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What Should I Sell On Amazon Fba

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Private Label Your Product

My First Year Selling On Amazon FBA – The Honest Results

Gone are the days when unbranded generic products sold on Amazon FBA! Right now, the more profitable option is to private label your products in other words, brand them as your own.

Private label products are simply goods created by one company and branded and sold by another company. The usual process is to get your branding done at the manufacturing stage, although you may decide to source unbranded products and then simply label them with your own brand yourself this is the cheaper option.

The Population Keeps Growing And That Includes Things For Babies

Our next profitable Amazon category is babies. As long as humans are procreating, their progeny will need, for lack of a better word, stuff. And because babies dont stay the same size for very long, this means they need a lot of stuff. The bonus of selling baby items is theyre inexpensive for you to pick up, lightweight, durable, and always in demand.

Pro tip: market to first-borns because parents to spend more on them .

Perform Trending Product Research

Trending products change from time to time. Here are some tips for finding the right products on Amazon:

  • Enter a product category into the Amazon search bar and check the related products or top recommendations
  • Check the Todays Deals and Best Sellers sections
  • Read product reviews to understand what customers look for in products
  • Join shopping-related newsletters from Amazon, Costco, Target, and other product market niche retailers
  • Follow Amazon and other retailers on social media pages to stay updated on trends
  • Search for specific products and related keywords in Google Trends
  • See what social media influencers are selling or marketing
  • Watch trending videos on social media
  • Use tools like Helium 10or for product research. These tools are extremely useful to help you generate product ideas for your amazon business.

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Top Selling Items On Amazon In 202: What To Sell Online Right Now

Listing top selling products on Amazon can be very profitable: if you know what to sell, when to sell and how to pinpoint this.

In this post youll learn about:

  • Amazons best sellers for 2022
  • Best sellers and profitable niches on Amazon KDP
  • Ways to identify the ever-changing top selling items
  • How to maximize your chances of selling what shoppers truly intend to buy on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Now: no time to waste, lets dig in!

Download our FREE practical guide and checklistfor easier reading and sharing with coworkers. Learn what to sell on eBay and Amazon in 2022!

Products You Should Avoid Selling On Amazon Fba

HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON FBA FOR BEGINNERS [step by step guide 2020 ...

While I am going to recommend beginner sellers avoid some product types and categories, if youre passionate about a product and it has barrier to entry, you should still try sell in that category, as passion will overcome any barrier.

This quick list is more to help you assess if your idea is a good one or might be more trouble than its worth.

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Research Trending Topics On Google Trends

Researching the trending topics on Google can help you narrow down the options to the products that will fly out the door when selling on Amazon.

Google Trends highlight the popular products and taking note of these will help you choose a product that sells.

It doesnt matter what niche youre looking to target for your product to sell on Amazon. Looking at the latest Google Trends will give you an idea as to the top sellers in a wide array of categories.

Google Trends is a popular research tool that you should be using to zone in on the ideal items to sell through Amazon.

A Purely Amazon Based Business Is Not A Long Term Play

You need to keep in mind that selling on Amazon as a do-it-all vendor or using Amazon FBA exclusively is not a long-term move to make.

As the competition grows, selling on Amazon is only going to get tougher. The more competitors your Amazon business has, the less likely you are to make huge profits. Andrew Youderian from put together this seller research study on Ecommerce Fuel.

With that said, youll want to spread your wings and get off of Amazon. Selling on Amazon is a good sales method to start with but shouldnt be a permanent thing. And, its important to know that brands that invest off of .

Ive worked with successful brands on Amazon that have hired me to help them get off of Amazon and launch a lucrative sales career through other avenues. Its never been the other way around. Nobody has asked me to help them launch a professional business on Amazon.

Maybe because launching an existing brand on Amazon is quite easy. It just takes an Amazon pricing strategy, sending the product to FBA, and just an app or plugin to integrate with Amazon. For example, Shopify and BigCommerce both have this capability. You can just turn it on as soon as you have your APIs and prepare to sell on Amazon.

Plus, youll find that other options provide a less risky and more lucrative option to consider. One example of this is an Amazon affiliate marketing option which allows you to tap into the Amazon ecommerce money-making ecosystem.

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Ready To Set Up For Fba Seller Success In 2022

From advertising automations, centralized reporting for your business and more, Mayanalytics offers personalized service to help you grow your Amazon brand.

Want to see what weâre all about? Schedule a free demo with one of our team members today and get ready to grow your Ecommerce business in 2022.

Use Existing Youtube Videos And Blogs

Amazon FBA For Beginners 2022 (Step by Step Tutorial)

If youâre still wondering âwhat can I sell on Amazonâ, another way to find good ideas is to review YouTube videos, blogs, and other online content. Many successful marketplace sellers create videos or social media posts to teach users what to look for in products.

Additionally, blog posts give you a consolidated list of the best-selling items on Amazon. You will want to conduct your own research to ensure that the products meet your desired characteristics. However, these places are a great starting point for seeing what customers want to buy.

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Don’t Take On A Million Competitors

There are times when competition is a good thing.

It usually means that demand exists and there is money to be made. However, some product categories on Amazon are just so oversaturated with competitors, it’s very difficult for a new seller to compete.

While it may feel like every kind of item on Amazon has a million sellers already, that’s not the case.

There are still opportunities to launch products that have demand, but don’t already have tens of thousands of competitors.

Helium10 is a fantastic tool for finding these opportunities.

Using their Cerebro tool, you can paste in the ASIN number of any product on Amazon and find out what keywords it ranks for.

Here’s an example of when I put in the ASIN B00MLBPDQ2 which is a top selling makeup removing wipe:

Notice that in addition to the search volume, they give you a number of competing products and similar products around that keyword.

This is an estimate based on the number you’ve probably noticed before on Amazon after you searched for a particular product.

For instance, when I search baseball helmet, there are over 20,000 results:

But when I search one of the auto-complete suggestions for baseball helmet, which is baseball helmet holder for dugout there are only 29 results.

Certainly there is more analysis to be done before launching my own brand of baseball helmet holders, but hopefully you see the point.

That it’s much easier to come in and compete against 29 other sellers instead of 20,000.

Use Watchcount To See What Ebay Products Sell

Another way to pinpoint the is to research whats selling on eBay. You can do this by using to see hot sellers on eBay.

On you can see the most popular eBay items at any time as the site operates in real-time. reports the results produced by eBay that tracks votes by users when they add an item to their watch list. details the number of watchers and includes rankings as well as unique search capabilities.

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Pick Products That Cross

When youre choosing what to sell on Amazon, take a step back and think of the big picture. If you find success on the platform, whats going to be your second or third product? What about your tenth?

Dont pigeonhole your brand into selling products that dont easily scale. If you start selling baby wipes, you could brand off into diapers, lotions, toys, and baby bags. However, if you start selling glow-in-the-dark toothpaste, your options will be a bit more limited.

Pay Attention To Amazon Customer Reviews

How To Sell Items On Amazon FBA And Build Business

Reviews are everything on Amazon. Even the most affordable products wont survive if theyre not consistently bringing in positive reviews.

Look at the feedback before you invest in an item. Customers who love products will likely make more repeat purchases and fewer returnsand those are the kind of customers you want.

Youll also want to pay attention to the review volume. Ideally, you want to find products with thousands of reviewsthats how youll know its a safe bet.

However, some other excellent options might not have as many reviews yet. They may only have 50 or so reviews. Read the feedback and see if theyre fake reviews or genuine. If theyre real, the product still might have great potential.

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How To Find Products To Sell

Search your product idea on Amazon and other major retailers. Take a look at the price. Aim for something thats more than $10 but less than $50. Why? Thats the target price range for impulse buys. Impulse buys are likely to turnover stock faster.

Next, use to get an idea of how many people are searching for certain keywords. This will help you make sure theres a demand for your chosen product and can help you find the words and phrases you should use in your products title and description.

Now, use the Best Sellers Rank on Amazon. The ratings show you where there is a demand for the product. This alone should not be what you base your decision on. However, if you notice that a particular item dominates a product category, it may indicate the category is too competitive for your first product.

Take a look at the first three to five products on the seller page within a given category. The lower the BSR number, the more it sells, and the higher it is ranked.

If a lot of products within the category have low BSRs, youre looking at a highly competitive category. If there are many products with higher BSRs, this could be easier to start with since theres not as much competition.

You can use to help you conduct your product research. With these tools, you can determine competition, demand, FBA fees, and more.

Not Understanding Amazons Policies

We wont sugarcoat this one: Amazon rules and regulations are mind-boggling and overwhelming to read. No wonder sellers skip this part. It consists of hundreds of web pages that will make you scream, Information overload! But failing to do so would put your selling privileges at risk.

Tip: Sorry, buddy, but there are no shortcuts for this one. You have no choice but to read it from front to back. And do whatever it takes to stick to the rules to avoid getting banned from the largest online marketplace on Earth.

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Other Amazon Sellers Will Hijack Your Listings With Copycat Goods

While getting all of your products copied and stolen doesnt happen very often, there is rampant piggy backing of Amazon listings happening all the time.

Even if you sell a private labeled product under your own brand and ASIN on Amazon, there is nothing stopping another seller from piggy backing on your listing and undercutting you on price with a counterfeit item.

For example, lets say I sell linen napkins that are clearly labelled with my own brand and label. An unscrupulous seller could sell poorer quality linen napkins under my same Amazon product number and undercut me on price even though its not the same item.

In the worst case scenario, a customer might buy this counterfeit product, be unsatisfied with the quality and leave bad feedback on my product even though its counterfeit!

The best way to fight this is to actually purchase the product yourself as a customer and then file an AtoZ complaint against the fraudulent seller.

Unfortunately, this process is a major pain in the butt and Amazon has been known to take its time before taking action.

Our Services Let Your Business Scale Quickly

I Tried Amazon FBA (Complete Beginner) – My Results – Amazon FBA For Beginners
  • FBA Small and Light: Reduce the cost of fulfilling orders for low-cost, small, and lightweight FBA inventory.
  • FBA Subscribe & Save: Offer discounts on eligible FBA products for repeat customers.
  • FBA Pan-EU: Offer fast delivery in Prime-eligible European countries.
  • FBA Export: At no extra charge, expand your FBA business to more than 100 countriesminus the complexities of international selling.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Sell from your own or third-party ecommerce sites, with Amazon picking, packing, and shipping to your customers.

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Look For Trending Products

Here are some tips for finding trending products on Amazon:

  • Enter a product category into the Amazon search bar and scroll down to the related products and top recommendations for you sections.
  • Look at today’s deals and current bestsellers
  • Check product reviews to identify hot sellers and potential trends.
  • Follow Amazon’s social media pages to keep up with the latest news.
  • Join various retailers and shopping Facebook groups and follow buyer trends. Which posts are getting the most engagement?
  • Search for specific products and related keywords in Google Trends
  • Go through YouTube’s trending videos to spot trends.
  • Use a tool like or Helium 10 for product research.

Use Chrome Extensions To Help You

No human has time to search through millions of products to find what doesnt have much competition. But bots sure do.

Chrome extensions like have monitored over 500 million products on Amazon. Jungle Scout also writes up year customer trend reports, surveying thousands of customers, and analyzing how their buying behavior changes.

In all, youll find your preferred method for finding what products to sell on Amazon.

If youre looking for data-backed Amazon product ideas in a short amount of time, using bots is the way to go. But if youre the creative type, we recommend doing manual research from your niches perspective.

You can gather your own trends and see patterns in the market that can be exploited. You can hopefully narrow down at least a few product categories that seem promising, but are they really what you should invest on?

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Thoroughly Read Customer Reviews

Take a deep look at negative customer reviews. What could you do differently? Could you offer products that dont break a few weeks after purchase? What about products that have an off-putting chemical smell out of the box?

Conversely, note positive customer reviews as well. What did customers rave about? What did they love? And most importantly, did they say, I would buy this product again?

Customer reviews are your bread and butter. They tell you the needs and wants of your customer base. They also give you the criteria your Amazon product idea should have to be successful in that market.

Use An Amazon Keyword Research Tool

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Amazon

The first step to take when finding items to sell on Amazon is to use a data-driven Amazon keyword research tool.

I recommend using for all of your Amazon-specific keyword research needs. This tool will help you validate product demand and show you the search volume of your product.

This step makes it possible for you to see how many people are looking for a specific product and determine whether the volume makes it worth selling it. Need more options? Check out this list of

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Evil Strategy #: Amazon Sellers Can Orchestrate Multiple Returns And Simultaneous Negative Feedback

As an Amazon seller, you are required to maintain certain metrics on your account to stay in good standing in the eyes of Amazon.

If you have too many returns or too many bad feedbacks on your products in a short period of time, you risk getting your product or account suspended.

For example, here are some of Amazons guidelines for a high quality account.

  • Order defect rate of less than 1%
  • Negative feedback less than 6%
  • Customer response time less than 24 hours
  • A return rate of less than 3%

What evil Amazon sellers will sometimes do is have people make multiple purchases of your products and then coordinate their returns and negative feedback all at once.

Multiple returns and multiple negative feedbacks in a short time frame can be disastrous to your account standing.

Unfortunately, theres not much that you can do about this practice other than to respond to each complaint as soon as possible. And hopefully, your products already have enough positive feedback to counteract the bad.

In the event that you suspect foul play, report it to Amazon. The good thing is that you have 90 days to contest bad feedback and if it is removed during that time then nothing bad happens to your account.

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