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Why Did Amazon Lock My Account

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Improve Your Performance On Amazon

I Was Locked Out of My Amazon Account for 2 Weeks!

The best way to avoid any sort of suspension from Amazon is to improve your performance on Amazon.

For starters, check your reports from Amazon on a regular basis. The data in your reports on Return, Imperfect Orders, and Feedback will give a clear sense of whether you consistently meet the performance goals of Amazon.

In addition to that, keep an eye on the delivery of your order. Unless you’re an FBA seller and Amazon handles your shipping and delivery, you’ll want to make sure customers report on-time shipments and properly packaged goods to avoid negative feedback or a high rate of late shipment.

Solution #3 Send An Email To Amazon Support

If you are not comfortable talking to customer support over the phone or starting an online chat, you can write an email to Amazon regarding your account problem. Many people prefer sending an email as they can freely express themselves in writing.

  • Go to the Sign-in page of Amazon.
  • Select Other issues with sign-in.
  • Go to Account & Login Issues.
  • Select I cannot sign in to my account.
  • Now, compose your email detailing your request to unlock your account.

Which of the solutions above helped you unlock or unfreeze your Amazon account? What else did you do beyond these steps that successfully fixed your account issue? We would love to know more so please write to us in the comment section below.

How Do I Unlock My Frozen Amazon Account

There are 3 ways you can send an email to Amazon.Reply to the Account Specialist email.

The first way is to reply directly to the email you will have received from an account specialist advising that your account has been locked .

Email to the CEO office.

Email via the Amazon Portal Jun 7, 2019.

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Logging In From Different Locations

It is not that hard to detect account activity from different locations using a different IP address. If so, Amazon triggers its security system. When there are orders being placed in your account from different IP addresses, Amazon thinks that your account might be stolen or hacked, so there is a big chance for your account to be locked in order to verify that is you.

So be aware of sharing your amazon account with people, working from somewhere around the globe.

Suspicious Gift Card Activity

Why the amazon account can not be closed

Dropshippers love buying gift cards to purchase items. But to Amazon, gift cards are equivalent to cash on their platform so they have to police them tightly.

With Amazon having the widest range of products of any retailer in the world, it has become a prime target for money launderers that want to turn cash into items.

This leads to 2 big triggers that usually alert Amazon to lock an account when dealing with gift cards.

Unusually heavy usage of gift cards Buying and redeeming large values of gift cards can seem unusual so Amazon will want to verify your reasons for it.

Opening a new account If someone goes onto Amazon, opens a PRIME account and the first thing they do is buy a gift card, this will cause an immediate lock on your Amazon account.

Again, Amazon isnt trying to be evil. They simply need to comply with various money laundering regulations around the world. At the end of the day, they love your money and want your orders as much as you want to buy from them.

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Fake Amazon Verification Phishing Email

Did you receive emails from Amazon that claim your account has been suspended for unusual activities and ask you to click on a button to verify your account? Be cautious of these phishing emails!Scammers send spoofed emails, pretending to be from Amazon officials. The buttons included in such emails are phishing links, which will lure you into sending your personal information or financial credentials to the scammers. They can use these data leaked on identity thefts or any other scams afterward.If its necessary, please go to the Amazon website directly to confirm if the issues raised in the email are legitimate instead of clicking on the links provided in the emails. Or else, you can use Trend Micro Check for immediate scam detection!

‘i Have Never Seen Anything Like This’

One person, who claimed to be an Amazon employee who works in customer service and spoke with Business Insider on the condition of anonymity, said that Amazon’s workers haven’t been told much more than customers. Yet she believed these “are not normal closures.”

“I have worked for Amazon for over a year in multiple departments and I have never seen anything like this,” the customer-service representative added.

Based on conversations with other workers, she said she believed the issue to be “widespread.” But lacking a clear explanation, she says most customer-service representatives are simply confused.

Furthering confusion is the fact that many people are reporting an incomplete account closure. While customers almost unanimously say they were alerted upon login that their account does not exist, others say they’ve managed to log in through alternative sub-accounts, such as Audible or Kindle Music.

White, for example, says she could access her wish list even after her account was closed. She was able to place orders and watch Prime video after downloading Amazon’s app on a new device, despite being told her account didn’t exist when attempting to log in to her computer.

With variations in the time and explanations in customers’ accounts closures, it is likely that there are a number of different reasons for the closures despite the united front on social media.

“I have lost all faith in them,” she said.

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Create Several Accounts Using Different Ip Addresses

Since Amazon is detecting your IP address, you should use a different VPN or VPS in order to manage your Login credentials.

Doing so will manage the risk of locking just one of your accounts without affecting the others. Also, the chance for detecting your different Log In IP addresses is very hard since you are using a VPN or VPS. The number of accounts always depends on the volume of orders you manage.

Why Is Amazon Saying My Password Is Wrong

How To Unblock Or Unlock Your Amazon Account | Amazon Whistle blower + Insider

If you haven’t signed in from another PC and still the amazon login page is displaying “Amazon password incorrect” message, then your account has been disabled or suspended by Amazon. Amazon didn’t mistakenly suspend your account, but it is due to they have tracked some suspicious activity from your account.


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Solution #1 Check What Documents You Lack On Your Amazon Account

You may have missed out on submitting more documents to verify your account. To resolve it, upload the necessary documents on Amazon for further account identity verification.

  • Go to your email inbox and look for the last Amazon order confirmation email you received.
  • Look for a link in the email that will give you access to your Amazon account.
  • Once you are in your Amazon account, go to the product page and buy something.
  • It will then show the error message, Your amazon account is locked, and orders are on hold.
  • You will see the Add document button. Click to open it.

Upload the necessary documents for further account verification, such as your billing address, credit statement, and other documents.

Solution #2 Contact Amazon Support Via Chat Or Phone Call

You have two options to talk to an Amazon customer service associate. You can use the chat support found on the . Another option is to call the direct customer hotline. If you live in the US, you can call this phone number: +1 -266-2992.

Note that you need to talk to an account specialist or a supervisor to request the unlocking of your Amazon account.

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How To Fix Your Locked Amazon Account

Most of the new customer facing this issue after placing the first order. If you ask about me, of-course my amazon account was locked few months ago due to security reason. But thanks to its account specialist they have unlocked my account after submitting few documents.

In my case, they asked me to upload any of Gov ID such as passport, and Bank Passbook scan copy. Once i uploaded the required documents, i received mail as a reply within 24 hour.

Thank you for submitting your documents, your account has been unlocked and all your open orders has been approved.

Contact Amazon Services Via Email

How to Process Returns From a Locked Amazon Account?
  • Sending Amazon Customer Service an email is another way to get in touch with them and reinstate your account if it has been suspended.
  • Keep in mind that because this approach receives many emails every day, it may take weeks to fix your issue.
  • Open the menu on the Amazon homepage.
  • At the bottom of the list, select the customer service option.
  • Select the cant sign in to my account link under your account area.
  • Send a message outlining your issue in detail.
  • Send the application to your official email address.
  • Within a few days, you will be contacted at the same email address that was used.

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Recover Your Accounts On Other Platforms The Easy Waywith Donotpay

DoNotPay is the best solution to appeal a suspension or ban or fix the issue with a locked account on any platform.

Due to strict and detailed security policies, terms of service, and community guidelines, it is not that hard to lose access to your account. This is why we prepared a number of guides on how to get unbanned, unsuspended, and unlocked on a variety of other platforms. You can find our easy-to-read guides in the table below:

How Can I Unlock My Amazon Account

Amazon provides sellers with 17 days to lodge an appeal that can be sent through the link provided in the email notice of suspension.

But hang on a minute! Sending an appeal does not guarantee that the privileges of your seller will be restored, although Amazon promises to carefully review each appeal.

And heres the interesting part: Your Amazon account can NOT be unlocked by regular customer service representatives. Youll need to formally request accounts specialist.

Like we mentioned earlier, you need to be patient and cooperate with Amazon management to get your account reinstated.

Here are a few ways you can contact Amazon to get your account unlocked.

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Connect With Amazon Via Telephone:

An account supervisor or specialist is best suited to unlock your Amazon account quickly.

  • If located in the US or Canada, use the phone numbers listed below: Domestic: 1-866-216-1072 or International: 1-206-266-2992
  • If you get to an answering service, select option 2 for Amazon Prime Members.
  • Once you get a representative on the line, request to speak with a supervisor. For this, you may have to provide additional verification details for proper identification.
  • Once in contact with a supervisor, be sure to explain your situation and how your account was erroneously blocked.
  • You can also ask for an account specialist to review and unlock your account as this may be faster.
  • Tip: Typically, customer service representatives will not be able to unlock your Amazon account. Almost all situations will need a supervisor or account specialist for fast resolution.


    Reasons Why Your Amazon Account Got Locked

    How to Permanently Delete Your Amazon Account

    If you get the Your Amazon account is locked, and orders are on hold,the first thing you should do is not panic.

    Preventing unauthorized transactions and stopping fraud are the main reasons why Amazon locks an account. Amazon has put up a system to detect certain suspicious activities immediately. Below are some of the reasons your Amazon Account may be locked:

    1. Providing false information to Amazon

    Entering fake information is one of the most common reasons most Amazon accounts get locked. Amazon has numerous ways to verify if you provided a false name, shipping address, billing address, and other important information.

    2. An uncommonly high number of orders for a new account

    Amazon has an anti-fraud system that detects unusual activities, such as a high volume of orders for new accounts. One way you can avoid triggering this safety net is to limit your order volume to 30 orders a day for the first few weeks of activating your account.

    3. High volume of returns

    Another red flag that Amazon monitors from their sellers is the average returns of products. Returns are usually free for the buyers, but it costs Amazon to pay for the shipping. Thus, please pay close attention to how times you return products and try to minimize those.

    4. Unusual gift card activity

    5. Using Different IP addresses with varying locations

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    The 3 Ps You Need To Deal With An Amazon Account Lock

    Before we jump in, I want you to put your feet up, take a deep breath and try to relax.

    You need to realize that its totally normal for most dropshippers that have had their Amazon accounts locked for the first time to experience a mild sense of panic.

    But please, before you tell all your friends that they should sell their possessions because the world is coming to an end, know this:

    In 99% of cases, if your Amazon account has your real details it will be unlocked.

    I repeat, if your Amazon account has your real details, it WILL be unlocked in 99% of cases!

    All you need are the 3 Ps Persistence, Pressure, and Patience

    Persistence because you may need to send a few messages and know not to take no for an answer.

    Pressure because you need to be so pesky that you force Amazon to notice you and act.

    And patience, because even with the strategies in this article, it can take time for your account to be unlocked.

    Once your Amazon account is unlocked, you will get your gift card balance back . And in the meanwhile, if there are any customers asking where their orders are, you can simply message them an apology, say it must have been lost in transit and ask them if they want a refund or it to be re-ordered with express delivery.

    Upload Your Document Details Directly To Amazon:

  • Locate and identify the last order confirmation email you received from Amazon.
  • Open a product page and attempt to purchase it.
  • The page should now display the message: Your amazon account is locked, and orders are on hold.
  • Tip: Make sure to sign in with your original email account. If you do not, you may not be able to upload any documents.


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    Story : Joao Why You Shouldnt Hide From Amazon

    As an experienced dropshipper, Joao noticed that a lot of people believe they should use different cards and different names to hide from Amazon. But what he learned is that there is bothno need and no pointin hiding.

    Joao recalls a time when he woke up after receiving a message from his Virtual Assistant saying that 2 of his Amazon accounts had been locked. But when he tried to log in to his accounts he noticed that in fact all 4 of his accounts had been locked and these accounts were responsible for 200 orders/day!

    Surprised, Joao decided to call Amazon and play dumb. But Amazon was already one step ahead.

    Despite having multiple accounts, Amazon told him that they knew all these 4 accounts were linked. In fact, they even noticed that one of his orders was about how to open accounts safely.

    Since then, Joao has stuck to opening Amazon accounts with only his real information .

    He has also gone on to help around 100 people unlock their Amazon accounts and has a 100% success rate when the account information is real. In one instance, he managed to unlock £3000 of gift card balance when Amazon locked his own account.

    If you want Joaos help in unlocking your Amazon account, you can contact him via our private Facebook group.

    How To Prevent Your Account From Getting Locked

    How we decreased the amount of locked Amazon accounts by ...

    If you want to make sure your account doesnt get locked in the future, stick to the following rules:

    • Create multiple accounts that use different IP addresses if youre planning to log in from different locations
    • Use a maximum of $200 in gift cards per day to avoid activating Amazons anti-fraud system
    • Ship up to ten orders a day from one account
    • Keep your returns as rare as possible

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    How To Unlock Amazon Account

    When Amazon suspends or locks your account, it sends you an email regarding that. That email contains the reason for your account suspension. Read that email carefully and try to clear the issue in your appeal. After your account suspension, Amazon will ask you a few things to decide whether your account is to be unlocked or not. The chances of getting your account unlocked will be high if you provide authentic information to Amazon.

    Here are some tips that you can try to unlock your Amazon account:

  • Submit the required documents directly.
  • Chat with an Amazon account specialist.
  • Contact Amazon Accounts Specialist via email.
  • Lets start.

    1] Submit the required documents directly

    This is a straightforward method to unlock the Amazon account. But unfortunately, this method is not for Amazon Sellers. If you are an Amazon customer and your account is locked, follow the instructions below:

  • Open your web browser and sign in to your email ID registered with Amazon.
  • Open the last order dispatch confirmation email.
  • Now, click on the link provided in the email to access your Amazon account. You should see most information except the product details.
  • Now, try to buy something from Amazon.
  • When you buy something, you may receive a message Your amazon account is locked, and orders are on hold.
  • The page should also display the Add document button. Click on that button and upload all the required documents.
  • After submitting all the documents, wait until Amazon contacts you.

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