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What Is The Amazon Audible App

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How To Buy Audible Books On Amazon

Amazon Audible App Review: What is Audible?

To actually make an Audible purchase, you first have to set up your Audible account via the app using the same email you use for Amazon.

Then open the Amazon app on your iPhone or Android, or the Amazon website on your Mac or PC, and search for the book you want.

Complete your purchase as you would with any standard Amazon checkout and the book will now be ready to play via the Audible app.

What Are Audible Credits

Audible credits are the services internal currency, with one credit purchasing one audiobook: nice and simple. But different memberships afford different credits so while the standard £7.99-per-month subscription grants you one token a month, the £14.99 subscriptions gets you two.

Whats great is that Audible works with a rollover scheme, so that if, say, you have a hectic month and dont get the chance to use your monthly credit, it can be used in the following month instead. But keep in mind that credits will eventually expire, after a year of disuse.

At Audible We Innovate And Inspire Through The Power Of Voice

We’re changing the narrative on storytelling. As a leading producer and provider of original spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks, we’ve redefined the ways people access, discover, and share stories. The stories we tell have the ability to transport and transform everyday moments into meaningful experiences and it’s our people who make Audible’s service possible. We’re listeners, storytellers, and problem-solvers. Our perspectives and experiences power our ideas and come together in our mission to unleash the power of the spoken word.

Working With Us

We love good stories. We spend our days seeking them out, dreaming up new ones, and creating incredible listening experiences. The work we do inspires, entertains and informs listeners around the world. We also value our employees unique stories, so we place a premium on inclusion, belonging, kindness, and a fulfilling and energized life both inside and outside of the office.

To learn more about working at Audible, visit us

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Audible Customer Service And Reviews

Audible’s customer service page is user-friendly with buttons to compare plans, switch or pause your subscription, and cancel memberships. You can also utilize the website’s detailed FAQ page or fill out a form if you have specific questions about your account. To contact customer service, either use the above mentioned form or call 1-888-283-5051. Customers have said the service team is “exemplary” and great for helping with refunds, billing, and cancellations.

When talking about Audible as a whole, one reviewer wrote, “I initially signed up for Audible because of a one-month-free promotion, assuming that I would cancel after the month was over. But here I am, four months later and loving it. Whenever I’m waiting in line somewhere, walking to a destination, or have time to kill, I just take out my phone and earbuds and start listening, which makes the time pass by more quickly.”

Another satisfied user said, “I thought the app was well done the selection was fantastic All in all, I would recommend this service to anyone who enjoys books on tape or nowadays listening to books on any device. They have lots of ‘read by the author or famous people’ type books.”

Price was also an issue for some: “I would be an enthusiastic booster for Audible if it ran on the newer model like Netflix or Spotify, and allowed users access to ALL of its content for a subscription fee rather than a monumentally high subscription fee for access to a single audio book,”one critic noted.

How To Activate Mp3 Player Devices And Transfer Audible To Mp3 Player With Audiblesync Audible for Android: Appstore for Android

1 Activate MP3 Player with AudibleSync.

Connect the MP3 player to your computer and launch AudibleSync, then click on the device icon at the left side and finally click on Activate Device button to activate your MP3 player.

2 Transfer Audible to MP3 Player with AudibleSync.

To transfer audible book to mp3 player, you need to download the audible files at first. Then connect mp3 to your computer and the device will show in the left side bar. Then click on Copy to Device to transfer the selected audible books to your mp3 player.

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  • Audible Customer Service & Returns Policy Is The Best

    One of the essential reasons why Audible is the clear winner for me is that they have the industrys best returns policy. If you do not like a book, for whatever reason, the narrator, the plot, or it is merely dull, you can return your book within one year of purchase.

    Great Listens Guarantee

    There is nothing worse than paying for a book that you ultimately dislike Audible removes this problem with their Great Listens to Guarantee.

    You can simply go to Account -> Purchases -> Click Return Title, and you are immediately refunded your credit.

    I would know I have returned so many books for one reason or another, and never once have they said no.

    Finally, you can contact Audible via phone, chat, or email. I have used chat many times, and they are available instantly 24/7 with no wait that is an excellent service.

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  • How Much Is Audible

    Amazon Audible App Review – Best Audio Book App 2018?

    The cost for an Audible membership depends on the plan you sign up for. Plans range from £7.99 per month to £109.99 per year. Paying £7.99 a month, youll receive one book credit per month whereas the top yearly membership at £109.99 would see you receive 24 book credits for the year.

    If you want to test Audible out before you commit, you can trial the service for free for 30 days.

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  • The History Of Audible

    Audible launched as an independent company in 1995 it produced a digital audio player that consumers could purchase to listen to their favorite audiobooks. Due to the technology available in the mid-1990s, the device was limited, only able to hold around two hours of audio in Audibles proprietary format. The company went through some hard times after the previous CEO, Andrew Huffman, died of a sudden heart attack. However, Audible didnt give up, and by 2003, the company had signed a deal with Apple to provide books for iTunes.

    When 2008 came around, the company began its venture into audiobook production under the Audible Frontiers imprint. As Audible continued to grow, Amazon took note and purchased the company later that year for $300 million. Audible has continued marching forward as one of the internets top options for acquiring digital audiobooks since then. Today, Audible produces originals under the Audible Studios name it is the largest producer of Dow label audiobooks in the world. Since Amazons acquisition, you can log in to the site using your Amazon credentials for quick access. The service also offers a variety of ad-free podcasts.

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  • So What Is The Best Audiobook App Audible  Audiobooks &  Podcasts for Android: Appstore for ...

    Okay, if you put me on the spot, I would say that Audible is probably the best audiobook app for iPhone and Android users alike because it is so versatile. Most audiobook listeners will be able to find something here. You can use it with or without a subscription, to borrow audiobooks, or for cheap deals without a subscription. The app is very stable and reliable, and the audiobook catalog is fantastic. So, all things considered, I do believe that everyone who listens to a lot of audiobooks should have the Audible app.

    That being said, it isnt the only option and you might find that you use another audiobook app just as much if not more. Personally, I use LibroFM, Scribd, and Smart Audiobook Player a lot and I probably listen to more audiobooks on each of them than on Audible .

    If you are still new to audiobooks, you could give LibriVox a try as well since its completely free. And if you have a library card or can get one from a participating library, Hoopla is a must-have and the best free audiobook app you can get.

    Even though there isnt a clear-cut answer, I hope I could help you find the best audiobook app for you!

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    You Can Listen To Top Authors Narrate Their Books

    There are over 200,000 audiobooks on Audible, many of which are classics or bestsellers.

    Recently, I’ve listened to the audiobooks Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and On Writing by Stephen King. These are just two examples of where the author in question is also the narrator of his or her book.

    Whereas before I was sceptical of reading this way, now I believe there’s something intimate about having the author of a book read it to you the way he or she intends.

    In other cases, professional actors narrate popular books and classics. One particular standout is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Kenneth Branagh’s is the narrator of this book. His interpretation of Conrad’s classic sent shivers up my spine.

    So Is Audible Worth It The Final Verdict

    Yes, 100 percent. Everyone with even a passing interest in audiobooks should try Audible for a month. It doesnt matter if you just want to get a little more informed or you if you miss reading and want to pick up a book during your morning commute. The Audible app makes you want to dive back into your book when you get a free chance, with intuitive navigation and customization options that make the experience truly yours. Even if youre just listening on an old iPod, the Audible experience makes consuming a book something anyone can do, no matter how busy. If youre on the fence, hop off and pick up a title.

    Disclosure: The author of this piece has worked with Audible in the past, writing a script for an upcoming Audible podcast that will be released in 2018. He is not currently working with the company.

    The Daily Dot may receive a payment in connection with purchases of products or services featured in this article. to learn more.

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    What Do I Need To Use Audible

    To use Audible, you would need to download and install the Audible appit is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. You would have to download the titles that you want and store them on your device. Audible will use your devices sound system to play the audiobook.

    To sign up, go to the Audible website and either log in with your existing Amazon account or create a new one. You can then start your trial.

    Do I Need to Be an Amazon Prime Member?

    You dont need to subscribe to Amazon Prime to use Audible, but an Amazon account is essential. Your payment credentials will be tied to that account which will be used for your Audible subscription.

    Where Can You Listen To Audiobooks

    The Best AudioBook App? – Amazon Audible Review

    Once you’ve got your audiobook, the best two ways to listen to it are on a Kindle device or through the Audible app.

    Most Kindles don’t have headphone jacks, so Bluetooth earphones are a necessity if that’s how you want to listen to them. Your Kindle is also going to be heavier than your phone or iPod you can’t exactly go for a run toting an e-reader. So overall, the Kindle method is better for when you’re just listening around the house and don’t have to go anywhere.

    There is one great pro to listening on your Kindle. Whispersync is an Amazon feature which lets you switch easily between reading a book and listening to the audiobook if you own both, so you can always pick up in one format wherever you left off with the other. That function works more seamlessly on Kindles, where audiobooks are integrated into your e-book library without the need to install a separate app. As soon as you purchase a title of either format, it all just shows up on the same device.

    On any other device, the Kindle and Audible apps are separate. So to get access to your audiobooks you do have to take the extra step of downloading the Audible app , but it’s available for almost any device you’d care to listen on.

    Apple and Android are a given you can also hook it up so an Alexa device reads your audiobooks, or even stream directly from your computer through the Audible website. Moreover, you can .

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    Eeeendlich Mal Wieder Ein Gut Geschriebenes Buch

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  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • How To Return A Book On Audible

    If you arent enjoying a book or have downloaded the wrong one by mistake, you are able to return it and retrieve your credit to use on something else.

    To do this, you need to log into your account on the Audible website and click on Account Details from the drop-down menu under your name. From here you can choose Purchase History to see a list of all the audiobooks you have bought.

    On the right of the title you want to exchange, you should see a button saying Return Order which can simply select to send it back.

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    Canceling Your Audible Subscription

    How do you cancel your Audible subscription? If you would like to cancel your membership, you can easily do so by either going to the app or the Audible website.

  • Select Your Membership. It will show you the type of subscription you have and how many credits you have remaining.
  • Below your membership details, you will see Switch Membership and Cancel Membership. Click on Cancel.
  • Confirm the cancelation and your subscription will end.
  • You get to keep your unused credits and purchased books.
  • How To Swap Books Audible  Audiobooks &  Podcasts for Android: Appstore for ...

    Another exciting feature of Amazon Audible is you can return the books that you dont like. You have to make sure that you are doing it within one year of the book purchase.

    To return a book, open the Audible desktop site and click on your name on the upper-right corner. Click on Account Details and select Purchase History from the left menu.

    Next, locate the order, click on Return and select the reason. The good thing is that the refund is almost instantaneous, using which you can buy another book.


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