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Where Are Amazon Servers Located

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Key Features In Amazon Location

Introducing AWS Outposts Servers | Amazon Web Services

Amazon Location provides the following features:


Amazon Location Service Maps lets you visualize location information and is the foundations of many location-based service capabilities. Amazon Location Service provides map tiles of different styles sourced from global location data providers Esri and HERE.


Amazon Location Service Places lets you integrate search functionality into your application, convert addresses into geographic coordinates in latitude and longitude , and convert a coordinate into a street address . Amazon Location Service sources high-quality geospatial data from Esri and HERE to support Places functions.


Amazon Location Service Routes lets you find routes and estimate travel time based on up-to-date roadway and live traffic information. Build features that allow your application to request the travel time, distance, and directions between any two locations. Calculate the time and distance for a matrix of routes to use in route planning.


Amazon Location Service Geofences lets you give your application the ability to detect and act when a device enters or exits a dened geographical boundary known as a geofence. Automatically send an entry or exit event to Amazon EventBridge when a geofence breach is detected. This lets you initiate downstream actions such as sending a notication to a target.

The Closest Aws Regions To Major Cities

Some of you will want to just get started quickly and dont need to know the fine details involved in picking a region. If thats you, here are the closest geographic regions to some major cities around the world. Take your pick.

Australia Syndey

If you want to calculate your AWS region more scientifically than picking based on geography alone there are a few techniques and tools that well go through that you can use to create a shortlist of suitable regions.

When you have that shortlist, there are some factors to consider such as cost and functionality differences which well also cover. Lets start by looking at the different ways to find your closest region more accurately.

Describe Your Availability Zones

You can use the Amazon EC2 console or the command line interface to determine whichAvailability Zones are available for your account. For more information about thesecommand line interfaces, see .

To find your Availability Zones using the console

  • Open the Amazon EC2 console at.

  • To find your Availability Zones using the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell

    Use the Get-EC2AvailabilityZone command as follows to describe theAvailability Zones within the specified Region.

    PS C:\> Get-EC2AvailabilityZone -Region region-name

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    What Is The Public Cloud

    The longer answer is even more complex.

    Where once, youd connect to a single physical server at a time to play an online game, to play a game of Fortnite you might be connected to several virtual servers at once. There are servers that handle authentication and manage the user database. There are servers for payments and microtransactions. There are load balancers that determine where the player base is most densely packed, and divert new player sessions to other areas.

    And then there are the back-end servers you actually play on. You might be connected to authentication servers in one area and back-end servers in another. The beauty of infrastructure like AWS is that all of Amazons data centres thats large, purpose-built facilities that house the hardware their cloud runs on are all connected via tens of thousands of miles of private fibre optic cables.

    To get anywhere on the internet usually requires dozens of hops, around different routing and service providers until you get to your destination. The more hops you take from source to destination, the higher the latency, generally speaking. But once youre into Amazons cloud infrastructure and onto their private fibre? The connection speed is high, and latency between Amazons data centres is incredibly low.

    Locations And Ip Address Ranges Of Cloudfront Edgeservers


    For a list of the locations of CloudFront edge servers, see the page.

    Amazon Web Services publishes its current IP address ranges in JSON format. To view thecurrent ranges, download ip-ranges.json. For more information, see AWS IP addressranges in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

    To find the IP address ranges that are associated with CloudFront edge servers, searchip-ranges.json for the following string:

    “service”: “CLOUDFRONT”

    Alternatively, you can view only the CloudFront IP ranges at .

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    How To Turn On Amazon Fire Tablet Location Services

    William StantonRead more November 25, 2019

    Amazons Fire range of tablets have come a long way from their start as a glorified e-book reader. These days theyre fully fledged smart tablets in their own right. And as far as their market share is concerned, they seem to be going from strength to strength. Theyre user friendly and have access to loads of Amazon-centric apps and services that enable you to enjoy all of your media wherever you are.

    One of the things synonymous with smart devices these days is GPS location tracking. However, because the Fire series of tablets are relatively midrange products compared to something like an iPad, they dont actually come fitted with a GPS chip. That means that theyre limited to Wi-Fi positioning only, which is less versatile but still pretty handy, especially in cities.

    Integrated Monitoring And Management

    Amazon Location Service is integrated with AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon EventBridge, so you can efficiently provision and manage resources, monitor health metrics, and automatically act upon events. With AWS CloudFormation, create templates with Amazon Location Service to consistently and quickly provision resources. Using Amazon CloudWatch, you can monitor your metrics on service usage and health, including requests, latency, and faults, so you dont have to build your own health monitoring tools. Amazon Location Service is integrated with AWS CloudTrail for logging and continuously monitoring your account activity. Integration with Amazon EventBridge enables an event-driven application architecture so you can use AWS Lambda functions to activate parts of your application and workflows. In addition, you can use tags to help manage, identify, organize, search for, and filter your Amazon Location Service resources in one view. You can create tags to categorize resources by purpose, owner, environment, or billing relationships.

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    Where Are Amazon Web Services Data Centers Located

    While AWS does not disclose the exact addresses of its data centers, the company does identify its regions and availability zones. To this end, below is a summary of Amazon Web Services operating and future 34 regions and 108 availability zones throughout the United States, AWS GovCloud , Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, as well as in the Middle East and Africa.

    United States

    In the United States, Amazon Web Services operates 4 regions and 16 availability zones. Specifically, AWS operates facilities in the following markets: Columbus, Ohio multiple locations throughout Morrow County and Umatilla County in the eastern part of Oregon the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California and several locations across Loudoun County, Prince William County, and Fairfax County in Northern Virginia.


    Within these markets, Amazon Web Services operates data centers in the following regions: US East , US West , US West , and US East .

    United States Regions and Availability Zones
    Northern Virginia

    From 2011 to 2020, AWS invested $35bn in both capital and operating expenditures into data centers located in Northern Virginia. Also, in 2020 alone, AWS investment in the construction and operation of data centers contributed $1.3bn in GDP to the economy of Virginia.

    In 2020, AWS paid over $220m in business personal property taxes related to its data centers located in Loudoun County, Prince William County, and Fairfax County, Virginia.

    AWS GovCloud


    Specify The Region For Aresource

    Introduction to Amazon Location Service

    Every time you create an Amazon EC2 resource, you can specify the Region for theresource. You can specify the Region for a resource using the AWS Management Console or thecommand line.


    Some AWS resources might not be available in all Regions. Ensure that you cancreate the resources that you need in the desired Regions before you launch aninstance.

    To specify the Region for a resource using the console

  • Open the Amazon EC2 console at.

  • Use the Region selector in the navigation bar.

  • To specify the default Region using the command line

    You can set the value of an environment variable to the desired Regionalendpoint :


    • Set-AWSDefaultRegion

    Alternatively, you can use the –region or-Region command line option with each individualcommand. For example, –region us-east-2.

    For more information about the endpoints for Amazon EC2, see .

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    Find Your Nearest Aws Region From Your Browser

    A neat way to find the AWS region closest to your current location is the website, created by Michael Leonhard. Cloud ping will show you all the latencies to different AWS regions straight-in your browser.

    The main downside of this approach is that it doesnt allow you to test speeds to regions from arbitrary locations other than your own. To test latencies from different locations well need a tool we can run on different machines.

    Web Service Change Management

    Work-related to the capture and visualization of changes made to a Web service. Visualization and computation of changes can be done in the form of intermediate artifacts . The insight on the computation of change impact is helpful in testing, top-down development and reduce regression testing. AWSCM is a tool that can identify subset operations in a WSDL file to construct a subset WSDL.

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    How To Change Country And Watch Amazon Prime Video Us From Anywhere

    Missing out on Amazon Prime Video content while traveling or living abroad? In this article, I tell you how to access U.S.-only Amazon Prime Video content.

    is a streaming video service offered by online mega-retailer Amazon. The service is included as a feature of the online retail giants Prime service, which also offers free 1-day and 2-day shipping.

    The Prime Video service offers a large library of movies and television shows, ranging from classic films and shows to recent offerings. The service is available around the world, excepting Mainland China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

    While the service is available to most of the world, youll find that Prime Video does not offer the same content around the world.

    This is due to Amazons licensing agreements with film and television producers, which restrict access to the content on a country-by-country basis. So, shows you might enjoy while inside the United States may not be available to you while inside other countries, such as France or the United Kingdom.

    Luckily, there is a way for Amazon Prime Video viewers who normally reside in the U.S. to still have access to their favorite shows and films while traveling or living abroad.

    While this trick originally worked with numerous VPN providers, streaming services have over the years become good at detecting and blocking IP addresses that VPN providers issue to allow their users to access online content outside of licensed areas.

    Aws Data Center Locations

    Server Locations

    Before listing you the location of Amazon Web Services data centers, lets give you some idea about classification system of Amazon. Amazon broadly classifies its data centers location into:

    • AWS Regions
    • AWS Availability Zones

    Regions are the broader geographic locations such as cities where the Amazon data centers are strategically located to serve the web visitors around those region. Regions are geographically quite far from each other.

    Whereas, availability zone are clusters of data center, locally concentrated in a particular area within a particular region, well interconnected to each other with same source of power connection and network. Such availability zone can have one or more data center within. However, each availability zones are quite independent to each other though there can be more than one availability zone in same region.

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    Aws Cloud Infrastructure Delivery Environments

    Customers can use AWS global cloud infrastructure zones and outposts to deliver workloads and services to users inside specific geographical locations , through the following infrastructure delivery environments:

    • Cloud data centers: Scalable, clustered, and redundant Amazon provided data centers .
    • Cloud single-digit millisecond latency environments: Amazon ultralow latency data centers that are significantly closer to users in large population centers, IT centers, and industries .
    • 5G environments: 5G telecommunication network delivery for single-digit millisecond latency access for mobile devices and end users .
    • Hybrid delivery: Customer hosted sites where workloads and services can be delivered with the same infrastructure, services, tools, and APIs used in AWS facilities .

    Where Are Your Servers Located

    We currently use multiple Availability Zones in Amazon AWS East for data application and storage services.

    You can find full Data Processing Policy in the Nosto admin under Settings > Account Settings > Legal

    As a summary, we store and process the information we have collected on computers/servers located in the USA or EU/EEA or in such countries which the Commission of European Union has determined to ensure adequate protection of personal data.

    We will not move personal data from these countries without notifying you, unless required to comply with the law or requests of governmental entities. In any transfers of personal data to our third party service providers located in the USA we transfer personal data to them based on the Data Processing Agreements which incorporate the Standard Contractual Clauses 2010/87/EU.

    We have implemented technical and organisational precautions to protect the security and integrity of personal data processed by us.

    Our datacenter is located in us-east-1 region. We use CloudFront as CDN which means that visitors interacting with us will connect to the edge location nearest to them. This decreases the latency as in some cases were able to serve the content directly from the edge server and it also decreases the time spent on SSL negotiation as round-trip times to edge locations are shorter.

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    Amazon Web Services Products In China

    Amazon Web Services China Region operated by Sinnet and Amazon Web Services China Region operated by NWCD offer a technology service platform that is similar to other Amazon Web Services Regions around the world. Developers can easily and efficiently deploy cloud-based applications inside of China with the same APIs, protocols, and de-facto operating standards used by Amazon Web Services customers around the world.

    Like other Amazon Web Services Regions, data or objects stored in Amazon Web Services China Region and Amazon Web Services China Region remain exclusively in the Regions unless moved to other locations by the customer.

    Factor : Stability Differs Per Region

    Query Amazon Location Service Using Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL | Amazon Web Services

    Not all regions have the same stability. The availability of services between regions has been known to differ, with North Virginia being notoriously unstable as most service updates are rolled out to that region first.

    Honest question: since us-east-1 can objectively be considered the least stable region, why would anyone use it, aside from strict latency requirements?

    Luc van Donkersgoed

    Because AWS doesnt publish any region-specific availability data its hard to do a scientific region stability comparison. However in line with general best practices, for high availability, your workloads should be balanced across multiple availability zones, or even regions for redundancy.

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    Aws Global Cloud Infrastructure: Regions Zones & More

    Amazon Web Services pioneered the modern-day cloud computing IT service delivery model. Amazons cloud service delivery success relies on the technologys accessibility and availability for end-users.

    The AWS Cloud has grown rapidly since its inception, expanding its services across worldwide geographic locations. Its vast global cloud infrastructure footprint sets it apart from leading competitors like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

    This primer describes how the AWS global cloud infrastructure works and what that means for AWS customers. Well look at the following items:

    • AWS Wavelength Zones

    Amazon Ses Regions And Endpoints

    When you use Amazon SES to send email, you connect to a URL that provides an endpoint for the SES API or SMTP interface. The AWS General Reference contains a complete list of endpoints that you use to send and receive email through Amazon SES. For more information, see in the AWS General Reference.

    When you send email through Amazon SES, you can use the URLs in the rows specified withHTTPS in theProtocol column to make HTTPS requests to the SES API. You can also use the URLs in the rows specified with SMTP in theProtocol column to send email by using the SMTP interface.

    If you’ve configured Amazon SES to receive email that’s sent to your domain, you can use the inbound SMTP endpoint URLs when you set up the mail exchanger records in the DNS settings for your domain.

    The inbound SMTP URLs aren’t IMAP server addresses. In other words, you can’t use them to receive email by using an application such as Outlook. For a service that provides an IMAP server for incoming email, see .

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    Amazon Opening 2nd Canadian Cloud Computing Server Hub In Calgary Region

    • Copy article linkCopy link

    says it plans to open a second cloud-computing server hub in Canada in late 2023 that will result in billions of dollars of investments in the coming years.

    Amazon Web Services, the companys cloud division, says the new hub will be based in the Calgary region to provide better service to Western Canada. Its other hub is located in the Montreal area.

    Read more:

    The company would not say how many Amazon employees will work directly at the new server cluster, but says the project will sustain an estimated annual average of 409 direct jobs by 2037 through construction, facility maintenance, electricity needs and other support services.

    It also declined to provide the estimated upfront investment costs for the Calgary hub, but says it plans to invest $4.3 billion by 2037 in the region through construction, utility costs, and buying goods and services from local businesses.

    Amazon Web Services says it spent more than $1.4 billion between 2016 and 2021 to set up and run its Montreal data hub, and that overall the company plans to invest $21 billion by 2037 in both existing infrastructure and the new Alberta facility.

    Eric Gales, head of AWS in Canada, says the investments come as the company sees growing interest in cloud computing services from a wide variety of sectors.

    Read more:

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