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Where Do Amazon Sellers Buy Their Products

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Online Marketplaces Like Alibaba

What To Sell on Amazon FBA | 7 Ways To Find Hot Products

Many Amazon gurus or workshops will tell you to use Alibaba to source products to sell on Amazon. Even uses Alibaba. But there are other marketplaces that Chinese suppliers and manufacturers use to sell their goods. Other marketplaces like Alibaba are DHgate, Chinabrands, and Aliexpress. Check out more of these online B2B marketplaces like Alibaba.

Some tips for using Alibaba and contacting manufacturers:

  • Be concise with your messageslong messages can cause confusion because of language and cultural differences
  • Some businesses are suppliers rather than manufacturers, and this may not matter except some suppliers act as middlemen without offering value
  • Larger minimum order quantity usually means lower per unit costs
  • Get an inspection service for your orders to ensure quality control and to avoid a costly surprise
  • Get samples via air delivery before purchase
  • Work out your shipping and freight ahead of time

Sign Up For An Amazon Sellers Account

When you first start, you should sign up for an Amazon individual sellers account which is free.

An individual sellers account will allow you to list products on Amazon but you will be charged an extra 99 cent fee on top of Amazons typical 15% fee for every product sold.

Once you exceed 40 sales per month, you should upgrade to an Amazon professional sellers account which costs $39.99/month.

With an Amazon professional sellers account, the 99 cent fee is waived and you get access to additional selling tools for your account.

Amazon May Be Using Your Data To Launch New Products

Another reason you may want to launch your own e-commerce store is that you want peace of mind that Amazon is not using your data to launch products that compete with yours.

Does Amazon really collect data from sellers to determine products that are selling well and then launch its own products of the same kind? According to Dana Mattioli, writing for the Wall Street Journal, the answer is yes.

Mattioli writes, Inc. employees have used data about independent sellers on the companys platform to develop competing products, a practice at odds with the companys stated policies.

This is an accusation that Amazon disputes. quotes a statement from the company: While we dont believe these claims are accurate, we take these allegations very seriously and have launched an internal investigation.

Now that you know the benefits of having your own e-commerce store, lets look at the steps you can follow to create one.

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How To Start Selling On Amazon Fba

Check out this overview to see how easy it is to get started.

Selling on Amazon FBA is simple. To be eligible, you must be approved as an individual or professional seller. After setting up your account, youll list the items you want to sell. Assuming you are not manufacturing your own product, youll select your product from Amazons catalog and enter three main pieces of information:

  • Whether or not you want Amazon to ship the item

If you want to use FBA to fulfill orders, select Amazon will ship and provide customer service as the fulfillment channel. You have the option to save this setting for additional products you add to your Amazon store. If you select this option and its your first time using FBA, youll be taken to a registration screen where you can read and accept the FBA terms of service.

You dont have to use FBA for every item you sell on Amazon. If you know that a particular product is likely to be slow to move, it might make more sense to fulfill it yourself. Its also worth noting that certain products such as hazmat items cannot be sold via FBA.

Its important to know that after you convert your listings to FBA, they will be temporarily unavailable to shoppers until your inventory is received by Amazon.

The Multichannel Growth Flywheel For Amazon

On Amazon where do I find

For brands and retailers that want to succeed on Amazon, simply listing your products on the site is not nearly enough.

As you strategize your approach to Amazon and e-commerce as a whole a growth flywheel can be an effective, high-level way to structure your thinking. Working through the flywheel can surface important questions, such as:

Where are my strengths? Where are my weaknesses? My opportunities? Am I investing enough in this part of the flywheel? Do I have all the pieces in place to keep growing my business?

There are five essential components that make up a holistic growth strategy:

  • Connect your products to consumers with error-free listings
  • your products effectively to drive awareness and sales
  • Sell your products by converting browsers into buyers at the moment it matters
  • Fulfill your customers expectations with fast, efficient delivery
  • Optimize your Amazon strategies to constantly improve results

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Keep Your Prices Stable

To build customer trust and a sustainable long-term brand on Amazon, it is essential to keep your prices as stable as possible even if it means cutting your prices close to break even or below profitability.

However, before you even think about cutting prices below profitability, remember that you will only be successful selling on Amazon once you can generate organic sales with a decent profit margin.

Power Browse Amazon Listings With A Chrome Extension

Another way to choose a hot selling product is to power browse Amazon listings by using a Google Chrome extension.

There are quite a few Google Chrome extensions that Amazon sellers use to research products and determine how well these products will sell on Amazon. Some of the top Chrome extensions include the following:

When you use any of the Chrome extensions listed above, you can browse Amazon listings quickly and fully, determining what products should be on your sellers list. In addition to zoning in on the best sellers, you can compare product prices, mull over sales estimates, dive into revenue projections, and consider keyword insights.

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Create Your Llc In Minutes

Dont delay starting your new business. Everything you need start, run and grow your dream business. Start today!

Ive already mentioned that you can sell on Amazon whether or not you already have a business. We can further divide that into 5 different types of selling on Amazon.

See which option interests you the most.

How Do Beginners Sell On Amazon

How To Find Products To Sell on Amazon FAST! (New Method)

Once you know what products youre going to , youll have to set up an account to get started offering your items through the Amazon marketplace.

Setting up an Amazn seller account is easy. You just have to follow four simple steps:

  • Visit the Services page on Amazon:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Sell on Amazon under the Solutions section
  • Choose whether you want to sell as an individual or sell as a professional. For individuals, Amazon charges, $0.99 per sale. For professionals, youll pay $39.99 per month plus other added selling fees. See
  • Fill out the information sheet and you are well on your way to selling your products on Amazon.
  • The difficult part isnt signing up to sell on Amazon. The tedious part is doing the product research and choosing the product that has the highest likelihood of being successful for you as you sell on Amazon.

    When you sign up to sell on Amazon, youll have access to plenty of seller tools to help you along the way.

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    Can I Buy From China And Sell On Amazon

    Yes, you can. In fact, most Amazon private label sellers source their inventory from China. Find a reliable supplier on, 1688, Global Sources, DHgate, Trillion Source, or other similar Chinese B2B websites, get your product manufactured, and have it shipped directly to Amazon FBA warehousesâwhile sitting at your home. All praise the power of the internet.

    Why China?

    • China ships to every corner of the globe

    Monitor For Problems With The Amazon Shipment Performance Dashboard

    The can help you identify top problems with your shipments, including incorrect labeling and box content information, so you can avoid them in the future. Youll be able to monitor your current problem rate against Amazons acceptable problem rate metric, review trends in your performance over the past 120 days, and resolve outstanding issues that are preventing your products from being available for sale sooner.

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    Use Google Or A Similar Keyword Research Tool

    One of the easiest ways you can sort through products to decide what might be good to sell on Amazon is by using keyword research. You can simply perform a Google search, or use a keyword tool like SEMRush to see what the search volume is for different terms, products, and categories.

    As an example, say you think you want to sell customized winter hats. You can perform a search for “customized winter hats,” as well as other variations of the term, to see how many people are looking for this item, as well as what the competition looks like.

    Through this process, you might also gain some insight on how to find the product you’re looking to sell on Amazon as wellas wholesale or direct suppliers may appear in your search.

    The Best Tools To Find Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

    How COVID

    You can try to explore Amazon and brainstorm good product ideas, or you can leverage data by using a tool to find products that meet the criteria above.

    Here are the 3 most popular tools.

  • : An all-in-one tool for selling on Amazon. While it is a paid tool, they have a few useful free tools like the sales estimator and product listing grader. Screenshot via
  • BigTracker: Focuses specifically on Amazon product research. They use historic data to predict future hot sellers, and predict how hard it will be to sell particular products. Theres a 14 day free trial, but no free plan or tools.
  • Viral Launch: Comes complete with an Amazon keyword research tool like the other 2 tools here, plus tools to help you find new profitable products to sell. They have some great tutorials on YouTube, like the one below, so that you can see for yourself if you think the tool is worth it.
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    Test Your Product Before You Purchase And Sell In Bulk

    Once you finally receive your samples, thoroughly examine them by asking these questions:

  • Is the quality really at the level you expected?
  • Does anything look odd or cheap about the product?
  • Does it include every part and component?
  • If it requires instructions, are they easy to understand?
  • Does it work the way it should?
  • How does it hold up to rigorous or heavy use?
  • How does the packaging look?
  • Does your packaging contain any necessary warnings, liability labels, or warranty information?
  • Would you feel comfortable giving this product as a gift to someone who wanted the competitors product off of which you got your idea?
  • Is there anything at all that would cause a customer to not be happy with this product after they order it?
  • How can you make this product clearly your own from an Amazon perspective? Is there space on the packaging for your own brand name or your UPCs? Both are very useful for differentiating your products on Amazon to customers, as well as locking down your brand in Amazons Brand Registry
  • If it meets your quality standards, try selling your samples online.

    In my first business making kitchen aprons, we thought that we had hit it big by going with a new factory that would produce our aprons at much lower cost. At that time, it had never occurred to me to test the product out first by selling the samples. We placed a large order with our supplier and a few months later received thousands of aprons.

    Opportunity To Grow Internationally

    Although Amazon doesn’t have sites in every country, it ships products to over 100 countries globally. Amazon is a trusted company all over the world, so by using Amazon’s ecommerce platform, you have the opportunity to take your business to other countries, and your shop can sell its products to people all over the world. You live in the United States and have listed your shop in France. If the shopper in France decides to buy your product and pay a higher shipping fee, they can buy it.

    Trying to grow your business internationally can also be done without the help of Amazon, but Amazon does make it pretty much more accessible. For example, suppose you want to sell your products in France. In that case, you have to open an online shop, the language of that online shop should be French, the payment method should be as such that French shoppers can pay quickly, and you should also consider how you want to ship out the final product that it’s cost-efficient as well. As you can see, a lot of hard work needs to be done to sell a product in a country that we aren’t yet sure will be appreciated or not.

    If you use Amazon to sell your products to another company, all you need to do is list your shop in that country and start listing your products in that country. The rest is done the payment method, the local language support staff, and the shipping method are done by the Amazon company.

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    Pet Houses And Towers

    We give dogs and cats a home. But some could also enjoy a home within a home. For example, some cat owners favor towers, while dog owners go for outdoor cribs for their pets.

    Both examples are a great selling opportunity for Amazon sellers:

    • Cat tower sales increased by 86% in Q1 2022. Sales for such items brought in $3 million in revenue.
    • Dog houses were not as profitable. But they still made over $1.5 million in sales.

    Data source: JungleScout

    Figure Out What Youll Sell

    How to find wholesale products to sell on Amazon FBA

    The strategy for your Amazon business should cover what types of products youll sell and how youll obtain them. There are a few common ways to sell on Amazon:

    Retail arbitrage. If you buy something below market value and sell it at a higher price while profiting off the difference, thats retail arbitrage. Amazon sellers can search through different markets for things on sale or on clearance, such as Target, Best Buy, or Big Lots, then sell it on Amazon for a higher price.

    Retailer arbitrage is a good way to make quick cash, but it can be time consuming. Resellers are always in competition with other people selling the same products. If you cant sell a product fast enough, youre stuck with it unless you sell at a loss.

    White labeling. Generic products with your own brand name or logo added are known as white label products. You can bulk order white label products, dropship them, or have them printed on demand. Amazon sellers find it easier to white label products because they can skip product research and get right to selling. You dont need to have any manufacturing or product design experience to sell white label products.

    Dropshipping. When , you never keep products in inventory. When someone purchases a product, the order goes to a third party. The third party then fulfills and ships products to the customer.

    While Amazon dropshipping is common, there are many rules to follow to stay compliant. .

    Tips for researching Amazon products to sell

    Amazon Best Sellers lists

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    Contacting The Seller Before Placing An Order

    On the product detail page, click the name of the seller.

    On the next page, select Ask a question.

    If the same product is sold by different sellers. select New and Used on the product listing to choose from the list of sellers. Then, select the rating of the seller to get to your product sellers profile page and click Ask a question.

    Select the relevant options in the Seller Messaging Assistant chat or fill out the form. Send a message to the seller in the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. Theyll come back to you by email within two business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon

    Here are some commonly asked questions that you might have on your mind now.

    What Happens if a Customer is Unhappy?

    Amazon is known for their great customer service, and youre expected to be a part of that as a seller.

    Amazon has an a-to-z guarantee program for handling disputes if a customer claims they did not receive their order or it wasnt what they expected based on the listing.

    This process lets a customer file a claim, and if Amazon says youre in the wrong, you will have to reimburse the customer.

    Sometimes this may be unfair, but if you want to continue selling on Amazon, you have no choice.

    How Will I Find Out if I Make a Sale?

    Can I Sell on if I Live in Another Country?

    In most situations you can, just like Americans can sell on Amazon sites in other countries.

    For Americans, you get default access to Canadas and Mexicos Amazon sites when you purchase a professional seller account.

    If you use FBA, you ship your products straight to Amazons fulfillment center in any country you wish to sell in that you have access to.

    Can I Source Products From China Even if I Dont Speak Chinese?

    Sourcing products is complicated, and can take a long time if youre dealing with companies around the world.

    However, it is possible. Many manufacturers in China speak English fairly well, so there shouldnt be too much of a language barrier.

    What if I Cant Find a Good Product to Sell Because Everything Is Too Competitive?

    Is There Any Downside to Selling on Amazon?

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