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What Is In The Amazon Welcome Box Baby Registry

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How Do I Become Eligible For Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box | Amazon Registry Unboxing | Free Baby Stuff

While the welcome box is free, there are a few requirements that you must satisfy before becoming eligible for a free box. These requirements are:

1. You must be an member and part of an Amazon Household. You must be the primary account holder.

2. You must create and complete an Each category should be completed before the list will be eligible.

3. A minimum of $10 in purchases must be made off of the registry, from either the customer or their guests.

4. The box is available for purchase for $35 if you do not qualify for a free box. The box is shipped with standard shipping and is typically received in 2-5 days. 5. The box can only be sent to the continental United States and not to APO boxes. The exterior of the box will say Amazon Baby Registry on it.


Already A Member Skip To Part 3

One of the requirements for getting a baby welcome box is that you must be a Prime member. Don’t worry if you’re not already. You can sign up here for a free 30-day trial and still get your baby welcome box.

You can cancel your Amazon Prime benefit within your 30 days easy, and you will not be charged the annual or monthly membership fee. To make sure you remember to cancel , set a reminder on your phone, log in to your account, and go to subscriptions to opt-out.

If you aren’t already a member, Amazon Prime offers lots of benefits that will help you save money and time as a parent, including 20% off diaper subscriptions, free 2-day shipping, Prime Video and lots more.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Amazon Baby Registry

The Amazon baby registry includes a variety of benefits for expectant parents, in addition to the Baby Welcome Box. These benefits include the following:

Free 365 Day Returns:

  • If you receive a baby gift from Amazon that you dont like or cant use, Amazon grants parents 365 days to return the item. They wont notify the gift giver, and parents will receive store credit to purchase something else for their child.
  • This year-long return grant only applies to gifts from the registry. If parents have purchased a product from their registry that theyd like to return, they have 90 days to complete it.

Free Two-Day Shipping:

  • Prime members who have a baby registry qualify for free two day shipping for all of their orders. For parents who dont have prime, they can still qualify for free regular shipping if their order is over $25.

Universal Registry:

  • For baby products that parents cant find on Amazon, there is a button for the Amazon Universal Registry that they can install on their web browser that enables them to add products from other websites directly to their registry.

Free Gift:

  • When Prime members with a registry have at least $25 spent from their checklist, they qualify for one free gift that theyll receive with their most recent order.

Diaper Discount:

  • When customers receive or purchase $500 worth of items from their baby registry, they will receive a 20% off discount on diapers either for the babys first year or when theyve purchased up to $300 worth of diapers.

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Target Baby Coupons Book

Item count: 13-17 products

Diversity: 4/5

Summary: 4/5

I scanned the Target coupon book above just for kicks. Of course, the coupon book changes so your discounts will vary I just wanted to show that there is product diversity in there. Theres even a 50% off Starbucks coupon.

Everybody says the Target baby registry kit is the best among all 3 boxes. I can see why people would say that. Its the heaviest and one that comes loaded with tons of samples from all various brands. The best perk if you shop with Target regularly is having the 15% off anything* registry coupon

How To Get A Free Amazon Baby Welcome Box

Amazon Baby Registry  Free $35 Welcome Box with Purchase

The below guide is for, but there are similar free offers for other international Amazon sites.

The Amazon Baby Box is a free gift from Amazon filled with a lot of useful items for when your baby arrives. The contents of the box changes from time to time, so it’s not known what will be in yours until you open it up. In the past, there have been bibs, bottles, formula, clothing, baby wipes, lotion, toys, diapers and purée food. In order to get it, you do have to do a few things to qualify, the first being that you have to have an .

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Buy $10 Worth Of Stuff From Your Amazon Baby Registry

Back when the Baby Box first came out, you could get it without purchasing anything. The rules have changed a little since the gift was first introduced you now need at least $10 worth of items purchased from your list before you qualify. It’s worth it to note that gift cards and Prime membership don’t go towards the total.

There’s two ways of getting over the $10 threshold:

Someone buys $10 worth of stuff from your baby registry

If this is your official baby registry, then this is an easy way to meet the $10 quota. People will be buying stuff anyway, so once they do, you’re ready to claim you free Welcome Box.

You buy $10 worth of stuff from your registry

This is a good option if you don’t plan on using Amazon’s registry and just want the Welcome Box. Since you have Amazon Prime, there’s no free shipping minimum to worry about if you’re just ordering $10 worth of stuff.

How To Get A Free Welcome Box From Your Amazon Baby Registry

One of the benefits of creating an Amazon baby registry is that they send you a free welcome box when you purchase an item off of your registry. I just received my box recently and wanted to share what I received. If you havent created your registry or taken advantage of the free offer yet, check out this post on how to create your registry and get your free welcome box.

This post contains affiliate links. If you use one of these links, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Affilate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Make Sure Youre A Prime Member

Chances are, you might be already. I mean, who wants to go to the store when you can shop from home . If youre not a member, its worth it to sign up for the free, 2-day shipping alone!

Not sure you want to join Prime yet? and get a free, 90-day Amazon Prime Membership!

Shy? You can set your registry to private if you dont want to spill the baby beans quite yet!

Please note, the deal isnt always ongoing. It comes and goes, so sign up while it still exists, and skip to step 5 if youre wondering how in the heck you dont get burned if they do discontinue this deal.

In order to sign up for your free baby box, youll need to turn all of those blue icons into green checkmarks . The quickest way to do this:

For each icon, pick Mark Items Complete.Click Favorites.Check Select All.Then click Save.

How To Get The Walmart Baby Box

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box Unboxing Review August 2021 Free Baby Items When Pregnant!

Getting access to Walmarts welcome box couldnt be simpler you just have to sign up for their registry. Once you do, you can order your box right away. Theres no need to add anything to your registry or make any minimum purchase.

On your registrys welcome page, navigate to the section titled Free Welcome Box and select Get Yours. Itll take you to a simple form to fill out to complete the order process.

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What The Wte Community Says About The Amazon Baby Welcome Box

  • I just received Amazons and it is amazing! Lots of cool stuff and all I did was create my registry, spent $10 and they mailed my free box.Maya517
  • We got our Amazon Prime Registry Welcome Box today and it’s filled with SUCH goodies! I’d recommend getting an Amazon registry, completing the checklist and purchasing something $10+ so you can get your box. Totally worth it even if you only register for a few things on Amazon.jenannmosher
  • “I loved mine! I got a package of Huggies diapers instead of wipes and a few diaper samples and Seventh Generation laundry soap… Its so cool to try these things out!” clynne69
  • I’m super happy with everything I’ve gotten so far.Lmurphy9997

Who Is Eligible For The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

To be eligible for the Welcome Box, you must:

  • Have an active Prime account
  • Complete each section of the Baby Registry
  • Have purchased $10 of products from the registry
  • Live in the continental United States it cannot be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska

Only the primary person on the registry is eligible for the Welcome Box.

You will know you are eligible for the Welcome Box when there is a Claim Now button on the left side of your registry dashboard.

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Amazon Baby Welcome Box Review

Overall, I was happy with my welcome box. I wasnt sure what to expect after reading the reviews on Amazon. I especially liked the samples that I received. As a soon to be first time mom, Im not sure what I will need and what products will work for my baby. Its great to have a few things on hand to try out as I need them.

Would I purchase the box? Probably not. At the usual price of $35, Im not sure the products would be worth it to me. Especially since the products change and you really dont know what you are getting. However, I think it is totally worth it to follow the steps when setting up your registry to get the box for free. Why not, right?

What Is In The Amazon Baby Welcome Box 2021

Everything In The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box ...

Whats inside the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is surely a delightful gift for both babies and new parents. The contents are worth $35 and are all very useful, and so adorable!

Not all boxes are the same since the exact products and samples depend on the stock of their items. You can think of it like each one being a special box for you and your baby.

Generally, you can expect to receive a selection of free full-sized & trial-sized baby samples from big brands, and products from Amazons most trusted partners. You can even score baby blankets, bibs, and other toys.

Heres a checklist of what they offer based on what some moms are getting :

  • Swaddle Designs Muslin Swaddle Blanket
  • Bright Start Snuggle & Teether Baby Toy
  • Simple Joys by Carters Girls 5-Pack Long-Sleeve Bodysuit
  • Amazon Elements wipes OR WaterWipes OR Huggies Sensitive Wipes
  • Avent ORMunchkin Latch Nursing Pads
  • Hudson Baby Bandana Bib
  • Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
  • Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash
  • Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask
  • Seventh Generation Diapers, Laundry Detergent, Wipes, and Baby Lotion
  • Munchkin OR Philips Avent Day Disposable Breast Pads
  • La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B6 Multi-Purpose Balm Cream Packets

Learn how you can obtain this Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box in 5 very simple steps.

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Although The Free Items Change From Time To Time Here’s What Users Have Reported Receiving:

  • Sample breast pads from munchkin
  • A sample bottle of Aveeno baby lotion
  • 1 Swaddle Designs Muslin Swaddle blanket
  • 1 bright star Snuggle and teeth toy
  • Amazon Elements wipes – this will come in handy to test out which wipes are best for your baby.
  • 1 Philips Avent 4oz bottle
  • Pampers Diapers – again useful for finding the best diapers for your baby.
  • Sample Pampers wipes
  • Huggies diapers
  • Muslin Blanket

So if you’re wondering if it’s worth the effort to get this box, I would say by simply what you get it really is! First-time parents will be thrilled at the free stuff!

Advice About The Welcome Box

Supplies are limited so if youre interested in it, so go ahead and buy something now that you know youre going to need.

As a veteran mom, I can tell you people love to gift outfits, toys, and all the cute baby gear.

Its unlikely someone is going to get you a mattress protector for the pack n play. So pop it on your registry now, and buy it.

After it ships, youll see the Claim Now button appears and you can snag all those goodies in the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box.

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What Is Target Baby Registry

Target offers a platform where expecting parents can list gifts that they want to receive for the baby. Family and friends can gift the items listed in the registry. Besides this perk, parents can get numerous other benefits:

Target Baby Registry Benefits

  • 15% discount on everything listed in the registry eight weeks before the babys listed expected arrival. Its 15% online, and another 15% in stores
  • A platform that lets you create a checklist of essential items
  • A Target free baby welcome kit*
  • Easy returns & exchanges up to a year after your arrival date
  • Group gifting and gift tracking

*You need to create a baby registry in order to be qualified for a welcome kit. This kit has free sample products, coupons, and reusable bags. Parents can create their registry either online or in Targets physical stores.

How Do I Create My Baby Registry

AMAZON BABY REGISTRY WELCOME BOX 2020 – Free baby stuff | Leyra Anne

Creating the Amazon Baby Registry profile can be done by following these below steps:

  • On the Amazon homepage, click Registry at the top right corner of your screen. This will lead you to the Amazon Baby Registry page.
  • When you get to the main registry page, select the Get Started button.
  • Once you click the button, youll be asked to fill out some personal information. Your home address, name, expected due date and shipping address are required.
  • To personalize the registry page, there is an additional form you can fill out that asks for the babys gender, how many children you have, and it even allows you to add a nice message that family and friends will see when they go to shop on your registry account.
  • Parents can then fill out the gift-giver help section, that indicates the color of the nursery, what types of baby products they need, and so on.
  • Once the registry is created, parents can begin adding products to their checklist. Items can also be added from individual product pages.
  • If parents want baby products in their registry that are unavailable on Amazon, they can install the Universal Registry button to their browser, where they can add their desired products.
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    Complete The Registry Checklist

    This step is quite thorough, but the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is worth it!

    • At the top of the website page, youll see Welcome Box. Click on Complete Checklist.
    • Amazon also has their products in categories from bath, feeding, to health & safety. You can search and choose a variety of gentle, non-toxic baby products.
    • At the top of your Registry Checklist, click through each category.
    • Add an item to the registry from every category then . If you dont need anything from a category, just mark it as complete.
    • Under each category are sub-categories with a box next to it. If you already have items from a sub-category, check the box next to it.
    • Make sure all the checkboxes are checked for each category.
    • ALL categories are marked complete satisfies Amazons registry checklist requirement.
    • Check your status any time by clicking Check Status in the Welcome Box.

    What Is The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

    The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is full of adorable and useful goodies for new moms and babies. It is valued at $35, and you can get it for FREE if you create your baby shower registry through Amazon.

    Whats inside the is a surprise, and the contents change continually. However, you can expect a few big brands and standard items like a muslin swaddle blanket, diapers, maybe a baby toy, breast pads, baby wipes, a baby bottle, several coupons.

    Heres what moms are receiving early 2020 but dont count on your welcome box looking exactly like this a whole lot depends on their stock levels.

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    Add Items To Your Amazon Baby Registry From The Checklist

    Visit your baby registry checklist. This is a handy tool for ensuring that you have everything you need for your baby. In order to qualify for the Welcome Box, you’ll need to have at least one item from every category. You’ll know that you’ve completed a category if the checkbox next to it is checked. Time to get clicking.

    Once you’re done, the section at the top of your baby registry will have the Welcome Box say, “Almost there”.

    Whats Included In The Amazon Baby Welcome Box

    How to get the FREE Amazon Baby Welcome Box!

    The exact contents of this one-time box of baby samples are a surprise and change regularly, but you can expect to receive a selection of samples from Amazons most trusted partners with products for both mom and baby. A recent box included the following:

    • Swaddle Designs Muslin Blanket
    • Munchkin Toss Portable Disposable Diaper Pail

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