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What Product To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

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Track Your Customer Reviews

Best Products To Sell On Amazon For Beginners To Make 100K Or More

On Amazon, or any marketplace, customer reviews can make or break your business.

Reviews are often the tipping point between a sale won or a sale lost. 93 percent of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions. Lets face it, most customers look at reviews to make sure theyre not about to buy a dud. In fact, 4 out of 5 consumers have changed their minds about a purchase after reading negative online reviews.

Amazon encourages customers to review products so shoppers can make smarter, more informed purchase decisions. For sellers, more reviews can potentially boost your product rating and lead to a better ranking in search results.

Amazon automatically emails buyers asking for a product review, so technically you dont have to do anything, but if you want to reach out and request a review, its best to acquaint yourself with Amazons strict community guidelines and policies as there are plenty of dos and don’ts when it comes to acquiring reviews. You cant control if you get a 1-star or 5-star review, but rest assured that reviewers are subject to strict guidelines too.

Here are a few ways to garner more reviews:

Even one or two negative reviews can significantly reduce your credibility and turn shoppers away from your product. Heres how to mitigate negative reviews:

Choose Your Fulfillment Strategy

Youll have 2 options for shipping on Amazon:

  • DIY: Merchant-fulfilled DIY fulfillment is when you store and ship products to customers yourselftheres no middle person.
  • FBA: Amazon will store and ship your products. Theyll also take care of customer service and returns.

If youre just selling a few products here and there, you can get by with DIY fulfillment. However, tracking orders, shipping products, and handling customer service and returns can quickly become a full-time job. Once you begin to scale, youll want to consider a professional fulfillment service.

Learn From Top Product Listings

As an ardent player, I usually browse through different games. Recently I came up with this popular game being sold on Amazon called What Do You Meme.

Now, if you look at their listing closely, you will notice that it has features listed in clear bullet points, detailed product descriptions, and other related information that a shopper might want to see. This is indeed a goldmine of a great listing.

Just a quick look at the product description can give you an idea if a product will be evergreen in the market or not. Also, another important factor to look at is its reviews.

If an item has managed to generate more than 1000 reviews, then it is a trusted product with good demand. This is another vital sign to determine if a product has a market or not.

Choose Where To Source Your Products From

Once you complete your dropshipping product research and decide what to sell on Amazon, start looking at the different wholesale markets you can source them.

The two best places where you can begin with are:

  • Alibaba: This is by far the most reliable, cost-effective, and the easy-to-find option to source an item that you are planning to sell on Amazon. Since Alibaba features the most inexpensive imports, it makes it worth seeing.
  • Wholesale market: The second great option to source your product is the wholesale market. They are located in almost all the major cities of the United States. All you need to do is to Google about them.

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Create An Amazon Seller Account

If you do not already have an Amazon seller account, you must first register for one. There are two kinds of accounts available: individual sellers and professional sellers. The former is free, but you will have to pay a nominal fee of about $1 for each item you sell on Amazon. The Pro seller offers additional features and is priced at $39.99 per month. You can select the account type based on your companys budget.

Personal Product Ideas With High Selling Potential

How to sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners in 2020: Product Launch[Taco ...

AMZScout can do product research for you! Subscribe to personal product ideas from AMZScout analysts, and get one item with high selling potential from selected subcategories on Amazon every week. How to do it:

  • Choose from 19 popular categories

  • Select the subcategory you are interested in

  • Get a high selling-potential product idea once a week.

  • If you have trouble finding profitable products, or have no time for product research, then this option is perfect for you!

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    Tips To Find What To Sell On Amazon Fba

    Sometimes, we hear Amazon sellers making as much as from $2000 to $5000 every day. But this might make you wonder if such stories are true or scam? Well, this can be a bit tricky.

    As said above, it all comes down to what you sell, what kind of market the product has, the demand the product holds, and the commission you earn. Understand that Amazon features over 300 million products. Only when you pick and sell the right product, you get to be successful here.

    Considering this, here are 5 more tips to help you come up with a good product.

    What To Sell On Amazon: 8 Tips To Find Profitable Products

    Written by Jesse Sumrak | July 10, 2022

    Want a heads up when a new story drops?

    Want to know what to sell on Amazon? The better question might be what not to sell on Amazon. Amazon Marketplace sellers list more than 350 million unique products on the platform.

    Think about your favorite products. Theyre probably all on Amazon. Now, think about a product you wish existed. Search for ittheres a good chance youll find it on Amazon.

    Yet, you dont want just any ol product to sell on Amazon. You want the best-selling products thatll net you a handsome profit for the least amount of work.

    Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

    However, thats easier said than done because it turns out finding a low-cost, in-demand product is exactly what every other seller wants. Bummer.

    Youre going to have to get more creative. Googling what to sell on Amazon was a good first step, but you need to go deeper. Fortunately, you came to the right place.

    Below, we walk you through the top-selling items on Amazon . Woah, woah, woahdont skip down the page just yet. These arent necessarily the products you want to sell, either. Were just looking for some inspiration.

    Lets look at the common characteristics of these best-selling products on Amazon. Then, youll be ready for our 9 tips to help you find what to sell on Amazon.

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    Developing Your Amazon Best Seller

    Ideally what you’ll want to do is to find a product that you can private label.

    This is where you make a slight modification to an existing product and slap a new label on it. This change can be as subtle as a new color or adding an extra handle.

    FYI Costcos’ brand Kirkland is a great example private labelling.

    My favorite way to go about private labelling is to combine it with Amazon FBA .

    We’ve covered Amazon FBA in-depth on Niche Pursuits including a case study of reaching over $4000 in sales in the first 30-days. So I’ll just give a very brief overview here.

    Basically you find a manufacturer in China on Aliexpress who are already making a product that interests you. You start a dialogue with a few and ask if they can make a slight modification that you think would be valuable to customers. You then work out a deal with the best one, have products shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center and set up your product listing. Amazon workers will store, package, and ship your products. Plus they’ll help with customer service and get the products to your customers fast with Amazong prime.

    Now of course theres more nuance to this process such as setting up your Amazon business, Amazon brand registry, sales tax, and other costs. but you get the idea.

    Amazon FBA is a great way to start selling on Amazon and ecommerce in general so consider this as we go through the list.

    Figure Out What Youll Sell

    How to Sell on Amazon FBA For Beginners [2021 FULL Guide]

    The strategy for your Amazon business should cover what types of products youll sell and how youll obtain them. There are a few common ways to sell on Amazon:

    Retail arbitrage. If you buy something below market value and sell it at a higher price while profiting off the difference, thats retail arbitrage. Amazon sellers can search through different markets for things on sale or on clearance, such as Target, Best Buy, or Big Lots, then sell it on Amazon for a higher price.

    Retailer arbitrage is a good way to make quick cash, but it can be time consuming. Resellers are always in competition with other people selling the same products. If you cant sell a product fast enough, youre stuck with it unless you sell at a loss.

    White labeling. Generic products with your own brand name or logo added are known as white label products. You can bulk order white label products, dropship them, or have them printed on demand. Amazon sellers find it easier to white label products because they can skip product research and get right to selling. You dont need to have any manufacturing or product design experience to sell white label products.

    Dropshipping. When , you never keep products in inventory. When someone purchases a product, the order goes to a third party. The third party then fulfills and ships products to the customer.

    While Amazon dropshipping is common, there are many rules to follow to stay compliant. .

    Tips for researching Amazon products to sell

    Amazon Best Sellers lists

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    Stats About B2b Customers

    • Over 5 million registered business customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises:
      • 80+ of the Fortune 100 companies
      • 92 of the 100 biggest US hospital systems
      • 45 States
      • 90 of the 100 largest cities and counties
    • B2B customers have a larger basket size than B2C
    • On average, B2B customers return products less frequently

    Check Out Product Reviews

    If you want to sell products that are high in demand and have a loyal following, check out product reviews on items you want to sell. Use keywords to zone in on the specific products. By reading customer reviews, you can see how long these products have been on the Amazon market and how well they do. You can also learn more about the individual products, what buyers like about the product, and what they dont.

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    What Is An Amazon Seller

    Amazon Sellers use the Seller Central Portal, where you own the products in your inventory until your customers buy and receive them. You can choose to manage fulfillment using Amazons FBA service, or you can do it yourself. Typically, being an Amazon Seller is the cheapest way to start selling on Amazon.

    As a Seller, you have two different fulfillment options:

    Fulfillment by Amazon

    With Fulfillment by Amazon, you ship your products from the manufacturer/supplier to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. They manage shipping and returns to and from your customers, and you pay Amazon for storage fees and fulfillment fees for each product sold.

    Fulfillment by Merchant

    With this option, you manage the fulfillment of orders yourself and handle shipping, returns, and customer service. Typically, this is a good option for businesses that sell products with a longer lead processing time.

    How Much Can I Earn By Selling On Amazon

    How To Sell Stuff On Amazon

    When youre selling on Amazon, really anything is possible: You could be making $9 or $9 million. The answer varies.

    Ultimately, the amount of money you can earn by selling on Amazon is directly correlated to the uniqueness of your products. You need to sell your own branded products with high margins . That way, your marketing efforts can afford a higher customer acquisition cost , and youre making more for every sale .

    Today more than ever, ecommerce content and storytelling drive brand loyalty. Focus on maintaining your brand image on Amazon so that your products are seen as reputable, high-quality goods from a company that consumers know and trust.

    If youre a seller with a large inventory of high-ranking products with high margins and good reviews, you will be set up for success. But just like any online business, it all comes down to how well you can choose your products and market yourself.

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    Bundle Items When Possible

    Buyers are searching the platform for everything from soccer jerseys to toothbrushes, but dozens of near-identical sellers are selling the same items. Bundling can help your products stand out.

    Bundling items allows you to create a distinct product listing so that your brand can stand out from others. Youll almost certainly discount items in your bundle to make it more appealing to buyers, which can help you earn more buyersand, if the margins are correct, higher profits.

    Best Sellers On Amazon Kdp

    When it comes to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing , Amazons self-publishing platform, The following niches have a lot of sales potential.

    Holidays niche

    It offers lots of sales potential when it comes to seasonal events, e.g. Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, etc.

    Entrepreneurship / small business niche

    Small business owners are interested in keeping themselves organized, disciplined and motivated. Consider niching down by focusing on the type of business, e.g. a hair salon, event planner, tech start-up.

    Gaming niche

    Selling video games is popular, but be careful about copyright protected designs.

    Sports niche

    Some sports niches are saturated, but there are different sports out there: winter sports, tennis, baseball, basketball, cricket, soccer, hockey, table tennis, gymnastics or figure skating. Keep in mind that designs for specific teams or athletes will be covered under copyright.

    Personal development niche

    This niche can help make a difference in peoples lives. However, as its saturated, its important to niche down.

    Frontline workers niche

    A new niche that has gained a lot of attention during the pandemic. Potential front line workers include nurses, doctors, public transport workers, grocery store workers, teachers and postal service workers.

    Crafting niche

    Crafting grew in popularity during the pandemic. A few types of crafting niches: crochet, knitting, quilting, beadwork, woodwork, origami, painting.

    Food / cooking / baking niche

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    How To Choose The Right Products To Sell On Amazon

    Of course, before you can properly understand how to find products to sell on Amazon, it’s helpful to first choose a specific type of product that you’d like to sell.

    So, if you’re trying to decide what to sell on Amazon, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind:

    • Cost: How much does the product typically cost? You’ll want to look for something that isn’t too expensive to purchase, but not so cheap that it will be difficult to make a profit.

    • Shipping: Are these products easy to ship? Shipping costs will play a large role in your business, so the easier an item is to ship, the better.

    • Competition: Just like with cost, you’ll want to find the right balance when it comes to competition. You won’t want to get involved with a product or category that has too much competition, however, you also don’t want to start selling a product that no one is interested in.

    • Customers: Who is the ideal customer for the product you’re looking to sell? Can you enter into a niche market with highly engaged customers? Can you fill a missing need in a specific market? Thinking about these possibilities will help you find the right products to sell.

    All of this being said, there are a number of research methods you can employ to decide what type of products you want to sell on Amazonincluding using tools from Amazon themselves. Here are three strategies you can use:

    Growing Your Amazon Fba Business

    How to sell on Amazon for beginners: a step-by-step tutorial for Amazon sellers

    At some point, you may want to sell your business and pursue a new venture or cash out your profits. At Forum Brands, we look for Amazon FBA sellers who have grown strong brands selling everyday products in categories that will be in demand for years to come. Our criteria also include a majority of sales conducted through Amazon FBA with a proven track record of financial success, with at least $200K in net profit in the past year.

    Once youve reached a point where youre in a position to sell, we are here to offer passionate sellers a chance to cash out years of profits in one day based on the e-commerce valuation of your brand. As Amazon experts ourselves, we understand the hard work and dedication required to build a business and want to provide a payout thats fast, efficient, and worthy of your success.

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    Start With A Single Product And Scale Slow

    You may be eager to get started with Amazon FBA but take your time. Taking your time will allow you to adjust to the processes, minimize errors, and use data to make future decisions. Begin with one product. Figure out how to ship your products to Amazon and how to move inventory in and out of their warehouses.

    Scale your business if youre making a consistent profit. Add more products to FBA and see if it still works. It will take some time to get used to things and learn best practices. You may discover that certain products have a high return rate through FBA and decide to sell them through self-fulfillment.

    Choose A Product With A Good Bestseller Rank

    The performance of your product on Amazon depends on the market demand.

    An old business professor of mine would always go through this hypothetical investor pitch where he assured you that his company made the best quality product and there was nothing else like it anywhere.

    The bad news was that they made buggy whips.

    As Americans started driving automobiles, even the best buggy whip makers were out of luck because nobody needed to buy them anymore.

    So when choosing a new product to sell on Amazon, you want to make sure you’re not about to invest in a 21st century buggy whip.

    A metric that you can refer to in choosing a product to sell on Amazon is its bestsellers rank .

    If similar products are ranking on top of the list , it means that there’s demand for them.

    Choosing products identical to the ones found in the list allows you to position your business on par with these bestsellers. As a result, you can attract the target market of bestselling products and get them to buy from you instead.

    Finding an Amazon best seller that has room for new products is a great sign of a very profitable potential niche!

    You want to see that several of the top listings have a BSR around 3,000 or better.

    I heard a great tip on the AMPM podcast which said you should look for the top 3 results with BSR under 3,000.

    Also, the BSR I am referring to here is the main category. In the image above, the main category hosts the product .

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