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What Is Selling On Amazon Fba

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Draft Your Listings Title

Amazon FBA For Beginners 2021 (Step by Step Tutorial)

Make sure you include the top keywords that are most relevant for your product and also have high search volume meaning more customers use these search terms when looking for a product like yours.

  • Make sure the title flows, uses punctuation, and is easy to read not jammed with random keywords
  • Use as many characters as are allowed
  • Include the top high-volume keywords for which your competitors are ranking

How To Sell On Amazon Fba For Beginners

Everything you need to know to start selling on Amazon.

  • Step-by-step guide for beginners
  • Learn how to sell with Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Make money online by starting your own business


Founder & CEO of Jungle Scout and 8-figure Amazon seller

Selling products online is a great way to start a business and make money.

And if youre going to sell anywhere, it should be on Amazon. Fortunately, the Amazon market is massive, and its growing more than ever as people shift to shopping online for almost any type of product.

  • 55% of U.S. consumers say that if they were only able to buy products from a single store, it would be Amazon, and more than 121 million Americans are Amazon Prime members.
  • In 2020, Amazon was responsible for 47% of U.S. ecommerce spending in 2020 a figure which is expected to rise to 50% in 2021.
  • And despite a global pandemic disrupting much of the worlds economy in 2021, Amazon is not only surviving its thriving. Among total consumers, 51% are making purchases on Amazon weekly or more, and 15% shop on the platform 2-3 times a month.

You can become a seller with program. With FBA, you simply send your products directly to Amazons warehouses. Amazon then stores the inventory, and when you get an order, Amazon ships your product to the customer , and Amazon manages all customer support.

Free Resource

Guide to Selling on Amazon

Step-by-step guidance and expert tips to help you sell more on Amazon

So, how does it all work?

Chapter 1

Have A Chance To Win The Buy Box

Being an Amazon FBA seller just gets sweeter and sweeter because of this benefit. The Buy Box is the most coveted space on the product detail page. It is the section where customers can quickly add items to their shopping carts.

Every seller wants the Buy Box as it converts into sales. You can win the Buy Box if you’re Prime-eligible because Amazon gives priority to them.

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Monitor Sales And Repeat

You are now on your way to becoming a retail arbitrage seller on Amazon!

Using the Amazon seller app, you will be able to monitor your daily sales, manage orders, as well as adjust pricing if needed. If you see your products are beginning to sell really well, work on finding more inventory so you can continue making sales.

If your products are not selling as well as you thought, make some pricing adjustments to drive more sales. Remember, format your SKU so you always know what you paid for it!

The key to success in a reselling business is to constantly be hustling and looking for new products. If you enjoy the hustle and going from store to store, then retail arbitrage may be the right business model for you.

Get out there and find some products!

If you have more questions related to retail arbitrage, let us know in the comments!

Amazon Can Force You To Sell Your Goods At Whatever Price They Want

Is Amazon FBA Right for you?

Even if you sell your own branded products on Amazon doesnt mean that you get to set your own prices.

Every day, Amazon deploys an army of computer bots who crawl and scrape other websites for product and pricing info.

If Amazons determines that your products are priced too high, they may take away your buy box which will basically kill your sales.

If you read the fine print on Amazons terms of service, it explicitly states that if you sell on Amazon, your prices can not be higher than any other platform.

Update: Due to anti-trust scrutiny, Amazon has lifted this restriction. But there are rumors that your product visibility may be silently reduced if they discover you are selling on Amazon at a higher price than competing marketplaces.

In addition, if youve previously priced your goods at low prices during a lightning deal or a sale, Amazon may not let you raise your prices back up to where they were prior to the sale depending on their algorithm.

One seller who I interviewed on my podcast had to lower his prices near break even on products that hed heavily discounted in the past in order to retain the buy box.

But at these low prices, his products now make little or no profit and it has destroyed his margins.

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Provide Accurate Box Content Information

Workers at Amazon fulfillment centers dont have time for surprises. Accurate box content information allows for quick processing and gets inventory sellable faster. Amazon charges a fee to manually process a boxs contents, should you fail to provide box content information. You can submit this information in Seller Central via a web form or upload, via a 2D barcode, or via Amazon Marketplace Web Service. See the full list of box content information requirements for more information.

You are required to provide accurate carton weight and dimensions for all shipments. Note that box weight policies are strictly enforced. Do not send overweight boxes to fulfillment centers. You may be blocked from creating FBA shipments in the future if you violate this policy.

Books Yep The Kind Made Of Paper And Ink

Raise your hand if youve heard the death knell of books before. If it wasnt Kindle, it was some variation of the iPod/iPad/iPhone. But guess what? Books are more popular than ever. Its how Amazon got started, and how you can carve out a profitable niche on the marketplace.

Know how?

Simple: a huge profit margin. If you can pick up books in bulk for a dollar or so, give or take a bit in either direction, you can turn around and sell them on Amazon 1000% of their original price.

While this isnt a sure-fire formula all the time and you probably shouldnt base your entire business on this premise if your goal is to maximise revenue, it most definitely deserves its own solid corner in your shop.


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Get The Best Deals On Shipping Rates

Amazon made an agreement with major carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL Express, and they are called Amazon partnered carriers. These shipping companies often grant Amazon deeply discounted shipping rates.

If you’re an FBA seller, you don’t need to negotiate just to save on shipping fees because Amazon does it for you. Plus, your cargo is taken care of by reputable courier firms.

How The Goods Are Gotten

My First Year Selling On Amazon FBA – The Honest Results

Ever heard the phrase “It fell off the back of a truck”?

No, not like that. Pharmapacks buys from the same established, law-abiding distributors that sell to national chains like Walmart, Costco, and CVS. But ask these distributors where they get the products, and some will give an answer as gruff and dismissive as the vehicular estrangement explanation above.

Pharmapacks has agreements with 16 suppliers. Some deal directly with manufacturers. Others get their goods in more circuitous ways. These tight-lipped suppliers are known by their critics as diverters. They acquire deeply discounted goods through gray-market methods, such as buying deodorant from a company that ordered too much. But diverters don’t discuss where they get their goods. Their lawyers will cheerfully tell you they don’t have to.

When people discuss the rise of online marketplaces, they tend to focus on the tech companies that have made it possible for shoppers to find and purchase things in a matter of clicks. But that explains only the demand side of the equation. It doesn’t explain the supply side–why all this product is available so cheaply and freely in the first place.

Webb, like Vagenas, has little patience for nonsense. “He was like, ‘What kind of shit is this?'” Vagenas remembered. “You guys doing $25 million out of this office?”

Vagenas showed him a UPS statement so he could see exactly what kind it was: The shipper was processing 21,000 Pharmapacks orders a week.

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Get The Figures Right

As a first step, you should estimate the products monthly sales volume. You can do this based on the products Sales Rank and current price. Also, include your Shipping Cost and Cost Price. By doing so, you can estimate your revenue and profit potential. Then you can decide if a potential product is worth investing in.

What Is A Niche And Why Should You Care

A niche is a smaller, specialized subset of something. It can be a group of buyers, a type of product, a genre of books or film, etc., and as an e-commerce business owner and marketer, its important to understand the value of niches.

While larger categories of a specific market or group may have more sales, they also come with more competition. Meanwhile, niches present pockets of opportunity with less competition.

For example, lets say youre interested in creating content and products around health and fitness. If you try to get into the broad category of Health & Fitness, youll soon find yourself butting against big competition.

But if you go deeper into the broad category, the competition starts to fall away.

From Health & Fitness, you can focus on a market segment like yoga. But even yoga is big. How about barre yoga? Or better yet, barre yoga for women? Still too much competition? How about barre yoga for postpartum moms?

The further down the rabbit hole you go, the more likely you are to discover a market segment with limited competition that you can capitalize upon.

With niches, you can serve a specific set of consumers and react to their unique needs.

In addition, a smaller market share works as a great jump-off point, giving you the leverage you need to eventually branch off into larger markets.

Niches present pockets of opportunity with less competition.

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Because Even Mom Complains

Life as a Marketplace seller isn’t all algorithms and cash. Vendors also need high customer-service ratings to get the buy box. Keeping them that way is a grind, especially when you sell almost 25,000 different products and ship 570,000 orders a month. People get emotional about personal-care products. Including Vagenas’s mother, who called last summer to complain about her Coppertone suntan lotion. In July, it came with 10 percent extra. In August, it didn’t.

“She was like, You basically robbed me,” Vagenas said. “I’m like, Mom! It was a promo!

But Vagenas’s desk is constantly cluttered with products that have caused problems. Each day, the Seller Support group takes down one or more Pharmapacks listings without warning because of customer complaints. One day it was a bottle of Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Serum that was listed for fine hair but turned out to be for coarse hair. Another day it was Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy lozenges. In each case, customer-service reps send Amazon copies of supplier invoices, product photos, and other documentation to get the item relisted, and Vagenas tries to identify the root of the problem and develop a protocol his staff can use to rapidly identify and solve similar problems in the future, so more products won’t end up on his desk. But every time I visited, some new toiletry had taken the place of the others on his desk. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown of 4.9 stars.

What Do You Need To Do

How Does Amazon FBA Work in 2020? (Fullfillment by Amazon)

With Amazon doing all the picking, packing, and shipping, whats there for you to do?

A lot.

Its up to you to find, research, and source the right products. You still need to lower your expenses and boost your sales to ensure you make a profit, especially with Amazon FBA taking a fair cut.

Youll also need to keep an eye on inventory levels. Amazon will let you know if inventory is running low, but youll need to send them additional products before they run out to avoid missing out on potential customers.

Remember, Amazon is mostly just storing and shipping your productstheyre not selling it for you.

Yes, youll get access to Prime status and free shipping options, but those are icing on the cake. Youll be the one responsible for creating compelling product listings, doing keyword research, and getting photos to sell your merchandise.

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How To Create An Amazon Fba Shipping Plan

If you selected Convert & Send Inventory or if you have just added your second item, you will be prompted to create a shipping plan. For this youll need your Ship from address and your packing type.

There are two packing types: Individual products and Case-packed products. Most likely youll be selecting Individual products. Only select Case-packed products if youre sending a box with all the same exact type of item in it. For example, a box of 20 Anchorman DVDs.

Once you set up a shipping plan, you will be prompted to add your items. Assuming this is the second item youve added, you should see two items. Select both.

Once youve created a shipping plan, you can add all the items you wish to sell. Simply go through the same process you went through for the first two items, however, when you get to the end select Add to an existing shipping plan rather than Create a new shipping plan.

How To Sell On Amazon Fba

Tale as old as time: you search for something on Amazon. Suppose you need one of those electric scooters for your nephew. And the results horrify you as an user: poor images and robotic translations from Chinese. But as a marketing expert… you feel totally embarrassed!

It’s easy to screw up on Amazon and end being the laughing stock of other retailers and the last option on search results. The marketplace guides are very convoluted and have rules that change too often, so it’s tempting to settle for simple product pages and hope user traffic do the rest.

Wrong! You must already know that traffic doesnt magically pop, much less a brand or product good reputation. No worries we are here to help you with this 6-step basic guide about how to sell your own products on Amazon. Pay us attention, we keep our Amazon connector updated every week and we know their tricks!

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What Are The Fba Fees

As you can guess, you have to pay Amazon for the FBA service. The exact amount you have to pay will vary based on the product category and other details. However, you can find some resources on the official site. You will have to pay four types of core FBA fees while getting started:

· FBA Fulfillment fees

· Long-term storage fees

· FBA disposal order fees

As far as the FBA fulfillment fees are concerned, Amazon has split items into two tires: small standard and large standard. Then, based on the weight of the product, fulfillment fees are determined.

For instance, if the product is in the small standard tier and weighs 6oz or less, the cost per unit would be $2.70. On the other hand, if the product weighs between 2lbs to 3lbs and is in the Large standard tire, you will have to pay $5.68 per unit.

Amazon has a detailed fee structure for apparel and dangerous goods. You can find the complete pricing list here.

You also have to pay storage fees to Amazon. These fees are calculated based on the time of year and the amount of space your inventory takes up. For instance, you will have to pay $0.99 per cubic foot for standard-sized products in the months between January to September. During the other time of the year, the prices are increased to $3.63 per cubic foot.

Thankfully, you can find many ways to calculate the amount you will have to pay Amazon. You have to keep in mind that long-term storage fees can be quite high for the FBA service.

Find Products To Sell

What It ACTUALLY Costs To Sell On Amazon FBA In 2021

Now that you know which niche you should avoid, next is searching for a product to sell within your chosen niche. Let us share with you some tips on how to find one:

  • Choose small, lightweight products that only need minimum handling and shipping costs since Amazon includes the size and weight in the calculation.
  • The product doesn’t need Amazon’s approval before selling it to save yourself from complicated paperwork and time-consuming process.
  • You can sell the product all year-round, and it isn’t just seasonal.
  • The product must not have a trademark or patent yet, so you can own the rights to sell it exclusively under your brand.
  • It has a high-demand, marketable, and low competition.

Product research is an arduous process, but it is worth it in the end because you can avoid any hassles in terms of packaging, and you will have confidence in the product you have chosen to sell.

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Amazon Fba Business Model

  • You send your products to Amazon.
  • They store them in their warehouses.
  • When a customer orders one of your products, Amazon picks, packs, ships and tracks the order for you.
  • They also handle returns and refunds.

Amazon charges both storage fees and fulfillment fees. However, those fees include Amazons stellar 24/7 customer service, the cost of shipping goods to customers & access to amazons worldwide network. Find the .

How To Choose The Right Products To Sell On Amazon

Of course, before you can properly understand how to find products to sell on Amazon, it’s helpful to first choose a specific type of product that you’d like to sell.

So, if you’re trying to decide what to sell on Amazon, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Cost: How much does the product typically cost? You’ll want to look for something that isn’t too expensive to purchase, but not so cheap that it will be difficult to make a profit.

  • Shipping: Are these products easy to ship? Shipping costs will play a large role in your business, so the easier an item is to ship, the better.

  • Competition: Just like with cost, you’ll want to find the right balance when it comes to competition. You won’t want to get involved with a product or category that has too much competition, however, you also don’t want to start selling a product that no one is interested in.

  • Customers: Who is the ideal customer for the product you’re looking to sell? Can you enter into a niche market with highly engaged customers? Can you fill a missing need in a specific market? Thinking about these possibilities will help you find the right products to sell.

All of this being said, there are a number of research methods you can employ to decide what type of products you want to sell on Amazonincluding using tools from Amazon themselves. Here are three strategies you can use:

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