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What Is The Most Expensive Thing On Amazon

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Roberto Clemente Last Pittsburgh Pirates Game Bat

Top 10 Most Expensive Things On Amazon

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This baseball bat from the legendary Roberto Clemente is another rare gem from seller Sports Memorabilia. It is supposedly the last game bat that Roberto Clemente used in 1972 before his premature death. The bat is stamped with Celementes name and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from PSA.

Abiah Avila Blossom Dance Painting

If you ask us whats the most eye soothing thing to watch? Well answer immediately its a painting. And if its the famous Blossom dance painted by Abiah Avila, then no wonder itll blow everyones mind out there.

This paint cost around 10 million dollars. Yes, thats 10,000,00 with seven zeros.

The most expensive item on Amazon for sure, as it may hide some mysterious backstory, we dont know about!

We bet some people like to collect the rarest thing that exists in this world. You can call it hobby or passion, whatever you want. This 1884 S American Silver Morgan Dollar is that kind of jewel.

Yes, the current price of this gem is $995,000, and the seller is Mint state Gold.

The coin is one of the most expensive and authentic items on amazon right now with the approval of Professional Coin Grading Service . PCGS is also tagged as the most reliable grading coin service globally, so you can imagine how extraordinary this piece is!

Most Expensive Coin $27756117

Not all that glitters is gold, but all gold glitters. When it comes to collecting rare coins, you just never know where they will pop up. This beauty happens to be one of the most expensive things money can buy on Amazon. Whatever lucky buyer sweeps this piece up will have a treasure worthy of a pirate chest.

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Dont Trust Every Review

Amazon has introduced its review system to make buyers life easy and help them choose better products every time they shop on Amazon. If you come to know about a very much expensive product from the company, you never heard of.

You need to search a more about the product and company that is selling it. Many a times, sellers try to forge fake reviews to get their product better listing on Amazon.

A lot of companies are offering helpful tools to spot deceptive or fake reviews. You can also install tools, to get to know about deceptive reviews. You just need to plug in an Amazon URL and it will give you a full report. These tool will just inform you about the fake reviews and how much reviews are fake.

How To Make Money From


You can make money from selling on Amazon by starting selling now!

Your head may argue that there might be cheaper versions of your products, but hey, you need to make sure that the price of your products comes with quality. So you need to build trust with your customers.

Consumers check out your rating and feedback. You dont want them second-guessing your credibility as a seller of expensive products.

If youre looking to become an Amazon seller, you can check out our in-depth guide on becoming an Amazon FBA Pro.

Part of making sure your product reaches the right audience is effective marketing

listed below are the three things you should consider for your marketing strategy.

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Truckload Of Hammermill Great White Printer Paper

Current Price: Seller: Category: Prime Eligible: Shipping Cost:

This Truckload of Hammermill Great White Printer Paper is the only thing on this list that isnt some rare piece of history or luxury fashion item. Instead, it is good old fashioned printer paper from the company Hammermill. What makes it so expensive and unique is that this is the option to buy it by the literal truckload. Were not sure who really needs this much printer paper these days, but there must be enough of a demand for it to be offered by the truckload. As a nice bonus, a Truckload of Hammermill Great White Printer Paper is also Amazon Prime eligible.

$1250000: Dracula 1931 Original Bela Lugosi

Whats the vampire-sih item thatll set you back one-and-a-quarter mil? Its this movie poster which is a collectible, original movie poster from 1931! The movie is Universal Pictures 1931 version of Dracula, with Bela Lugosi in the role of the titular blood-sucker. The poster features a sepia color scheme and features Dracula at the bottom center of the screen, surrounded by the supporting cast. The whole image is slightly obscured by the image of a spider web that evokes imagery, an ominous imagery, from the film itself. Its dimensions are 27 by 41 inches. Outrageous as it might seem, its price of a quarter of a mill is less compared to how much money people spend on other iconic movie props!

This item is so expensive that if you click on it, a page comes up asking, Please confirm that you want to add the item listed below to your cart, with an option to click no, thank you in addition to the continue option. Whether you view this as Amazon looking out for its customers, and taking an extra step to prevent regrettable impulse buys, or Amazon judging its customers for spending so much on a single item, you have to admit its this item is a tricky buy!

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The Most Expensive Items On Amazon

We combed the Amazon departments looking for some of the most expensive things currently for sale on the site. Take a look at what we found and, should you find something you just cant live without, keep in mind that you should verify the seller and get as much information as you can about the authenticity of the product. Here are 11 of the most expensive items you can buy on Amazon right now.

If youre a baseball fan, you know this 1973 Hall of Fame inductees rookie card is valuable. Whether you can swing the asking price is another thing. Even if you arent a baseball fan, the comments on this one are definitely worth a read.


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Other Miscellaneous Expensive Items On Amazon

I Bought The MOST EXPENSIVE Items On Amazon!!

These items dont fit neatly into common shopping categories, but they are sure expensive! What kind of budget can afford these unique and luxurious products?

Astroturf 15 x 25

No time to water, feed, or cut your lawn? Thats OK! With fake lawn, you can roll it and forget it. At a price of just over $2500, you can have the lawn youve always wanted, at a price thats probably less than buying a really nice zero-turn mower.

1824 Officers Sword

Would you like to own a piece of early American history? This presentation sword is inscribed with Lafayette and is the only one of its kind. It comes with the original scabbard, too!

Dixie Queen Watermelon Seeds

These heirloom watermelon seeds are not easy to find. That probably explains the very high price of procuring just a ¼ pound of them. Once the leading shipping melon of the U.S., you can help bring back the breed with this significant financial investment.

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Selling The Most Expensive Things On Amazon

If you would like your products to be amongst the most expensive things on , you are going to need to start with some research.

Selling expensive items on Amazon has pros and cons. They may have higher profit margins, but your audience is certainly smaller. If you are going to invest your hard-earned money on expensive products, youll need to be sure that they sell.

Thankfully, there are several excellent tools that you can use for product research.

I have reviewed quite a few of them:

In the video below, I talk about why higher-priced products can provide you with a window of opportunity, even if you are a beginner.

Dont believe me? Watch the video then tell me what you think.

I think you can use the above technique to find higher ticket product opportunities that others might ignore.

Customers purchasing big-ticket items rely a lot on product reviews and seller feedback, something that might take time for you to build up. I recommend reading through my review on

In addition to building trust, marketing your products correctly will also need to be a core focus. Not only do you need to target the right audience, but you also need to know how to hit their pain points.

Mysticdrop Natural Fancy Black Diamond

This AAA quality, loose natural black diamond has all the potential to break the bank. The diamond weight is approximately 56.34 Carats. The brand claims to roll out the best Himalayan fancy diamonds. In comparison, the expensive gift could be adorned in engagement rings and selected as a prime gifting item. Nonetheless, still over 250,000$ is a high-risk deal for carbon-origin gobbledygook.

You can find many affordable options for artificial jewelry on platforms such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd – ADR , Shopify Inc websites made by third-party sellers and of course,, Inc. .

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Runner Up Wiley Encyclopedia Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering: 24 Volume Set Plus Supplement 1

Electrical and electronics engineering entails the design, development and implementation of electrical and electronic power systems. This may be as simple as designing a light bulb or as complex as the development of robotics for automating manufacturing. This Encyclopedia covers both the theory of electrical and electronics engineering as well as practical applications for industry. The annual update volume describes the latest developments in the field.

Mickey Mantle Autographed Set Four M Enterprises

What are the most expensive items listed on Amazon?

Mickey Charles Mantle is one of the most prolific professional players of the New York Yankees. If there was a powerful switch hitter, it was Mickey Mantle.

This set of four autographed baseball cards is an absolute must-have for the real Mickey Mantle fan. The four cards show Mickey in different baseball stances and are signed by the man himself.

The cards boast of certified authentication by James Spence Authentication. They also have a 100% Authenticity Guarantee of Amazons Sports Memorabilia store. Priced at approximately $325,000 this rare memorabilia is one of the most expensive items on Amazon. But if you are a Mickey Mantle lover, its a small price to pay for an original autographed Mickey Mantle baseball card. A very rare thing, indeed.

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Most Expensive Items Currently On Amazon

| Stuff

If you include the Marketplace sellers list, there are over 350 million items on Amazon at any given time. Of course, most of these things are practical everyday items, but Amazon is also home to rare, obscure, and one-of-a-kind pieces. These items dont stick around for long and if the items are fakes, the listing will be pulled down once Amazon flags it. For this list, we found the most expensive items that appear to be authentic. Currently, a majority of the most expensive items on Amazon are sports memorabilia, luxury fashion items, and unique home décor.

As of the time of this writing, these items are still currently for sale on Amazon, but this could change at any time.

Most Expensive Things You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now

In this article we will take a look at the 10 most expensive things you can buy on Amazon right now. You can skip our detailed analysis of these Amazon products, and go directly to ., Inc. is the king of online global market-place that sells everything from a needle to mammoth machinery. The company accounts for about 50% of the total online sales in the world. The company founded by Jeff Bezos brought about an ecommerce boom in the world that forced several physical retailers out of business and gave rise to new ecommerce giants like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd – ADR and Shopify Inc . And Amazon’s dominance has no end in sight as ecommerce has a huge growth potential. A study by Salesforce says that about 60% of consumers said that they would increase online shopping because of the pandemic when compared to pre-coronavirus world.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the most expensive things you can buy on, Inc. right now.

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Le Portrait D’une Jeune Femme $800000

French impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted Le portrait d’une jeune femm between the late 1860’s and early 1870’s. The pastel portrait features the side profile of Lise Tréhot, Renoirs mistress and frequent model. The painting measures 17.75 x 14.50, and comes with a letter of authenticity from the Wildenstein Institute.

In recent decades, Renoirs paintings have become some of the most sought after in the art world. At least four of his paintings have been auctioned for millions:

Bal au moulin de la Galette Sold in 1990 for $78.1 million

Femme Cueillant des Fleurs Sold in 2011 for $15 million

Dans les roses (Madame Leon Clapisson Sold in 2003 for $23.5 million to Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts,

Nude Bather Sold in 1998 for $2.75 million

Is Prime Worth The Money

The Most Expensive Things YOU Can Buy on Amazon

Whether Amazon Prime is worth the membership cost depends on several factors, including your shopping and streaming habits. The best way to figure out whether Prime is right for you is to try it out on the free trial.

A lot of retailers today offer free shipping, as Amazon Prime does, but the real appeal is in the variety of services offered. Grocery delivery from Instacart starts at $3.99 for same-day orders of at least $35. The charge for Netflix ranges from $8.99 to $17.99 a month, depending on the chosen plan, and households might have more than one streaming service. In fact, research firm Parks Associates earlier this year showed that non-cable households spend an average of $85 per month for online pay TV or subscription-based services.

So when you crunch the numbers, for most households, is Prime worth the cost? If you subscribe to at least one entertainment streaming service and get at least one grocery delivery a month, the answer is a resounding yes.

The other Prime benefits? Enjoy them. Theyll make your life easier, fuller or more entertaining.

Lia Sestric and Andrew Lisa contributed to the reporting for this article. Information is accurate as of Mar. 11, 2022.

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Caterpillar 3516b Offshore Generator Set $45500000

On the off chance that you own an offshore oil platform, then you should seriously give Caterpillars 351B a close look. After all, Russian oil giant Gazprom purchased three of them to power their controversial oil drilling platforms in the Arctic seas.

The diesel-powered generator 3516B engines output of 2000ekW makes it the market-leader in power density, while its ability to work under bad weather conditions explains the reason why it is frequently seen in offshore drilling platforms around the world.

With dimensions measuring 11.3 ft. x 77 ft. x 262 ft, this behemoth can be yours for just a little under half a million dollars.

Topps Johnny Bench Psa 10

Current Price: Category: Prime Eligible: Shipping Cost:

While collecting baseball cards has always been a popular pastime, recently, there has been a surge of high value sales of some of the rarest baseball cards. The 1969 Topps Johnny Bench All-Star Rookie card listed by Sports Memorabilia looks to be real. It was graded by PSA, the most trusted card grading service in the world, as a GEM MT 10. This means that this 1969 Topps Johnny Bench All-Star Rookie card is in absolute mint condition and totally worth what the seller is currently asking.

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The 20 Most Expensive Things On Amazon In 2019

When you need a dose of elegance perusing the high-end listings can make for excellent retail therapy. Amazon may sell items for as little as a penny, but they carry a surprising collection of opulent items as well. In addition to a nice selection of face creams, silk lingerie, perfumes including Bvlgari and manuka honey there are plenty of lavish purchases just waiting for their dream buyer to come along. There are also some surprising items which, while less elegant, have simply extravagant prices.

We didnt include a mismarked fireplace gate to keep babies out that is listed for around $8600 . However, there are plenty of oddball items on this list of luxuries. Instead of listing ten incredibly rare yet similar items, weve chosen to break this list into categories and include the most expensive foods, watches, furnishings and so on to give you a look at all the strange and sumptuous selections.

Most Expensive Movie Memorabilia $15 Million

What are the most expensive items listed on Amazon?

Top of the list for 2019 is this stunning original Bela Lugosi Dracula movie poster. Lugosi was the king of horror, and his collectibles are highly prized. This sweet bit of gothic mansion decor will set you back one and a half million dollars, but if youre seeking to fill out your own dark abode with suitably spooky images, then nothing else will do.

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Manhattan Oriental Antique Indian Carpet

Price: $350,000

This is the most expensive carpet you can find on this platform. As an Octagon hand-knotted woolen carpet introduced by Manhattan Oriental, you can purchase it for 350,000 bucks. Whether you believe it or not, the brand insists that this price is discounted as the actual tally hits a whopping 400k figure.

K White Gold Gia Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond By Unique Royal Jewelry

Price: $30,397.00

The name is intimidating in itself. While this might not be the most expensive engagement ring on Amazon, this beauty is available right now. The more expensive choices are currently unavailable. This is custom designed by Royal Art. This is definitely the GIA certified that went through the HPHT process to enhance its beauty. It is of importance to note that HPHT diamonds are not coated, irradiated or chemically processed. It has an 18k white gold stamp with 27 stones. It has a naturally created brilliant deep brownish yellow diamond. Its color is exceptionally very clean and uniform. Despite the price, it is ranked as Amazon Best Seller number 33 in Womens Anniversary Rings.

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