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What’s The Next Amazon

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How Long Does Prime Day Last

Amazon is opening a full-size grocery store in Washington state

Prime Day 2022 will last for 48 hours. Taking place on July 12 and 13, there will be two days of Prime-exclusive sales.

The event originally started as a 24-hour event that brought a bunch of big discounts to popular products across Amazon. After the first year, Amazon added an extra six hours to the event, making it 30 hours, but made the discounts during that time exclusive to voice shoppers who used Alexa to order the products. Amazon then increased it to a 36-hour event, and for the past few years Amazon has turned it into a full 48 hours of shopping fun for Prime Day.

Amazon Upcoming Sale In September 2022

Although the month of September is relatively quiet when it comes to Amazon sales, however, with luck you can still avail discounts on pantry items, books and music CDs, Music Players and more if the bargain is right.

Amazon Super Value Days

Amazon Nine Days of Navratri Sale

26th September – 4th October

Amazon Nine Days of Navratri Sale

Navratri is one of the most sacred festivals in India and the countrys own shopping bonanza for its symbolic beliefs and auspiciousness. Take part in the Amazon Nine Days of Navratri sale and celebrate the festivities from the comfort of your home.

Overview of the Sale:

  • The sale is a 9 day shopping bonanza with discounts on all top categories

  • Get different offers on different days with the biggest discounts coming on 1st and 9th day.

  • Get Up To 70% Off on Kitchen, Decor, Appliances, fashion etc

  • Avail offers on temple decor, deities, spiritual and sacred offerings

Stocks That Investors Think Are The Next Amazon

Soon enough, these nine stocks to buy will give AMZN stock a run for its money

With a share price that has risen by over five times in the past five years, Amazon is undeniably the best e-commerce player in the technology sector. So, seeking the next Amazon-like stocks to buy is definitely worth the effort.

Thats because AMZN is a powerhouse. It took on conquests of brick-and-mortar sectors and shook them out. For example, when the company bought the grocery chain Whole Foods, it widened its addressable market as well as implemented innovative, tech solutions to get rid of checkout lines.

For decades after the dot-com bust, though, skeptical investors looked solely at valuation and dismissed Amazon. But their argument proved wrong. Now, the market has rewarded AMZN by assigning a value to its moat.

That said, for investors who feel Amazon is fully valued and has less upside than it had in the past, what promising companies are next? In my view, there are nine names that could become the next AMZN stock on the market. Of course, the e-commerce giant is still a pick to buy and hold. However, these companies are still certainly worth exploring:

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What Does The Future Hold For Amazon In A Post

What will change at Amazon when Bezos steps down? Were unlikely to see a dramatic shift in the short term. For one thing, Bezos is not departing entirely he will stay involved as executive chairman. For another, his successor, Andy Jassy, has been with Amazon since 1997.

Jassy is the head of Amazon Web Services and already one of the most important people in the tech industry. AWS has been at the forefront of simplifying computing services, driving the cloud computing revolution and influencing how organisations purchase technology.

Jassys long history, intimate knowledge of the organisation, and technological expertise will no doubt stand Amazon in good stead.

However, he faces a monumental undertaking. Jassy will inherit responsibility for more than a million employees, selling millions of different products and services.

His expertise in AI and machine learning at AWS will be increasingly important as these play a greater role in Amazons operations for everything from optimising warehouses and giving better search results to business forecasting and monitoring warehouse staff and delivery drivers.

The physical lockdowns and online acceleration driven by the COVID-19 pandemic provided the ideal conditions for a company that has been called the everything store. Supporters and critics will watch with interest to see if this is still true in a post-COVID environment.

Dont Make Me Go *prime Video Original Movie

Amazon in Nederland: Honderd miljoen producten te koop

When single father Max discovers he has a terminal disease, he decides to try to squeeze all the years of love and support hell miss out on with his teenage daughter Wally into whatever time he has left with her. Hanging the promise of some long-awaited driving lessons over Wallys head, he convinces her to join him on an unforgettable road trip from California to New Orleans for his 20th college reunion, where he secretly hopes to reunite his daughter with her estranged mother that left them long ago. Dont Make Me Go is an adventure dramedy film with a lot of heart that will hit you right in the feels this summer, so be sure to make some time to watch it this July !

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Will Other Retailers Participate In Prime Day

In the past we’ve seen eBay, Best Buy, Walmart and others respond to Prime Day. While the companies don’t call their sales “Prime Day” events, most of the prices are direct matches of what Amazon is selling the items for, and some of the other sites don’t require any membership to save during these times.

Whats Next For Amazon: 11 Predictions For 2021

, the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon.


With a year packed with a decade of change, big things are on the move for e-commerce. Weve witnessed a pandemic sending shockwaves through the economy effectively shaping how people shop and their preferences for good.

Amazons growth skyrocketed in 2020. Compared to Q3 in 2019, Amazons net income jumped 200% by Q3 this year. The turn to online shopping has secured Amazons position as a major player in the e-commerce game.

So whats next for the Everything Store? Heres what I predict for 2021:

1. There may be a permanent switch to online shopping after Covid-19.

Well see a steady increase of Amazon users and Prime memberships as Covid-19 continues to shape our every day, and itll be a trend that sticks.

Before Covid-19, only 12% of retail sales occurred online, so theres plenty of upside for e-commerce. According to my company’s research, during the pandemic, 70% of U.S. consumers shopped on Amazon in Q3, and 48% said they would be fine if they never shopped in a physical store again.

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The Great Amazon Disrupt Continues

As you already know from this Amazon industry analysis report, the company has disrupted many industries from publishing to online grocery, and from advertising to space. It is really hard to pin down what the company, its subsidiaries, partners, and executives will do next exactly. However, from what we know it will always be big, aggressive, and even out of the box. This is what makes Amazon great and very interesting to follow.

But we can expect the company to continue on its strategy of taking up business real estate across different industries and sectors without really taking over them. For the most part, Amazon will continue to provide value by making buying everything way easier for its users, from product search to deliveries. It will become more of a household name than it already is and it will be global.

For companies that are in Amazons way, this can be very bad news. However, if you are willing to work with the change rather than plainly rejecting it, you can ride on the great Amazon wave. The ripples had already been felt across many industriesfrom advertising to online grocery. Success may all come down to how you handle . Thus, keeping up with Amazon trends report is a good thing to do regularly.


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  • Is Amazon A Safe Investment

    How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

    Amazon could be seen as a safe investment, as the company looks like it could continue to increase in value.

    Still, no stock is 100% safe, and every investment comes with the risk of losing all of your money.

    The better way to look at it might be that investing in Amazon could be less risky than other plays, but it does come with risks.

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    The 12 Industries Amazon Could Disrupt Next

    Since 1999, Amazon’s disruptive bravado has made getting Amazoned a fear for executives in any sector the tech giant sets its sights on. Here are the industries that could be under threat next.

    Jeff Bezos once famously said, Your margin is my opportunity. Today, Amazon is finding opportunities in industries that would have been unthinkable for the company to attack even a few years ago.

    Throughout the 2000s, Amazons e-commerce dominance paved a path of destruction through books, music, toys, sports, and a range of other retail verticals. Big box stores like Toys R Us, Sports Authority, and Barnes & Noble some of which had thrived for more than a century couldnt compete with Amazons ability to combine uncommonly fast shipping with low prices.

    Today, Amazons disruptive ambitions extend far beyond retail. With its expertise in complex supply chain logistics and competitive advantage in data collection, Amazon is attacking a whole host of new industries.

    The tech giant has acquired a brick-and-mortar grocery chain, and its using its tech to simplify local delivery, such as machine vision-enabled assembly lines that can automatically sort ripe from unripe vegetables and fruit.

    In June 2018, it acquired the online pharmacy service PillPack. Now, its building out a nationwide network of pharmacy licenses and distribution with its Amazon Pharmacy product.

    Below, we lay out the case and the progress that Amazon has made thus far.

    The Next Amazon Stock

    You and I both know why you came here today.

    You came here to learn how to be a great investor.

    If my assumption is correct, you came to the right place.

    While you are here, I will let you in on a little secret.

    To be successful in the world of investing, you need two things:

  • Consistency and
  • A little bit of luck.
  • To the first point, you must have a plan, and religiously follow that plan .

    You need to save regularly, stay diversified, and just stick to the plan, man.

    While that may be an oversimplified suggestion

    it will get you moving toward your long-term investing goals faster than you realize.

    To the second point, how does luck factor into your success?

    As any seasoned investment professional will tell you

    you cant predict the future of the stock market or any particular stock.

    If anyone tries to tell you differently, you should R-U-N the other way.

    But getting lucky in the market isnt the same as getting lucky in other ways, such as winning the lottery .

    However, you can increase your chances of getting lucky by carefully selecting your investments.

    Doing so will allow you to BEAT THE MARKET, rather than simply match the market.

    Beating the market means more money to put toward your financial goals.

    So, if you are not already a market-whiz that consistently beats the market, you need to align yourself with one.

    One of my go-to market-whizs to follow goes by the name of David Gardner.

    That company is the Motley Fool.

    Do I have your interest, yet?

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    The Terminal List *prime Video Original Series

    Based on Jack Carrs 2018 novel of the same name, The Terminal List is an Amazon Prime Video Original action thriller-drama series that follows former Navy SEAL officer James Reece as he investigates why his entire platoon was ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. The further he delves into this mystery, the more dark forces fight against him and his progress, putting both himself and his loved ones at risk. In addition to Pratt, the series also stars Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Arlo Mertz. See their amazing work in The Terminal List exclusively on Prime Video right now.

    The Next Amazon Stock: Potential Opportunities


    You might be quick to point out that Shopify reported $2.93 billion in 2020 revenue. This is a far cry away from Amazons reported $386.06 billion. Clearly, these companies are on entirely different levels. Why is it fair to name Shopify as the next Amazon stock?

    Right now, Shopify is nowhere near the size of Amazon right now. However, that does not mean that it cant become the next Amazon stock over the next decade or so. In Q3 2021, Shopify earned 8.6% of all U.S. eCommerce sales. This is already ahead of Walmart, eBay and Apple. In fact, its second in the United States. Amazon reigned supreme with 39% market share.

    Shopify also has a few trends on its side. Lets take a deeper dive into those trends to see why its the next Amazon stock.

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    When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022

    After months of speculating when Prime Day 2022 will take place, Amazon took the wraps off the official Prime Day dates in June. This year’s Amazon Prime Day is taking place on July 12 and July 13, making it another two-day deals event. The event occurring in July once again more closely aligns Prime Day 2022 with events that took place before the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As reference, here are the dates from previous years:

    • Prime Day 2015: July 15
    • Prime Day 2016: July 12
    • Prime Day 2017: July 11 to 12
    • Prime Day 2019: July 15 to 16
    • Prime Day 2020: Oct. 13 to 14
    • Prime Day 2021: June 21 to 22

    Prime Day 2021 was Amazon’s most successful Prime Day so far, with consumers spending over $1.9 billion in the weeks leading up to Prime Day thanks to a bunch of great early Prime Day deals. Odds are that the online retail giant is going to try and beat its 2021 performance, so hopefully we see even bigger Prime Day deals this year.

    It Just Might Be Self

    Amazon has this thing called Mechanical Turk. It’s “artificial artificial intelligence.” On Mechanical Turk, millions of people perform millions of small, minute tasks for small amounts of money. Things like data entry, transcribing videos. The sort of things you’d think a computer should be able to do automatically, but actually can’t.

    The thing they don’t tell you about Mechanical Turk, is that it’s learning. The more people perform tasks on Mechanical Turk that computers can’t do, the more algorithms can learn from the tasks performed and get better. Mechanical Turk isn’t just artificial artificial intelligence, it’s an artificial intelligence experiment. And one day soon, even if it doesn’t become self-aware, it will probably form the basis for some pretty intelligent and groundbreaking software.

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    Will Amazon Stock Go Back Up

    While the fundamental, quantitative, and technical data suggest more near-term downside, these data points are masking the intrinsic value of Amazon’s AWS and Digital Ads businesses. My entire investment thesis for Amazon is based on these businesses, and if you look under the hood, you will find two rapidly-growing profit centers within Amazon’s gargantuan conglomerate:

    Amazon Q1 2022 Earnings Release

    Let’s do some rough math to estimate the value of Amazon’s cloud business :

    • NTM revenue: ~$100B
    • Terminal P/FCF multiple: 30-35x
    • Intrinsic value of AWS: $900-1,225B

    Best Amazon Prime Day Tv Deals

    What is Amazon?

    Few tech purchases are as large or important as a new TV, and Prime Day TV deals are a great opportunity to save hundreds on your next big-screen upgrade. We’re seeing a ton of great Prime Day TV deals, including models with Amazon’s own Fire OS built-in or huge 4K sets from the likes of LG and Hisense.

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    Amazon Has Gone From Humble Beginnings As An Online Bookstore To One Of The Largest Corporations On The Planet But I Think These Companies Can Be The Next Big Thing

    Chances are that most of you reading this have purchased something on at one point or another. What started out as an online bookstore during the famous dotcom era, grew to be the second company ever to reach the trillion dollar market cap, and is now often referred to as The Everything Store. Amazon was founded in 1995, became publicly traded in 1997, and as of 2018 did $232.89 billion in sales.

    Had you been an early investor in Amazon back in 1997, your total return on investment would be approximately 96,446.43%, or an average annual compounded growth rate of 136.47% as of this writing . Sounds like a return on investment you could live with!

    It Will Be A 3d Printing Powerhouse

    A potential long-term threat to Amazon’s business is 3D printing, which will let consumers make many of their own stuff.

    But initiatives like the Kindle have taught us that Amazon embraces disruption rather than fighting it. It’s impossible that a science fiction fan like Jeff Bezos won’t embrace 3D printing.

    They might do something like Shapeways, which is like an Etsy for 3D printing designs, where people upload their designs when someone buys it, Shapeways builds it and ships it. They might just acquire it.

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    New Amazon Kindle Release Date And Price

    We don’t have any clue as to a release date for the next Amazon Kindle – the company generally waits around two years between releases of each of its types of ereader, but that’s not always been the case as of late, and reports suggest Covid-19 affected Kindle production.

    We last saw a member of the ‘vanilla’ Kindle line in March 2019, but more recently the Kindle Paperwhite was the last Amazon ereader of any sort to get launched.

    The price of entry-level Amazon Kindle ereaders changes a touch, but not a whole lot – the last one cost £69.99 / $89.99 / AU$139 for the base model, going up to £79.99 / $109.99 if you don’t want adverts appearing on the home screen, and we’d expect to see a similar price again.

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