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What’s Selling Hot On Amazon

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Stick To Products That Meet Certain Proven Criteria

Getting Ideas To Sell On Amazon – Whats Hot At The Moment?

When deciding if a product can be profitable, these proven criteria can definitely help:

  • Evergreen You want a product that you can sell all year round and possibly something that customers need to purchase again and again. If a product is seasonal , it means your revenue is seasonal as well.
  • Available on wholesalers If you plan to sell on Amazon, you should also have a manufacturer or supplier in mind to get the products from. .
  • Weight and Dimensions of the Product Shipping fees add up costs quickly. A product thats heavy or fragile will definitely have higher shipping fees than one thats smaller and lighter. Look for a product that is simple, easy to pack, and hassle-free to ship.
  • Price Go for products that you can sell for $20 to $75. Aiming too low makes it hard to earn a profit unless youre going wholesale with thousands of inventory. Aiming too high means you might not have enough buyers.

Note that not every best seller fits these criteria, and not every product that meets these criteria will be a best seller. But these criteria are a good measure of how profitable a product is.

Psssssttthere’s A Little Secret About How To Make Money From Selling Amazon Products

People don’t actually buy products instead they buy solutions to their problems.

Seriously, your job as a marketer is to find groups of people with problems and offer them solutions in the form of products.

Because in order to sell a product to someone you need to know WHY people would spend money on that product.

And here’s the thing, when you know the problem your potential customer has you can focus on the pain that problem is causing them.

And then all you have to do to make money is to offer them the solution to this pain or hassle in their life .

And the really cool thing is this…you don’t even have to SELL to them as they’ll willingly bite your hand off to buy it.


Because we ALL want our problems solved, right? Whether it costs money or not. We want an easy and stress-free life, true?

And the greatest thing of all about this?

This creates a win win situation for both the buyer and you .

So here’s the takeaway:

Don’t focus too much on âbest selling productsâ but more on finding a core group of people who have problems they need solved and then working out the solutions they need.


That way you can sell them multiple products related to their problems instead of just one.

How to use this post now you know this secret?

Firstly, look beyond these “best selling Amazon products” and figure out the different types of people who would be buying these products.

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Can I Drop Ship On Amazon

The short answer is yes, but the actual answer is no. Confused? Dont worry, it will all become clear as you read on.

The way that most people think about dropshipping is that theyll be sitting on an island somewhere, not having to deal with customers or suppliers. And, thats exactly where youll wind up if you try to dropship on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon does allow dropshipping but there are many rules attached to this type of selling.

Here are some examples of the Amazon dropshipping rules:

  • Be the seller of record for your products
  • You must identify yourself as seller on all product packaging
  • Not identify any third-party drop shipper on your packaging
  • Be responsible for all customer returns
  • Comply with all of your Amazon seller terms

If youre looking to hand off a lot of the sellers duties to another party, you may want to sign up for Amazon FBA. With an Amazon FBA business, you store your products at the Amazon fulfilment centers and the Amazon team will pick the products, pack them, ship them to your customers, and also provide customer service for these shipped products. A lot of vendors are using Amazon FBA for their sales.

Amazon FBA offers all-in-one sales assistance and makes it easy for sellers to entrust many sales duties to others. When you entrust these tasks to the Amazon FBA team, youre using a method that can be carried out in an efficient way by those in the know. Fulfillment by Amazon makes the job a bit easier for you.

What To Sell On Amazon Fba: Product Criteria

Best Things To Sell On Amazon: TOP 100
  • Usually its better to avoid selling well-known or designer-branded products. Most Amazon buyers are interested in decent products that come at a good price.
  • Listing products under your own brand name and offering something a little extra, e.g. faster shipping, can put you ahead of your competitors.
  • Choosing small and lightweight products will save you extra storage fees in the case of slow-selling items. Plus, the bigger and heavier the product, the higher the shipping costs.
  • Choose uncomplicated products so you avoid potential customer issues.
  • Some goods, e.g. foods, toys, batteries or beauty products, may require certifications or paperwork that may be challenging and frustrating to obtain.
  • Additionally, consider a selling price between £10 and £50. Products you list and sell below £10 are unlikely to make you a decent profit unless you sell in huge volumes. Products above £50 have potential for more profit, but fewer shoppers may be interested in them.

    Products selling for less than £50 are usually within the impulse buy price range. Between £10 and £50 should be cheap enough for buyers to make a quick decision. This means that they probably wont need to think very hard about making the purchase.

    The most popular categories on Amazon tend to be:

    • Apparel
    • Toys.

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    The 42 Top Selling Items On Amazon And What You Can Learn From Them

    To start things off, lets take a look at the top-selling items on Amazon. Keep in mind that were not necessarily saying you should sell these specific products. After all, competition would be intense and, before moving further, you may have to do thorough competitor research using a tool like Seller Labs Pros Keyword Center. But when you pay attention to trends like these, you get a better sense of what Prime members and other Amazon shoppers want and need. So, use this Amazon bestseller list as a jumping-off point on your product research journey.

    Note that these products were ranked best seller at the time this article was written. Amazons Best Seller list is updated hourly, so for the most current list, .

    Without further ado, here are 42 best selling products on Amazon across each major category.

    Our Process For Choosing Amazon Best Sellers

    Lets face it: ;isnt as easy as it used to be.

    Discovering profitable products;can also be a challenge.

    Simply put, something that worked for someone else may not work for you.

    Moreover, services like Amazon Prime

    Image Source:

    Have changed the way people search for and consume products.

    Last but not least, the way people search for Amazon best sellers or best selling products has changed too.

    Although Amazon is one of the biggest search engines right now, there are still othermore dominantsearch engines like Google.

    Even though traditional product research;methodologies may still work, discovering Amazon best sellers and top selling items for your eCommerce business is not easy.

    In this context, you always need to test and experiment in order to discover the best products to sell online.

    In one of my most popular posts;to date, I present my entrepreneurial journey and discuss the importance of experimenting to discover top items that can help you boost sales.

    Now, let me provide an overview of our process to discover the best products to sell on Amazon.

    Lets assume that youve done your product research;and have come up with a big list of Amazon products that have potential.

    One of them could be a yoga mat:

    Image Source:

    With our process, no matter how many product listings youve marked as Hot, youll end up with at least five product ideas that could become Amazon best sellers.

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    Find Out Which Amazon Pages The Top Sellers Are Driving Traffic To

    In order to find out the top selling products on Amazon, you should try to find out where the major players in the game are trying to push their traffic on Amazon.

    These sellers have amassed huge audiences that are loyal to them and also know a thing or two about analytics and marketing.

    If you find out what theyre selling, and which pages theyre focusing on, you will avoid wasting time on products that dont sell. Rather, youll be a step ahead in your quest to explore the best selling items on Amazon.

    This is basically taking advantage of research that has already been carried out.

    Follow this short guide in order to find out what theyre selling and where theyre selling it:

  • Find the biggest publishers in your space and put their domains into the Ahref program.
  • Check the outgoing links
  • Sort the links by linked domains to see how many links theyre sending to Amazon
  • Dig deeper into those links by studying the anchor text to see the products they link to.
  • Besides using these steps, be smart about your research. If something is selling well, such as a dandruff shampoo, think about why that may be.

    If its winter, then the shampoo may be selling well because of dandruffs prolonged occurrence in winter.

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    How To Decide What To Sell On Amazon

    What to Sell on Amazon? – How to Find the BEST & HOTTEST Products on Amazon FBA & Sell Them Too!

    Once you know the ways to find products to sell on Amazon you have to decide what youre going to sell via the Amazon marketplace.

    Maybe you already have an idea of what you want to sell and you have the data to support selling this type of product. Or, maybe youre still considering your options and need some additional help in this department. If the latter category sounds like you, there are specific ways to decide what to sell.

    • Using data: Amazon search volume, Google search volume, competition, SEO difficulty, market trend data.
    • Profitability analysis: How do your wholesale prices compare to retail? Do you have at least 40% margin?
    • Presence of big brands: Are there established brands already selling products in this niche?

    Lets dive into each one in more detail.

    Compare Product Ideas Using Data

    Before picking a product or products to sell online, you want to compare your product ideas by using concrete data.

    Reviewing available data will help you find out information such as search volume, keywords, and more to prepare you prior to selling on Amazon.

    Product Search Volume

    If youre wondering what site, Amazon or Google, is more popular for product searching, theres conflicting data out there. So, with this in mind, you want to understand the search volume of both.

    Comparing the search volume of both Amazon and Google will ensure that you have a clear and true picture of what products people are searching for online and what you should

    Google Search Volume

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    What To Pay Attention To When Doing Amazon Product Research

    As mentioned earlier, selling on Amazon has changed drastically over the past few years.

    It has changed in two main ways:

    • Its more difficult to find high margin products to sell online
    • There are more seller tools;and resources you can use to grow your business

    At this point, Id like to share with you some points that you should pay attention to when doing product research on Amazon.

    Here they are:

    Clothes Apparels And Shoes

    One of the product categories that shoppers can never overlook on any marketplace is Clothes, apparel, and Shoes. In the case of Amazon, its not any different.

    In recent years, Amazon has kept its focus on capturing the maximum share of the clothing category. Amazon increased its web apparel sales by 22.6% which is faster than the 250top online apparel-focused merchants, which collectively grew 13.7%.

    This report from Statista shows why shoppers find the best fit for Clothing and Footwear.

    Now you must be wondering, which are the top selling products under this category?

    Well, the answer to your question is

    Athletic wear / Active wear:

    The most popular products on Amazon under clothing and apparel are athletic wear. As per the Intelligence node, In the past 2 years, Active wear sales accounted for $33.7 billion, which makes up to 16 percent of the total apparel market.

    The most popular athletic wears are:

    • Yoga pants

    The next product in this category is:


    Comfy footwear for home is what every human desire and theres nothing more comfy than crocs.

    Crocs are the undisputed first-choice footwear for shoppers on Amazon. I mean I dont even have to explain why.

    So a seller can easily notch up their customers interest towards their products by throwing a few crocs in their catalog.

    Move on to the next best selling items list we have:


    Another product that makes up the list of top selling products on Amazon is innerwear.

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    Best For A Spa Like Home: Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

    This little diffuserseriously, its only slightly;bigger than an iPhonecan spread your favorite essential oil scent through your home. Fill it with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil and it’s ready to diffuse. You can keep yours on continuously or set it to turn off and on until it runs out of water hours later. Bonus: it lights up in seven different colors that you can control.;

    Selling Magnetic Phone Accessories

    How to Find the Hottest and Trending Products to Sell ...

    A lot of people made money dropshipping magnetic phone chargers at the end of 2016. It is difficult to build a brand around fads, but I think this one has a little more legs than just phone chargers.

    Overall, the smartphone accessories market is expected to grow to $108B by 2022. But it is HIGHLY fragmented. If you didnt want to worry about finding the exact right accessory to sell, you could copy Android Central and take the.

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    Top Selling Items On Amazon: Conclusion

    Top-selling products on Amazon change regularly and theres no fool-proof recipe for getting it right every time. However, the criteria for deciding what to sell on the platform remain the same.

    Offering products of value is more important than ever. Thus, offer unique, budget-friendly products with minimal competition to truly succeed on Amazon.

    Amazon is competitive so its smart to ensure youre truly able to offer something of value.

    Finally, even though Amazon is one of the most profitable marketplaces to sell on, dont limit your sales opportunities to this platform. Learn about top selling items on other ecommerce sites and consider diversifying across other marketplaces!

    About Webinterpret

    Webinterpret enables Amazon, eBay and other marketplace sellers to sell more effectively in international markets through localized versions of their product listings. For a FREE analysis of your international sales potential, contact our cross border trade experts.

    Sell more on Amazon with Amazon Advertising!

    Bottom Line: How To Sell On Amazon

    Amazon is an incredibly accessible platform that welcomes all kinds of sellers, from individuals selling a few items per month to power sellers moving thousands of products each day. There are many ways you can sell on Amazon, but the competition is fierce and Amazon is a demanding marketplace.

    You need to approach every Amazon product opportunity from a profit perspective. This means you must figure your seller fees and the cost of the goods you sell and add to that the time value for sourcing products, creating listings, managing inventory, and shipping orders. Once you understand your costs, you can make decisions to help balance efficiencies, increase net profits, and find ways to grow.

    After figuring Amazon out, you might want to look at the Walmart marketplace next.

    Are you an Amazon seller, or hoping to become one? If so, wed love to hear how you got your start, or what youre planning to sell on this vast platform. Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

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    Ways To Figure Out What To Sell On Amazon

    With nearly 50% of U.S. internet users starting their product searches on Amazon in 2018 , it’s no wonder you want to sell a product on one of the internet’s most profitable sites.

    But the wide assortment of products available on Amazon likely makes you apprehensive. Amazon sells over 12 million products — which products in particular are most likely to provide you with a high ROI? Clothing? Kitchen items? Cat-shaped socks ?

    Fortunately, choosing what to sell on Amazon, and how to sell it, isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, most of your research can be done for free on the site itself.

    To ensure you choose a low-risk, high-return product to sell on Amazon, we’ve created this guide — keep reading to learn about top selling items, what you should sell, and how to conduct research to ensure whatever you’re selling is a safe bet on the e-commerce giant.

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