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What’s The Best Item To Sell On Amazon

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Start By Discovering Profitable Products

What Sells On Amazon? (How to find best selling items)

You can find the most profitable items to sell on Amazon without much experience. Amazon provides you all the necessary information to understand market trends and products that sell.

You need to understand what makes an item profitable. Criteria like shipping weight, popularity, category, and competition all play a major role here. You need to identify products that meet most of the criteria.

The 13 Best Air Purifiers To Help With Your Allergies At Home In 2022

Behold: the Amazon shopping list you didnt know you needed but actually do.

At New York Post Shopping, were dedicated to researching and testing products that our readers adore and we vouch are well-worth your coin. Now, its time to dive into the ultimate edit of best-selling Amazon products for 2022.

For all your shopping needs, we divided this shoppable guide into categories from beauty and grooming to home and kitchen .

Not to mention, if youre planning on grabbing an iced chai and perusing the retailer for a good chunk of the day , youll be pleased to know that you can score the best dresses under $50, top-of-the-line air fryers and everything from smart home devices to kitchen gadgets and electronics.

Below, find the 100 best Amazon products that are bestsellers and our readers adore. We dug into the data and did the research so all you have to do is thrive off your Prime membership.

Is An Amazon Business Right For You

So, now that you have the basic knowledge on how to choose profitable products and even how to get started on Amazon, is an Amazon business right for you?

When deciding if pursuing an Amazon business is the right route to take, you should know that selling on Amazon provides a great way to get started selling online. This is especially true if you dont want to deal with technology.

Selling on Amazon, whether handling the duties yourself or using Amazon FBA, will be the most beneficial if you can introduce a product that has a differentiated feature.

That is, until Jeff Bezos finds your product.

Remember How Jeff Bezos Admitted Amazon Sellers Were Kicking His Butt in 2018?

Remember the letter from Jeff Bezos to shareowners shown earlier in this article where he said Amazon third party sellers were kicking the first party sellers butt? If not, heres a reminder:

Well, heres how he responded to the competition that prompted him to say this.

Shortly after that admission, Amazon added 157 private label brands. This addition brought the total number to 450.

When it comes to his bank account, that man doesnt mess around!

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Manny Coats $7576235 In First Month

Manny shares his impressive run selling private label products on Amazon in just a month. He details in this post and podcast the process of researching and selling the three products. Manny mentions the work that was put in launching the products .

Not to mention, he also ran into some problems such as losing stickers to close the boxes and Amazon losing one of his shipments.

Nonetheless, the results more than compensate for the work hes put into this successful project.

Key takeaway: Manny chose a product in anticipation of the holiday season to maximize sales. He was selling a product under the toys category. The stock got sold out before Christmas, which is an encouraging sign. By choosing a product to sell based on trends and season, Manny was able to make the most out of his Amazon FBA campaign.

Manny also happens to have created a tool called, Helium 10 that makes finding profitable products to sell on Amazon much easier. Check out our Helium 10 review.

Ongoing Maintenance Of Your Amazon Business

31 things you can buy on Amazon that will save you money

As your Amazon business grows, there are some things that you should do on a regular basis including:

  • Monitor Amazon Ads: Over time you will have some advertising campaigns that perform well and some that perform not so well. You want to kill losing campaigns and double-down on winning campaigns.
  • Monitor Your Listings: You want to continuously monitor your listings for any undesired changes using a tool like Sentrykit. Amazon may sometimes add unwanted content to your listings and other competitors may even sabotage your listings.
  • Grow Your Product Catalog: Eventually, your products will maximize their sales potential and you will need to source more products. Most million-dollar sellers have product catalogs of dozens or even hundreds of products.
  • Expand Off of Amazon: Amazon is an amazing sales channel but other channels exist too, including your own Shopify store, eBay, and even selling to other retailers.

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Use Amazon Online Sales Tools And Feedback Tools

Try using online tools to find the best products on Amazon which list among the top selling products on Amazon.

There are a lot of Amazon best sellers tools that measure analytical data and give you an insight into what is selling best and what is being reviewed best.

You can try making an Amazon Associates Account which will allow you to earn commissions on the items that customer buy after visiting your site.

You can also try making a seller account on Amazon if you want to directly sell through Amazons platform.

You can use the Ahrefs service, which allows you to find the best keywords and SEO techniques for your website and product listings. This will help you to identify what is selling better.

And finally, you can use software like Feedback Five, Sage Mailer, Feedback Express, and which are built to help Amazon sellers recognize the best selling products online and to optimize their campaigns accordingly to reach a wide expanse of customers.

Online sales are extremely time-consuming and finding out what will sell better than everything else is a trial and error process. Amazon best sellers tools prove more than handy in simplifying these.

What works today may not work tomorrow, so there needs to be a lot of research done for sales to rise year on year.

Research The Shippable And Sellable Factors

While looking for products you need to first consider three things: Shipping cost, wholesale pricing, and Amazon Seller fees.

Try to purchase products considering the following specs:

  • The cost should be 25% to 35% of your target selling price
  • Your target selling price should be in the range of $10 to $50
  • The product should be lightweight, i.e., around 2-3 lbs. including box and packaging
  • Simple and sturdy items that would reduce the risk of loss from damage
  • Evergreen or everyday use items, meaning they can be used throughout the year
  • Better quality products when compared with the competition

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Does The Product Have A Good Profit Margin

While you can still make money selling a high quantity of items with a low profit margin , if you are new to Amazon it is recommended that you start with a product you can sell for over £15.

As a rule of thumb, successful Amazon sellers typically try to find products with a 100% mark-up, which is a 50% profit margin.

What To Sell On Amazon

What to Sell on Amazon? – How to Find the BEST & HOTTEST Products on Amazon FBA & Sell Them Too!

Undoubtedly, you can obtain an impressive profit from selling products on Amazon — but it’s critical you’re able to offer unique, budget-friendly products with minimal competition to truly succeed on the site.

Over-saturation on the platform proves it’s more difficult than ever to stand out, so it’s not smart to sell on Amazon for the sake of selling on Amazon. Instead, you want to ensure you’re truly able to offer something of value.

If you have a product in mind, follow the tips above to refine your strategy and find a niche segment within a larger demographic. If you don’t have a product in mind, start with the basics — what are the most-searched keywords on Amazon, and which products are most successful?

Once you have a list based on keyword research, consider similar products the user might find more compelling or useful than the ones currently listed on Amazon.

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What To Sell On Amazon: 8 Tips To Find Profitable Products

Written by Jesse Sumrak | September 17, 2021

Want a heads up when a new story drops?

Want to know what to sell on Amazon? The better question might be what not to sell on Amazon. Amazon Marketplace sellers list more than 350 million unique products on the platform.

Think about your favorite products. Theyre probably all on Amazon. Now, think about a product you wish existed. Search for ittheres a good chance youll find it on Amazon.

Yet, you dont want just any ol product to sell on Amazon. You want the best-selling products thatll net you a handsome profit for the least amount of work.

Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

However, thats easier said than done because it turns out finding a low-cost, in-demand product is exactly what every other seller wants. Bummer.

Youre going to have to get more creative. Googling what to sell on Amazon was a good first step, but you need to go deeper. Fortunately, you came to the right place.

Below, we walk you through the top-selling items on Amazon . Woah, woah, woahdont skip down the page just yet. These arent necessarily the products you want to sell, either. Were just looking for some inspiration.

Lets look at the common characteristics of these best-selling products on Amazon. Then, youll be ready for our 9 tips to help you find what to sell on Amazon.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

Best concealer

Maybellines Instant Age Rewind Eraser is a multi-use corrector that features buildable coverage in a creaseless formula that wont cake or settle into fine lines. Ideal for erasing dark under-eye circles, it can also be used to camouflage acne and redness, as well as contour and shape your face. Along with rave reviews from both customers and makeup professionals, it has the sales to back it up: According to Nielsen, its the number one best-selling concealer among both drugstore and high-end brands. In fact, its been reported that a tube sells every five seconds. Need more convincing? Just read some of the 77,000-plus five-star reviews that praise the product.


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Stick To Products That Meet Certain Proven Criteria

When deciding if a product can be profitable, these proven criteria can definitely help:

  • Evergreen You want a product that you can sell all year round and possibly something that customers need to purchase again and again. If a product is seasonal , it means your revenue is seasonal as well.
  • Available on wholesalers If you plan to sell on Amazon, you should also have a manufacturer or supplier in mind to get the products from. .
  • Weight and Dimensions of the Product Shipping fees add up costs quickly. A product thats heavy or fragile will definitely have higher shipping fees than one thats smaller and lighter. Look for a product that is simple, easy to pack, and hassle-free to ship.
  • Price Go for products that you can sell for $20 to $75. Aiming too low makes it hard to earn a profit unless youre going wholesale with thousands of inventory. Aiming too high means you might not have enough buyers.

Note that not every best seller fits these criteria, and not every product that meets these criteria will be a best seller. But these criteria are a good measure of how profitable a product is.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Items On Amazon

Where You Should Find top selling items on amazon

Amazon offers two plans for sellers a paid monthly subscription plan for those planning to sell more than 40 items a month , and a per-item plan for those who plan to sell fewer than 40 items a month .

Depending on which plan you choose, you can expect to pay somewhere between 99 cents per item sold, plus fees and $39.99 a month, plus fees:

  • Per-item fee: Applies to Individual plan 99 cents per item sold
  • Monthly fee: Professional plan only $39.99 a month
  • Referral fees: Applies to both plans amount varies by product category
  • Closing fees: Applies to both plans $1.80 per media item sold

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A Purely Amazon Based Business Is Not A Long Term Play

You need to keep in mind that selling on Amazon as a do-it-all vendor or using Amazon FBA exclusively is not a long-term move to make.

As the competition grows, selling on Amazon is only going to get tougher. The more competitors your Amazon business has, the less likely you are to make huge profits. Andrew Youderian from put together this seller research study on Ecommerce Fuel.

With that said, youll want to spread your wings and get off of Amazon. Selling on Amazon is a good sales method to start with but shouldnt be a permanent thing. And, its important to know that brands that invest off of Amazon have a higher rate of profitability.

Ive worked with successful brands on Amazon that have hired me to help them get off of Amazon and launch a lucrative sales career through other avenues. Its never been the other way around. Nobody has asked me to help them launch a professional business on Amazon.

Maybe because launching an existing brand on Amazon is quite easy. It just takes an Amazon pricing strategy, sending the product to FBA, and just an app or plugin to integrate with Amazon. For example, Shopify and BigCommerce both have this capability. You can just turn it on as soon as you have your APIs and prepare to sell on Amazon.

Plus, youll find that other options provide a less risky and more lucrative option to consider. One example of this is an Amazon affiliate marketing option which allows you to tap into the Amazon ecommerce money-making ecosystem.

Top Selling Products Based On Amazon Best Sellers Page

A good starting point for identifying top selling items on Amazon is a list of current best-sellers that the platform itself curates. You can find best seller lists for international marketplaces, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Spain or Germany.

These lists show items that are selling the most across the entire site. They show the most popular products per category, ranging from toys to books to video games.

Amazons Best Seller list is updated hourly. Check out the screenshot below to see what was popular at the time when we started working on this article in March.

However, when using Amazons best seller lists, be aware that:

  • Products found on the best sellers page can be very competitive: after all, every seller has access to this information.
  • Sales of particular products might be trending down, which means you could jump in just as the product stops being in high demand.
  • Some top selling products might not have great sales margins and be profitable.

All the same, we encourage you to pay attention to what sells best and is trending. You might want to get ideas for similar products and also look at the Customers also bought section. This can give you ideas to adjust your product portfolio in a way that will grow your ecommerce business on unprecedented levels.

When youve identified products with potential, you can track down suppliers that will provide you with those same products or come up with new variations to gain competitive advantage.

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The Art Of Getting Seen

Because there isnt a lot of drift from one product to another, your goal as an Amazon seller is to boost your product to the top of the results pages. As an example, think about your own experience purchasing goods online.

When you have a product youre trying to find, do you typically browse through pages and pages of search results before making a selection? Do you tend to select one of the products listed on the first page? Most people find themselves answering yes to the second question.

Products that rank higher in the results tend to feel more reliable, significant, and valuable than those that dont rank on the first page. The further down you go, the more you wonder whether or not youre going to get what you pay for.

There are certainly a lot of excellent products listed in the back pages of the search results, but those arent the products that sell.

Why Some Products Have Success

The difference between the products that rank highly and those that dont is how well theyre optimized.

If youve spent any time trying to create a website or run a business online, youre probably familiar with the term search engine optimization. Search engines operate by providing relevant search results that respond appropriately to the keyword phrase that a user types in.

For example, you search great noodle shops near me, and you can typically find what youre looking for immediately. Search engines are only successful because they can pull up results in this way.

High Margins Are King

The BEST Products To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Once you have a product that passes all the requirements above, you can now find suppliers who will provide you the product that you will private label at low costs compared to what you can sell it for .

As mentioned, China is the first thing that people search for when it comes to affordable suppliers. A quick check on Alibaba for the product you want to sell will reveal to you a slew of results to choose from.

Open the pages of products youre interested in purchasing and compare their prices with the ones on sale at Amazon. Ideally, you want to find a product that costs at least 75% less than the retail price on Amazon.

For example, if you see the average retail price on Amazon is $10, you want to pay no more than $2.50 for that item.

First and foremost, its what determines if youre making or losing money. You dont want to do all this work just to break even do you?

You also need a healthy profit margin to cover hidden fees that come with selling on Amazon that youre probably not accounting for when youre working on finding what to sell.

For example, Amazon charges both short term and long term storage fees for keeping items at their warehouse.

These numbers are always changing, but its a variable cost that you will have a hard time estimating at this early stage in the process.

Youre also going to get returns from customers. In some cases you can resell those items as used, but there are still costs involved there and many times its just a loss.

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