to a page in Amazon Stores.
    • Choose the Shoppable Image tile type.
    • The Shoppable Image can be its own section or within a Split Section > Basic Section Layouts large and medium-sized tiles.
  • Upload an image or add one from the asset library .
  • Place up to six product interaction points on the image through the editing modal.
    • The modal supports product search using a keyword or ASIN search, as in other Stores widgets, and, in addition, supports drag-and-drop functionality.

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    Is The Amazon Storefront Feature On Seller Central Easy To Use

    Yes, it is.

    Amazon has designed pre-made mobile and desktoplayouts that allow you to choose when and where to add in your content.

    You are also able to create multiple pages withinyour Seller Central Storefront to activate a navigation feature on your homepage. This allows you to make it easy for shoppers to browse your catalog andsee what products your specific brand has up for offer.

    Amazon Storefronts On Seller Central: How To Use Them

    Amazon Go, First look

    Currently, there are more than 1.9 million businesses in the U.S., using Amazon services to make their brand reachable to shoppers all over the worldand they couldnt have chosen a better place: Amazon Storefronts on Seller Central.

    Storefronts is a feature designed to make the interaction between customers and small & medium-sized businesses a lot easier, and it is available to brands that have completed the

    Read on to learn more about Amazon Storefronts on Seller Central so you can attract more customers by adding a personalized touch to your .

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    Reason #3 Theres More Where That Came From

    For a while, when a prospect shopped on Amazon unless they searched your brand name, they had no way of knowing what other products you sell. And thats a complete missed opportunity.

    A prospect may land on one of your product pages, but find the product doesnt quite meet their needs. Maybe they need a larger size, a greater quantity, or a different color.

    So, what do they do?

    Start their search all over again.

    Little did they know you sell that larger size, that greater quantity, and several different colors.

    Well, now that youre able to create an Amazon storefront, you can guide them through their shopping experience by creating dedicated pages that feature all the variations you offer.

    Check out the navigation bar of this brands storefront:

    The brand sells two main products: a survival guide and a survival card.

    On the navigation menu they have pages devoted solely to each product, but then, check this out:

    They have a page dedicated to a listing that combines the two main items into a bundle.

    A prospect mightve been searching for a survival guide and didnt even know they needed a survival card, but this storefront helps guide them through a logical next-step purchase to help them effectively reach their goal and solve their problem.

    Design Your Amazon Storefront

    Now to the fun part designing your storefront. Begin by previewing and selecting one of the pre-constructed or blank templates. Once the template loads, you can customize it by dragging, dropping, and arranging different content tiles to populate each page of your store with the following.


    Product or brand images can be added on their own or with a text overlay to emphasize meaning. Images must be at least 1500 x 1500 pixels.


    Videos are great for advertising your brand and products. They must be at least 1280 x 640 pixels and less than 100 MB, and they must not contain any links or references to external websites. Supported files include avi, mov, mpg, MPEG, m4a/v, and m4p.


    Sections of text can be added to your storefront to tell your brand story, explain product features, or share a call to action. This text can be aligned left, right, or central, and can be accompanied by a Shop Now button.


    Products from your Amazon inventory are added using keywords or ASINs, which auto-populates the price, primary image, and Amazon Prime badge . There are a variety of different product tiles to select from, including:

    • Full-width and landscape tiles, which display the product title and description
    • Product grids and galleries, which show a series of products together
    • Best selling and recommended products, which can be regularly updated

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    Why Opening An Amazon Storefront Is A Great Investment

    Your branding is perhaps the essential part of your entire business strategy and, without the necessary tools to tell your brand story, its hard to differentiate yourself on Amazon.

    You already understand the primary benefits of Amazon storefronts. Each online Store for your brand helps you differentiate yourself from the pack. But building a space for your brand to thrive isnt the only benefit.

    With an Amazon Store, your business can turn external and internal traffic into sales. Whenever people use your store link, theyll see a collection of your products. A shopper can click on each product to visit the appropriate sales page and purchase from you, proving an excellent marketing opportunity.

    Additionally, brands that use storefronts have higher organic rankings, further increasing your potential for Amazon profits. Shores also provide a better mobile experience for shoppers searching for your brand than the standard Amazon search results page. Both are wins for companies with Amazon storefronts.

    One of the biggest challenges as a seller on Amazon is maintaining and displaying your own identity. There are thousands of brands selling products. Your Amazon storefront allows you to influence how people interact with your brand.

    There are several ways that you can share a story with your brands captive audience. Use rich media on your pages to promote products, launch new collections, and host seasonal promotions.

    Measure Performance With Brand Analytics

    What Is an Amazon Storefront?

    You can start using Brand Analytics to measure your storefronts performance as soon as its approved. Brand Analytics is a comprehensive analytics tool that Amazon provides for free. It is much more accurate than other third-party tools and provides data on the top keywords and search terms consumers use and the terms used by your competitors. Youll also see your own top-converting keywords.

    Using this information, brands can optimize their storefront product pages and improve the copy on their ads.

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    How To Set Up And Advertise An Amazon Storefront

    John Ghiorso of Orca Pacific, a MightyHive Company, shares strategies for creating and advertising your Amazon Storefront in this guest article.

    Customers are doing more than just buying products on Amazonthey are full-on shopping. Nearly 80% of online customers use Amazon to do research on new products or brands and 60% say they regularly use the platform to window-shop. That is why Amazon sellers are turning to Amazon Storefronts to provide shoppable spaces for their customers to browse.

    Why Are Shoppable Images Beneficial

    Generally, rich lifestyle images that highlight complementary products in a variety of settings inspire shoppers. Real-life imagery piques customers interest and enhances the browsing experience. Curated looks or compatible products from brands were found to be key reasons as to why customers visit a brands website, according to Stores Shoppers Research. Shoppable Images, now available worldwide, leverage the power of curation by helping brands showcase new looks, lifestyle ideas or product combinations in a directed, engaging manner.

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    Best Practices To Optimize Your Amazon Storefront

    • Pay attention to pricing

    Amazon does factor pricing into its algorithm. So you will want to price your product competitively. If you come in too high, you will not be shown high in search results. Amazon tends to feature the best price offer. For more on pricing strategies and , you can read this article.

    • Follow Amazons rules and policies
    • Optimize your CTA’s
    • Proofread all of your content
    • Provide only true and accurate statements about your products
    • Follow these image size guidelines
  • Logo image : 3,000 x 600 pixels
  • Full-width images: minimum 3,000 pixels width, can be any height
  • Square images: minimum 1,500 x 1,500 pixels
  • Rectangle: minimum 1,500 x 750 pixels
    • Customer service counts

    Sellers who have positive reviews, offer fast delivery, and provide accurate product descriptions are prioritized in Amazon’s search results. So focus on answering questions completely in your descriptions, nailing down your shipping logistics, and collecting as many positive reviews as possible!

    Introducing Shoppable Storefront Images For Amazon Stores

    Amazon 4

    Amazon, the worlds largest ecommerce retailer, recently enhanced Amazon Stores with features including Shoppable Images. The new options are a welcome addition to the very useful branding tool. Well discuss Amazon Stores, its upgrades, and a deep-dive into the most interactive feature, Shoppable images.

    What is Amazon Stores?

    Amazon Stores is a free, self-service Amazon destination for Amazon Sellers and brands to curate images that inspire shoppers and guide them to discover product selections. Amazon Stores pages include coding-free templates to help brands design a site with their own Amazon URL. Furthermore, over time, Sellers can optimize their Store performance and customer experience by utilizing the provided metrics on engagement, traffic, and sales.

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