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What To Get On Amazon For $5

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What If I Already Have Amazon Prime

How To Get Free $5-10 Amazon Gift Card Easily!! Works Every Time!

Not a problem! Even if you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you can register your EBT or Medicaid card and start getting money off your membership in the future.

Whether you currently make monthly payments or annual payments for Amazon Prime, your account will automatically change to a month-to-month plan when you sign up for EBT/Medicaid benefits. This means you can cancel at any time.

The discount will take effect in your next billing cycle. And, most importantly, if you have already paid for a year of Amazon Prime, Amazon will give you a prorated refund of however many months remain of your membership.

For example, if you paid the $119 fee for a year of Amazon Prime and have four months remaining when you register your EBT or Medicaid card, you will receive a refund of approximately $40 .

If you currently pay the regular $12.99 per month for Prime, your bill will simply change to $5.99 on the first scheduled payment date after registering your card.

Early Black Friday Deals At Amazon

Are you looking to spend the money you just made with these Amazon Gift Card promotions? Dont worry, you definitely dont need to wait for Black Friday. is already packed full of incredible deals that are definitely as good as anything youll find around Black Friday.

If you want some examples, were way ahead of you. Apple AirPods Pro are $52 off and Sony WH1000XM4 noise cancelling headphones just hit an all-time low at $248. The Yeedi k600 robot vacuum is one of the most popular models right now, and its only $89.99. You can add hands-free Alexa to any car with the Echo Auto while refurbs are on sale for just $19.99. Plus, theres an extremely rare discount right now on the Wyze Cam v3 home security camera with incredible color night vision.

Dont miss these awesome deals!

Go here to see this months best cheap deals online!

Follow to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web. Prices subject to change without notice and any coupons mentioned above may be available in limited supply.

These Elastic Laces To Turn Your Favorite Pair Of Kicks Into Slip

“I have these on all of the sneakers I own and have bought my boyfriend a few pairs. These have lasted multiple marathons, half marathons, and faster 5Ks . They don’t loosen or come undone. I love that I could get my shoes tight enough but because they are elastic, there is still a nice flex. Plus, they are great for getting through airport security.” kaddoms50

Get a pair from Amazon for $9.99 .

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For The Baker: Brown Sugar Bear

If your recipient is a baker or likes a scoop of brown sugar in their oatmeal, they might get frustrated when their brown sugar gets hard and usable. But this adorable clay teddy bear might just solve that problem. Simply soak it in water for 20 minutes and place it in brown sugar to keep it soft for months. Reviewers even use it to loosen up hard clumps of sugar, too.

Household Products For $5 Or Less On Amazon Prime


These gifts for the home will help to make any space feel cozier on a minimal budget. Plus, these household gifts under $5 get bonus points for the fast, free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime members.

These fun and practical coaster sets insulate from heat and protect surfaces from damage.

Fill the room with a variety of fresh scents with these 12-hour candles.

Make sure you get the last drop of your expensive and favorite products with The Spatty. This reusable and flexible spatula grants access to the far reaches of bottles to retrieve the final drops of expensive products!

This express shoe shine sponge is a convenient way to get a quick shoe shine.

Organize your cables with ease with a set of highly-rated hook-and-loop cable ties.

The simple Snag Nab-It is actually a precision tool that repairs knits and woven materials. See the demo video on the product page!

Keep these convenient letter openers at home and the office.

Keep viruses and dirt away by making sure that there is plenty of soap available for washing up!

Let this innovative product keep your drains clear and free-flowing.

Clean the house easily or carry these convenient cleaning wipes for a safe environment anywhere.

Use these fun universal cleaning gels to clean PCs, tablets, laptops, keyboards, vehicles, cameras, printers, calculators, and more!

Microfiber cleaning cloths make easy work of cleaning just about everything indoors and outdoors including cars, home, office, and more!

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How To Spot A Free Amazon Gift Card Scam

Just like you can be scammed out of cash, Amazon gift cards are also susceptible to fraud. If someone contacts you and says you have unpaid debt or owe back taxes and need to pay with a gift card, its a scam. Scammers even try to tell people theyve won money but have to pay fees with an Amazon gift card before they can have their cash.

Other scams you might hear of include fake listings for items that must sell fast, electronic devices that have been hacked, a family member who is having an emergency, or promotions for services like cable TV or internet.

If youre contacted by someone and told to pay for any of these with an Amazon gift card, hang up or delete the email. And if it sounds scammy or too good to be true, it probably is.

Additionally, be wary of free Amazon gift card generator type sites. No such generator exists and any promotion or offer you see on these websites is a scam. Most often youll see the promise of Amazon gift card code lists in exchange for your contact information, which is then sold elsewhere on the web.

This Mascara That’s Cheapest On Amazon

Try a new mascara without breaking the bank.

Reviews: 627Star rating: 4.0

Lash extensions can be expensive, so fake it til you can afford them. Covergirls Clump Crusher is actually cheaper as an add-on product at Amazon compared to what youd pay at CVS or Walmart. Reviewers claim it lives up to its name and doesnt clump. For this low of a price, dont expect this mascara to blow your mind, but its a great choice if youre not super picky about your makeup.

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Amazon App Deal: $5 Off Your First $10 Purchase

Take advantage of this great Amazon app deal!

If you havent used the Amazon app to order stuff, heres a $5 off $10 you can use on me!

My husband and I love ordering things from the Amazon app! I have it on my phone so I can make purchases on the go, and we also have it installed on our iPad at home, and even my husband orders things from there.

I dont know what we did before we incorporated Amazon Prime into our daily lives. It seriously reduces my stress so much because I can shop when it is convenient for me and have everything delivered to my door in two days. No more taking three little kids to the store just to grab the essentials!! :=)

For The Vino: Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers

What Can You Get for $5 On Amazon Prime? Rubik’s Cube Neon Pop Review, Shopping With A Man, Ep 2

Oftentimes a bottle of wine will lose it’s flavor a few days after opening, but these vacuum sealing wine stoppers will ensure your giftee’s bottle will stay fresh for up to a week. Each stopper has a pump that removes air the wine bottle. Pretty neat, right? Reviewers say they’ve seen a big improvement in their wine after using these stoppers.

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For The Lipstick Lover: Wet

Matte lipsticks are all the rage, but Reviewed found that you don’t have to break the bank to rock the style. If your giftee loves makeup, the Wet-n-Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick held up as the best in our testing and is under $5 to boot. We tested the bargain brand out and found it to be a smooth lip color that comfortably lasts all day.

For The One Who Loves Games: Playing Cards

A deck of cards is an easy way to get everyone socializing, which is why it’s the perfect small gift. Everyone needs a deck of cards, whether they play solitaire by themselves, poker with their buddies, or Go Fish with their grandkids. These ones from Bicycle are highly rated and are available in several prints like dragons, unicorns, and more.

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+ Fun Family Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Every October / November, I find myself scratching my head over whether or not I should buy certain people gifts. I LOVE giving gifts, but sometimes the overwhelming nature of the holiday season gets to me.and I kinda panic. I like to get my closet neighbors a small gift of some kind thatKeep Reading

Kids Gifts For $5 Or Less On Amazon

Get your Halloween candy shopping done at 25% off via ...

These gifts kids under 5 dollars will entertain the kids while costing $5 or less!

This original SLINKY is the same toy that has been around for 70 years! Enjoy the simple fun of setting up a track to see how far the Slinky will travel!

These adorable wristlets are approximately 5 long and help to carry coins and other essentials.

Kids will enjoy dressing for bed with these pajamas featuring a favorite toy!

Kids of all ages will enjoy a variety of ways to enjoy fidgeting with these magnetic rings!

Offline activities offer classic ways to play and create.

Pick a favorite and compete with friends for glider hang time with this set of 12 flying gliders.

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Get Them Directly From Amazon

While most people have heard of doing surveys online for rewards and know about cash-back shopping apps to earn free Amazon gift cards, the easiest way to get them is directly from the source.

Reload an Amazon gift card

Right now Amazon has a sweet deal: reload an existing gift card with $100 or more and get a free $10 bonus. If you shop on Amazon regularly and have $100 to reload or buy a gift card, then it could be worth it to snag the free money.

Consider the Amazon Visa Card

If cashback is your thing, and youre a frequent Amazon shopper, you may be interested in the .

Youll get a free $150 Amazon gift card instantly upon approval. Afterward, double-dip on all your shopping with 2% back at restaurants and gas stations, 10% back on select Prime purchases, and 1% back everywhere else.

Trade in your electronics and books

If you have an old smartphone or tablet you no longer use, you might be able to get paid for it through . It buys smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-readers, and books.

You have to send in your products to be assessed, but shipping is free. If theyre accepted, you get free Amazon gift cards for the appraised value of the item. If not, itll send your items back and you can try to sell your electronics elsewhere.

Work for Amazon

If youre looking for a flexible side hustle, Amazon has a program calledMechanical Turk thats essentially a marketplace for online work.

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Amazon Is Giving You $5 For Giving $50 In Gift Cards On Cyber Monday

If you had a TV on late at night during the late ’90s or early ’00s, there’s a good chance you saw Matthew Lesko, but maybe didn’t remember his name. You definitely remember his screeches about “FREE MONEY.”

Unofficially speaking, Matthew Lesko would endorse this Cyber Monday deal: If you give a Amazon will give you a $5 credit in return when you use the code THANKYOUGC21.

Not everyone will be eligible for this promotion if you aren’t, you’ll see “Thank you for your interest in Amazon Gift Cards. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer” at the top of this page.

But if you are eligible, you just need to give $50 of Amazon gift cards in one order and enter THANKYOUGC21 at checkout.

Of course, there are a handful of terms and conditions to using the $5 credit:

  • Add one or more products sold by in new condition to your cart
  • Complete your order by Jan. 25, 2022, 11:59 PM
  • The savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page

But if you were stumped on what to give your friend, cousin, friend’s cousin or cousin’s friend, well, now you’ve got a good answer. Aren’t you generous!

Check out our Cyber Monday coverage to score discounted gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

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A Textured Silicone Handle Cover To Protect Your Precious Phalanges While You’re Cheffin’ It Up In Your Cast Iron Pan

The handle is oven-safe up to 475ºF and fits a variety of long cookware handles, including most cast iron skillets.

Promising review: “Didn’t realize how much I missed this until I owned it. I am using this on my Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, 12 Inch and the handle fit is almost perfect. I love being able to keep this on the handle while I am cooking and being able to pick up my cast iron skillet without having to hassle and find pot holders. It is a great deal and something I have been trying to find for a while. I love AmazonBasics stuff.” Danny Hixton


And check out the best cast-iron pans on BuzzFeed Reviews!

The Miracle Cleaning Scrubber You Didnt Know You Needed

What Can You Get for $5 On Amazon Prime? Fruity Cheerios Cereal Review, Shopping With A Man, Ep 3

For stubborn stains on virtually any surface, a Magic Eraser will do the trick.

Reviews: 248Star rating: 4.1

Whip this bad boy out for heavy-duty greasy and grimy messes. While you can find packs of generic melamine sponges for low prices as well, the cheaper ones tend to fall apart quickly, while the Mr. Clean version lasts longer. This particular eraser includes Durafoam to make cleaning even easier.

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Awesome Things You Can Get For Under $5 On Amazon

Got five bucks that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Well, you’re in luck!

Here are 30 awesome products you can order from Amazon for around $5 or less. At prices so low, you can probably add a few of them to your shopping cart or wishlist!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

















Casper Sleep Element Mattress

Make your next mattress one that comes in a box. Casper is one of the best, most well-known in the sleep game, and right now you can save on the brands all-foam Element mattress, which provides conform-to-you-body support thanks to a top layer of memory foam and prevents overheating with AirScape technology.

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What Should I Buy

Need some Amazon shopping inspiration? Five dollars might not seem like a huge amount of money, but some of our favorite Amazon purchases are under ten bucks. The $5 offer will get you a free tube of Essence mascara, half-off our favorite anti-fog glasses spray, and a free tube of NYX photogenic concealer. Happy mobile shopping!

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7 Deals You’ll Find on Amazon Warehouse

Amazon New Prime Members $5 Credit Bonus: Earn $5 Amazon Credit For 3 Months

30 Awesome Things You Can Get For Under $5 on Amazon # ...

Recently signed up for Amazon Prime? Well, youre in luck to earn some spicy savings! Amazon is currently offering new Prime members $5 Amazon credit for 3 months to thank you for joining Amazon Prime! Use the promo code provided for each month, PRIMEMONTH1, PRIMEMONTH2, and PRIMEMONTH3 to get $5 off your purchase from any product shipped and sold by This offer is highly targeted and is only valid for some new Prime accounts. If youve recently joined Amazon Prime, check your account today to see if youre eligible for these savings!

Editors Note: If youre not a current member of Amazon Prime, you can for a FREE 30-day trial! Being an Amazon Prime Member comes with many benefits. You have access to FREE 2-day shipping, instant access to video streaming, unlimited music streaming to over a million songs, exclusive deals, and much more!

  • Check your Amazon Prime Account!
  • Promotion: Get $5 Amazon Credit for 3 Months
  • Expiration: Limited time offer
  • Requirements: New Amazon Prime members only highly targeted
  • Terms: Offer by invitation to only a limited group of members. Amazon Terms and Conditions apply.

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How Do I Get My $5 Amazon Credit

Its easy. Follow this link, and enter your phone number or email address. Amazon will send you another link where youll download the mobile app straight to your phone. Then, sign in to your Amazon account and make a purchase of at least $10. The $5 credit will automatically apply to your account when you checkout.

Some fine print: the offer only works on the mobile app, and cant be applied to gift cards. The $5 offer expires at 11:59 p.m. on March 31st, so dont delay!

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