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Where Is My Amazon Delivery

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Amazon Canada Tracking Order

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After an order has shipped, many packages can be tracked on Amazon.ca. You can find tracking information in your order details.

Amazon.ca Canada uses several courier partners, such as Canada Post, Intelcom, Purolator, UPS, DHL, , TForce Final Mile .

If tracking is available, you can track your package via the Your Orders page or by copying and pasting package tracking number on this page into search field above. The shipping method and carrier for your package will be listed in your account and in your shipment confirmation e-mail.

What Is Amazon Guaranteed Delivery

Firstly, lets understand what Amazon Guaranteed Delivery actually means.

If you head over to the official help page, you will see that you can get a refund when your order does not arrive. However, there are terms and conditions:

  • Shipping method selected is shipping option advertised on a product detail page.
  • Order is shipping to eligible address.
  • Order is placed before order within countdown listed on the checkout page. The order within countdown timer provides the window of time in which you must place your order to receive your delivery by the date shown. That delivery date may become unavailable within that window of time due to changes in inventory or delivery capacity before you place your order. Your confirmed delivery date is included in your order confirmation E-mail. Contact us with any concerns.
  • If you order contains items that arent eligible for guaranteed delivery, shipping preference Ship my items as they become available is selected.
  • Your credit or debit card must be successfully charged before the deadline displayed on the checkout page.
  • The guarantee does not apply if we miss our promised delivery date because of an unforeseen circumstance outside of our control, such as a strike, natural disaster, or severe winter storm. Also, delivery scans might be inaccurate.
  • An attempted delivery on or before the guaranteed delivery date meets our delivery guarantee.

Take Full Advantage Of Amazon Package Tracking

To track most packages, you should sign into your Amazon account, click on “Returns & Orders,” then select the “Track package” option. You’ll be able to see the purchase date, shipping date, when the package was sent out for delivery, and arrival info. You can also see specifics on where the package was left: for example, “near the front door” or “inside the residence’s mailbox.” Keep in mind this may be dependent on the delivery person noting such details, so not every shipment may have this crucial information.

Looking for something more robust? is a feature that allows you to track the real-time progress of select packages delivered by Amazon.

On the day of delivery, click “Track package” from your Amazon account, shipment confirmation email, or the notification on Amazon’s app. You can then see the remaining number of stops the driver has before the delivery arrives at your door. Note that map tracking is disabled for wish list or gift orders to protect the recipient’s privacy.

is another shipping service that can come in handy. It’ll send you a photo to confirm the delivery has been made when a package is left unattended. If you’d rather not have Amazon take photos of your property, you can opt out by contacting customer service.

Most Amazon orders are trackable once the packages have shipped. The only real exception should be standard international shipments, and perhaps certain items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers.

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Tracking An Amazon Package Delayed In Transit

If you receive an email from Amazon that your package is delayed in transit, you may wonder why it hasn’t arrived yet. Most of the time, Amazon packages are sent to the correct address. If you’ve made a mistake, the package will be returned to the sender, which can delay delivery. There are a number of ways to track your package, including logging into your account and following the delivery van’s progress.

The best way to find out the status of your order is to contact Amazon customer service, which is available via email, telephone, and live chat. A representative will investigate your case and issue a refund. In the meantime, you can check your shipment’s delivery location by going to the Amazon website. If your package is sent via UPS, you can also use UPS’s website to check on its status. If you have your package shipped from Amazon, make sure you enter your tracking number in the box and click “View Delivery Status.”

Will Amazon Give Me A Refund If My Package Is Delayed

What to Do If Your Amazon Prime Delivery Is Late

If Amazon provides a guaranteed delivery date to you on Amazon checkout page, they may refund you a shipping fee as long as your situation matches the following requirements.

1You choose the exactly recommend shipping method on the products deal page.

2Your shipping address is correct.

3You placed your order before the cut-off time on the products page

4If the products arent eligible for guaranteed delivery and you choose shipping my items as they become available option.

5Your credit or debit cards are correct and Amazon charged you successfully before the cut-off time.

6Unforeseen circumstance things happen, such as a strike, natural disaster or severe winter storm, Amazon delivery guarantee does not apply.

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Amazon Offers New Ways To Track Receive And Pick Up Holiday Orders To Keep This Holiday Season Spoiler Free

New this year, customers nationwide can now deliver their gifts to Amazon physical retail stores including Amazon 4-star and Amazon Books

Customers can also choose from several options to track and receive their holiday orders at-home to keep them a surprise

SEATTLE—-Amazon.com — The holidays are typically overwhelmingbetween shopping for gifts, preparing family meals, and getting the house ready for guestsbut for many, this season may look a little different. Whether customers plans have changed or not, Amazon still wants to keep this holiday season special and help make sure those gifting moments stay spoiler free by offering options for customers to keep gifts a surprise, as well as track and receive Amazon orders.

This year many customers and their families are opting to stay home so the challenge of keeping those special gifts under wraps from family, friends or loved ones is going to be greater than ever, explains John Felton, Vice President of Amazon Global Delivery Services. Were helping customers keep their orders a surprise this year and have a number of ways were providing them more flexibility, control and convenience over their deliverieswhether thats ordering to an alternative pickup location, tracking their package en route to their home, or consolidating their deliveries to a single day so they can plan ahead.

Easily track deliveries and see where a package is delivered in-app

Alexas lips are sealed on holiday gifts

How To Track Delivery With Amazon Logistics In Trackingmore

You can track Amazon Logistics on the Amazon website. But for more tracking information, you may want to track your package on a third party parcel tracker like trackingmore.com.

But Amazon Logistics doesn’t provide a tracking number to the customer. So you need to find your tracking link or URL, copy and paste in the above input-box and search.

Kindly follow below instructions to find your tracking URL or link:

Step 1:

Log in amazon.com with your password, go to Order Page, and click the “Track Package” button.

Step 2:

Copy this “Track Package” webpage’s link from the top of your browser.

Step 3:

Switch your window back to trackingmore.com, paste, and search.

Wola, the results show up.

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How To Protect Your Amazon Deliveries In The Future

To protect your packages from porch pirates, Weisman suggests taking precautions, such as requiring a signature for delivery or sending the package to your work address.

Amazon provides a number of delivery service options, as well, Siciliano says. You can choose to send packages to Amazon lockers at nearby stores like Whole Foods, or you can install Amazons Key Smart Lock system for a more secure way to receive deliveries at home. With the system, delivery drivers can scan a barcode to request access to your front door or garage and place the package inside while a security camera monitors them. All you need is an Amazon Prime account, the Key by Amazon app, a smart lock, and a Wi-Fi-enabled camera.

Now that you know what to do if your Amazon package is stolen, get up to speed on more every shopper should be aware of. Also, read up on how to spot an it could come in handy in the future.

How To Contact Amazon About A Late Delivery

Amazon door delivery|| good way of delivery

To reach out to Amazon about a late delivery, the first thing you need to do is visit the Contact Us page.

Below the list of your recent orders, Amazon will ask for more details about your issue. In this case, you would select Wheres my stuff? and Shipment is late.

Youll then be given the choice to contact Amazon via email, phone or live chat.

Amazon may not offer to extend Prime for all late deliveries, but it doesnt hurt to contact them and ask!

Dont want to do the work yourself? Paribus is a free service that tracks the delivery of Amazon purchases and requests compensation for late deliveries. Read more here.


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What To Do If You Cant Locate Your Missing Amazon Package

Youve tried tracking your package, but you were unable to find itnow what? Weve listed a few options for you to solve your problem:

  • Wait a little longer because the courier might bring your missing package later on during the day
  • Check your P.O. box
  • Ask your neighbors as they might have received the package in your name
  • Contact the third-party seller if you didnt order directly from Amazon:
  • Go to Your Orders
  • Find your order on the list
  • Choose Problem with order
  • Select your topic from the displayed list
  • Click on Contact seller
  • and request a refund in a matter of minutes

How Late Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday

Amazon is one of the online retailers that offer Sunday delivery.

It works with a variety of other carriers to make this possible.

Because of that, the time frame in which your Sunday delivery arrives may vary.

For example, one of the carriers that Amazon works with is the USPS.

The USPS doesnt traditionally deliver on Sundays except for when they have a backlog or when theyre delivering packages.

They also only work between the hours of 6 AM and 5 PM.

Because of that, you shouldnt expect your Sunday delivery past 5 PM.

However, if the Sunday delivery is from an Amazon Flex driver, then the package could arrive as late as 8 PM.

Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors.

Because of that, theyre able to choose their hours and schedules.

That said, they do have a quota that they need to satisfy on the days they do choose to work.

The driver will attempt to make all those deliveries within that timeframe.

On Sundays, that timeframe has a limit up to 8 PM.

Thats because Amazon realizes that Sunday is the last day for many people to rest before the beginning of the new work week.

They dont want to disturb these people.

They also want to limit how many hours their workers operate to encourage them to rest, too.

Depending on who is delivering your package, your Sunday delivery could arrive as late as 5 PM or 8 PM.

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What To Do If Your Amazon Package Never Arrived

First, you open the Amazon site or app and ensure you’re logged in before typing contact Amazon customer services in the main search bar.

At the top of the page, under How do I contact customer service? there should be a link you can use.

Once you click this, youll be directed to the below page, where you click start chatting now.

There are four key options to choose from or you can type a message in the chatbox.

Make sure you select the missing item from your order history and say what you would like to be done to resolve the issue. For example, you might be happy with a replacement or simply want a refund if you no longer want the item.

A loveMONEY staff member tried this method when their package went missing and says the process was quick as they were immediately offered a free replacement order.

Alternatively, you can request a call back by clicking Need help over the phone? We can call you. Youll need to select the order that the call is about.

Amazon says that an agent that handles the specific query will aim to contact the customer in less than a minute, although this is not guaranteed.

Tracking Doesn’t Match Carrier’s Website

I was an Amazon delivery driver: What its like to work in the tech ...

It’s common to see slight differences in the tracking information listed in Your Account and the details on a carrier’s website. Every carrier uses their own language to indicate different shipment statuses. Amazon simplifies the updates in Your Account to make them easier to understand.

  • UPS: “A UPS shipping label has been created”. Amazon status: Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit. It means the shipment has left the Amazon or merchant fulfillment center.
  • USPS: “Notice left”. Amazon status: Delivery Attempted. It means a delivery attempt was made for your package.
  • UPS: “Same Day Will Call”. Amazon status: Available for pickup. It means the package is available for pickup at the carrier’s facility.

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How To Track Amazon Orders

This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 23,805 times.

This wikiHow teaches you how to check the shipment status of your Amazon order. As long as your order has shipped and is using an Amazon-compliant means of transportation, you can track your order on both desktop and mobile versions of Amazon.

You Ordered An Item But It Hasn’t Shipped Yet

A Google search for Amazon delivery problems will reveal a lot of people complaining about this. What happens if you placed an order, but several days, weeks, or even months have passed, and the seller still hasn’t shipped it?

Well, don’t panic. Amazon will not charge your credit card until the order has been confirmed. Until that point, you can still cancel the order by going to Accounts and Lists > Account > Your Orders and select Cancel Order.

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How To Track The Amazon Package

There are three ways to track your shipment using Pkge.net:

  • Enter your tracking ID into the field and press TRACK. After that, you will be noticed by this message: To track your shipment, you need to enter Amazon ORDER. So enter your order number, for example 114-2513833-4249833. Then press button +.
  • The second way is entering only the order number into the field and pressing TRACK. You will see the same tracking information as in the previous item without entering the TBA number.
  • Sometimes Amazon sends its order using other delivery services, for example, FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc. If its so, their tracking number will be sent via email or can be found at the end of completing an order and you can visit a relevant page on our web site to track your order.
  • It’s Safer To Buy Fulfilled By Amazon Items

    First day of Work ð¨ð¦ || Brampton, Canada || Amazon delivery Job || Best Job || International Student

    The Amazon website features items sold by both Amazon itself and by third-party retailers. When using a third-party retailer, you might notice a Fulfilled by Amazon message on the product you’re buying.

    The message implies that even though the product is being sold by a third-party retailer, it is being sent to your house from an Amazon Fulfillment Center. As a buyer, it means you’ll be able to track a package’s progress through your Amazon account portal, and Amazon is responsible for customer service and product returns.

    If you buy from a third-party seller whose items are not fulfilled by Amazon, you are protected by the company’s A-to-Z Guarantee Protection.

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    What To Do If Your Amazon Package Is Not Delivered

    Amazon is one the largest online shopping platform. People from all around the world use this amazing service to get their favorite products delivered to at the doorstep. is a pretty big and popular online shopping portal and sells a variety of products from a large number of brands.

    You can find almost everything here from mobile, laptops, clothes, shoes, accessories, tool, home decor to furniture and many more such stuff. The delivery service of Amazon is also quite efficient and the new Amazon Prime also provides you with several alluring benefits. If the package is delayed or not delivered, know that you can apply for along with the refund.

    Must visit:

    But on some unlucky days, you may find some problems when the scheduled Amazon package not delivered. What would you do if you do not receive your Amazon product? Where would you find its tracking details? What if it says the product has been delivered but actually your Amazon package is not delivered, means you didnt really receive it. Do you know you can for this? Well, dont worry, we may have solutions to these problems. Lets have a look.

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