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Where To Find Sales Rank On Amazon

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How to Understand Amazon Sales Rank – When to Buy High Ranking Items to Sell on Amazon FBA

The Amazon Product Ranking is a great resource to help you identify which products to sell on Amazon. A product that has a higher ranking means that is sells quickly, which is good, but is also typically a signal of fierce competition and low profit margins. When choosing inventory to sell, you should also try to avoid products with very low BSR rankings, meaning anything in the tens of thousands, since such products likely wont sell well. It is indeed a balancing act to find the right ranking. But, if you can find a product that you see has potential market and profit opportunity, and room for you to optimize and improve its BSR, that is the sweet spot you should be aiming for.

How Our Amazon Book Sales Calculator Works

You can use this handy Book Sales Calculator to give you an extremely accurate estimation of how many copies are being sold on Amazon for any eBook or print book .

Unlike most other Kindle Sales Calculators out there, this one is incredibly accurate with only a 6% error rate. That means if it shows an estimate of 1,000 sales, the actual sales will fall somewhere between 940 and 1,060 sales. By contrast, many other Kindle sales calculators weve tested have a 50-100% error rate.

Notice the Amazon Book Sales Calculator tells you how many sales you need to hit in EITHER one day OR one month to hit a certain bestseller ranking. We use The Rule of 15 which means if you take the monthly sales needed to hit a certain bestseller ranking, all you have to do is divide that monthly sales number by 15 to calculate how many sales you need in one day to achieve that same sales ranking.

The Rule of 15 works because Amazons algorithm for sales rankings more heavily weights recent sales. That means 10 sales in the last hour will boost your sales ranking faster than getting 10 sales in the last week.

For example, in order to hit #1,000 Kindle Best Sellers Ranking, your book either needs to sell 2,778 copies over a 30-day time period OR sell just 185 copies in a single 24-hour period .

Utilize Amazon A+ Content

Amazon may further reward Amazon listings that use their native tools to fully customize and design product pages. is a powerful tool for establishing visual branding materials and making your products cohesive behind a brand name.

Make your visuals and videos clear, professional, and eye-catching as well as complementary to the listing copy. Your visuals should help customers envision themselves using the product and help ensure the product sells.

In addition, it is crucial to differentiate the images if youre competing against hundreds of products that are similar to what you are selling.

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Free Tool: Amazon Book Sales Calculator

Aug 7, 2016 |

Did you know you can estimate how many sales any eBook or print book on Amazon is currently selling just by looking at its listing on Amazon? Even better, you can see how many books you have to sell in order to reach a specific rank.

All you have to do is find the Amazon Sales Rank for any eBook or print book on Amazon and type that number into the simple .

You can use this handy tool to give you an accurate estimation of how many copies are being sold on Amazon for any eBook or print book, but also to find out how many sales you need in one day or one month to hit a certain bestseller ranking.

If youre planning a book launch or promotion, this data can help you predict how high your book will rank on Amazon and if you can hit #1 in your bestseller categories on Amazon.

You can also use this data for market research, to get a good idea how big a niche or market is before you invest the time writing, publishing and marketing a book in that market. For example, if you notice all your competitors in a market arent selling more than 100 eBook copies per month on Amazon Kindle, you can be pretty sure your book wont be selling more than 100 eBook copies per month on Kindle unless your book is a lot better than the competition, is more appealing to the market, and you have a better marketing strategy than the competition.

Optimize Your Product Title And Description

How to use Sales Rank to Find Products to Sell on Amazon ...


Create well-written sales copy by including all the crucial information on your product listing. For the product title, these can include the brand name, model type and number, product type, quantity and size, power output needed, color, and design. Meanwhile, the product description should expand on the title.

Amazon has a list of requirements and a style guide for formatting product titles. The rules include:

  • 200-character maximum length, including the spaces
  • absence of text in all caps as well as subjective phrases and promotional phrases, such as “Hot Item” or “100% quality guaranteed.”
  • use of numerals instead of words
  • spelled-out measurements

Amazon also has rules for detailing product features. They include using bullet points to describe your product. You can focus on one benefit per bullet point, highlighting what makes the product different from others in the same category.

Amazon has a formula for writing product descriptions per category. But the general or default bullet style goes this way:

  • General description
  • Most important feature or features
  • Other important features
  • Dimensions
  • You also need to do a keyword search for your product to determine the related words consumers use in their searches for your product category.

    Moreover, Amazon suggests adding search terms about your product on your seller account.

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    How To Master Amazon Sales Rank

    Succeeding on Amazon can be a seemingly complex task. When you add in the language and concepts of the platform, everything from SKUs to PPC, there are enough acronyms to make you dizzy.

    One of the most important acronyms is BSR , also known as Amazon Sales Rank. Its a metric Amazon sellers live and die by since it can have a massive impact on the perception of a products value and popularity on Amazon.

    Understanding BSR is an important step in setting yourself up for a strong Amazon business. Whether you are trying to launch new products or optimize your product listings to move them to the top of the search results, well go over the building blocks of mastering Amazon Sales Rank.

    Amz Scout Bsr30 Indicator

    The Bestseller Rank is a metric by which the best sellers in each category are measured.

    The calculation of how well the product sells is compared to others in the same category.

    This isnt just dependent on sales volume, but also on parameters such as frequency of sales and individuals orders.

    The BSR30 indicator from AMZ Scout allows for the sales ranks to be analyzed over a 30 day period on a graph. Its the foundation of the new algorithm.

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    How To Use Our Amazon Book Sales Calculator

    Let me show you a quick example of how to find the Amazon Bestseller Ranking for any book on Amazon so you can use the sales calculator.

    Heres the Amazon listing for the Kindle version of Unlimited Memory by TCK Publishing client Kevin Horsley.

    It looks just like every other book listing on Amazon.

    All you have to do to find out how many Kindle eBook or Print copies its selling currently is scroll down the books page on Amazon to the Product Details section.

    Underneath Product Details, look for the section that says Amazon Best Sellers Rank. In the screenshot above, you can see it says #139 Paid in Kindle Store.

    Now, there are a few things you should know about this Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

    First, notice it says Paid. If it said #139 Free in Kindle Store, that would mean the Kindle version of the book was currently free .

    It also says in Kindle Store. If youre looking at a print edition of a book on Amazon, it will say in Books.

    Now that you have the Amazon Bestseller Rank for the book, all you have to do is type it into the Amazon Kindle Sales Calculator above.

    Reach More Shoppers Online

    Amazon Sales Rank 101

    5. Optimize the price

    Your price influences your products rankings. Amazon looks at your price compared to the competition and estimates your conversion rate. If your product is more expensive than your competitors products, Amazon will rank your product lower because it wont believe that you will get as many conversions.

    This is due to the fact that users want the best deal on a product. If your competitors are listing their product around $30 and your product is $60, your audience is more likely to go with one of your competitors because it is cheaper. Amazon knows this and therefore wont rank your product as high for that keyword.

    When you want to rank for a particular keyword, look at how your competitors list their products. What is the general price range? If the prices fit in your products price range, its a great Amazon keyword to rank for to reach valuable leads.

    6. Answer questions to indirectly affect Amazon product ranking

    Answering questions is an indirect factor that influences your Amazon product ranking. It doesnt directly influence your ranking, but it does influence conversions .

    Amazon does put value on it, though. The number of questions asked about your product is placed at the top of your listing, along with reviews. Amazon knows that people will ask questions, so they list the link to them at the top of the page.

    Think of it this way: if customers dont know the answer to their question, they dont buy the product.

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    Search For The Product

    First, go to and enter the name of the product you’re searching. Look for the bar at the top of the page. Dont worry if you dont know the exact name or description of the product. Just type whatever you can remember and, if youre lucky, the search bar will offer some suggestions that might include the product youre looking for.

    A Note On Kindle Sales Ranking Adjustments Kdp Select Ebooks

    If your eBook is enrolled in KDP Select and selling well on Amazon , you may think the sales calculator is overestimating your monthly sales, but something else is going on!

    When Amazon customers borrow your eBook through Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Owners Lending Library , Amazon counts the number of pages those customers read from your book and counts them as sales in order to calculate your Kindle Best Seller Ranking.

    Based on our data from a few hundred books enrolled in KDP Select, Amazon will count 1 sale in order to calculate your Kindle Best Seller Ranking every time the KENP Read reaches about 65% of the total estimated page count of your Kindle eBook.

    In other words, if your Kindle eBook is 100 pages long, every 65 KENP Read in your KDP Reports will count as 1 sale in order for Amazon to calculate your Kindle Best Seller Ranking.

    For publishers who use KDP Select, having a lot of readers borrow your book through KOLL or KU can dramatically increase your sales rankings on Amazon .

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    How Do I Find Product Rankings

    In order to find the Amazon product ranking for a given product, first go to any Amazon product page. Once you are on the product page, scroll down to the Product Information section. On the bottom of the chart, you will see Best Sellers Rank on the left hand side of the chart. Directly next to it, you will see the product ranking for each and every category that the product is sold in.

    What Is Organic Ranking On Amazon

    7 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank!

    Organic ranking is where a product appears on Amazons search engine results pages for a particular keyword.

    The products position on Amazons SERP has no bearing on the products current Amazon Best Sellers Rank. In fact, the products on the SERP are organized by what Amazon sees as the most relevant products for that keyword search.

    For example, when we did a search for marshmallow roasting sticks on Amazon, this is what we saw on the SERP:

    The products are organized by Amazon sponsored ads and organic ranking.

    The first three products that appear are those that paid to appear there. They purchased that ad space.

    The bottom three are those whose products ranked organically. We searched for marshmallow roasting sticks, and they were the products Amazon thought most closely matched what we said we were looking for.

    However, just because a product ranks favorably on Amazons SERP doesnt necessarily mean that it will have a good BSR as well.

    The reason the top organic product may not have the best BSR as well is because Amazon sees the first product of its search results as a more keyword-relevant result when someone enters in the search term marshmallow roasting sticks despite it not being the best seller of the bunch. This could be because the product has had better sales in the past, higher rates of conversion, or even better reviews.

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    Is Best Seller Rank The Same As Amazon Sales Rank

    You will undoubtedly hear the term Best Seller Rank from time to time. Its the same thing as your Amazon Seller Rank . If youre a best-seller, youre going to rank higher out of principle.

    And if your Amazon Seller Rank is high, youll get the same outcome. These are simply ways of referring to how well a seller is ranked on Amazon at any one time. And as youll soon discover, you can use this information to your advantage.

    Now that we know what these terms mean and how they function, lets move on to how Amazon gets their figures. Its important that sellers have the clearest understanding of how rankings are calculated. This will help you position your brand to rise above the competition.

    Reporting On Your Success

    With a fully optimized marketing strategy youll also be able to get in-depth data from Seller Central business reports, keyword performance metrics, and more. Radds marketing management services can not only help get your brand better results on Amazon, but they can keep you informed about your stores sales increases every step of the way.

    You get details on information on data that helps us adjust your campaign for better results including automatically generated Amazon-native reports that help us adjust your listings and to increase your Amazon sales through better product rankings.

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    Have A Clear Product Description

    Data reveals that 23% of online shoppers who dont have a specific product in mind to buy, visit Amazon to get inspiration, it is, therefore, important to have a clear product description.

    Infographic wireframe

    What you write in the product description section determines whether a potential buyer goes through with the purchase, it is, therefore, important to use this section to maximize results.

    While writing the description focus on providing quality information for the user. Ensure that every information in the description section is valuable to the user. Your conversion rate and engagement depend on this section, so dont blow it. Dont forget to infuse some keywords in this section.

    How Is Amazons Best Sellers Rank Calculated

    Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) Explained & How To Calculate Sales

    Although Amazon doesnt reveal exactly how the Best Sellers Rank is calculated, there are a number of factors that contribute to it, including:

    • Current and historic sales
    • Product price changes and promotions
    • Competitive products

    The BSR reflects current sales trends, as well as historical sales volume, and is updated hourly.

    For example, if a product has 10 units of sales in one hour but drops to only one unit sale the next, that doesnt mean it will automatically drop down to a BSR thats for products that only sell one per hour. Instead, the BSR algorithm will take into account both sales velocities.

    Let me show you what I mean using some hypothetical numbers.

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    Incentivize Reviews To Increase Amazon Sales Rank

    Eighty-eight percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from their friends and family. Positive reviews can be the tipping point that causes a consumer to choose your product over a competitors.

    While Amazon has banned true financial incentivization of reviews there are still options to encourage shoppers to leave glowing reviews. Heres a few ways to increase your online reviews.

    Amazon Sales Rank Charts Reborn

    I have seen countless people, new sellers and the OG’s among us ask if these rank charts were coming back.

    I, and many others, figured that would not be the case. There was no workaround anyone could find.

    Plus, this would give people the opportunity to rely more heavily on Keepa and CamelCamelCamel to make their sourcing decisions.

    This would likely be a good thing. The data Keepa and CCC share is instrumental in understanding the history of a product and the likelihood of that product continuing to be something that sells or holds its price.

    However, many continued to ask for a sales rank chart.

    So, I went to see if there was anything that could be done.

    Sure enough, there is some data that can be used to build an Amazon Sales Rank Chart.

    You have to dig for it a bit and it is likely not as accurate as it was when the data came directly from Amazon but it gives an excellent idea of how many products are in each category on Amazon.

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