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Why Do You Want To Work For Amazon

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Our Recruiters Offer Their Best Tips For Interviewing At Amazon

Why Do You Want to Work Here? WORKS for Amazon – Google – Apple

Quickhow many sides does a circle have? How do you lift an elephant with one hand? And what was the prime minister’s name in 1992? If you’re gearing up for an interview, you might think you need to prepare for trick questions like these. At Amazon, that’s not the case. Though tech companies have a reputation for throwing out brain teasers during the interview process, we do things a bit differently here.

“We want to help candidates put their best foot forward,” said Stacy Milgate, Senior Client Lead, Amazon Web Services. “Our interview process is geared toward finding true examples of the work you’ve performed.”

Our candidate-first approach to interviewing means we’ll do our best to ask fair questions and provide tools and resources to help you. However, it’s still important to do your research and prep work.

If you’re ready to get started, here are 11 tips to prepare for your upcoming interview with Amazon.

1. Prepare for behavioral-based interview questions

Amazon interview questions are behavioral-based. We’ll ask about past situations or challenges you’ve faced and how you handled them. will help us guide the discussion.

Cody Nelson, Senior Manager of Recruiting, Worldwide Operations, recommends using the job description to prepare the stories you use to answer these questions. “If you can think of stories and examples related to the requirements in the job description,” said Nelson, “you will be better prepared to answer the behavioral questions in your interview.”

Cities Are Vying Thursday To Become Home Of The Second Amazon Headquarters If Your City Wins Here’s How To Get Hired

Is Amazon’s second North American headquarters coming to a city near you? Dozens of communities around North America are making their pitches this week–hoping to land a $5 billion complex and 50,000 new high-paying jobs.

If your city lands the new HQ, or if you’re willing to relocate even if it doesn’t, a career at Amazon might be worth looking into. So check out their current listings here, and prepare for their interviewing process.

Here’s some advice on how to do that–based on published discussions with Amazon executives and interviewers, and the experiences of people who have been through the process.

Interview Questions Answered: Why Do You Want To Work For Amazon

The question may seem like a no-brainer when you are interviewing for one of the mid-level or senior managerial or engineering role with Amazon . In such a case, the remuneration package is just from another dimension, and you get a chance to work with some of the smartest people in Washington . But we should realize that most job interviews at Amazon are for jobs falling within levels 1 to 4 of their classification, and here they certainly have competition. Logically they want to know why you want to work for them, instead of Google, Facebook, Uber, or any other famous tech company.

Lets have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. I tried to include on my list answers for different jobs, interview scenarios, and also levels of experience. You should pick one that resonates with the message you try to convey to the hiring managers at Amazon, and fits your level of experience and your expectations on the job. Do not forget to read also my notes below the answers, for additional hints on how to impress your interviewers.

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Phone/video Etiquette And Tricks

Doing a phone or video interview can be tricky at first since we are used to in-person etiquette. Here are some things to remember in your virtual interviews.

1. Have a proper setup

Just because your interview cant see you over the phone, doesnt mean you shouldnt put yourself together for a call or video chat.

  • Clothes. Even for a phone interview, getting dressed in nice work clothes can set expectations for yourself. Come prepared with the same clothes you would wear to an in-person interview.

  • Tech. Come prepared with fully charged devices and good internet speed. For a video interview, familiarize yourself with the video platform beforehand. Check that your audio and speaker are working in advance. If youre using Zoom or Skype, try a test call with a friend to check all the tech.

  • Desk. Sitting at a proper work desk will better prepare you for the interview. Sitting in a proper environment will not only trigger you to be more professional, but it also signals to the interviewer that you are intentional and prepared. Youll want to be in a quiet, well-lit space.

  • Environment. Be sure to tell anyone you live with about the interview in advance to avoid disruptions. You may even consider putting a sign on your door to deter unwanted visitors. Clear any clutter or overly-personal items from the backdrop.

2. Introduce yourself

3. Establish a human connection

4. Body language and posture

To summarize this section

  • Have a proper, clean desk
  • Check your tech

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Why Amazons Role In Final Round

Panel/Loop is primarily about the evidence from the behavioural questions. You may still be asked some introductory questions but here they serve the purpose of a warm up, getting to know you a little so you can have a relaxed interview.

The guidance is very clear to Bar Raisers , a candidates motivation for joining Amazon is not to be used as evidence.

So In order to avoid wasting time in these interviews on data that wont be used, I recommend you synthesise up your answer from earlier rounds into just a couple of sentences help your interviewer move onto the Leadership Principle questions as quickly as possible.

How Can You Create An Answer That Stands Out

Use this overall structure, including two or three different ideas at most.

  • First point – How you can help them.

    My skills are perfect for this job because X / I will be able to help you because of my experience in X.

    This is what you should be talking about in your interview overall and this answer in particular, your strengths or core messages.

    Make this about them, not about you. How can you help them? Not how will your career improve if you get the job, not what you will learn from the job, etc. This isnt about your needs, its about theirs.

    I like answers that have this point first because the info about you is what will be different from everyone elses answer.

    Yes, it does make sense to put info about you in this answer even though theyve asked about the company.

  • Third point – Amazon is also a great company because of Y.

    You can use a second point about why theyre so great but dont have more than three points overall. Many of my clients will try to cram in many more things – you arent trying to convince them you know all about the company but rather that youve thought intelligently about it.

    Im serious about this – three points is enough. And it counts as more than one point if it has subtopics under it. Three is enough.

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    A Quick Aws Tutorial: The Services You Should Definitely Use

    AWS is one of the most popular Cloud Computing platforms. AWS has core services like compute, storage, and networking, offering over 175 services. Companies of all types and sizes use AWS to cut costs, speed up innovation, and jumpstart development. With a platform that offers so many features and functionalities, many teams are unsure where to start with AWS. Which tools are worth using? Which will just slow you down?

    Luckily for you, Ive turned to former Amazon engineers who have more than 15 years of experience with AWS. Today we will introduce you only to the good parts of AWS. Lets cut through the clutter!

    Today, well discuss how to make reliable technical choices for AWS. This blog post walks you through:

    How To Interview At Amazon Using The Amazon Leadership Principles

    WHY AMAZON? âWhy Do You Want To Work For Amazon?â? Interview Question & BRILLIANT ANSWER!

    I keep this post up to date it’s a good place to start learning about Amazon interviews

    You’re interviewing at Amazon soon, and you know you need to do well in your interview to get the job.

    You’ve practiced answers to common interview questions and read the job description and everything you can find about the company. You think you’re ready. Are you?

    You might be ready for the interview IF you’ve practiced answering questions using the in your answers.

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    Examples Of Good Answers

    As I mentioned, a good answer should be specific to Amazon. It should capture an emotional response that is rooted in Amazons leadership principles, values, and products. Lets take a look at a few sample answers to the Why Amazon questions. I will outline why each are a good response.

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    Tips For Giving The Best Answer

    Research the company ahead of time. Interviewers will be listening for a response that shows you’ve done research on the company. Make sure you know some basic information about both the company and the job. You might want to read some recent articles on the company to get a sense of their current goals and projects. Also, be sure to reread the job posting. This way, when you answer the question, you can mention specific aspects of the company and position that appeal to you.

    Be specific about why youre a good fit. Be specific about what makes you a good fit for this role. To prepare your answer, make a list of the requirements of the job , and then note which requirements fit your skills and experience. In your answer, highlight a few of the abilities that qualify you for the job and include successful examples from your previous jobs.

    Emphasize what you can contribute. Your answer should also emphasize what you can contribute to the company what will you bring to the position? Mention any skills or work experience that makes you a unique, strong candidate for the job. If possible, use numbers to express how you can add value to the business. For example, if you saved your previous company a certain amount of money, mention this, and say that you want to do the same for this company.

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    Reasons Working For Amazon Is The Worst Ever

    Attention anyone thinking about working for Amazon! Please do not do it. Its a horrible place that will ruin your health, your self esteem, your drive, and your relationships. After working there for a period of years I am free, and want to prevent others from falling into this hell hole. Here is a top 11 list of what sucks the most about working at Amazon:

  • Micromanagement. From Bezos on down, managers are incented to micromanage. Look at the principles. Micromanaging is what Dive Deep is really about. If your manager doesnt do it, hes in trouble. And I am talking about intense hardcore tell me everything you are doing, and 5 reasons why, while I yell at you micromanagement. Amazon is the big league of micromanagement. If you dont like being micromanaged, Amazon is not the right place for you.

  • Principles used as a weapon. Look at Amazons leadership principles. They look okay, right? Wrong. Most people use them to badmouth others and even better, and they use them incorrectly and qualitatively . If Amazons hiring practices were so good, why would they need to control people with nutty cult like principles? Answer: Amazon believes its own press, and they are too hypercritical and xenophobic to see when something isnt working.

  • A Lot Of Hard Work Is Expected:

    âWhy Amazon?â? How to Answer Amazonâs Trickiest Interview ...

    You will be expected to work for about 70 hours every week, including the weekends. If you dont do that and work only 50 hours per week, your manager will not be able to tell you much. Neither will they have a good impression of you. When it comes to your performance review, it could actually turn out pretty bad for you.

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    How Can I Stand Out From The Crowd When Answering This Question

    To impress the hiring manager, answer the question in two parts . Describe why you want to work at both the company AND in the position you are interviewing for. But more importantly, research the company well and find out what skills and/or values they covet, and then tailor your answer to reflect these skills/values.

    Read The Principles Carefully And Think About Them

    I do advise you to spend some time thinking about the principles. Some of them are not easy to understand . If you don’t read them and think about them before you go into the interview, you may have trouble. Many of my clients come to me after they’ve failed at one or more of these interviews. After they fail, then they realize they should have spent more time planning their answers to these questions. You don’t need to fail to learn this – just prepare now.

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    Behavioral Interviews: How To Prepare And Ace Interview Questions

    As a software engineer, when you think of interviewing, you probably only conjure up images of solving technical coding problems on a whiteboard. Turns out, theres a lot more to interviewing than your technical skills alone. Behavioral and cultural interviews are now an essential part of your hireability as a candidate.

    Many talented candidates can get overwhelmed by behavioral interviews since they seem far less straightforward than technical questions. But have no fear! Today, we want to walk you through all the need-to-know information about behavioral interviews to dispel the fears and empower you as a candidate.

    Heres what well cover today:

    Prepare for your behavioral interview in one place

    In this unique course, youll be able to use Educatives video recording widget to record yourself answering questions. By the end, youll be able to answer any behavioral question.

    Grokking the Behavioral Interview

    The Answer Always: Customer First Competition Second


    This comes direct from Jeff Wilke, the so-called “second most important Jeff at Amazon,” who is also the CEO of Amazon’s worldwide consumer business. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, he was asked how he uses interview questions to gauge whether someone will be a good cultural fit at Amazon. His answer:

    “In an interview situation, we use the leadership principles as a guide to help us evaluate whether somebody would fit in. There are lots of situations where you could decide to optimize for the customer or to get ahead of the competitor. We want to pay attention to competitors, but we obsess over customers. If I detect that they are too focused on competitors, they probably aren’t going to be a great fit.”

    Here’s a link to sure enough, it starts off with “Customer Obsession.” Even if you’re a bit cynical about whether Amazon practices this in reality, they’re telling you right upfront that this is what they want to aspire to. Again: “obsess over customers.”

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    Find All Subsets Of A Given Set Of Integers

    We are given a set of integers and we have to find all the possible subsets of this set of integers. The following example elaborates on this further.

    Given set of integers:

    There are several ways to solve this problem. We will discuss the one that is neat and easier to understand. We know that for a set of n elements there are 2 n 2^n 2n subsets. For example, a set with 3 elements will have 8 subsets. Here is the algorithm we will use:

    n = size of given integer setsubsets_count = 2^nfor i = 0 to subsets_count    form a subset using the value of 'i' as following:        bits in number 'i' represent index of elements to choose from original set,        if a specific bit is 1 choose that number from original set and add it to current subset,        e.g. if i = 6 i.e 110 in binary means that 1st and 2nd elements in original array need to be picked.    add current subset to list of all subsets

    An Innovative Company That Is Perfect For Geeks:

    Amazon is also an innovative company. It comes with a long term view, is great if you are driven by data as well. If you are a geek and want to work for a company that will give you assignments regularly, Amazon is the place to be. The company is also ideal. It likes geeks and is a creative and inventive environment to be in. Your job here will also be long-lasting. They plan on keeping their workers for very long.

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    Prepare In Advance For The Stages Of The Hiring Process You Can Prepare For Answers To Tricky Behavioral Questions

    For the other three stages, however, you can prepare.

    If you are running out of time, or feel anxious, or overwhelmed with the information, or have no idea how to answer the questions, have a look at a new eBook I wrote for you, the.

    Multiple brilliant answers to 50 Amazon interview questions, including all tricky behavioral questions, will help you stand out , impress the interviewers , and sign an employment agreement with Amazon. You will find some questions & answers directly on the eBook page, so it makes sense to check it out even if you do not want to purchase anything

    Thank you for checking it out, and I wish you good luck in this difficult interview!


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