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What To Watch Now On Amazon Prime

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For Fans Of: Idiots Committing Crimes The Co

Sardar Udham – Watch Now | Vicky Kaushal | Shoojit Sircar | Amazon Prime Video

Holly Hunter and Nicolas Cage, Raising Arizona

Metascore: 69One of Joel and Ethan Coen‘s first — and most under-appreciated — movies, Raising Arizona is a raucous crime-comedy about a bumbling thief and his equally bumbling cop wife who, for various reasons, steal a baby and decide to raise it themselves. Of course, it’s never that easy, and the trio are forced to go on the run when the baby’s real father sends a bounty hunter to retrieve his kid. It has all the Coen-isms that we know and love from movies like Fargo and Burn After Reading, plus a dash of extra insanity exacerbated by Cage’s whole deal.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

When his 1992 movie about a cheerleading vampire slayer flopped, writer Joss Whedon couldnt let Buffy languish in pop culture history in its campy coffin. So he did what any genre-loving creator would do! He revived it, and spawned one of the most successful female-led fantasy shows of all time, with Sarah Michelle Gellar taking over as the vamp-stabbin, monster-huntin badass. Not only is Buffy tasked with saving the world from the apocalypse and preventing several baddies from destroying her hometown of Sunnydale, she also grapples with typical teen angst.

While the monster of the week format stakes its claim in earlier seasons, Buffys complex life and those of her best friends, Xander and Willow, extend beyond that into rich, layered storytelling that is brilliant serial television. Without a doubt a genre staple, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a must-see for anyone with a love of good vs. tales that give the middle finger to convention.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

This coming-of-age musical drama is based on the true story of teenage British schoolboy Jamie Campbell, who secretly dreams of becoming a drag queen. Peppered with songs from the stage musical’s original score, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie will lift you up with optimism, hitting all the right feel-good beats.

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‘the Harder They Fall’

This expertly crafted all-star Western honors the untold stories of Black cowboys. Jonathan Majors is a magnetic presence as Nat Love, an outlaw who sees a chance to exact final revenge on his enemy Rufus Buck when the latter man is freed from prison in a tale that also stars Regina King, Lakeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz.

Where to watch: Netflix

For Fans Of: Deception But In A Sexy Way

17 Best Amazon Prime Original Series to Watch Right Now

The Handmaiden

Metascore: 84The Handmaiden is one of those movies where every character is scamming another character, resulting in an exciting, dramatic thriller. It starts out as a film about a Korean con man who devises a pan to seduce a Japanese heiress out of her inheritance. He enlists the help of a pickpocket to act as the heiress’ maid and confidant, tasking her with encouraging marriage between the two. Things begin to get more dangerous as deeper relationships develop in the messy, intertwined trio, which is all I want to say without actually spoiling the plot’s genius twists. What you should know going in is that this movie was directed by Park Chan-wook, who gave us the brutal, bloody Oldboy, so you should expect some gruesome imagery.

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The Mitchells Vs The Machines

Move over, Disney, this Netflix joyful animated family comedy is an absurd delight. Katie Mitchell is forced to go on a road trip when her parents insist on driving her to film school, a digital machine uprising occurs and the family has to work through its relationship issues in the middle of a robo-pocalypse.

Where to watch: Netflix

For Fans Of: Comedies About Going To Work Emma Thompson Wearing Suits

Late Night

Metascore: 70Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson star in this extremely sweet-hearted movie, written by Kaling, about a talk show host whose popularity is waning as she ages. To help freshen up her writers’ room and stop the network from replacing her, she hires a new, inexperienced writer . Some of the jokes and job responsibilities admittedly delve a little too far into the inside baseball territory — a lot of importance is placed on Kaling’s character becoming co-monologue writer, for example — but overall, Late Night is a fun movie about the lengths women have to go to in order to be taken seriously in their careers.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

This animated hit from Nickelodeon follows a young Airbender called Aang, the last in a line of supernaturally gifted humans that has the ability to manipulate the elements. Avatar: The Last Airbender was adapted into a truly awful live-action movie by director M. Night Shyamalan, but dont let that put you off. This source material is rock solid and features sophisticated storytelling that is suitable for all ages.

The Best Tv Shows On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

Watch Now – 4 New English Shows | Amazon Prime Video

Once all of the holiday packages arrive in good order, its time to switch to using Amazon for something else: Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service, which comes as part of an Amazon Prime subscription, offers access to tons of great TV shows and movies, from Amazon originals to legacy series that originally aired on linear networks. The list is ever-growing and the content selection expansive, which is why it can be overwhelming to keep up. Not to mention that some shows require a secondary subscription for access.

Rather than grab the remote and scroll for hours through the list trying to find the right show to suit your mood, we have put together this neat list of the best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video right now, organized by genre so you can skip right to the one that interests you. Whether youre in the mood for sci-fi or a good belly-laugh-inducing comedy, theres something to fit.

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For Fans Of: Lovable Grandmas Dysfunctional Families

The Farewell

Metascore: 89In 2020, Awkwafina became the first Asian American woman to win a Golden Globe for her performance in Lulu Wang‘s beautiful dramedy about a Chinese-American family who decide not to tell their terminally ill grandmother that she only has a short while left to live. While that stat sounds absolutely insane, she more than deserved the award for the beautiful work she does in The Farewell. This movie has a lot of wonderful parts that add up to a heart-wrenching package: a reflection on the immigrant experience, an exploration of identity, a celebration of the messiness of family.

The Last Black Man In San Francisco

Writers: Jimmie Fails, Robert Richart

Cast: Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors, Danny Glover, Tichina Arnold, Rob Morgan, Mike Epps, Finn Wittrock

Quietly gorgeous, with a palette of rich, sumptuous colors and arguably even more beautiful character work, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a knockout. Jimmie Fails stars in a story partially based on his own life, as a young man determined to reclaim his childhood home in a gentrified San Francisco neighborhood where it now goes for about $4 million on the market. Fails has described the film as a love story between him and the house, and in many ways, it is that, a rapturous descent into the obsessions of love and the increasingly desperate and determined steps a man will take to win back the object of his affection.

But it’s also a moving story of friendship and a poetic, heartfelt meditation on the emotional and historical power of the past even as it’s being purged for profit, the search for legacy in a culture that’s left you behind, and the breaking point when looking towards the past poisons your present. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a lovely film with a haunted heart, and marks a stunning debut for director Joe Talbot. — Haleigh Foutch

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Why Watch The Notebook:

Arguably one of the most romantic love stories of all time, The Notebook is a film everyone truly must see. Based on a novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams play lovers Noah and Allie who are simply meant to be together, but the course of true love never did run smoothly. Although at the time of release the film garnered mixed reviews, The Notebook has gone on to achieve cult status, propelling Gosling and McAdams into the stars we know today.

The lead actors really do make the film. At times the story does hit highs and lows, but McAdams and Gosling always carry the script with delicacy. The ending will no doubt break your heart, making the whole film worth sticking with just make sure youre loaded up with tissues because we guarantee youll need them. – Helen Daly

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Top Movies And Shows On Amazon Prime Video In 2021

Best comedies on Amazon Prime Video you can watch right ...

Our latest additions include a rom-com series, a hangout series, and a movie where Riz Ahmed fights aliens

Sorting through the library of TV shows and movies available to watch on can be an overwhelming task, but that’s why TV Guide is here: We get overwhelmed so you don’t have to! There’s something for everyone in our latest recommendations, including With Love, the new rom-com series from One Day at a Time‘s Gloria Calderón Kellett the sixth and final season of the sci-fi hit The Expanse the hangout series Harlem and Riz Ahmed’s new alien movie Encounter. We also have plenty of other recommendations here, if you’re not all that interested in what’s new.

An important note about how this list was made: In order to keep it as relevant as possible, we’re stressing the best recent releases, Amazon Prime Video originals, and critics’ favorites. But we’re also putting our own personal spin on the list, with underrated gems we’ve been recommending to our friends, ageless classics, and important selections that highlight diverse voices.

Looking for more recommendations of what to watch next? We have a ton of them! We also have hand-picked selections based on shows you already love.

For fans of: Having a wholesome good time, family holidaysNumber of seasons: 1

Emeraude Toubia, With Love

For fans of: Spaaaaaace, complex political and social situations, fedorasNumber of seasons: 6

Shohreh Aghdashloo, The Expanse

Esmé Creed-Miles, Hanna

Metascore: 65


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The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this biopic about English artist, inventor, entrepreneur and caretaker Louis Wain. Set at the end of the 19th century, it follows a man who, after taking in a stray kitten, creates surreal cat paintings that made him wold famous. They also seem to reflect his own declining sanity. A feel-good drama with a typically gripping central performance from Cumberbatch, this warm portrait is filled with whimsy, even if it’s a little uneven.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Theres a reason that this story of pod people has been remade pretty much for every generation. It taps into something timeless about the fear of distrusting our fellow man . The 70s version by Philip Kaufman is arguably the best, anchored by one of Donald Sutherlands best performances and that creepy sense that the sense of community fostered by the late 60s was being dismantled from within.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks

CBS All Access

Sci-fi fans on the look for a fun comedy should check out Star Trek: Lower Decks the animated Prime Video original about the support crew on the U.S.S. Cerritos. Set in the year 2380, this Star Trek spin-off features the voices of Tawny Newsome , Jack Quaid , Noël Wells and Eugene Cordero as ensigns aboard one of Starfleets least important ships, navigating intergalactic life. .

For Fans Of: Crank Kate Beckinsale Violently Brutalizing Goons

Jai Bhim – Watch Now in Hindi | Suriya | Amazon Prime Video

Kate Beckinsale, Jolt

Metascore: 48Kate Beckinsale could have coasted in her career and played a lonely single mom who gets wooed by a hunk in various rom-coms, but thank god she’s decided to be a butt-kicking action hero instead. In Jolt, she plays a woman with a unique condition that you’ll only find in movies: If she doesn’t electroshock herself with a custom-made harness, she loses her temper and starts to beat the sh– out of everyone. Let’s just say she doesn’t always get the jolt she needs in time… a lot. There’s also a scene in which she throws babies, and there are many swift kicks to the groin. Dumb fun, good time. –Tim Surette

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For Fans Of: Learning About History Without Having To Open A Book

One Child Nation

Metascore: 85This award-winning documentary will teach you all about a painful chapter in China’s history via the one-child policy, which lasted from 1979 to 2015. Real people who lived through such a devastating period speak on their experiences, and the film delves into the damaging effects of government propaganda. Interestingly, One Child Nation is given a personal touch by co-director Nanfu Wang, who weaves stories of her own experience as a new mother in with the documentary’s overall narrative.

The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

New films, and classics, just keep coming, but you dont have to drill down to find the finest selections to stream. Well do the heavy lifting. You press play.

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to get recommendations on the best films and TV shows to stream and watch, delivered to your inbox.

As Netflix pours more of its resources into original content, is picking up the slack, adding new movies for its subscribers each month. Its catalog has grown so impressive, in fact, that its a bit overwhelming and at the same time, movies that are included with a Prime subscription regularly change status, becoming available only for rental or purchase. Its a lot to sift through, so weve plucked out 100 of the absolute best movies included with a Prime subscription right now, to be updated as new information is made available.

Here are our lists of the best TV shows and movies on Netflix, and the best of both on Hulu and Disney+.

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Prime Video: The 30 Best Movies To Watch

From Being the Ricardos to Sound of Metal, these are the movies to commit an evening to.

Being the Ricardos

Aside from dropping a host of movies at the beginning of each month, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t have a ton of new weekly releases.

But occasionally, an original or a flick from the vault comes knocking and deserves to be put on your radar. Below you’ll find a selection of highlights for this week, as well as CNET’s full list of best Amazon Prime Video Original movies.

The Best Series On Amazon In 2021

You can now watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast, Android TV

Were in the age of binge-watching now more than ever. With everyone still mostly stuck inside, theres not much else to do other than open up your streaming services and start browsing. But what happens when you run out of the best Netflix movies and original series to watch?

You head on over to Amazon Prime and realize that theres actually a plethora of great TV shows to watch with your Prime subscription. Below, weve highlighted some of the best Amazon Prime series to stream right now to help you out. Weve also found , the best Hulu shows, the best Disney+ shows, and the best Netflix shows to watch in 2021.

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Which Movies And Tv Shows Can I Watch On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a wide range of entertainment for all demographics. This includes titles that are included as part of your subscription and titles that you can rent through the platform for an additional fee. The list of movies available on the streaming service includes the live action adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog, Christopher Nolans The Prestige and Rian Johnsons modern murder mystery, Knives Out.

When looking for TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video, subscribers can choose anything from goofball animations like Spongebob Squarepants to gritty dramas such as Mr. Robot and Dexter. The streaming service is also the home for original movies and TV shows produced by Amazon Studios. This includes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel starring Rachel Brosnahan. The Emmy Award-winning show tells the story of a woman living in 1950s New York as she pursues a career in stand-up comedy a stark contrast to her comfortable family life on the Upper West Side.

For Fans Of: Campy Mysteries The Board Game Clue


Metascore: 39Board games couldn’t ask for better press than Clue, everyone’s favorite box office flop. The cult classic 1985 murder mystery takes an Agatha Christie-style premise six strangers are invited to dinner at a mansion and turns it into a madcap comic romp packed with wordplay so silly it’s smart. Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, , and Lesley Ann Warren form an all-star ensemble of mysterious dinner guests who share the same blackmailer Tim Curry, in one of his all-time best performances, plays the butler. Curry carries Clue‘s memorable gimmick of an ending, which offers up three possible resolutions, on his back, reenacting the whole film as he reveals who did it. –Kelly Connolly

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