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Why Is My Amazon Listing Inactive

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Fba Stranded Inventory Defined

Why Deleting Inactive Amazon Listings Is Important

If you have inventory stored in Amazons warehouse, but theres no longer an active offer for the product, customers wont be able to purchase that inventory. Thats stranded inventory.

The problem with this is, even if your inventory is inactive and not available for sale, Amazon will still continue to charge you monthly storage fees for that inventory.

If you do not regularly check to see if any stranded inventory issues have arisen, you could be responsible for a variety of expensive fees including monthly inventory storage fees, FBA long-term storage fees, and FBA inventory storage overage fees.

Stranded inventory will also negatively impact your IPI . Its a system Amazon uses to ensure their sellers optimize their inventory properly. They dont say how they calculate performance but, essentially, if you have inventory thats stranded that means its taking up unnecessary space in Amazons warehouse and they dont want that.

So, starting August 16, 2020, if your IPI score falls below 500 , Amazon will limit the storage space allowed in FBA warehouses for the upcoming holiday season.

This is not something you want to ignore. If you see that you have stranded inventory, take care of it immediately!

Bulk Upload Template Error:

When filling out a bulk template upload file, if the quantity column is populated, your listings will change from , which strands your inventory.

However, whatever the reason may be for your stranded inventory, its important to stay on top of and take action on any inventory issues within your seller account.

Why Is Amazon Showing Offers Despite The Listing Being Inactive Or Out

Amazon has several separate internal systems that work differently and sometimes behave unexpectedly and conflict with each other. A good example of such conflicting behavior between Amazon’s systems is when a listing appears inactive and/or out-of-stock on Seller Central but Amazon is displaying the offer for sale and is allowing customers to place FBM orders.

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Let Us Discover About Amazon’s Secret Suppression

What makes secret suppression different from normal listing suppression? Well, secret suppression is mainly done due to trademark violations. This means that you have included a huge brand name in your product title when it does not belong there , or you have not followed Amazon’s phrasing guidelines for including trademarked items.

Amazon is very strict about its rules for the usability of a brand’s name in your listings. You could do it only when you are offering a compliant product, such as “compatible with iPhone X.”

However, you are still under the red light if you don’t follow their rigorous phrasing guidelines.

Here is regarding the use of someone else’s trademark in the creation of a detail page:

When making truthful statements that a product is compatible with a trademarked product. For example, if a seller offers a specialty cable that is compatible with the Kindle E-reader, and states that the cable is “compatible with Kindle,” this generally is not trademark infringement as long as the statement is true and not confusing.

Note, however, that “similar to” claims are against Amazon listing policy.

What Impact Does A Suppressed Listing Have On Your Sales

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If a product listing does not match up to Amazon standards, then the odds of being suppressed increase. Following Amazon, guidelines is the only way you can safeguard your product listing visibility to customers.

Lots of brands and common merchants hire SEO services to maintain their Amazon account because it is not easy to handle daily. This is one of the main reasons why some local merchants do not see the expected results.

If Amazon suppresses a product listing, a customer will not be able to find the listing in search results , and the sales on that product listing will drop to 0. All of this is very harmful to both your product and brand image.

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Setting Minimum And Maximum Price Limits

You can add minimum and maximum price columns to your Manage Pricing or Manage Inventory view. To set the limits follow the below steps:

  • Click Preferences, located at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Check the options Your Minimum Price and/orYour Maximum Price and click Save Changes.
  • These columns will now appear in theManage Pricing view and you can enter values in any cell and click Save.

    My Listing Suddenly Became Inactive For No Reason

    My listing has been up and running for over a year under a brand that i own under copyright.

    About 3 days ago the listing suddenly became inactive and i was informed by amazon support that i will be required to get approval to continue selling the product. I was told to follow the below instructions:

  • In Seller Central, click on the Inventory link and select Add a Product
  • Run a search for the item that you want to sell
  • In the search results, click on the Listing limitations apply link across from the item
  • However, when i clicked on the Edit button on seller central, i was presented with an error message.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue and have any advice on what can be done to sort out the issue?

    So unfortunately, this looks like a new product restriction is in place. Apart from requesting approval as requested your only other option is to raise a case with Seller Support.But TBH not sure if they will override any restrictions, but you can try to dispute it as an error.Good luck

    yes. I also facing the same problem. some of my listings are showing as inactive and unable to edit on this. while editing , this shown another page to get the product approval from amzone. By clicking on this , the tb was clossed , but still the item shows as inactive. please help.

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    What Happens When Something Is Out Of Stock On Amazon

    When something is out of stock it will move to the sellers inactive inventory with a quantity of zero. If you are searching for a specific item and no one has it there will be a message stating that the item is out of stock. They may be out of stock. The listing may have been pulled for a violation.

    How Do I Fix This


    Deactivating the listing or setting it as out-of-stock on Seller Central will not fix the problem. The problem can only be fixed by API, therefore the solution is NOT to stop stock sync. Instead, you need to take the following actions:

  • Run a listing sync for your Amazon store to ensure that SKULabs has up to date listings information.

  • Confirm that the listing in question exists in SKULabs as FBM listing and is marked as active. Since SKULabs doesn’t sync stock for FBA SKUs, contact Amazon seller support if the listing is FBA.

  • Confirm that the listing is linked to an item or kit.

  • Confirm that the free count for the item or kit the listing is linked to is 0. Or, the listing has a custom Stock Rule set as “0”.

  • If you have additional questions or would like assistance, please contact SKULabs support.

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    Report Copyright Trademark Counterfeit & Listing Abuse Infringements

    When contacting fellow sellers on Amazon, its important to reference the specific policy thats being violated. In addition, when it comes to duplicate listings or a trademark in a competitors title, you can specify in your report that the infringement is against the listing itself . This helps you remove unauthorized use of IP, but without creating an influx of emails from merchants who were selling on that listing without knowledge of the infringement.

    Whenever you submit an infringement report, Amazon requires you to acknowledge the following statement, so you fully understand the infringement youre reporting and the consequences of submitting a complaint against other sellers that are false or inaccurate.

    “As an Amazon seller, I understand that submitting false or inaccurate complaints against other sellers may result in the suspension or termination of my Amazon selling privileges.”

    Duplicate Listings

    A duplicate listing describes a secondary listing of the same product, often created with a reseller UPC. The goal of Amazons duplicate listing policy is to remove all sellers from the duplicate listing so it becomes inactive.

    Trademark Infringement

    Trademark infringement describes a seller who is using your trademarked brand name in their title, copy, or display name. The goal of Amazons trademark infringement policy is to have the seller performance team remove the trademarked term from the listing.

    Counterfeit Products

    Copyright Infringement

    Can You Put An Item On Hold On Amazon

    How do I do that? Settings-Account Info, then click Going On Vacation? on the left side. This will put your account on vacation mode, which removes your items from sale until you return and re-activate your account. Meanwhile, be aware that if you have any pending orders those may still come through while you are away.

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    Monitor Your Listing Closely

    Beyond just checking in on your Seller Central dashboard every day, you will want to see your listing from your customers point of view. Look at your listing to see how many sellers are selling your private label product. If its more than one , then you may have a hijacker situation on your hands. You dont need to check your listing every day weekly will do, especially as your sales start to ramp up and competitors take note of your success.

    Tips To Prevent Inventory Going Inactive In Fba

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    Although reviving your listings is a simple process, the loss that it has on your business is quite immense. Prevention is better than cure, and for this problem, it is rather easy. Here are a few tips and tricks on inventory management for you to ensure that your inventory doesnt go inactive on Amazon.

    • Efficient usage of Amazon Inventory Management toolsAmazon provides an inventory management software that can help you optimize your inventory. The software provides a host of tools that help with inventory management, sales forecasting, alignment,etc, which can bring in higher efficiency in your inventory management systems.
    • Supplier relationshipMaintaining a good relationship with suppliers is crucial for a smooth supply chain. Suppliers can help in calculating lead times, production, and shipping helping you keep the flow of your products smooth even when there are changes in demand. They are the ones who can help you recover your inventory in emergency situations without much hassle.
    • Strategic promotions and salesSales and promotions can not only increase sales figures, they can also be used to manage inventory as well. Promotions can be set for a certain number of items, and limited stock remaining can be sold at a higher price to slow down the sales process, thereby providing time to restock. This would help keep promotions in check without losing on sales, reputation or visibility even for a second.

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    What Causes A Suppressed Amazon Listing

    In simple terms, suppressed listing on Amazon can happen when a seller creates a specific product listing that does not meet Amazon’s rigorous standard and is deemed to distract from a positive & happy shopping experience for the site’s many millions of customers.

    According to Amazon, these suppression guidelines are in place to make it easy for consumers to locate, research, and actually purchase products on its platform. In order to ensure that your product listings will not be suppressed by Amazon, sellers should include all required product details and information incorrectly form.

    Check out some pretty common examples of missing or insufficient information that can lead to suppressed listings:

    • Any product listing without at least one primary image.
    • Any listing without a proper product description.
    • Any clothing or accessories item with a title having more than 80 characters.
    • Any product listing without a defined category type.
    • Your listing is violating one or more of Amazon’s selling policies.

    Amazon may suppress listings for more various complex reasons that can be time-consuming and difficult to rectify. These include the following:

    • If you have received a complaint regarding the listed items.
    • If there is an attempt to sell a used item as new.
    • If there is an attempt to sell an expired item.
    • If you are not found to be the rightful owner of the product listed.

    Here are some of the reasons in detail, check them out thoroughly to have a better understanding:

    The Smallest Of Tweaks Can Cause Your Listing To Be Suppressed

    Even the tiniest of changes to a listing can cause problems to it and prevent if from showing in the search results.

    The back end keywords are likely to be changed most often to keep the product current and relevant to the market.

    The more that you alter things in the back end, the more likely it becomes that something can go wrong and the listing get blocked.

    Those were some detailed reasons for a suppressed listing but here are some other solutions you should look to:

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    How To Reactivate Your Inactive Amazon Seller Account

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 61,319 times.Learn more…

    Have you disappeared from selling on Amazon long enough and have realized you’d like to start selling again? With a simple flick of a few settings, you can fairly quickly reactivate them, so you can start selling again. This article can explain this process.

    Common Reasons For Stranded Inventory

    Amazon FBA For Beginners – Inactive Listings & Out Of Stock Inventory

    There are several well-known situations that can render Amazon unable to sell your product. The first is a pricing error. This happens when sellers tweak their prices manually or automatically without checking MAPs and minimum prices. For instance, the listing price falls below the floor price.

    Sometimes, listings arent created before items are shipped to a fulfillment center. Sometimes, theyre deleted by mistake or by dishonest competitors. Other times, a brand owner places restrictions on certain products. And if those products are already in an FBA warehouse, they become stranded.

    Another common reason for stranded inventory is a suspended listing. It can take some time for a seller to fix the issue so that Amazon can reinstate the listing. But even then, the offers are not reactivated by default. So, every seller with that particular product needs to relist their units.

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    Keep An Eye On The Buy Box

    If your listing violates any of the guidelines mentioned above, your entire product page could be suppressed and hidden from customer search results, yes it can be this hard. But there is another, and equally harmful, version of Amazon suppression known as Buy Box suppression.

    Most sellers understand the significance of the Buy Box. This valuable tool allows shoppers to click through to purchase with a single hit of the “Add to Cart” button. Because the Buy Box makes it much easier for shoppers to complete a purchase, the seller with the Buy Box tends to make more sales.

    How Do I Make My Amazon Item Inactive

    You can do this from the page. Find the product, and check the box in front of the listing. At the top of the page, click the Actions button and choose Close Listings. This will disable the offering.

    From the Inventory menu on the Seller Central home page, select Manage Inventory. Find the Inactive listing youd like to relist, and click Relist from the drop-down menu on the right end of the row item. On the next page, update your offer details for that listing and click Save.

    Subsequently, How do I reactivate an inactive listing on Amazon?

    On the Manage Inventory page, you can enter a quantity on a closed/inactive listing. You will see a Save button pop up on the right hand side. Make sure to click save, and your listing will be moved from Inactive to Active status.

    Also, Why does my Amazon listing say inactive?

    Your listing is inactive because it is either incomplete or it has not had any active offers within the last 30 days. In order to activate this listing, relist the product by creating a new product listing on Amazon.

    How do I make my Amazon listing inactive?

    To set your listings to inactive, click the Edit button, select Inactive and then click Submit. Within one hour your listings will be unavailable for sale on Amazons website. When you are ready to sell again, simply go back to the Listings Status editing page, select Active and then click Submit.

    Last Review : 11 days ago.

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    Why Current Status Of Listings Is Inactive Amazon Seller Account

    I have created a seller account and successfully created an item, but after 15 minutes it is not showing to buy on amazon portal.

    When we check Account info, then

    Current Status of Listings: Inactive

    Why is current status of listing inactive?

    Assuming you are using MWS, you most probably did not complete the MWS workflow: products with missing pricing information or missing inventory data will not go live on Amazon. If the item is complete, you need to check your account for anything that may block sales totally – different Amazon sites have different requirements for sellers which may or may not have met yet.

    Change Listings Via The Catalog Department

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    As its name suggests, Amazons Catalog Department is primarily responsible for maintaining or amending Amazons massive catalog. For any issues regarding detail page updates, those requests will need to be filed with the Catalog Department.

    In addition, this department can also assist sellers with: merging and unmerging ASINs, removing child ASINs from parents, removing contributions from other sellers to display Brand Registry content, and more.

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