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Where Is Amazon Fba Warehouse

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Pitfall : Missing That Personal Touch

Want Your Own Amazon FBA Business Warehouse? (This COULD Be The Strategy For You)

Your 3PL warehouse can do a lot more than store inventory, pick and pack, and ship orders. At Red Stag, for example, we can add inserts and personalized marketing materials to your customers orders, or help you source uniquely branded boxes and even tissue paper with your companys logo. We can also kit your inventory to increase your selling potential . We work to ensure youre shipping an optimized number of products per order.

You wont find services like these, which require personal attention and expanded capabilities, at Fulfillment by Amazon.

Best Fba Prep Service: Warehouses To Streamline Your Ecommerce Operations

No matter where you are on your eCommerce journey, Fulfilled by Amazon will allow you to free up warehouse space, meet the fulfillment requirements to be on Amazon Prime, and improve your customer service and account health by taking advantage of Amazons services.

However, using FBA means preparing packages for FBA yourself, paying Amazons fees to do it for you, or paying a third-party FBA prep service. Each option has different advantages depending on your business size, existing warehouse capabilities, and total costs.

Outsourcing FBA prep can be an extremely cost-effective way to move inventory, to import new stock directly into FBA, and decrease the cost of staging inventory.

If youre running a lean or a relatively small eCommerce store, you might not be able to meet FBAs strict quality standards for prep. Not getting it right can result in your products being refused at the FBA warehouse or a higher rate of product returns, which may end in account suppression.

Inspection, packaging, and labeling products must meet FBAs quality standards, so its crucial that you have access to the manpower, equipment, and resources to do so efficiently and affordably.

Staging or FBA prep warehouses allow you to outsource this step to a third-party, so you can quickly and easily scale your eCommerce business without the headaches.

The best FBA prep services will depend on your location, demand, and sales volume, but weve put together a list to help get you started.

The Pros And Cons Of Fba

In deciding whether Amazon FBA is the right solution for you, youre going to want a pros and cons list. Its how all the best decisions are made, after all, and its a great way for you to see whats going to work best for your situation. After doing a thorough review of the platform and its offerings, here are our best pros and cons to offer for your consideration.

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When To Use Fba

According to Jungle Scouts , 57% of Amazon sellers use FBA to fulfill all of their orders, while an additional 34% use FBA combined with other fulfillment methods.

Seeing as 91% of Amazons millions of active sellers use it, FBA certainly has its advantages. Despite its popularity, top sellers recommend thoroughly reading the companys policies and fee guides, and using Amazons calculator tools to see just how profitable the business relationship would be before diving in.

In particular, we recommend FBA for:

How To Ship Product To Amazon Fba Warehouse

About Us  Online Distribution, Inc.

So, youve made the decision to become an Amazon FBA seller youve researched what to sell, youve done your research and youve sourced your product now what?

The next stage is, of course, so that you can begin selling. Here is our step-by-step guide for you on how to ship products to Amazon warehouse.

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Us Fba Warehouses Code:

Amazon FBA US Warehouse Address

14840 Central Pike Suite 190 Lebanon
Bldg. F Park W Intl Hebron
715 Airtech Pkwy Suite 195 Plainfield
710 S. Girls School Rd Indianapolis
3837 Bay Lake Trail, Suite 111 North Las Vegas
500 McCarthy Dr. Fairview Business Park Lewisberry LLC 50 New Canton Way Robbinsville
Golden State FC LLC 1555 N. Chrisman Rd Tracy LLC 1760 County Line Rd Lakeland LLC 3350 Laurel Ridge Ave. Ruskin LLC 940 W Bethel Road Coppell LLC, 2 Ames Drive Carlisle
2125 W. San Bernardino Ave. San Bernardino
2020 E. Central Ave. Southgate Building 4 San Bernardino
2 Ames Drive. Building #2 Carlisle
11999 National Road SW Etna,

#PHX3 6835 W. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ, 85043 Maricopa County

#PHX5 16920 W. Commerce Dr. Goodyear, AZ, 85338 Maricopa County

#PHX6 4750 W. Mohave St. Phoenix, AZ, 85043 Maricopa County

#PHX7 800 N. 75th Ave Phoenix, AZ, 85043 Maricopa County

#TFC1 5050 W. Mohave St. Phoenix, AZ 85043 Maricopa County


#ONT2 1910 E Central Ave. San Bernadino, CA, 92408 San Bernardino County

#OAK3 255 Park Center Drive Patterson, CA, 95363 Stanislaus County

#OAK4 1555 N. Chrisman Rd. Tracy, CA, 95304 San Joaquin County

#ONT6/#ONT8 24208 San Michele Rd. Moreno Valley, CA, 92551 Riverside County

#ONT9 2125 W. San Bernandino Ave. Redlands, CA, 92374 San Bernardino County








Ship To Amazon Customers Yourself

As part of Amazons Merchant Fulfilled Network, you can ship products to Amazon customers without paying to store your products at a warehouse. Instead, youll store them at your own home, store, or facility until theyre ready to go out to a customer.

With this method youll still pay a monthly selling fee for the ability to sell on the Amazon marketplace. Youll also have to manage your own inventory and all fulfillment processes, or hire a staff to do so for you. In-house fulfillment is ideal for sellers with lower profit margins who need to control costs.

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Pitfall : Free Shipping And Amazon Fulfillment

The products of sellers who use Amazon FBA are automatically eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping. While this can be a plus in attracting more Prime customers, you still have to pay for the shipping costs.

You wont be able to decide which products get free shipping. Whatever your margin on an item, youll have to absorb the shipping costs for Amazon Prime orders.

Before you sign up for Amazon FBA, youll need to calculate not only the fees for the service but also the extra bite that free shipping can take out of your bottom line.

Where Are The Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Quick Tour of My Amazon FBA Wholesale Warehouse

Amazon does not publish comprehensive information about its fulfillment centers. But for sellers in Amazons Fulfillment by Amazon Program this can mean a huge headache when it comes time to collect and remit sales tax.

Sales tax has changed quite a bit for Amazon sellers over the past few years. As a result of the 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court ruling, states were allowed to pass . These laws require that large online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy and others collect sales tax on behalf of 3rd party sellers selling on the platform.

This is mostly great news for Amazon sellers! But, as with anything sales tax related, there are a few caveats. You can read a whole lot more about , but the important things to know about Amazon fulfillment centers are sales tax are:

  • Storing inventory in an Amazon fulfillment center still gives your business sales tax nexus and an obligation to collect sales tax from buyers in that state
  • However, since marketplaces collect on your behalf, you dont have to worry about collecting sales tax in nexus states if you only sell on marketplaces
  • Some states, though, still require that you register for a sales tax permit and file sales tax returns, even if a marketplace collects on your behalf.
  • If you sell via Amazon and through your own online store, such as via Magento or Shopify, you are still required to collect sales tax in your nexus states from your buyers on those channels

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Harness Amazon Marketing Services

Once you open any product page and scroll down a bit, youll immediately come across many sponsored products and brands.

Something like this:

In fact, youll notice that these sponsored products way before organically listed products.

Naturally, such sponsored products are bound to grab more attention and have an obvious edge over other products.

Those ads are created via Amazon Marketing Services .

AMS offers three types of advertising solutions:

  • Sponsored Products

Amazon advertising solutions help you create ads for your products pretty easily.

You can then target these ads based on keywords or comparable products.

Moreover, you can also conduct performance analytics to optimize your ads.

Fulfillment By Amazon Review: Pricing Features And Alternatives

Katie-Jay aims to put answers in the hands of small business owners by leveraging over 10 years of retail and hospitality experience. With a background in gemology, she specializes in jewelry and luxury ecommerce.

This article is part of a larger series on Retail Management.

  • 9Bottom Line
  • Fulfillment by Amazon is a 3PL company that offers multichannel order fulfillment services geared toward Amazon sales. It handles receiving, storage, pick & pack, shipping, customer service, refunds, and returns management for each order.

    FBA is best for Amazon-based sellers, ecommerce retailers, and brick-and-mortar stores looking to venture into online selling. Its wide network of 185 warehouses creates efficient distribution for global sales, plus every FBA order is Prime eligible.

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    How To Sell Your First Item On Amazon

    This is the easy part. Once you ship your package off to Amazon and they receive it, your items will be available for purchase.

    Now, you sit and wait for your items to be sold.

    If you are selling a more popular item, the wait isnt that long. In my case, I listed 8 items, and they all sold within 15 days.

    Pro tip video games sell fast!

    Customers Get Amazon’s Trusted Customer Service And Returns

    Amazon FBA warehouses England
    • FBA customer support: Customers can contact our customer support via phone or email, day or night. This service is provided at no extra charge to you, with the exception of the Returns Processing Fee for select product categories. When you use FBA, your time can be spent growing your business or taking a vacation, rather than managing customer service
    • FBA returns: For orders from the website that Amazon fulfills, we will manage all customer service associated with fulfilment of your FBA products. Our Online Returns Centre provides customers with help pages and details about how to contact us in case of concerns. If the customer wants to return a product, we direct them to our convenient Online Returns Centre. Read more about FBA policies regarding Customer Returns for Orders Placed on

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    Track Shipping From China To Amazon Fba

    When using large shipping service providers, tracking can often be accessed directly on the website using the customer’s own shipment number. With smaller forwarders that do not provide customers with their own tracking system, the status of the shipment can be queried at any time from the forwarding company itself. Alternatively, the expected time of arrival can be checked with the shipping company.

    You can find out more about Amazon FBA at the next Seller Barcamp.

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    Seo Fba Best Practices

    Amazon SEO practices are largely unknown, but they are not difficult to extrapolate. The infographic above should assist you in gaining a better understanding of how SEO works on Amazon.

    This is one great way that brands and sellers can stand out in the Amazon FBA platform and get more attention than others. Search engine optimization is all about optimizing your content based on the way that people search for things online. Its about giving people a website or listing that they can interact with and that delivers the information and answers that they need.

    If you arent using SEO in your Amazon FBA listings, youre missing out on an easy way to get those sales away from your competition.

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    What Does Amazon Compliance Mean

    Amazon requires that any shipment arriving at its fulfillment centers must be packed and prepared in a specific way.

    All incoming shipment will be checked for overall FBA compliance. To help ensure the health of your Amazon seller account, we do not send inventory to Amazon that does not meet Amazonâs strict FBA receiving regulations. If your shipment is missing anything, we will notify you about the needed services and fees associated with getting your shipment up to regulation.

    FromâIMPORTANT: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for preparation or for noncompliance at the fulfillment center.â

    Amazon Fba Storage Fees By Season

    Amazon FBA Warehouse Check-In: How to Handle Delays and Lost Items
    $1.20 per cubic foot/month

    *Although smaller, standard products require more complex shelving, drawers, and bins for storage.

    As you can see in the table above, Amazon FBA fees increase dramatically during the holiday season. This is something to watch closely if you use FBA, and its a major reason that volume sellers rarely use FBA as their sole storage option.

    Instead, power sellers often store the bulk of their inventory themselves in cheap storage units or a company warehouse. Then, they periodically ship just enough stock to FBA to cover forecast sales.

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    Buying An Fba Business

    An up-and-running store can give you an edge. The store already has products to sell, a customer base, and its generating income.

    What buyers must consider is the capital risk. The price regular value for an FBA store is at 2-4 times its yearly EBITDA.

    So, to buy an FBA business that makes $10,000 net profit per year, the investor would need $20,000-30,000 to purchase it.

    Its also crucial to dive deep into the business and detect discrepancies.

    Some Things to Consider

    Here are some key points to look out for:

    Profits and Losses. Check the stores net profit for inconsistencies, sales trends, and potential opportunities for growth.

    Account Health. Evaluate the businesss reputation. Amazon expects sellers to meet specific performance and service metrics, such as:

    o Order Defect Rate: below 1%

    o Pre-Fulfillment Cancelation Rate: 2.5%

    o Late Shipment Rate: below 4%

    o Valid Tracking Rate: 95% or higher

    o Invoice Defect Rate: below 5%

    o Inventory Performance Index: below 350

    Suppliers. Find out the seller-supplier relationship status and contract policies. Are they exclusive partners? Dig out the terms and unforeseen costs that could affect you.

    Accounting Records. Ensure allaccounts and taxes are set up properly to evaluate the FBA store. For example, check that all Amazon fees are present in the financial records. Also, make sure the seller is not inflating any profits.

    Freight Forwarding & Logistics For Fba Sellers

    At Asiana USA, we specialize in freight forwarding and other logistical services to help you deliver your products to where they need to be. We facilitate shipping to and from Bangladesh, Vietnam, and mainland China to the United States. This allows U.S.-based customers to realize the benefits of low-cost, high-volume production runs, including those who purchase products through Amazon. If you need logistical support or further information regarding our freight forwarding services, please call us at .

    With offices in the USA located in Los Angeles and New York. Also, located abroad in China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

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    If You Sell Globally On Another Amazon Marketplace

    • Customers from that country buy your products
    • International customers buy your export-eligible products

    When we moved to Pan-European FBA, it allowed us to have product in fulfillment centers nearest to the customer. Because were not paying any additional fees for that, were able to be extremely competitive on our pricing.Zamir CajeeCEO, iQualTech

    How To Ship Your Products To Amazon For Fba

    Transport naar Amazon FBA warehouse in Engeland nodig?

    Now that you have all your items in your shipping plan, its time to finally ship your items. To do this go to Inventory -> Manage FBA Shipments and then click Continue with shipping plan.

    From here enter how many units of each item youre sending. Then if your item requires prep select whether you or Amazon will prep them. Lastly, select whether you or Amazon will label the product.

    Once you approve your shipment, you can purchase shipping from Amazon. You just need to know how much your package weighs. You can either put it on a bathroom scale, or just estimate based on the items inside the package.

    Once you print out your labels, stick them on your package and theyre ready to mail! Just drop them off at your local carrier like UPS.

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    Shipping Methods For Shipping From China To Amazon Fba Warehouse

    Once an Amazon seller has chosen one of the above shipping methods to ship goods to an Amazon FBA warehouse, they must also choose the shipping method for transport. There are usually three options available for this:

  • Express shipping
  • Air freight
  • Express shipping to an Amazon FBA warehouse

    For the recipient of the goods, this is the simplest shipping method, as the arrival of the goods only needs to be acknowledged. The chosen express service provider takes care of all import procedures. There are many such express service providers worldwide, including UPS, Fedex and DHL.

    Shipping with express service providers usually takes place within 4-7 days after production country China to Europe. However, express shipping is particularly suitable for shipping small quantities, for example, when ordering a product sample, as the total cost increases with the shipping volume.

    Air freight to an Amazon FBA warehouse

    When using air freight as a shipping method, the shipping route usually takes a few days longer than express shipping. However, the total shipping cost is on average about 10%-20% lower than express shipping.

    As air freight shipments incur high import handling charges, regardless of the size and volume of the goods shipped, air freight shipping is particularly suitable for heavy goods . In other cases, express shipping is the more suitable choice.

    Sea freight to an Amazon FBA warehouse

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