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What Should I Sell On Amazon To Make Money

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Sell Items Without Owning Any Inventory By Dropshipping

Buying in Bulk to Sell on Amazon FBA to Make Money

If you dont have much money to start with but want a way to earn money with Amazon, dropshipping may be that way!

Dropshipping allows you to list products for sale without ever taking ownership of the inventory. Meaning, you simply list products for sale and once a customer places an order, you buy the product from your supplier at a lower price and have them ship the order to your customer.

You as the seller earn money without ever touching or seeing the product! Your supplier will handle all of the logistics for you.

Price Your Items To Sell

If you want your items to sell, you need to price them accordingly. When you price your products higher than your competition, it can kill both your Amazon venture and any trust with your customers. 91% of customers buy from trusted branding, so you need to build this customer trust on Amazon, too.

Once you build trust and start generating sales, you may see that Amazon starts to promote your products. Amazon automatically promotes other products in the section on the product detail page under Customers who bought this item also bought.

Setting the price for your product involves the following strategy:

  • Have a profit margin over 50% to 66%.
  • Price your item between MAP and MSRP pricing.
  • Know your cost of goods sold .
  • Remember to count additional fees, such as the Amazon commission on sales, Amazon FBA fees, customer return fees, fees for returns that you have incurred, overhead costs, packing and shipping costs, and any category-specific costs. For example, vendors selling apparel on Amazon will incur category-specific costs due to the high rate of customer returns for these items.
  • Finally, search for other Amazon products similar to yours. Use the same three keywords that you used for your description page and search for other products to see what appears.

    Youll want to stand out from this list with strong pricing, high quality imagery, and a highly clickable product title.

    How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners In 2021

    Amazon is a popular platform for both sellers and shoppers. To cope with the rising demands of the sellers, it has rolled out its FBA service. This service allows sellers to leverage the platforms powerful distribution network and customer base to make their business dream come true. For retailers, its the most popular choice of platform.

    FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon which means Amazon will store your products in the Amazon inventory, fulfill your orders, and offer customer service. If you want to use the Amazon FBA service, you have to create an Amazon seller account and add FBA to your account. Its important that you set your business up in compliance with the guidelines on the website.

    Create your product listings and inventory or integrate your inventory data into the Amazon platform. Prepare the products to be delivered, and send your products into Amazon warehouse. When the customer places orders, Amazon FBA will fulfill the orders and send all necessary shipping and tracking info to the customers. 24/7 customer service is available for both sellers and customers.

    As a seller, you will be free from the processes attached to inventory, packing and shipping orders. This system means its quite easy for you to get started. Amazons robust FBA model supports and allows you to scale your business globally too. Besides, if you are an Amazon FBA seller, you are qualified for free shipping on orders over $25 and $49.

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    Wholesale Vs Private Label

    Private label sellers create their own branded products to sell on Amazon. Because of this, they will need to create their own product listings.

    If youre doing wholesale on Amazon then you will be buying branded products and therefore you probably wont need to create your own product listings.

    Which you decide on is entirely up to you. Each has its own pros and cons so do your own research including speaking to sellers in forums and Facebook groups to help you decide which one is right for you.

    How Much Can I Earn By Selling On Amazon

    Pin on Make money online

    When youre selling on Amazon, really anything is possible: You could be making $9 or $9 million. The answer varies.

    Ultimately, the amount of money you can earn by selling on Amazon is directly correlated to the uniqueness of your products. You need to sell your own branded products with high margins . That way, your marketing efforts can afford a higher customer acquisition cost , and youre making more for every sale .

    Today more than ever, ecommerce content and storytelling drive brand loyalty. Focus on maintaining your brand image on Amazon so that your products are seen as reputable, high-quality goods from a company that consumers know and trust.

    If youre a seller with a large inventory of high-ranking products with high margins and good reviews, you will be set up for success. But just like any online business, it all comes down to how well you can choose your products and market yourself.

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    Analyze The Competition On Amazon

    As you go through the keywords from the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder, you should use these keywords to perform product searches on Amazon to analyze the competition.

    Below is the Amazon sales data for products under the keyword Removable Wallpaper Floral.

    Editors Note: The Jungle Scout Chrome Tool allows you to see the sales data for all of the sellers on the front page of search for your target keyword.

    Once youve brought up the sales data for your keyword, heres what to look for.

    • Even Distribution Of Revenue You never want to see one brand or listing dominating all of the sales.
    • Low Review Counts The number of reviews is a measure of the strength of an Amazon listing. Ideally, you want to see review counts in the low hundreds.
    • High Selling Price You want to see an average selling price greater than $20.
    • High Number Of Sales You want to see a minimum of 150 sales per month.

    Heres a 4-minute video demo of how I do product research with JungleScout.

    How Wholesale Selling On Amazon Works

    The Amazon Wholesale process is pretty straight-forward.

    There are just five basic steps which consist of:

  • Opening a seller account.
  • Researching and sourcing an in-demand wholesale product.
  • Adding your product listing.
  • Promoting your product.
  • Managing your inventory.
  • This probably sounds familiar, doesnt it? Plainly whats described here is the usual process you would follow if you were sourcing wholesale products to sell as single units on Amazon?

    Well, almost, but there are some significant differences.

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    How To Find Suppliers

    Next, once youve decided what youre going to sell on Amazon, youre going to need to find suppliersâunless, of course, youve opted to make and manufacture your own products. From sites like Alibaba to AliExpress, there are a variety of ways you can go about finding the right suppliers for your products.

    With this in mind, on a basic level, one of the first things you can do is to perform a Google search for suppliers of your product. Once youve found a couple of options, you can contact them for more information.

    Alibaba is a popular site to find suppliers when selling on Amazon. Image source: Alibaba

    As you go through this process, however, youll want to make sure the supplier is reputable and that theyre offering you a good price. Here are a few product sourcing strategies to keep in mind:

    • Get samples: Before you choose a supplier, youll want to ask for samples and actually get a feel for their products. This will not only help you choose a good supplier, but it will also help you start thinking about how youre going to list and advertise your products. Plus, getting physical samples of the product will give you the opportunity to evaluate them and decide if theyre worth selling.
    • Read reviews: If possible, its always helpful to read reviews of suppliers and see how other business owners feel about working with them. As you might expect, a supplier with a handful of negative reviews probably isnt going to be someone you want to work with.

    Sign Up For Amazon Camperforce

    How To Make Money Selling Amazon Products

    This option definitely isnt for everyone, but its a unique way to make money on Amazon while living life on your own terms. Amazons CamperForce hires RVers for seasonal rushes in their warehouses across the country. If youre living life on the road but need some extra cash, consider joining CamperForce to work either part or full time as a picker, shipper, or packer with Amazon.

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    How Much Money Can I Make On Amazon Working As A Flex Driver

    Approximately $100+ per day.

    According to Flexs homepage, Amazon pays drivers between $18 $25 per hour, and the shifts are typically five hours long.

    Ive also read stories that even if drivers finish their shifts early, they still get compensated for the entire five hours.

    Not a bad deal for $100+ per day.

    Best Practices For Best Selling Products

    When trying to choose the product you wish to sell, a few guidelines are good to keep in mind. Run through these when youre contemplating the many options of products to sell:

    • Check top-selling products.
    • Avoid markets that are already saturated heavily.
    • Seek out items with high demand. Note their price range and the general interest there seems to be in it.
    • Look for products with low competition. Leverage reviews of a product to see how popular it is. If a top-selling product only has a few reviews, it is a good sign that there may not be much competition.
    • Aim to make at least ten sales per day.
    • Dont attempt to be too trendy or seasonal.
    • Consider products with better margins. If a product costs $10 to make and you sell it for $40, that is a better profit margin than a similarly priced product that costs $30 to produce. A product that costs a lot to make or acquire will be harder to turn a profit on. Focusing on a product with better profit margins will increase the chances of success.
    • Consider products that are lightweight and can fit into a padded envelope. These items often have much lower shipping costs which can increase your margins.
    • Stay up to date on shipping costs and seller fees.
    • Create your own brand. Private label brands give extra control over the manufacture and design of the product.

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    Are You Closer To Figuring Out What You Should Sell On Amazon

    I hope you enjoyed my guide to finding products to sell on Amazon. If you follow my advice, youll increase your chances of earning a nice profit margin and decrease trips to the store to buy Advil. Nothings worse than putting in hundreds of hours to market a product on Amazon, only to find that consumers dont want it, or a major brand is drowning you out. Before you get started, make sure you understand

    Also, make sure you understand that Amazons business is based on finding popular products, private labeling them, and then undercuting the competition. So if you want long term ecommerce success, you need to sell on your own site, or utilize Amazon affiliate marketing. Otherwise, Amazon will eventually drown you out.

    When choosing what to sell on Amazon, is my top go-to tool.

    Have you used a different strategy to successfully find new products to sell online? Are you an experienced Amazon seller? Id love to hear from you in the comments section below.

    Best of luck selling on Amazon!

    What Makes A Product Popular On Amazon

    Amazon vs Ebay: Where Should I Sell My Stuff?

    Whether you like it or not, specific products become trendier than others. Some of the things that make this list might surprise you, but how can you tell if something is going to be popular or not?

    Are there specific keywords or search terms to use when listing a product? Do electronics need specific features? If my product comes in a variety of colors and sizes, is it more likely to trend?

    Lets talk a bit about what things make a product trend on Amazon.

    A Large Volume

    Nearly every product on this list and popular ones that are not on this list are ordered in large volume. Since so many people are ordering the specific product, the seller needs to make sure they have plenty in stock.

    You wouldnt want to buy a large volume of a product that isnt going to sell that will just waste your money. When you see products being ordered in large volume, chances are its quite popular.

    Catching Peoples Eyes

    Its common knowledge to know that people are attracted to the way things look. While everyone has different taste, when things become trendy, people tend to lean towards that type of design or color scheme.

    You may not be able to change the way your product is designed, but you might be able to add popular colors or sizing options. If you sell shirts on Amazon and there is a trend of neon colors for the summer, consider adding a few neon options to help your product sell more!

    Hard To Find Products


    The Ability To Markup

    Not Sold In Specific Countries

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    New Mechanisms Old Values: Always Keep In Touch With Your Industry And Manufacturers

    Globalisation and automation have made many trading processes digital and mainly anonymous. But lets not get it twisted: keeping in touch with your industry and manufacturers can mean a huge advantage over your competition, in todays time. Personal business relationships possibly allow you financial advantages when purchasing your products, which results in a higher profit margin for you. And this money you could use for Amazons web service PPC to give your products better visibility in the search rankings at the beginning without a high organic ranking.

    On the other hand, personal relationships with suppliers will also hold them accountable to deliver on time or, if needed, more or faster than usual. Because a supply shortage would mean your downfall at Amazon, avoiding this helps you meet the high quality requirements of the marketplace in the long run.

    How To Sell On Amazon

    Over two million people sell on Amazon. Selling on Amazon is easy which explains the popularity of this form of monetization.

    There are several tricks to selling on Amazon. The first trick is finding products that are high in demand but have low competition for shoppers. How can you find these gems?

    In order to find products that a great many people want to buy, you need to conduct keyword research online.

    Since people are using Amazon search to find products, your sales page should be optimized for that search.

    What does that mean exactly? What are you selling? You want that product to come up when people search for it on Amazon. Put that keyword, the name of the product youre selling, in your product title, your product description, your seller name. The goal is to come up when people search for your product.

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    Be A Wholesale Seller

    For the products that most people and businesses need, Amazon can often offer the most competitive prices, largely because of their network of wholesale sellers.

    Wholesale sellers buy products at a discount because they are buying very large quantities. They can then afford to sell those products at the most affordable possible prices on Amazon.

    This tends to be a competitive industry where wholesale sellers outcompete each other with the lowest possible bottom line prices. You may not be able to make a significant income unless you have your own warehouse space to store products so you wont have to rely entirely on the FBA program and storing products in Amazons warehouse.

    Key Features

    • Opportunity to make large amounts of money with a single lump investment.
    • Passive income between bulk purchases and shipments.
    • Not necessary to advertise or build a website, just price items as low as possible.

    Product Research: 9 Tips To Help You Decide What To Sell On Amazon

    How To Make Money On Amazon Selling Other People’s Products

    The purpose of product research is to find a product that has high demand and low competition. In other words, a profitable product.

    So dont get too overwhelmed by this decision.

    I agree that this is one of the most important decisions of your ecommerce business, but getting ahead of yourself can cause perfect product paralysis.

    Its a very common pitfall wherein people who want to begin selling on Amazon look far and wide, research for months and assess thousands of products, then end up not choosing anything because theyre not the perfect product yet.

    Follow these 7 tried-and-tested techniques of filtering out products and discover what to sell on Amazon.

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    How Much Money Can I Make On Amazon With Online Arbitrage

    The earning potential for this method varies.

    The amount you can make with online arbitrage really depends on how much effort you put into the business. If you have trouble finding products online that will return a profit, you obviously wont make any money.

    There are profitable deals out there, you just have to go find them!

    Processes You Should Automate And Software To Help

    Many new sellers make the mistake of focusing on the small stuff.

    They are so eager to succeed on Amazon that they put all their effort into fine-tuning a single or handful of listings even though it makes almost no difference to the customer.

    There is no software program that reshuffles your product images in different orders, rearranges your bullet points and A/B tests cozy versus comfy as adjectives in your listing title.

    Yes, you want good listings with beautiful pictures. You want to generate some reviews.

    But, with competition always on the same page and just a click away, remember that five minutes negotiating a better price with your supplier or using a cheaper shipping service is more valuable than spending 100 hours perfecting an Amazon listing.

    Here are some tools you can use now.

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