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What Is The Newest Amazon Fire Tablet

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Sync Your Smart Home Gadgets

Is the NEW Amazon Fire HD Tablet Worth $149?

You might’ve noticed a little icon showing up in the lower-left corner of your display. This toggle lets you access Amazon’s “Device Dashboard,” the perfect method for controlling all of your Alexa-compatible smart home gadgets. If you’ve already synced some devices with Alexa, they’ll show up here, ready for your use. Everything else can be added in the pre-installed Alexa app, no matter whether it’s another Amazon-made device or a third-party utility from companies like TP-Link.

You can assign favorites, browse through specific categories, build routines, and even control all of your lights with a single toggle. Device Dashboard is a must-use for anyone obsessed with making their home a little smarter, and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Review: Price And Competition

Whichever storage size you choose, the Fire HD 8 is available in two variants: with special offers and without special offers. Special offers are basically Amazons way of pushing its adverts through to your lockscreen if youd rather not have this, then you will have to pay an extra £10.

The new Fire HD 8 is available today for £90, which is £10 more than the 2018 model. Theres also the option to double your storage to 64GB for £120, or you can choose to upgrade to the Fire HD 8 Plus, which adds wireless charging as well as an extra 1GB of RAM. Depending on how much storage you want, the Fire HD 8 Plus costs either £110 or £140.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Review: Verdict

In truth, the Amazon Fire HD 10 isnt a huge upgrade. But then, in the absence of much serious competition, it doesnt really need to be.

No other low-cost tablet comes anywhere near it in terms of sheer value and, with a small uptick in both performance and stamina plus a reduction in slenderness and weight and no price increase the Amazon Fire HD 10 retains its status as our Best Buy 10in tablet. If youre in the market for a tablet with a big screen but you dont want to splash out on an iPad then its a very good choice indeed.

Amazon Fire HD 10 specifications

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Or Make The Most Of Amazon’s Experience

Setting a default launcher is a lot of work, and if you aren’t comfortable using ADB commands to modify your Fire Tablet, it might not be worth it. Amazon’s home screen experience may not feel like classic Android, but if you take a few minutes to customize it, it’s actually not too bad especially if you’re a Prime subscriber.

The Library tab is where you’ll spot synced Kindle purchases, apps and games from the Appstore, Prime Video content, and even Audible selections and you can customize it all using the button at the bottom of this page. There’s also a filter to only display downloaded content, just in case you’re offline for an extended period.

Image Gallery

For You offers suggested content from Amazon-owned services, along with trending videos and app suggestions. You’ll either find this page extremely useful or never use it, with virtually no in-between. Ultimately, your home screen is what you make of it, and even without a third-party launcher, there’s plenty of room for customization.

Make sure you head into the settings menu to toggle off home screen content you might not want to see. This list includes calendar events, news, photo highlights, recipes, and more. Some of it might be of interest to you, but if it’s not, there’s no reason to keep it on your home screen. And hey, while you’re in the settings menu, it’s a great time to check off some basic adjustments, like font size and blue light filters.

Amazon Fire Tablet Display

Amazon Launches Three New Fire Tablets, Reinvigorates the ...
  • Fire 7: 7-inch, 1024 x 600 pixels, 171ppi
  • Fire HD 8 : 8-inch, 1280 x 800 pixels, 189ppi
  • Fire HD 10 : 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200 pixels, 224ppi

The Fire 7 has a 1024 x 600-pixel resolution display, which equates to 171ppi across its 7-inches.

The 8-inch model has a 1280 x 800-pixel resolution, which comes out at 189ppi. Again, this is a boosted display compared to previous versions of this tablet so has reasonable contrast and clarity, with a slight boost in pixel density over the Fire 7, although there’s very little difference other than the size.

The 10-inch model makes a bigger step to 1920 x 1200 pixels, which is 224ppi. This is quite a bit sharper than both the smaller tablets as well as giving you 2 inches more on the diagonal. If it’s a larger size you crave, then go for the Fire HD 10.

This is also a Full HD display, offering greater potential to show you richer details so the experience is better as a result – especially when watching video. All the Fire HD 10 models have the same size and resolution display.

  • Fire 7: 1.3GHz quad-core, 1GB RAM, 16/32GB storage + microSD
  • Fire HD 8: 2.0GHz quad-core, 2GB RAM, 32/64GB storage + microSD
  • Fire HD 8 Plus: 2.0GHz quad-core, 3GB RAM, 32/64GB storage + microSD
  • Fire HD 10 : 2.0GHz octo-core, 3GB RAM, 32/64GB storage + microSD
  • Fire HD 10 Plus: 2.0GHz octo-core, 4GB RAM, 32/64GB storage + microSD

In terms of internal memory, the Fire 7 is offered at 16GB and 32GB, while the HD 8 models and HD 10 models come in at 32 or 64GB.

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Tablet Lenovo Tab P11 Plus 4g Com Teclado Capa Lenovo E Lenovo Precision Pen 2

Cod. produto: ZA9L0313BR_TecladoePen

Envio em 1-2 dias úteis

CRIAR UMA LISTA DE DESEJOSPor favor efetuar o login para criar uma lista de desejos em sua conta.Ou você pode criar uma conta para novos usuários.
  • Tablet Lenovo Tab P11 Plus 4G
  • Capa Teclado Lenovo para Tab P11
  • Lenovo Precision Pen 2
  • Tablet Lenovo Tab P11 Plus 4G
  • Capa Teclado Lenovo para Tab P11
  • Lenovo Precision Pen 2
  • Características Experimente diversão e multimídia de primeira classe com o Lenovo Tab P11 Plus, que apresenta um processador octa-core, tela 2K de 11 e quatro alto-falantes com som estéreo com certificação Dolby Atmos®. Você também vai desfrutar de uma bateria de longa duração e design de liga de alumínio. Possui câmeras de qualidade com login fácil e seguro com reconhecimento facial. O Tablet acompanha capa protetora. Teclado e Lenovo Precision Pen 2 são opcionais e vendidos separadamente.,”description”:”Processador”},,,,,,,,,]},”partNumber”:”ZA9L0313BR”},,,,,,]},”partNumber”:”ZG38C03262″},,,,,,,,]},”partNumber”:”ZG38C03372″}] 3 Produtos incluídos

The Best Amazon Fire Tablets In 2021

ByAlex Wawropublished 20 December 21

Here are the best Amazon Fire tablets you can buy, in a range of pries and sizes

Fire HD 10 Plus
Fire HD 10 Kids Pro
Fire HD 10 Kids

Choosing the best Amazon Fire tablet can be a challenging process, because Amazon sells its cheap, durable tablets in a variety of sizes and configurations.

While each offers some subtly different strengths, they all excel at allowing you to enjoy your Amazon content on the go. All Fire tablets run on Amazon’s Fire OS, a custom version of Android, and it does a great job of serving up your Kindle ebooks, Prime Video offerings, and Amazon Music playlists in an easy-to-navigate format.

However, they all share similar weaknesses, most notably the fact that all Fire tablets lack easy access to the Google Play Store. That means it’s effectively impossible to install a number of popular Android apps, including Google apps like Gmail, unless you sideload them and that’s a big ask for many Fire tablet owners.

Even so, a new Amazon Fire tablet can be well worth the investment if you need a cheap, durable slate for browsing the web and consuming media. The more invested you are in the Amazon content ecosystem, the more value you’ll get out of a Fire tablet. Here, then, are the best Amazon Fire tablets you can buy right now.

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What Are The Best Amazon Fire Tablets

Right now, we recommend the Amazon Fire HD 10 as the best Amazon Fire tablet for most people. With stellar battery life, good performance, and a vibrant screen for a starting price of $150, the Fire HD 10 is nice enough that you’ll feel good about keeping it by the bed or packing it on your next trip, but cheap enough that if a kid breaks it or TSA loses it you won’t be too heartbroken. For a little extra power, you can pay an extra $30 or so to get the Fire HD 10 Pro, a version with a bit more RAM.

If you just need something cheap and portable to browse the web, the $50 Amazon Fire 7 is a great choice. The sub-HD screen is smaller than that on the Fire HD 10, with a lower resolution, but it’s still more than good enough for reading ebooks and watching videos. And with such a low price tag, it’s a great to hand off to kids. Can’t decide between these tablets? Then check out our rundown of the Fire 7 vs Fire HD 8 vs Fire HD 10.

Reasons to avoid

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus is the best Fire tablet Amazon makes, offering stellar battery life, a decent display, and good enough performance to make for a great value.

This slightly more powerful version of the Fire HD 10 will feel right at home with someone who wants to kick back with a book or some streaming video. Just dont come looking for much in the way of apps, as it shares the common Fire tablet weakness of not having easy access to the Google Play Android app store.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

Best Amazon Fire Tablets

New Amazon Fire Tablet | First Impression

Amazon makes some of the most affordable tablets you can buy. CR helps you find the right one for your needs.

When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

If youre looking for a tablet to use mainly to watch videos, read books, and consume other kinds of media, Amazon Fire tablets are hard to beat.

You can get a lot of value out of them, says Antonette Asedillo, who oversees CRs tablet and computer testing. The prices are budget-friendly, but the devices are reliable and work well for everyday tasks, such as watching videos or reading.

Compared with Apple or Samsung tablets, which often sell for hundreds more, you do have to make some concessions, though.

The major downside is that Amazon Fire tablets dont run Androids stock operating system but instead run a version of Android called FireOS. That means you dont get access to apps like Gmail and YouTube via the Google Play store. You have to settle for the generic alternatives in Amazons own app store.

It also means youll be funneled toward buying content from Amazon.

The display quality and performance speeds are limited, too, but Asedillo says theyre acceptable for everyday tasks such as reading, web browsing, movie streaming, and standard game play.

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Best Amazon Fire Tablet 2022

Look no further, for we have the definitive listing of the best Amazon Fire Tablets to help you make your purchase decision. Can you believe that Fire Tablets have been around for almost a decade? When the original Kindle Fire was released way back in 2011, many thought Amazon was onto something with a low-cost, easy-to-use tablet experience. You know what? They were right! Today, there are no fewer than six Fire Tablet devices on offer from Amazon if you count the Kids Editions. Out of them all, we think the Fire HD 8 is the best overall value thanks to its size, improved processor, charging, storage capabilities, and ability to hit an affordable price point still. Here is a list of some of the best Fire Tablets out on the market right now.

Get More Done Throughout Your Day

Check your email with Outlook. Browse recipes on your favorite sites and then update your grocery list. Manage to-do lists and set reminders with apps like OneNote and Notepad. Stay in touch with friends and family using Zoom, Skype, and more. Keep up with the latest from social media apps like Twitter and all your favorite news sources, all in one place.

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Amazon Fire Hd 10 Review: A Low

Upgrades to the 2021 model include a slimmer design, extra RAM and Dolby Atmos, but is the Amazon Fire HD 10 still the best budget tablet?

Amazons Fire HD tablets may not be the last word in luxury or horsepower but they do the job for the price and often make great gifts for kids or tablet newbies. Somewhat predictably, Amazon updates its budget tablet lineup every couple of years or so, and the latest device to receive an upgrade is the most expensive model, the Amazon Fire HD 10.

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Amazon Fire Summary: Which Is The Best Model

Amazon Fire 7 2019 release 7"  Tablet 16GB Black B07FKR6KXF ...


The Amazon Fire HD 8 is great value for money, giving you more space and a better display than the Fire 7, but still at a really attractive price. It sits in an appealing position, offering portability, excellent battery life as well as great sound. The latest update means plenty of power and more storage at your disposal – and it’s our favourite tablet from the selection that Amazon offers.

Alternatively there’s the Fire HD 8 Plus, which adds Qi wireless charging with an optional compatible dock – so you can use it as an Echo Show.


The Amazon Fire 7 is one of the most affordable tablets you’ll find and it’s perfect for those who might break it – like kids – although do also consider the Fire 7 Kids Edition too. The Fire 7 is the least powerful and still has an old Micro-USB connection on it, while also offering a slightly elongated build compared to the newer models.

The Kids Edition gets a case, 2-year warranty and 1-year subscription to Fire for Kids+ and there are two versions, one for ages 3-7 and one for 6-12 with a slightly different type of case. The older model is called the Fire 7 Kids Pro.


The Fire HD 10 offers a slightly more compact design over the older 2019 version, a brighter display and more power, so it’s likely to be popular and a worthy upgrade over the 2019 model.


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Amazon Fire Hd 10 Review: Price And Competition

As with last years Amazon Fire HD 8 refresh, theres also a Plus model to consider this year. The Fire HD 10 Plus shares most of the non-Plus specs and features, although it has 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB, a slightly different soft-touch finish and wireless charging via Amazons own charging dock or any other Qi-compatible charger.

The Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 10 Plus cost £150 and £180 respectively for the models with 32GB of storage, while the models with 64GB of storage cost £190 and £220. At these prices, they come with lock screen adverts, with Amazon charging an extra £10 to remove them.

Theres also a new Productivity Bundle” available for each tablet, which includes a new detachable keyboard case and a 12-month Microsoft 365 subscription for an extra £60.

At those prices, its no surprise that the low-cost Fire HD 10 finds itself in a league of its own. Apples entry-level iPad currently in its eighth iteration with the latest model released in 2019 starts at £329.

What about Android alternatives, I hear you cry? Alas, the market for big-screened Android tablets is no longer what it once was and serious alternatives can only really be found coming out of Samsungs factories these days. Perhaps the most affordable 10in Samsung tablet is the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, which costs £285.

Every Day Is An Earth Day

You donât have to be an environmental scientist to make sustainable choices. We considered sustainability in the design of this tablet. Hereâs how:

Device Packaging

96% of this deviceâs packaging is made of wood fiber-based materials from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources.

Energy Efficiency

This Fire tablet was designed for improved energy efficiency, earning the ENERGY STAR certification. Enjoy this device with up to 7 hours of battery life.

Part With Purpose

There may come a time when you want to trade in or recycle your device.

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Amazon Fire Hd 10 Price And Release Date

  • Out now in the US and UK
  • Starts at $150 / £150

The all-new Amazon Fire HD 10 was released on May 26, 2021. Its availability appears to vary from country to country we’ve spotted it on Amazon US, UK and Canada but not Australia, for instance. So far, Amazon appears to have plenty of stock for its new tablet, unlike the new iPad Pro 2021.

Amazon simultaneously released the Fire HD 10 Plus, a slightly more expensive model with some key upgrades, and a productivity bundle with a Bluetooth keyboard and a Microsoft 365 Personal subscription.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 starts at $150 / £150 but goes up in price if you upgrade storage or remove lockscreen ads. The Fire HD 10 Plus sells for $180 / £180 with similar upsells.

£230 $305

While this review is focused on the standard 2021 tablet, Amazon is also selling the Fire HD 10 Kids 2021 tablet aimed at 3-to-7-year-olds, and the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro 2021 tablet for 6-to-12-year-olds .

At the time of writing, you won’t find any Fire tablet deals except for on older 2019 models. You may see small discounts during , but we doubt you’ll see anything worth waiting for if you decide you want one now.

Frankly, the new Amazon Fire tablet is so affordable for what it can do that you don’t need to look for a deal.

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