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Where To Buy Books Online Not Amazon

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Legal Alternatives To Those Free Textbooks On Imgur

Why Can’t I Buy Kindle Books From The Amazon Or Kindle App?

This is it, folks, the moment youve all been waiting for: free books!

Its no secret that textbook prices have pushed many desperate college students into a life of crime and by a life of crime, I mean piracy. But you dont have to resort to the free college textbooks on Imgur because there are legal alternatives. is a non-profit that develops open-source educational material written by real experts and thoroughly peer-reviewed. Another site thats working to make information accessible is Open Textbook Library which has everything from veterinary science books to legal casebooks. Theres also the UC Press E-Books Collection, Open Library, and Brill.

Online Bookstores Not Named Amazon

If youre determined to avoid shopping at Amazon when buying books online, be aware that the company also owns a handful of other online booksellers. AbeBooks, Book Depository, and Goodreads are all part of the Amazon ecosystem, though each has a slightly different approach to selling books that makes them worth browsing if your reading needs go beyond the bestseller lists. AbeBooks, which is based in Vancouver, Canada, specializes in rare and used books, plus manuscripts, collectibles, and art, though they also sell new titles and bestsellers. Goodreads places an emphasis on social networking, allowing customers to connect with one another, recommend books, and create virtual bookshelves. U.K.-based Book Depository specializes in new releases in English, Spanish, French, and other European languages, and touts free shipping worldwide.

The Amazon Alternatives For Books

Please support your local, independent book shop where possible. .

If you need to buy online Ive got you covered: Simply search for your book using my at the top of this page. You can perform a single search for any book and see results from various ethical book stores.

Listed below are the bookstores included in the search tool and a bit more about them. They are ordered by a combination of their rankings with Ethical Consumer Magazine and our readers rankings of consumer satisfaction.

The rankings originally came from a survey I carried out in 2017, rating the consumer experience of the top ethical online book sellers. I came out with a definitive TOP 10 list of ethical online booksellers.

The rankings are now constantly updated thanks to ongoing survey submissions by people like you who buy books using the ethical book search tool and then participate in my ongoing survey.

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Seriously Check The Library

If youve read any of my previous book-related guides, Im probably beginning to sound like a broken record with this one. But libraries are truly the best source of books, no matter what format youre in the market for.

The majority of library systems in the United States use a platform called Overdrive for both ebooks and audiobooks. Each library has a personalized URL for accessing its particular flavor of Overdrive the Brooklyn Public Library systems is, for example. Your librarys OverDrive portal will almost definitely be linked on the librarys main website if not, you may need to inquire with a librarian.

Almost every aspect of Overdrive is meant to mirror the experience of visiting a physical library. After logging in with your library card number, you can browse librarian-curated collections or search for a specific title or author. The library purchases a set number of audiobook licenses for each book, which means you might not always be able to access a title right away. But theres a hold system, too, and Overdrive will even estimate how long youll be waiting and send you an email when your book is ready for download.

What Is The Revenue Source For Indiabookstore

Buy Ready or Not...Here We Come: The REAL Experts

We earn commission from online stores for each sale that happens through IndiaBookStore. The process is simple, you search for a book on IndiaBookStore, click on buy link, land to the online store’s website, buy the book and we get commission on sales amount. All the sales through IndiaBookStore are tracked through a utm source code which resides in the URL of each sale done through IndiaBookStore. The commission amount is certain percentage of sales amount which is decided by the store.

In the cases when you compare book prices on IndiaBookStore and then open the online store website separately to make a purchase, IndiaBookStore doesn’t get any commission.

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Direct From Your Local Independent Stores

Whilst most independent bookshops will have limited stock listed on their websites, many are able to take requests and order things in from their suppliers.

For example, Golden Hare Books, a brilliant Edinburgh bookshop, state that they can usually order even the most obscure of books from their suppliers and have it available to pick up within 48 hours. Pretty impressive!

Its well worth checking whether your local stores or favourite UK bookshops do this before turning to other alternatives so we can keep local bookshops thriving.

Plus, it seems many will have stock delivered just as quickly as other, larger retailers.

The 10 Best Amazon Alternatives To Buy Books Online

Amazon is the biggest bookseller in the world, but far from the only one. Here are the best Amazon alternatives to buy books.

If you want to buy books online, Amazon is the biggest name in the industry. But it is far from perfect. Other online bookstores are often cheaper and have more expertise in niche genres.

So, to give you more options when you’re looking to buy books, we have compiled a list of the best alternatives to Amazon for books.

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Amazons Restrictions On Library Purchases

Amazon has been facing criticism lately for the actions theyve taken to restrict access to their books released through Amazon Publishing. Amazon Publishing has been releasing books since 2009 and its own brands include Lake Union, Thomas & Mercer, and Audible. Books are usually released in print, audiobook, and ebook formats which are then usable for institutions like public libraries to purchase and loan out to the community. However, Amazon has put a halt to some of this by banning library access to ebooks and audiobooks published by Amazon. This means libraries are no longer able to purchase ebooks and audiobooks from many authors that the public is interested in like with Mindy Kalings new story collection.

Libraries have agreements in place with publishers in order to access digital copies of popular titles. Oftentimes, libraries are paying more than what a regular consumer would pay for a copy of the ebook- anywhere from 40 to 60 dollars per title and up to 100 dollars for really popular books. In addition to the increased price that libraries end up paying, there are also restrictions in the form of digital locks and set time periods. With these in place, libraries end up having to re-purchase digital copies multiple times.

The Chicago Literacy Alliance

You Can No Longer Buy Kindle eBooks on Android | Good News

The Chicago Literacy Alliance isnt one organization its a collection of over 100 of them. Each of these organizations is focused on the goal of bringing literacy and reading resources to people of all ages and backgrounds. The alliance is trying to solve low literacy in Chicago where 39% of public school students dont meet the reading standards for their grade and 61% of low-income households do not own books for children in the family.

The Chicago Literary Alliances member organizations help give more than 18 people a year access to books. The alliance also runs English as a Second Language tutoring programs for adults. If youre interested in its cause, you can check out its member organizations here.

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How To Buy And Read Ebooks Without Amazon

There are much better ways to read digital books than what Kindle has to offer.

Amazon dominates the e-reader market, and for some people thats just fine. But buying a Kindle means buying into Amazons ebook ecosystem. Youre stuck until the end of time. Most of the money you spend on books from now on will go to Amazon, a power-hungry behemoth that treats its workers poorly, and very little of your purchase will actually support the author whose work youre enjoying.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can enjoy ebooks and ditch Amazon for good, too.

If you ever decide to leave Amazon for another brand of e-reader, good luck porting your ebooks without hours of work and frustrating formatting issues. Amazons proprietary ebook format, .azw, cant be read by any other devices. Amazon makes it easy to convert other ebook formats, as well as Microsoft Word documents and PDFs, into .azw files the other way around not so much.

I fell into this trap for a long time. I purchased the base-level Kindle on Prime Day in 2014 and had no qualms with using Amazons one-click-purchase button to stock my digital bookshelves. Thats what Amazon wants, of course to activate your trigger fingers before youve had a chance to second-guess the purchase.

You, too, can enjoy reading books on an e-ink screen without that sour aftertaste left in the back of your throat. And it starts with buying yourself a different e-reader.

Alternatives To Amazon For Books: New Books My number 1 recommendation for where to buy books online that isnt Amazon is This website is truly one of the few good things to arise from the pandemic. It was founded early in 2020 and became a way to support independent bookstores that were no longer able to bring customers in the door. supports indie bookstores by giving them a percentage of profits in one of two ways. You can search for your local indie and buy any books through their page and they receive all of the profits.

Or, 10% of all sales not linked to a specific bookstore go into a pool that is then distributed to indie bookstores across the country!

If you end up using my links in this post, you can both support this blog AND still ensure 10% of your purchase goes to indie bookstores.

As a bonus, you can also find curated book lists and book recommendations on my Bookshop page!

I truly love this website and use it almost exclusively myself. The books are often similarly priced to Amazon, shipping is cheap, and youre helping ensure the continuation of local small businesses!

This site was initially included in my post, but I learned that it is actually owned by Amazon. So, if you wish to avoid Amazon and all subsidiaries, I suggest purchasing from one of the other options on my list!

Book Subscription Boxes

Options like the always popular Book of the Month , unique Once Upon A Book Club , and simple The Book Drop make buying books incredibly fun.

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Environmental Impact Of Books: Print Books Vs E

Print still dominates the book market with over 80% of the share. But its also clear that the second hand book market is growing.

According to Patrik Oqvist from World of Books, he says the second hand book market is growing by 8-10% a year. This is great news for the environment reusing rather than creating new, meaning less energy expenditure and less waste. For the UK book market alone, an estimated 15 million trees are cut down each year for paper.

Even when print books reach they end of their life and are unwanted, most eventually find their way to a pulping machine to be recycled into cardboard. This still has an environmental footprint to it but its much better than going to landfill.

There is a slight juxtaposition in that books are made from the very trees that we strive to keep in the world. The trees that purify the air, soak up carbon and release oxygen. Can cutting down trees to make books be justified?

In my view, yes, but in a sustainable manner of course. All sustainably managed woodlands should make sure that trees are replanted to make up for the loss.

Perfect combo: Coffee and a book

People are always going to read. Its part of our very nature to learn and share knowledge within human communities and societies. Cooperation and learning are what have given humans our huge advantage over other species.

Apart From Price Comparison What Are Else Can I Do At Indiabookstore

Amazon Kindle + Classic Kindle

We have an active blog, Bookish which features editorial book reviews, author interviews, interesting articles related to books / authors / new book releases etc, all which is Book-ish. A place where bibliophiles can indulge.

And if you want to win free books, checkout our page. We give away free books often, try our next giveaway. And if you dont want to miss them, subscribe to our giveaways email list, we will send you email right before our book book giveaway begins.

You can also find which gives insights about online book store’s customer service, deliver quality etc.

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What Are The Best Online Bookstores

Although all of the online bookstores mentioned above have their advantages, Amazon is still one of the best-known names in the industry. Its website is extremely user-friendly, it ships internationally, it has an extensive selection of books of all types, and it makes it easy to find a particular book in no time.

At the same time, more and more people are trying to avoid using Amazon, switching to using smaller, potentially more ethical, companies. We’re not going to tell you which approach is the right one just make sure you find an online bookstore that meets your needs.

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Amazon has been the subject of renewed criticism after an expose of its employment practices in the New York Times.

In the nearly 6,000 word piece, the newspaper claimed workers in its Pennsylvania warehouse were forced to work in temperatures in the high 30s – with no air conditioning – until a newspaper reported on it.

One former employee said she was put on a performance-improvement plan after she lost her stillborn child to make sure focus stayed on job”.

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‘this Is Revolutionary: New Online Bookshop Unites Indies To Rival Amazon, which launched in the US earlier this year, has accelerated UK plans and goes online this week in partnership with more than 130 shops

It is being described as a revolutionary moment in the history of bookselling: a socially conscious alternative to that allows readers to buy books online while supporting their local independent bookseller. And after a hugely successful launch in the US, it is open in the UK from today.

Bookshop was dreamed up by the writer and co-founder of Literary Hub, Andy Hunter. It allows independent bookshops to create their own virtual shopfront on the site, with the stores receiving the full profit margin 30% of the cover price from each sale. All customer service and shipping are handled by Bookshop and its distributor partners, with titles offered at a small discount and delivered within two to three days.

Its been a wild ride, said Hunter, who launched the site in the US in January. Five weeks into what we thought was going to be a six-month period of refining and improving and making small changes, Covid-19 hit and then suddenly we were doing massive business.

Bookshop is a benefit corporation in the process of applying for B Corporation certification in the UK, created with the mission to benefit the public good by contributing to the welfare of the independent literary community. Rules state that it can never be sold to a major US retailer, including Amazon.

Best Sites To Buy Used & Second Hand Books Uk

How to Listen to Free Audible Books with Amazon Prime

Second hand books and more sustainable, ethical living go hand in hand.

With the decline in charity shops, second hand book shops and places selling used books, more people are looking online for their next read.

For many its all too easy to head to Amazon, find your title and buy your book. However, we all know about Amazons atrocious social, environmental and ethical record, which is why we should avoid them.

Im here to tell you that its just as easy to buy a second hand book or new title from an ethical, sustainable and independent online bookseller.

Lets take a look at 10 of the best sites where you can buy second hand books online in the UK. You can also buy new books from many of these places which are all Amazon alternatives.

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Check Facebook Marketplace And Facebook Book Groups

This list of the best websites to buy used books from is a lot shorter than expected, mainly because Amazon now owns many of the used books retailers initially listed. Though Facebook isnt exactly what we have in mind when we look for thrift books online, going small is the easiest way to make sure you arent buying your secondhand books from Amazon.

Facebook might not be the hip social media site it once was, but most people have a Facebook account, book lovers included. Its not hard to find book-loving communities there or groups where people put their used books up for sale.

A List Of Members Of The Independent Online Booksellers Association

If you want one more way to find independent bookstores, you can look through the Independent Booksellers Associations member directory. The member directory of the IOBA lists all of its member bookstores in alphabetical order. In case you found the earlier two options a little lacking, this one has hundreds of stores to choose from, all organized in alphabetical order. For example, if youre looking for somewhere to purchase used books and youre near PO Box 243, Sand Lake, MI, 49343, United States, you can hit up Gabe Konrads Bay Leaf Used & Rare Books. Thats how specific this directory is.

When youre done getting through your TBR pile, consider donating to the following charities to share the joys of literature with people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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