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What Sites Take Amazon Pay

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Afterpay Stores Lets You Pay For Airline Tickets In Four Payments

Can Amazon Pay help my business with marketing and get recognition for my site?

Look for Afterpay as a payment option during checkout at your favorite online store the company is constantly adding new Afterpay stores.

Most notably, theyve partnered with online airfare marketplace Alternative Airlines letting you divide the cost of airline tickets into four payments, due every two weeks. This is a BIG deal for travelers!

to place online orders up to $1,000 and split the cost into four payments, due every two weeks. Theres no credit check and no fees as long as your account has enough funds when the split amounts are automatically taken out.

Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon

Do you have a pile of Amazon gift cards in your wallet or gift card credit in your Amazon account?

Many of us do, and although it would be great to be able to use those funds with Amazon Pay on other retailers this is unfortunately not possible per the Amazon Gift Card terms of service.

The Amazon website states:

Amazon.com Gift Cards cannot be used as a payment method to place an order using Amazon Pay. Amazon.com Gift Cards can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services on Amazon.com and certain related sites as provided in the Amazon.comGift Card Terms and Conditions.

Beautifiedyou Sees A Decrease In Cart Abandonment

Los Angeles-based BeautifiedYou has provided luxury, high-end, and physician-dispensed skin care products since their beginning in 2010.

Co-Founder Jimmy Nguyen tells us about how easy it was to add Amazon Pay into their BigCommerce store.

How has the Amazon Pay button been working?

The button has been working great. We have seen an increase in overall conversions, especially conversions directly attributed to Amazon Pay.

How was the implementation process?

Very easy. It took one minute after we received our credentials.

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Sezzle Stores Include Target And Gamestop

Sezzle is a split-it-into-four-payments service that has a network of online partner retailers including Target and GameStop. You can either shop Sezzle stores via the app or check out using Sezzle during the checkout process at one of the retailers websites.

You get an instant decision once you apply for Sezzle . Youve gotta set up your payment method so they can automatically withdraw your payment every two weeks: from your credit card, debit card, or Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Getting Started With Amazon Pay

8 Ways To Accept Online Payments In 2020 [From PayPal To ...
  • Compatible with Open Source : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on prem : 2.3 2.4
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud : 2.3 2.4
  • Stability: Beta Build
  • Description:

    Inaugural “Beta” Release which replaces versions that were previously included as part of the Vendor Bundled Extension Program.* Fixed creating a credit memo against a split capture invoice.* Added input validation and test upon saving for credentials.* Changed calling closeChargePermission instead of cancelCharge when voiding an order.* Fixed loading correct config when switching store view before a cart is initiated.* Changed the button to create the session directly instead of through Magento* Removed redirect to cart on login if the customer has products in cart

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Where You Can Use Amazon Pay

There is no comprehensive list of sites and retailers that use Amazon Pay. Currently, hundreds of websites make use of Amazon Pay. In general, you won’t see if a site supports Amazon Pay until you get to the shopping cart or checkout page. If a site supports Amazon Pay, you should see a button with the Amazon Pay logo, often in a “fast checkout” category with other options like and PayPal.

also uses Amazon Pay to process payment for products you order from Amazon using your voice.

How Does Paypal Work

PayPal acts as a middleman for payments between 2 parties with registered accounts. Its fast and easy to send payments to an individual or retailer without sharing personal details or banking information.

If you want to send money to an individual, all you need is the email address of the person youre sending money to.If youre using PayPal to make a purchase online, click the PayPal button at checkout and log in to your account to quickly complete your order.

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Not Directly But There Are Some Workaround Options For Paypal Users

People love to shop on Amazon, and they love to pay with PayPal. However, because Amazon doesnt directly accept PayPal, its not possible to combine two of your favorite online shopping activities. At least not directly.

Amazon will accept Venmo payments in 2022. As of Nov. 9, 2021, Amazon and PayPal did not specify when in 2022 the payment method would roll out.

There are a few back-door ways that allow you to pay for Amazon purchases with PayPal, however. Learn more about four workarounds that let you use your PayPal account for spending on Amazon.

What Is Amazon Pay

How to accept Amazon Payments on a Website

Amazon Pay is a way to pay for goods on websites that are not Amazon. When you choose the at checkout on one of these 3rd party websites you can seamlessly pay with funds from your Amazon Account including the credit card linked to to your Amazon account. You can also use Amazon Pay at participating stores to make payments using Alexa.

Gifts card balances do not work with Amazon Pay.

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One: Sign In To Your Amazon Account

You can log into your Amazon account on your desktop or laptop by visiting in your favorite browser and clicking where it says Hello, Sign In on the websites primary horizontal menu bar at the top of the page.

To sign in to your Amazon account on a tablet or smartphone, open your Amazon Shopping app.

In most cases, you will already be logged in.

If not, you will have the option to sign in prominently displayed on the introductory screen.

Enter your username and password if you remember it.

Since we all have so many passwords for different sites and subscriptions these days, you should allow your secure computer to remember the password for you .

You can also save the username and password in your notes on your phone or in a physical notebook you keep by your computer for this purpose.

How To Make Payments Using Amazon Pay

Its as easy as it appears!

You simply need to create an Amazon account. This would require you to give information such as your name, email address,phone number, and mailing address.

Then you can go to an e-store that offers Amazon Pay as a method of payment.

  • Continue to add the goods to your basket that youre interested in.
  • Youll notice an Amazon Pay button when you check out.
  • Tap! and you are done.

The funds will be taken from your Amazon account. The order will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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Amazon Currency Conversion Rates

Exchange rates may not be the first cost that comes to mind when buying internationally, but it may quickly be where you might end up paying the most for the privilege of buying across borders.

If youre buying from the US and use your debit card from your UK bank account, its likely that you only have pounds sterling in your UK bank account. If you pay for your Amazon goods using your UK bank card, Amazon will need to convert those pounds to dollars.

This means, when , youll probably lose. A lot.

Amazon itself even notes that you dont get the same exchange rate that you find on Google – the same rate that providers like Wise offer.

The exchange rate Amazon displays may not match those listed in newspapers or other financial databases. *Those exchange rates are generally inter-bank rates that are for wholesale amounts and are not available for retail consumers.*

Amazon says that those exchange rates you find online arent available to everyday consumers. But with Wise, they are.

How can you get around that?

Companies like Wise offer borderless multi-currency accounts that let you hold dozens of different currencies in one account. In whatever country youre living in.

In select regions and nations, you can also order a Wise borderless debit card to use all over the world. Meaning you can load up your Wise debit card with US dollars and then pay for your items on Amazon. Without losing on poor exchange rates.

Case : No Address Widget

How to withdraw Amazon Payments with Payoneer

You may want to streamline your checkout experience if you are selling only digital goods and do not require an account address. In this case, you can remove the Amazon address widget.

var payWithAmazon = new PayWithAmazon 

Check out the GitHub repository for more details on the usage and other available customization options.

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Is There A Fee For Using Paypal

Its free to create a PayPal account and making a purchase in Canada is usually free. However, there are a few fees you may encounter depending on how you use the platform:

  • Personal payments. Its free to send or receive domestic personal payments from an existing balance and bank account. All other funding sources incur a 2.9% + fixed fee. For international payments, a $2.99 fee is applied for existing balance and bank account transactions, with an added 2.9% + fixed fee for other funding sources.
  • Seller fees. If you use PayPal to accept payments for goods or services sold in Canada, youll be charged a fee of 3.9% of the transaction amount plus $0.10 per transaction. That percentage changes to 4.1% if you are selling overseas plus a fixed fee based on the currency received will also apply.
  • Currency conversion fees. If you make a purchase from an overseas retailer, a small currency conversion fee may apply.

Amazon Pay Reviews & Complaints

Feedback from merchants using Amazon Pay is mostly positive, although the service does receive many of the same types of complaints that are common with payment service providers . These issues include frequent account holds, freezes, and terminations, as well as limited customer service options.

Lets go through the Amazon Pay pros and cons as described by merchants using the service.

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Stores That Accept Amazon Pay By Category

Sports and Athletic Wear

  • Als.com: Backpacks, bikes, tents, hikes, swimwear, and sportswear.
  • Baseball Express: Baseball bats, footwear, pants, gloves available on sale.
  • Barbell Apparel: Athletic wear for men and women, gym t-shirts, and activewear.
  • BodyBuilding: Largest online supplement store and fitness hub.
  • Colorado Kayak Supply: Whitewater kayaks, lifejackets, and related accessories.
  • Fanatics: Best collection of ultimate sport apparel for men and women.
  • Logo Sportswear: Premium supplier of customer branded apparel.
  • Merrell: Sport shoes, clothing, and outdoor gear and accessories.
  • Midwest Sports: Tennis racquets, shoes, and equipment from leading brands.
  • Moosejaw: Clothing and outdoor gear.
  • OralMart: Mouthguard for maximum protection and flexible wear.
  • Sports Unlimited: Sporting goods and equipment for various sports.
  • Team Express: One solution for all sorts of team wear and sports.
  • The Clymb: The gear you need for all types of adventures outdoor.
  • The-House.com: Bikes, outdoor clothing, outerwear, and more.

Games and Entertainment

Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories

Beauty and Fitness Stores

Clothing and Apparel

  • Simple Wishes: Updates nursing and pumping bras for mothers.
  • ToyWiz.com: Toys, action figures, cartoon characters.
  • UNIF: Kids apparel and footwear.
  • WebHobbyShop: All fun, hobbies, and toys at one place.

Tech and Smart Home

Automotive Stores

Gift Stores

Place and Travel

Added Brand Credibility Aids Perfectly Priscilla Boutiques Growth

Amazon Pay is the way to check out quickly and securely online

A fashion retailer with a positive mission and trendy pieces, Perfectly Priscilla is experiencing monumental growth with support from their customers.

According to Co-Founder Tommy, adding the Amazon Pay button was an easy and quick way to gain even more business.

Why did you add the Amazon Pay button?

We added the button because it makes the checkout process much faster and easier and also lends credibility to our brand.

Would you recommend Amazon Pay to other stores, and why or why not?

We would recommend Amazon Pay to other stores because its a seamless checkout process for most of your customers.

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Four Accepts Google And Apple Pay For Installment Payments

Four is a split-it-into-four-payments service that allows you to shop through their apps or check out with Four during the checkout process at one of the participating retailers websites.

No credit check is required, and you get an instant decision when you apply for Four. Set up your payment method and theyll automatically withdraw your payment every two weeks: from your credit card, debit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

How Payments With Amazon Pay Works

It is as simple as it sounds! You only have to create an Amazon account by providing credentials like your name, email ID, contact number, contact address, etc.

Then you have to visit an e-store that accepts billing via Amazon pay. Carry on to add the items of your interest to the cart. At the check out, you would see Amazon Pay button. Tap!

The money would be deducted from your Amazon account and the order will be subsequently shipped to you shortly.

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Amazon Pay To India Bank Account: First Method

1) First of all go to Safegold from Offer Page

2) Now login or register a new account on Safegold by click on create a new account on the upper left-hand side three dots.

3) Now enter your Name, Mobile number, and email address.

4) Now enter the six-digit one-time password from your smartphone SMS app section.

5) Now you will be asked to enter email / mobile number and password to login on Safe gold.

6) Then proceed and click on the right-hand side three dots.

7) Enter your bank details, like account number, account holder name, and other details like IFSC code.

8) Now proceed and click on the Complete button to complete editing your bank account details.

9) Now site home page and on buy gold and then enter any amount over there.

Are There Any Benefits To Using Amazon Pay

Amazon Seller Central Europe Login

Consumers and online businesses that want to create a seamless interaction with their customers would benefit from Amazon Pay.

It gives consumers who dont want to enter their credit/debit card information every time, a more simplified checkout experience.

The Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee covers purchases made using Amazon Pay. This means that all of the products purchased may be returned for a refund with little extra costs.

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How To Use Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is intended to be convenient, so it seamlessly integrates into the checkout process. To make a purchase using Amazon Pay, start the checkout process like you would for any purchase at a retail site.

1. When you reach the checkout page and need to enter your payment method, click “Amazon Pay.”

2. In the pop-up window, sign into your Amazon account or continue through your account if you’re already logged in.

Shopping Tip : Check Electronics For Voltage And Types Of Plugs

There are also a couple of things to bear in mind if you want to buy electronics from abroad. There are many types of plugs around the world. This means if you buy anything with a plug from abroad, you might also need to get hold of an adaptor so that it can fit into a foreign socket.

Sadly, the problems dont stop just by purchasing an adaptor. Youll also need to check the voltage and frequency, to ensure that your adaptor will be able to cope with your device, in your country. If the voltages dont match, you run the risk of frying your new electronics long before they normally die.

Heres a sampling of various countries and regions and what types of plugs and voltages are used:

If you plan to sell on Amazon, then its also worth reading about the seller fees.

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The 33 Best Survey Sites For Earning Amazon Gift Cards

The sites below are not the only sites where you can answer online surveys for Amazon gift cards. It is, however, the sites that I have found to be the best after testing hundreds of survey sites.

I am continuously testing new sites and will update the list, as I find new sites that deserve to be on the list. So make sure to bookmark this page and come back and check for new opportunities once in a while.

Hope you have found this list useful, and now know how to get started with the best platforms, if you are interested in earning rewards that you can exchange for Amazon gift cards by taking online surveys and doing other small online tasks.

As mentioned in the beginning, this is not a complete list of all the survey sites that offer this option, but the ones I have found to be the best if you are specifically interested in earning for Amazon gift cards.

Leave a comment below, if you think a site is missing on the list, or if you have any questions or comments.

Four: Click Redeem Another Gift Card

How to Set Up Amazon Payments on your Website

Once you arrive at the gift card page, you will see your current balance in large print at the top of the screen.

Unless you had a very blessed celebration, it will probably read a balance of $0.00 at this point.

Keep in mind that Reload Your Balance is slightly different as it requires you to add funds from a bank account or card connected to your Amazon account to load money onto an existing gift card.

Since the buttons are next to each other, be mindful that you select the right one.

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