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What’s Wrong With Amazon Website

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Why Can’t I Log Into My Account

everything wrong with amazon

If you’re having trouble logging in, you may be entering incorrect account information or you may need to reset your password.

Here are some things to check:

  • Mobile Phone Number: If you created your account with a mobile phone number, you’ll need to use your mobile phone number to log into your account. Make sure that you’re including your country code in your mobile phone number.
  • Password: Check CAPS Lock and NUM Lock on your keyboard. Passwords are case sensitive, so “PASSWORD” and “Password” are recognized as two different passwords. If you’re sure you’re using the correct email address or mobile phone number, try to .

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Amazon Echos Privacy Issue

The issue with Amazon Echo and the Alexa voice assistant is not only about the amount of information collected or the fact that Amazon has allowed contractors from all over the world to listen to private recordings it is that these devices are subject to data leakage risks.

These risks include not only interactions with Amazon but also with its Alexa assistants. In addition, Echo interacts with other services, thereby creating additional dangers of data leakage, including monitoring and control.

When configured, Echo turns Amazon into an additional gateway through which all information passes and data is collected. As a result, the Alexa assistant knows almost everything about users: what they search for, listen to, or send in private messages.

Echo combines all the negative features of smartphones and smart homes. However, this is not just a users private device. Instead, this is a device that integrates into the habitat for service and control.

Some Echo devices already have cameras. In addition, the possibility of integrating facial recognition features is being discussed. If such a feature is added, Echo will monitor us around the clock and everywhere, even in the most private spaces, and track us when we move between locations.

By the way, Amazon has a huge advantage over global technology giants like Apple and Google because the former already has control over all the necessary data. And the latter, unfortunately, still face their own data privacy problems.

How Do Internet Shutdowns Happen

Amazon Web Services has redundancies built into its networks, but problems can arise. An AWS outage in November 2020 took down the video game “League of Legends” and Sirius XM satellite radio it also affected Roku and Amazons Ring doorbell. AWS had similar outages in 2015 and 2017.

“I think that these crash so infrequently, its news when it happens,” Palmer said. “The goal here is speed. You want to see your video immediately pressing a button. You want everything to work beautifully and smoothly. The way you do that is you cache content as close to the user as possible. Thats what a content distribution network does.”

All this works as it should more than 99% of the time. How much more would a company have to spend to improve that to nearly 100%? Probably too much, Palmer said.

“Everybody has some way they calculate high availability of services,” he said. Banks, for instance, must try to get as close to 100% as possible, Palmer said. But if you are “delivering a movie or you are a social network where the ‘like’ button has to work, seriously, how important is it?”

While the scale and scope of the outage were “jaw-dropping,” Ives said, the damage appears to be “contained.”

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Warehouse Conditions In The Uk

Complaints about Amazon’s UK facility date back to 2001. prompting a threatened protest from Billy Bragg. These claims resurfaced in 2008 with fresh reports of “sweatshop conditions”.

A Channel 4 documentary broadcast on 1 August 2013 employed secret cameras within Amazon UK’s Rugeley warehouse documenting worker abuses, calling the working practices ‘horrendous and exhausting’.

In November 2016 a BBC undercover report at Amazon’s delivery depot in Avonmouth found that in some instances delivery drivers had no choice but to break the speed limit and use their van as a toilet to save time. It also exposed that after deductions drivers could be paid as little as £2.59 per hour, less than half the UK minimum wage.

In December 2016 Willie Rennie, the Liberal Democrat leader in Scotland, said that Amazon should be ashamed of both its working conditions and pay in Dunfermline after photographs were released showing workers camped outside in the winter to save the cost of commuting.

In December 2017, it was reported that Amazon drivers in the U.K. are making less than the national minimum wage because they have to pay for van hire and insurance and did not have enough time to deliver the parcels that were ordered forcing them to urinate in plastic bottles in their vans.

Is Amazon Down Today


At the peak out of outage on Wednesday, December 22, 2021, Down Detector reported 1,443 users were having issues with Amazon.

The possible outage began at around 7:08 a.m. and has only become more widespread since 8:23 a.m., according to Down Detector.

At least 1,443 reports have been sent out from users.

During the outage, users were unable to connect to Amazon and it’s affiliated applications.

This caused issues for users who work with Slack, Amazon A to Z, and Epic Games.

As of 9:15 a.m., Amazon services have been restored to “all instances and network devices within the affected data center,” according to .

The team added that Amazon services were “seeing recovery for the majority of EC2 instances and EBS volumes.”

Slack reported problems such as experiencing issues with file uploads, message editing, and other services.

Similarly, Asana said the problems consisted of a major outage, with many of our users unable to access Asana.

Epic Games Store said Internet services outages are affecting logins, library, purchases, etc.

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Amazon Web Services Outage Hits Sites And Apps Such As Imdb And Tinder

Users in North America and Europe report patchy service after cloud computing goes down

Several services including its website, Prime Video and applications that use Amazon Web Services went down for thousands of users on Tuesday.

Amazon said the outage was probably due to problems related to application programming interface , which is a set of protocols for building and integrating application software, Reuters reported.

We are experiencing API and console issues in the US-East-1 Region, Amazon said in a report on its service health dashboard, adding that it had identified the cause. By late late afternoon the outage appeared to be partially resolved, with the company saying that it was working towards full recovery.

With the network device issues resolved, we are now working towards recovery of any impaired services, the company said on the dashboard.

Downdetector showed more than 24,000 incidents of people reporting problems with Amazon. It tracks outages by collating status reports from a number of sources, including user-submitted errors on its platform.

The outage was also affecting delivery operations. Amazons warehouse operation use AWS and experienced disruptions, spokesperson Richard Rocha told the Washington Post. A Washington state Amazon driver said his facility had been at a standstill since Tuesday morning, CNBC reported.

Users have experienced 27 outages over the past 12 months on Amazon, according to the web tool reviewing website ToolTester.

Amazon Services Down For Thousands Of Users

Amazon and some other services including Prime Video and Alexa have been hit by computer problems.

Thousands of users in the United States have been reporting problems on the outage tracking website Downdetector.

The Amazon Web Services cloud computing arm, which provides services to governments, companies and universities, is also affected.

Amazon said it had identified the cause and has “seen some signs of recovery”, but gave no timescale for a solution.

The company added that not all regions of the world had experienced problems. There are reports the biggest disruption for customers is being seen on the US east coast.

On the Amazon shopping website, many users reported just a slow loading of pages rather than an inability to use the service.

However, services including Amazon’s Ring security cameras, mobile banking app Chime and robot vacuum cleaner maker iRobot were also facing issues according to their social media pages and Twitter.

“A major Amazon Web Services outage is currently impacting our iRobot Home App,” iRobot wrote on its website.

Ring also said it was working to solve the issues.

It is the third outage for Amazon this year. In June users experienced a brief outage on Amazon platforms, including Alexa and Prime Video.

That incident also hit several other companies, including Shopify, PayPal and the news group CNN.

The latest problems come as Amazon customers ramp up their Christmas purchases.

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Amazon Announces Progress After An Outage Disrupted Sites Across The Internet

Amazon drivers cheer as they go back to their delivery vans, with systems back online at the Amazon Delivery Station in Rosemead, Calif. Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage Tuesday. The company provides cloud computing services to individuals, universities, governments and companies. Damian Dovarganes/APhide caption

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Amazon drivers cheer as they go back to their delivery vans, with systems back online at the Amazon Delivery Station in Rosemead, Calif. Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage Tuesday. The company provides cloud computing services to individuals, universities, governments and companies.

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing unit of Amazon, reports its “network device issues resolved” after suffering a major outage on Tuesday, leaving thousands of users unable to access huge portions of the internet, including a broad range of apps.

The outage, which caused slow loading or access failures, began at around 11 a.m. ET and was largely concentrated along the East Coast, according to the company.

It explained, “We are seeing impact to multiple APIs in the US-EAST-1 Region.”

“We are now working towards recovery of any impaired services,” an Amazon update said later.

AWS is a cloud computing service that allows companies to rent computing, storage and network capabilities, which is why the outage has shut down or slowed access to such a wide variety of sites and apps across the internet.

Whats Being Tweeted About The Amazon Crash:

Whats Wrong with the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION? (Bad Advice) 2021

Amazon really down , thats insane


I think Amazons down. I tried a search from Google, and it errored back to a weird suggestion page. Tried a direct search on Amazon and same issue. So I cleared my cookies and logged out. Now its giving me an error when I try to enter my password. #amazondown

The Doggos have taken over Amazon. Cats would take over Amazon much sneakier!! Amazon not working.


I woke up this morning determined to buy a camera I have been researching for the last couple days, only to find out I cant buy it because Amazon seller is down and the camera is back ordered on most other companies. Lol. ITS A SIGN!!

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Alleged Destruction Of Unsold Stock

An uncover report from ITV News in June 2021 found that the company, at one of its 24 “fulfilment centres” in the UK, a warehouse in Dunfermline, Scotland, was destroying 130,000 items of unsold stock a week, often completely unused items such as Smart TVs, laptops, hairdryers, computer drives, and books. A representative of Greenpeace, Sam Chetan Welsh, told ITV News: “It’s an unimaginable amount of unnecessary waste, and just shocking to see a multi-billion pound company getting rid of stock in this way.” Responding, Amazon itself said: “We are working towards a goal of zero product disposal” and rejected assertions that it sent unsold goods to landfill, although ITV journalists had followed lorries containing Amazon’s discarded goods to such sites.

The issue is not restricted to the UK. Legislation in France and Germany has been enacted to discourage retailers from destroying new goods after Amazon’s policies were challenged.

Is Amazon Web Services Down 12/7/2021 Why Amazon Web Services Is Not Working Today Whats Up With Amazon Web Services Now

Amazon Web Services is down today, December 7, 2021. Amazon Web Services is not working right now, lets sort out whats wrong with Amazon Web Services and why its inaccessible 12/7/2021.

According to the graph provided by the Downdetector service we can see that 6771 users are experiencing problems with Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services outages reported in the last 24 hours.

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Amazon Blamed Aws Outage On High Traffic From Unknown Source Says Report

The primary reason behind the outage is believed to be a sudden increase in traffic that caused congestion across multiple network devices in Northern Virginia.

According to reports, the company had initially pegged the root cause of the outage on a problem with several network devices within the internal AWS network.

…these devices are receiving more traffic than they are able to process, which is leading to elevated latency and packet loss for the traffic traversing them, read screenshots of an internal AWS communique from Tuesday morning obtained by Insider.

Amazon Cloud Outage Hits Websites And Streaming Apps

Cosby, Ken : Whats Wrong with That Boy?: Music

The outage comes around five months after Amazon experienced a disruption in its online stores’ service, which lasted for nearly two hours and affected more than 38,000 users.

Wednesday 8 December 2021 06:24, UK

Thousands of the world’s web users were affected by a major outage which disrupted Amazon’s cloud services on Tuesday.

Netflix and Disney+ were among the streaming platforms affected, as well as a range of apps, and’s e-commerce website.

Amazon had said the problem was related to network devices and linked to application programming interface , which is used for building and integrating application software.

Just after midnight UK time, the company’s website said: “With the network device issues resolved, we are now working towards recovery of any impaired services.”

According to the Downdetector website, more than 24,000 people reported problems with Amazon Web Services .

The site, which tracks outages by collating status reports from a number of sources, showed 1,191 problems with AWS were raised just after 4pm in the UK.

However, by 7.25pm that number had fallen to 258.

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What Can You Do

Each of us should use the outage to consider our own situation. Think about how often online outages could affect you. Connectivity programs such as Microsoft Teams and Slack have had outages recently. So have social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Many of us store personal files in the cloud, and those networks, such as Google Cloud and Apple’s iCloud, can have outages, too. You might want to have multiple ways to save important files, photos and other data. In addition to storing them in the cloud, have them on an external drive or USB drive.

If you have more than one computer, have copies on both devices in case one is down. And consider encrypting files for added protection.

That could come in handy should you become a victim of ransomware or malware, as major fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline and meat producer JBS S.A. have recently. “It’s all the same thing,” Palmer said. “These are teachable moments about how vulnerable we are and how deeply we have come to rely on our connectivity and how out of control of it we really are.”

Influence Over Local News

In late May 2020, ahead of its May 27 shareholders’ meeting, at least eleven local news stations aired identically-worded segments which commented positively on Amazon’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Zach Rael, an anchor for the Oklahoma City station KOCO-TV, posted that Amazon had tried to send him the same prepared package. Senator and Amazon critic Bernie Sanders condemned the coverage and called it propaganda. The majority of the video provided was narrated by Amazon’s public relations manager Todd Walker. Of the eleven identified channels, WTVG in Toledo, Ohio, was the only one that attributed the statements to him.

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Warehouse Conditions In The Us

In September 2011, Allentown, Pennsylvania’s Morning Call interviewed 20 past and present employees at Amazon’s Breinigsville warehouse, all but one of whom criticized the company’s warehouse conditions and employment practice. Specific investigatory concerns were: heat so extreme it required the regular posting of ambulances to take away workers who passed out, strenuous workloads in that heat, and first-person reports of summary terminations for health conditions such as breast cancer. The Morning Call also published, verbatim,’s direct response to a query by OSHA, where detailed its response when heat conditions reach as high as 114 °F , including water and ice treatment, electrolyte drinks, nutrition advice, and extended breaks in air-conditioned rooms. Five days after the Morning Call article was published, Amazon stated that it had spent $2.4 million “urgently installing” air conditioning at four warehouses including the Breinigsville facility. However, the original investigator states that when he checked back with current employees for his September 23 follow-up story, “they told him nothing had changed since his original story ran.”

In December 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled unanimously against temporary staffing workers for Amazon warehouses in Nevada who were seeking compensation for time spent waiting to go through security screening checkpoints.

When Will Amazon Start Working


There are no official announcements from the developers of Amazon yet. We will update this news if more information becomes available.

What exactly is not working for you right now? Refresh the page from time to time and follow us we add new information in real time. You can write a comment and attach a screenshot of whats not working for you right now!

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Removal Of Lgbt Works

In April 2009, it was publicized that some lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, feminist, and politically liberal books were being excluded from Amazon’s sales rankings. Various books and media were flagged as “Adult content”, including children’s books, self-help books, non-fiction, and non-explicit fiction. As a result, works by established authors E. M. Forster, Gore Vidal, Jeanette Winterson and D. H. Lawrence were unranked. The change first received publicity on the blog of author Mark R. Probst, who reproduced an e-mail from Amazon describing a policy of de-ranking “adult” material. However, Amazon later said that there was no policy of de-ranking lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender material and blamed the change first on a “glitch” and then on “an embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloging error” that had affected 57,310 books .

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