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What Was The First Item Sold On Amazon

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Ways To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon

My First Year Selling On Amazon FBA – The Honest Results

Whether youre curious about how to find best sellers on amazon, or you want to find out what you can sell to climb to the top, there are ways to do it all.

There are approximately 400 million individual products in Amazons line up, and you wont be wrong in thinking thats a lot of sorting to go through.

So in this list, there will be guides to finding out the best selling products online that are of interest to you, in whatever category you choose.

Amazon Seller Fees: Cost Of Selling On Amazon In 2022

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  • 5Frequently Asked Questions
  • The four primary Amazon seller fees are sale-related fees, seller account fees, shipping costs, and Amazon FBA fees.

    Sale-related fees range from 6% to 45% of each products selling price, with the average seller paying about 15%. Account fees range from $0 to $39.99 per month. Youll also need to fulfill and ship your orders, which varies widely in cost, depending on your products and fulfillment method.

    Well walk you through each type of Amazon seller fee below and show you how to estimate the fees youll pay for each product you sell on the ecommerce platform.

    Why Jeff Bezos Picked Books To Be Amazon’s First Product

    Do you know why Jeff Bezos decided to sell books, and not CDs, online 22 years ago? A rediscovered 1997 video has revealed why he chose books over CDs to be Amazon`s first product.

    Do you know why Jeff Bezos decided to sell books, and not CDs, online 22 years ago? A rediscovered 1997 video has revealed why the richest man of Earth chose books over CDs to be Amazon`s first product. The Amazon Founder and CEO who is worth $110 billion today said Amazon was able to capture people`s attention by giving them something that had real value – an online marketplace that made shopping easy.

    Rediscovered by analyst Brian Roemmele and shared on Twitter, the video shows a young Bezos speaking during a 1997 “Special Libraries Conference”.

    See Zee Business Live TV streaming below:

    “I picked books as the first best product to sell online, making a list of like 20 different products that you might be able to sell.

    “Books were great as the first best because books are incredibly unusual in one respect, that is that there are more items in the book category than there are items in any other category by far.

    “The June 1997 video is notable too because just a month earlier, Amazon went public for only $18 a share. As of yesterday`s close, Amazon was worth $1,778 per share,” TechRepublic reported on Wednesday.

    Not just selling books online, Amazon has 526 physical retail locations globally, including 19 Amazon Books stores.

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    Most Important Factors Driving Purchasing Decisions On Amazon

    Its clear that consumers love shopping on Amazon. But what is it that drives their purchasing decisions when browsing on the ecommerce platform?

    Survey results show that price is the leading factor of purchases on Amazon, with 82 percent of Amazon buyers listing it as an important shopping consideration .

    This is followed by low shipping costs and positive product reviews, which are considered to be key factors by 70 percent and 57 percent of Amazon buyers respectively.

    Many of them also enjoy the flexibility offered in returning products and the quick shopping time that Amazon offers. Just under half of all Amazon buyers say these are important factors to think about when online shopping on Amazon.

    Though Amazons Prime program is booming, its far from being a deal-breaker for shoppers who are deciding between products, with just over one-third of them saying Prime eligibility is a key factor they consider.

    Building A Safe Haven At Home

    3 Items that Sold on Amazon FBA

    As people worldwide spent more time at home in early 2020, product sales increased across at-home entertainment, home office items, home improvement, and cookware.

    Work and play from home

    Opting outside

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    How To List A Product On Amazon For Free

    As mentioned above, almost every product you could possibly think of can be found on Amazon.

    So, unless you are selling a brand new product that has never been seen before, such as a handmade product or a , all you need to do to list a product on Amazon is find the existing products listing.

    And the fastest way to do this is to simply go to Amazon just like you would if you were shopping.

    1. Find the products page on Amazon

    In the search bar, type in the product that you wish to sell. You can give a description of the product or you can type in the . You may have to scroll through the search options to find the exact product that you hope to list.

    2. Click the Sell on Amazon button

    Once you find your product, on the right side of the screen just below the , you will see a gray button that reads Sell on Amazon.

    3. Enter in your products information

    After you click the button, Amazon requests the following information about your product:

    After that, click Save and Finish. Usually, your product appears on the products listing page within two hours.

    Bsr And Search Results Arent Dependent On Each Other

    There is also a misunderstanding when it comes to relating the Best Seller Rank and the ranking high in searches. There is no direct relation between the two.

    The latter depends on which products are being searched for more rather than which ones are being bought.

    BSR is also updated regularly. According to the blog Viral Launch, the products are updated every 2-3 hours after a sale.

    And since more weight is given to recent sales than historical sales, products can move up and down quite quickly.

    Viral Launch even reports drops of 10,000 places in a single hour unless a sale occurs.

    Hence the most searched product on Amazon may not be the best selling product on Amazon.

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    Find Products That Don’t Have Too Much Competition

    If you’re trying to sell a product that currently has 100,000 search results, it’s likely going to be very difficult to stand out against the competition and achieve the sales you want. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find a niche within a larger market that has less competition, which ensures your product is more easily found by searchers — best of all, those searchers are likely more willing to buy your product, since they needed to search a more specific keyword.

    For instance, let’s say you want to sell cookbooks. “Cookbooks”, as a search term, has over 70,000 results.

    Alternatively, the search term “Cookbooks for instant pot cooking” has only 3,000 results. Not only is your product more likely to become a best-seller in this category, but it’s a more targeted keyword — if someone searches “Cookbooks” they could mean anything from “Kids cookbooks” to “Holidays cookbook”. If someone searches “Cookbooks for instant pot cooking”, however, they’re more likely to be satisfied with your product.

    Books Yep The Kind Made Of Paper And Ink

    My First Year Selling On Amazon FBA – The Honest Results

    Raise your hand if youve heard the death knell of books before. If it wasnt Kindle, it was some variation of the iPod/iPad/iPhone. But guess what? Books are more popular than ever. Its how Amazon got started, and how you can carve out a profitable niche on the marketplace.

    Know how?

    Simple: a huge profit margin. If you can pick up books in bulk for a dollar or so, give or take a bit in either direction, you can turn around and sell them on Amazon 1000% of their original price.

    While this isnt a sure-fire formula all the time and you probably shouldnt base your entire business on this premise if your goal is to maximise revenue, it most definitely deserves its own solid corner in your shop.


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    Find Listings With Few Customer Reviews

    One of the best ways to successfully list and sell a product on Amazon is to have the item listed on the first page of the search results.

    As mentioned before, this isnt a guarantee to make your item a best seller, but it helps for sure.

    If you look for products that have less than 30-50 customer reviews, then youll find that theyre very easy to compete against. Amazon heavily ranks products based on reviews.

    The fewer reviews a competing product has, the faster you can climb up the rankings.

    For example, if you see a custom stylus for a smartphone or a tablet on Amazon, and it has 43 reviews, you can beat that product by offering something better priced.

    Itll be much easier to upstage than something like the Apple Pencil or the Surface Stylus.

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    The Exact Steps To Finding Overseas Private Label Suppliers

    Follow these steps to open an Alibaba account and buy from Alibaba:

    First: Go to Alibaba and click on Join Free

    Second: Enter your Email address and verify that you own it. Try to not use your main/personal email if you dont want your inbox clogged up with supplier emails.

    Third: Fill out your basic information. Password, location, first name, last name, and telephone number. Alibaba asks you for Company name..Do not panic. The name can be whatever you want.

    Fourth: Confirm your personal information and complete the opening of your new Alibaba account. Now you can start buying products on Alibaba.

    How to open an Alibaba account

    Minimum Requirements to Select the Perfect Supplier

    • Accepts Trade Assurance, Paypal, or AliPay
    • Theyre a Gold Supplier
    • Has been assessed and certified checked onsite by Alibaba

    You want to keep your money as secure as possible. So checking all these boxes is a way to make sure you protect yourself when looking for a good supplier.

    Startupbros must have requirements in a supplier:

    Now, lets dive deeper into Alibaba payment methods and which ones would be better over others.

    Overview of Alibaba Payment Methods

    Suppliers like to compete on price but some might be willing to offer you a better one.

    Finding a supplier making the exact product you found on Amazon is crucial. Youll see that sometimes the pictures are even the same ones that are selling on Amazon.

    Side Note: Were not doing that when we list our product!

    Copy and Personalize This:

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    Online Bookstore And Ipo

    After reading a report about the future of the Internet that projected annual web commerce growth at 2,300%, Bezos created a list of 20 products that could be marketed online. He narrowed the list to what he felt were the five most promising products, which included: compact discs, computer hardware, computer software, videos, and books. Bezos finally decided that his new business would sell books online, because of the large worldwide demand for literature, the low unit price for books, and the huge number of titles available in print. Amazon was founded in the garage of Bezos’ rented home in Bellevue, Washington. Bezos’ parents invested almost $250,000 in the start-up.

    In July 1995, Amazon opened as an online bookseller, selling the world’s largest collection of books to anyone with World Wide Web access. The first book sold on Amazon.com was Douglas Hofstadter‘s Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought. In the first two months of business, Amazon sold to all 50 states and over 45 countries. Within two months, Amazon’s sales were up to $20,000/week. In October 1995, the company announced itself to the public. In 1996, it was reincorporated in Delaware. Amazon issued its initial public offering of stock on May 15, 1997, at $18 per share, trading under the NASDAQ stock exchange symbol AMZN.

    Almost Anyone Can List Products For Sale On Amazon

    When most people think of making money on Amazon, selling ...

    Unless a brand has tight distribution controls over its product, its not unusual to find dozens if not hundreds of resellers offering the same products on Amazon.

    This crowding creates price competition, as well as incentives to ignore Minimum Advertised Pricing/Manufacturers Suggested Retail Pricing policies or to divert products at low margins, just to get some margin out of holding a particular brand.

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    The Reseller: Exclusive Sourcing Relationships

    If the seller has negotiated exclusive sourcing relationships from specific brands with decent control of their distribution, preventing any number of unauthorized or gray-market sellers from also selling on Amazon, then this seller is likely to do well as it doesnt have to compete with other sellers for the buy box.

    While the principle of an exclusive sourcing relationship makes a lot of sense for sellers, few brands understand the dynamics of the Amazon marketplace well enough to be willing to limit who can sell on Amazon.

    This lack of understanding can potentially result in less product sold to retailers in the short-term and is one of the risks of .

    Such sellers typically have to agree to represent the brands well on Amazon, by way of improving listing content, ensuring MAP/MSRP prices are in place, and keeping inventory levels adequately stocked for the Amazon customer demand.

    With the advent of the FBA program, it is becoming easier for brands to go direct-to-consumer with their own seller accounts on Amazon, cutting out resellers altogether.

    For brands that are willing to handle some day-to-day operational responsibilities , they can make retail margins by selling direct-to-consumers on Amazon, rather than securing only wholesale margins selling to retailers/resellers that will, in turn, sell on Amazon.

    How To Create An Amazon Listing And Ship To Amazon Fba

    Follow these steps when you want to create an Amazon listing:

    Step 1: Go to seller central on Amazon and select the inventory drop down and select Add a Product.

    Step 2: Next you want to select create a new product listing and start from scratch.

    Step 3: Choose the category of the products youre going to be selling. Make sure that your product category is not restricted. If you sell in a restricted category you wont be able to create your product listing until youre approved.

    There are plenty of categories that dont require approval so keep it simple and keep moving forward! Find the closest thing that relates to your product.

    Step 4: Fill in the required info. You just want to get the product listing up so that you can send your products into Amazon FBA.

    You can focus on after the inventory arrives in Amazon.

    Next you want to fill out these spaces to complete your product listing and get your Amazon FBA listing completed.


    You want your product name here, you can change it later.


    Since youre a private label seller you can list your company name as the manufacturer. If you dont have a company name just make it the company name you will have in the future. Again dont let this stop you.


    Your brand can also be your company name.

    Your Price:

    If you saw our last post about buying UPC codes you know that you need them to list your products on Amazon.

    How to Buy a UPC Code

    Step 5: Buy a UPC Code if you dont have a UPC code yet. Go to SnapUPC

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    No Dominant Brand In The Market

    Brand recognition is really important, especially in some industries.

    You may not remember what brand of toilet paper you bought last, but the odds are you thought about brand when you bought your last car.

    Brand dominance can be a big factor on Amazon as well. If you use Jungle Scout to evaluate sales numbers on grass seed shows that Scotts Turf Builder sells $100,000 per month and the no-name brands sell $2,000 thats an indicator that consumers are brand loyal in this category.

    In some cases, its just tough to break in against the really big brands that own a category.

    For example, if you go search running shoes on Amazon youll see a lot of first page results from these guys:

    Ever heard of those brands?

    You probably arent thinking of launching something as involved as a running shoe company, but hopefully, you get the idea.

    If the top results are dominated by household names, then you should probably keep looking. Unless you can come up something some really creative advantage you could have that would cause someone to pass up the brands they know to try out your lesser-known product.

    Even then, understand that as an Amazon vendor you will be fighting an uphill battle no matter how good your product is.

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