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What To Do If I Never Got My Amazon Package

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What Should You Do When Amazon Shows Your Product As Delivered But You Did Not Receive It

DO THIS every time a Amazon package arrives late

Amazon package not delivered but Amazon showing that youve already received your package? Is it a case of Amazon missing package?

In such cases, the website lists a set of guidelines that you should check before taking any action. Some of the points they mention might sound obvious, but it is essential to tick them off.

Check if the website has issued a notice of attempted delivery.

What if Amazon delivered to the wrong address? Be double-sure that the shipping address is correct.

Do ask your neighbors. What if theyve received the package in your absence?

Keep an eye on the spots and places close to the delivery location. You never know!

Check for the Amazon missing package in your letterbox. Occasionally, the delivery methods include multiple carriers, and one of them might be the regular postal service.

Do you own an Amazon locker?

For those wondering what an Amazon locker is?

The retail website offers a self-service package delivery service. The customers choose a Locker location of their choice as their delivery address. All their packages get delivered to the Locker, which can be retrieved by the customers whenever they want. The Locker is protected by a touch screen, and to collect your parcel youll have to enter a unique pick-up code.

Keep patience and wait for at least 36 hours so says the website. Quite often the parcels are shown as delivered when you check the app. But, they are actually still on the move from one place to another.

Confirm Your Order Has Been Processed At Amazon

Right out of the gate youâre going to want to confirm that your Amazon order has been processed by the company in the first place.

Itâs really easy to fall into the trap of thinking that as soon as you hit the âbuyâ button and process your order that Amazon is going to process it instantly, too.

Thatâs not really how things work.

No, instead your order is going to move through a very complex and sophisticated administrative backend. Multiple people and multiple departments are going to have access to this information to fulfill your order, and there are a lot of moving parts to get this system to work as intended.

Truth be told, sometimes it takes a day for Amazon to actually hash out all of these details and get your order processed and dropped into the post.

Most of the time this isnât going to take any longer than 12 hours or so, but in the rare circumstance that itâs taking a little bit longer youâll want to double check that your order has actually gone through on the Amazon platform and that itâs actually missing and not just awaiting processing.

My Amazon Package Says Its Been Delivered But Its Not Here

Thereâs few things as frustrating as being told by the folks at Amazon that your expected packages have been delivered, only to discover when you get home that nothing could be further from the truth!

Luckily, though, there are a couple of different options you have available as far as recourse is concerned.

Best of all, none of them involve a lot of headache or a lot of hassle.

Sure, youâre definitely going to be inconvenienced by the fact that your Amazon package isnât at home where you expected it to be.

But with the information we highlight below youâll be able to track down that package in a hurry, have it delivered to your doorstep, or have a full refund and/or a replacement sent to you ASAP, too.

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Someone Stole My Amazon Package

The convenience of ordering from Amazon is incredible. The site has just about anything you could imagine for sale, and items can be shipped directly to your door. With that said, the process of having packages delivered to your home is not perfect. There is a threat of theft that often hangs over a delivery, especially if you are not going to be home to receive the package. In this post, well cover what to do if someone has stolen your Amazon package as well as potential solutions to help you prevent future theft.

How Do I Find My Missing Amazon Package That Shows As Delivered

What to Do if Your Amazon Order Never Arrives but They Say ...

It can be frustrating when you are expecting a package to arrive on a certain day and that day ends up passing without the package making it to your doorstep. It is even more frustrating when the package is marked as “delivered” but it still does not show up. You need to know how to react in that kind of situation.

Search for the Package or Any Clue as to Where It Is

Before you can get too concerned about a missing package, you need to search the area where your packages are left most often. Make sure that you didn’t miss the package while you checked out there earlier. Check the area for a delivery slip or any other clue that might help you know what is going on. Check any other doors to your home where the delivery person may have left your package.

Wait it Out

If you cannot find your package anywhere even after it has been marked as “delivered”, you need to be patient and wait things out. It is suggested that you give the situation 36 hours before you attempt to do anything about the missing package, as there are times when packages are marked as “delivered” before they are actually delivered. It can be scary to sit back and wait without knowing what is going on, but that is what you have to do.

Chat with Amazon Customer Service

1. Log on to the Amazon website and scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the page.

2. Click on the “Help” button

3. Scroll down on the “Help” menu and select “Need More Help?”

4. Click the “Contact Us” button

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What To Do When Your Amazon Package Gets Lost In Transit

The message in the app said the package was Lost by carrier undeliverable. Amazon said I could either contact them for a replacement/refund or wait a couple of days to see if the package arrives.

Did it fall off a truck somewhere? I was really confused about how my package could just slip through the cracks.

My next step was to contact Amazons customer service department through the app. I was given the option to call them at 1-866-216-1072 or have Amazon call me.

Once I got connected to a support agent, Amazon said the package issue was due to a mandatory system upgrade at my local delivery station.

Heres what I learned in a follow-up email:

Unfortunately, your local delivery station just completed a mandatory system upgrade that has delayed several hundred thousand packages including yours. I expect this delay to last at least 24 -48 hours.

While on the phone, the customer service associate confirmed that my package would eventually show up.

In the past, Ive received compensation when Amazon misses its guaranteed delivery date , but I didnt ask for anything for this minor inconvenience I just wanted an explanation.

The support agent also offered to cancel the existing order and place a new one with one-day shipping, but I declined.

To my surprise, the follow-up email that I received the next morning included compensation. I got a $7 promotional certificate that will be automatically applied to my next Amazon order.

Usps Missing Mail Search

As highlighted above, the website is where youâll want to go if seven days have passed from the day that your mail was supposed to be delivered and it has not arrived yet.

The missing mail USPS website should also only be taken advantage of after you contact your post office directly to see if they can help you, as they might be able to expedite things before that seven-day window has eclipsed.

When you get to the USPS Missing Mail Search section of the site, though, youâll be asked to provide the following details:

  • The tracking number for the package or parcel that is missing, as well as any additional barcodes that can include insurance details
  • The date that the parcel was sent out
  • The type of mail service that was taken advantage of
  • And details regarding where the missing mail should be sent if it is recovered

You also be asked to best describe the mail that is missing, giving the inspectors and investigators as much information as possible to hopefully find the things that you are after.

Finally, youâll have to accept two different disclaimers and terms of conditions before your Missing Mail USPS form is officially submitted â but thatâs only going to take a couple of seconds and you are off to the races.

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Amazon Package Not Delivered

If youre trying to locate an Amazon package that was not delivered, youve come to the right place. Weve done a lot of research and were here to help you locate or replace your missing, lost or stolen Amazon package.

In this Guide, you will find information to help you

  • Track your package
  • File a claim if your package is missing
  • Get a kickback from Amazon if your package is late
  • Contact Amazon Customer Support

    How To Get A Refund On Amazon Packages That Were Delivered But Not Received.

    The next piece of the puzzle is to actually reach out to Amazon customer support directly and see if they can do something to help track down your package.

    You are going to have a couple of different contact points to get a hold of Amazon through, but the easiest method is probably their online live chat support. Phone support, mobile app support, and email support are all available as well.

    Online Live Chat Support

    The online live chat support tools Amazon provide are some of the best in the e-commerce business, really simple and straightforward to use, and super convenient.

    Simply log into your Amazon account , going to your SETTINGS section, and then go to the HELP area.

    You can also get to the online live chat support tools by clicking on your order, clicking on the actual invoice itself, and then clicking on the NEED HELP? link provided.

    Phone Support

    Amazon customer service and support is available on a 24/7, 365 day a year basis, which is a huge benefit for folks that really need to get on the phone and talk to someone about their Amazon package going missing.

    This customer service department can be reached by dialing 1-888-280-4331, but thereâs also live phone support links that can be found in the mobile apps for iOS and Android users as well.

    Just tell the customer service agent exactly what happened, which order on your Amazon account you are referencing, and when you were expecting your package and how you havenât been able to find it yet.

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    How Do I Report A Stolen Fedex Package

    FedEx makes it easy to file lost package claims. If you ordered or shipped something from the US through them, you can file a FedEx stolen package claim online.

    FedEx is also pretty speedy. It normally takes just five to seven business days to resolve a claim.

    As the sender, recipient, or third-party, youll have 60 calendar days to file a claim for damaged or missing contents and up to nine months to file lost item reports. Just make sure you keep all packaging or evidence because FedEx might ask to see it.

    Your Amazon Order Never Arrived Here Is What You Need To Do

    Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world at the moment with 798,000 employees. The online shopping giant also makes money by the billions. Almost everyone you know probably uses the company on a weekly basis but even one of the most successful eCommerce companies in the world makes mistakes.

    Amazon is known for having great customer support, good deals that can help you save money, and pretty good quality products. They are even in the web services industry alongside being in the self-education and online learning space .

    Suffice to say Amazon is an empire in its own right.

    Unfortunately with everything connected to various software fueled processes, there is a lot of room for error.

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    Fake Amazon Reviews Inflate Product Ratings

    Online purchasers rely on reviews to make shopping choices.

    The real losers here are the consumers who are possibly believing many of these fake positive reviews, or this artificial padding of reviews because they might see 100 positive reviews, and then there may only be 60 or 70 of them that are legitimate, former Amazon policy enforcement investigator Chris McCabe told CNN.

    The Amazon Delivery Attempt

    What to Do if Your Amazon Order Never Arrives but They Say ...

    If you are not at the delivery address when Amazon tries to deliver your package, Amazon will leave the package in a secure location. If you dont have a secure location, or the delivery requires you to be present, Amazon will send you an e-mail.

    Amazon will try to deliver three times on consecutive days. If the third delivery attempt is unsuccessful the package will be returned to Amazon for a refund.

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    What To Do If You Have A Lost Or Stolen Package

    Sometimes packages get lost. But let’s face itmost of the time if you’re searching for a missing package it’s because someone swiped it from your doorstep. Almost 26 million packages were stolen in 2017.¹

    Here are steps you can take to get reimbursed for package theft, track down the thiefor scare porch pirates off before they do their dastardly deed.

    Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos like this one! Learn how to protect your home, your loved ones, yourself and your belongings.

    What Do I Do If Usps Says Delivered But No Package

    For starters, if you are dealing with a USPS says delivered in mailbox but no package is physically their situation youâre going to want to do a couple of things before reaching out to the post office themselves.

    First, youâre going to want to check all of the places outside that the post office may have left your package.

    A lot of times packages can be delivered by someone on your mail route that isnât the âregularâ mail delivery person, and they may not know that your packages should be left next to the garage, on your front steps, just below your mailbox, etc. the way that your regular mail delivery person takes care of things.

    Plenty of people find that even though USPS tracking says delivered but no package was found in their mailbox itâs only because the package itself was left at another doorstep, in the bushes, or set somewhere that they werenât expecting.

    Itâs always a good idea to check no matter what.

    From there, youâre going to want to check the current status of that package that you are expecting.

    This can be done by jumping on the USPS website directly and punching in your tracking information, searching your tracking code right through Google, or investigating your Informed Delivery dashboard if you have signed up for that free service â which is highly recommended, by the way.

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    Amazon And Back To School

    Back to school season is coming to an end, but Amazon still has a wide variety of back to school sales for students and parents. While we advise making your purchases now to avoid any delays, should you receive an Amazon Prime late delivery we recommend . You’ll need to log into your account to start a chat with an Amazon rep, but they’re available 24/7.

    My Amazon Package Never Arrived What Do I Do Now

    What to do when Order is not delivered | Amazon Package not Delivered | Packet Lost | Full Refund

    One of the coolest little features of shopping on Amazon is that the website will tell you when you are most likely to get that package delivered to you if you buy within a certain block of time.

    With , most customers have been conditioned to expect 2 to 3 day delivery â if not even faster â so they might not even look to see what that little message has to say. Theyâre going to be looking for their packages in two or three business days no matter what!

    Unfortunately, as we mentioned a moment ago, sometimes and Amazon package just doesnât arrive when we expect â or doesnât arrive at all.

    Hereâs what youâll need to do to navigate those kinds of situations.

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    Disputing Debit Card Charges

    The consumer protections for debit cards are different than the protections for credit cards. You may not be able to get a refund for non-delivery or delivery of the wrong item. Contact your debit card issuer often your bank as soon as you know theres a problem. Some debit card issuers may voluntarily offer protections. Start by calling the customer service number. Follow up with a letter. This sample letter for disputing credit and debit card charges can help.

    Use A Lockbox Service

    A second way to prevent stolen mail is to have packages delivered to a lockbox through a service such as Amazon Locker. Some grocery or convenience stores also offer this type of service, or you can have your package delivered to your local UPS or USPS center and pick it up there. If you fancy a shorter trip than a drive to the post office, you can buy a combination-protected lockbox that sits on your porch and protects your packages until you get home.

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