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Where Do You Get Amazon Gift Cards

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How To Start Earning Rewards

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards and Codes! (Easy Method)

To get started, head to the Microsoft Rewards website and opt into the program. When youre signed into your Microsoft account and searching in Bing, youll see a point tracker that helps you earn points. Youll earn them by searching and clicking the bonus offers.

To earn points for searching from mobile, youll need to search with Bing on your phone and be logged into your Microsoft account in the mobile browser youre searching with.

To earn points for using Edge, youll have to use the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 and be signed into Windows with the same Microsoft account you use for the Rewards program. Microsoft explains how rewards for using Edge work.

If you stay signed in and just use Edge and Bing, youll naturally earn points just for searching and browsing normally. You can also earn more rewards from doing the special offers that are easily accessible from, but you dont even have to do that.

More Ways To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

16. Check Out Instagram Giveaways

Influencers and companies are always trying to capture the attention of the audience. They sometimes do this by giving away free stuff like free Amazon gift cards. Giveaway rules can vary by account, but typically you may have to follow the account, which is giving the item away.

Then you will need to figure out how to enter and wait and see if you win. One of the best ways to find these opportunities is to enter different hashtags into your search bar. Some of these hashtags may include:

  • #sweepstakes
  • #giveaway
  • #contest

Instagram allows users to follow hashtags, which means you may not have to search very far for free giveaways.

17. Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards

Everyone needs to shop for groceries, but you can take it one step further by scanning your receipts to earn Amazon gift cards quickly. That’s where Fetch Rewards comes in.

It’s as simple as scanning your receipts, earning points, and getting rewards. Fetch Rewards matches your purchase to any of their participating products from any store and gives you points towards gift cards.

Once you have accumulated as little as 3,000 points, you can turn them into gift cards. Additionally, if you refer a friend or a family member, you will both earn bonus points of 2,000 each.

Earn free Amazon credit fast with Fetch Rewards

18. Get a Card Code with Personal Capital

Better yet, if you , you may also earn a $20 Amazon gift card .

19. Complete Tasks with Amazon Mechanical Turk

How To Spot A Free Amazon Gift Card Scam

Just like you can be scammed out of cash, Amazon gift cards are also susceptible to fraud. If someone contacts you and says you have unpaid debt or owe back taxes and need to pay with a gift card, its a scam. Scammers even try to tell people theyve won money but have to pay fees with an Amazon gift card before they can have their cash.

Other scams you might hear of include fake listings for items that must sell fast, electronic devices that have been hacked, a family member who is having an emergency, or promotions for services like cable TV or internet.

If youre contacted by someone and told to pay for any of these with an Amazon gift card, hang up or delete the email. And if it sounds scammy or too good to be true, it probably is.

Additionally, be wary of free Amazon gift card generator type sites. No such generator exists and any promotion or offer you see on these websites is a scam. Most often youll see the promise of Amazon gift card code lists in exchange for your contact information, which is then sold elsewhere on the web.

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Shop With Rakuten & Earn Free Gift Cards

Get a $10 signup bonus from Rakuten that you can trade in for gift cards!

Rakuten is another cashback/coupon shopping site. Unlike Ibotta, Rakuten works through online stores only.

But heres a pro-tip: the workaround is to shop online and pick up your items in the local store if you prefer visiting retailers like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, or Kohls. I use this trick all the time to make sure Im maximizing rewards for every type of purchase I make.

What I like most about Rakuten is the handy browser extension that will alert you if the store youre shopping at has a cashback offer. It will also search for promo codes automatically and apply the best one that saves you the most on your shopping cart.

Rakuten and Amazon recently terminated their business relationship. While you cant trade in your Rukaten earnings for Amazon gift cards specifically anymore, you can get a check mailed to your address that you can cash into your bank account.

Sign up and get a $10 welcome bonus today. Also, you can earn an easy $20 reward for any friends that you refer, also.

And if you like Rakuten, give Honey a try, too. Honey searches the web and compares it to your online shopping cart which can help you save money elsewhere. The Honey browser extension works well with Amazon online shopping.

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Where To Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Get a $500 amazon gift card completely free !!!! It

In case you can’t think of any other gift to give!

Whether you’re shopping for a holiday or for someone’s birthday, one of the easiest things to get someone is a gift card. And while some may think of it as a less-than-thoughtful gift, there are actually plenty of people who enjoy it more than anything. When gift cards are given, that lets a person know that you’re giving them full range to choose the gift that they won’t within the budget you’ve set. If you ask me, that’s the best option when shopping for someone who has everything.

Though there are plenty of places you can get gift cards for, there’s one place you know you can’t go wrong with. Honestly, you can find anything there! From tea kettles to brand-name sneakers, there’s so much to shop for while perusing the site. And, when you gift your loved ones an Amazon gift card, they’ll have the luxury of getting whatever they want without needing to return it . Not sure where to pick up an Amazon gift cards? Here’s a list of 20 major retailers you can stop by.

Impatient? I can make your life easier right now: BUY NOW

You can find the gift cards on one aisle at most 7-Eleven locations.

…Of course you can get an Amazon gift card on Who would want it any other way?

Make sure you pick up your Amazon gift card when you’re getting your new tech item. And if you’re ordering online, don’t fret. You can pick one up there, too.

Yes, you can pick up more than groceries on your next Kroger run.

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Instagc If You Want A Variety In One Place

Lets face it. Taking surveys all day can become mind-numbing. So can watching videos or playing video games. If youd like a wider variety of to-dos in one place, give InstaGC a look.

Yes, you can complete paid surveys and watch videos but you can also test apps, browse websites, test physical products, and refer friends to earn credits. These reward credits can be traded in for Amazon gift cards and many other kinds of gift cards.

You could also get PayPal cash, but in my experience, your points will have less value if you cash them out directly for money. Gift cards dont require a fee, so there is more value in trading your points for a gift card.

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Amazon Gift Cardredeem Yours For Cash With Donotpay

Puerto Rico and 11 States in the U.S. have cash back legislation that allows you to get money for your Amazon gift card. There are limits on the amount you can claim, and theyre different for every state.

To see how much money can you get, check out the table below:

California $10

If you live in one of the areas listed above, you will need to contact reps.

Does explaining your state legislation to a customer service rep sound like an annoying activity? Save your breaththis is where DoNotPay comes in! We will send a cash back request to Amazon in your stead, regardless of your place of residence. Sign up for DoNotPay, use our Gift Card Cash Back product, and receive the money in two weeks.

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Bonus Tip 1 Offered By Late Deliveries

One of the benefits Amazon famous provides to their Prime Members is their free-two-day shipping. But its possible to meet a late delivery. When Amazon failed its guarantee, let the customer service know, especially youre a Prime member. Amazon will help but they may offer a gift card code as compensation.

Recommend actions from Amazon.

  • Confirm estimated delivery date and address
  • Wait 48 hours to allow for unexpected delays
  • After 48 hours contact customer service for additional help
  • Rent From Avis Get Amazon Gift Cards

    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card (And Use Your Gift Card Balance To Buy Stuff)

    July 25, 2018by roadwarriorette

    Amazon and Avis have teamed up to offer money backrent from Avis, get Amazon gift cards. Simply link up your Amazon and Avis accounts, and youll get 10% of your rental fee back in Amazon gift cards within 48 hours of completing your rental. Sounds great, right? Actually, if you are already an Avis user, it is a simple way to get Amazon gift cards for money youre already spending.

    If you order your rental through Alexa the savings double. It feels a little strange to ask Alexa to get you a car, but if youre willing to try it you get 20% back in Amazon gift cards. Alexa is available on a variety of Amazon devices, including the Dot, Spot, Show, and others. If you dont have an Alexa device yet, try the Echo Dotits well priced and we really love ours. You can easily enable the Avis skill on the Amazon website.

    On top of the gift cards, Amazon customers get discounts of up to 30% off the base rental price.

    So how does it all work? Ive seen plenty of posts about the partnership, but the process felt a little vague. Thanks to The Verge, I found the page needed to link my accounts. Here are the steps I went through:

    Go to the then click on the Login through Amazon Button.

    Sign in to your Amazon account.

    I tried this a couple of different times, and each time I got an error screen.

    However, I just clicked back, re-entered my Amazon account info, and it took me here:

    Be sure to check out my page with products I recommend for travel!

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    Can You Get Free Stuff From Amazon

    You can be part of their Amazon Vine network where you can test and review products from Amazon. The easiest way to find great deals and combine them with Amazon coupon codes or gift cards. Amazon offers deals around the clock. Their lightning deals, today’s deals and gold boxes that are offered for a limited time are popular among users. Deep discounts are especially common during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon’s very own Prime Day.

    Get Amazon Gift Cards From Amazon Itself

    My 12 best ways to get Amazon gift cards didnt include the following ways to make money because Amazon itself offers these methods. But theyre definitely worth mentioning and they may be just the thing you need today:

    • Mechanical Turk: Amazon will put you to work doing data entry or maybe even some copy editing and then pay you with its own gift cards. You wont earn a living wage in the United States but if youre looking for extra money and you can work quickly, give Mechanical Turk a try.
    • Reload Bonus: If you have an existing gift card and reload it with an additional $100, Amazon will toss in an extra $5. This wont help if you dont already have $100. But still, if youre going to spend the money on Amazon anyway, reload your gift card before shopping the 5% payoff is a nice earning rate, for not much work at all.
    • Amazon Trade In: If you have any old electronic devices, Amazon has a Trade In Program for eligible items. You could earn free amazon gift cards for trading in your old cell phones, video games, or old amazon devices.
    • Amazon Prime Visa Rewards Credit Card: This isnt one you want to use over and over, but when you sign up for an Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card, Amazon will apply $100 to your amazon gift card balance. I dont recommend doing this unless youre already shopping for a new credit card. If you dont have the ability to pay off your credit card every month in full, you will end up paying more in interest than the money youre earning in perks.

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    Can I Buy Gift Cards In Euros

    Major retailers and some banks, such as Chase, sell them in person, or you can order them online from Visas homepage. The card should be filled with money. The card can however be purchased from a European website or while in Europe, and you can exchange euros for money. Purchases can be made with the card.

    Easy Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

    Amazon $25 Gift Card and Shout out your channel.

    The logo of Amazon is pictured above.

    We all know Amazon is huge but prepare to be shocked. The tech giant brought in more than $280 billion in revenue last year, with $141 billion alone from online sales. To put this into perspective, PayScale reports that the average retail store owner made around $51,000 in 2018.

    Amazon is incredibly convenient and even more so if you sign up for Prime. We all know about free two-day shipping. Did you know that you also get free photo storage, Audible books and music, too?

    Another Prime insider secret lets you save money when its time to renew.

    Its hard to find something that Amazon doesnt sell. You can find everything from a stunning Jeff Goldblum shower curtain to entire houses with free two-day shipping.

    The only thing better than shopping on Amazon? Getting what you want for free. Ill tell you 10 different ways to get free Amazon gift cards.

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    Share Your Opinion With Opinion Outpost

    Wondering How can I get a free amazon gift card? This is a great way!

    Opinion Outpost allows you to earn extra cash, gift cards, and more, just by sharing your opinion online. This is a paid online survey company that wants to hear your opinions on products and companies. In exchange, they will pay you with cash or free Amazon gift cards.

    Great Ways To Score A Free Amazon Gift Card

    There are so many ways to earn cash back in the form of gift cards, even within 24 hours. From taking online surveys, shopping online, or getting your family to watch videos, you’re bound to find something that works for you. Check out these 22 great ways to score a free Amazon gift card, and let us know in the comments which ones have worked for you!

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    Get A Free $5 Amazon Gift Card With Inboxdollars

    With InboxDollars, you earn money for small tasks like taking online surveys, watching videos, or just browsing and doing regular web searches.

    Youll earn a $5 welcome bonus immediately, just for signing up. Its such a no-brainer.

    One of the things I love about Inbox Dollars is using their search portal. I spend a lot of time on the internet, browsing and searching for stuff as part of my job. Instead of using Google search you can swap it with the InboxDollars Search portal, and get paid!

    For every few searches you perform, you will accumulate reward credits and enter gift card prize opportunities. While most of these equate to 5-10 cent rewards, using the site every day adds up to some decent free cash at the end of the month! Rewards can be redeemed as Amazon cash, or an e-gift card to other well-known retailers.

    InboxDollars has paid out over $57 million dollars so far, making it one of the most reputable places to earn free money on the net! Its 100% free to sign up and use, and available to anyone over 18 years old.

    Get Them Directly From Amazon

    How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card

    While most people have heard of doing surveys online for rewards and know about cash-back shopping apps to earn free Amazon gift cards, the easiest way to get them is directly from the source.

    Reload an Amazon gift card

    Right now Amazon has a sweet deal: reload an existing gift card with $100 or more and get a free $10 bonus. If you shop on Amazon regularly and have $100 to reload or buy a gift card, then it could be worth it to snag the free money.

    Consider the Amazon Visa Card

    If cashback is your thing, and youre a frequent Amazon shopper, you may be interested in the .

    Youll get a free $150 Amazon gift card instantly upon approval. Afterward, double-dip on all your shopping with 2% back at restaurants and gas stations, 10% back on select Prime purchases, and 1% back everywhere else.

    Trade in your electronics and books

    If you have an old smartphone or tablet you no longer use, you might be able to get paid for it through . It buys smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-readers, and books.

    You have to send in your products to be assessed, but shipping is free. If theyre accepted, you get free Amazon gift cards for the appraised value of the item. If not, itll send your items back and you can try to sell your electronics elsewhere.

    Work for Amazon

    If youre looking for a flexible side hustle, Amazon has a program calledMechanical Turk thats essentially a marketplace for online work.

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