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Will I Get Approved For An Amazon Credit Card

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What Credit Score Is Needed For A Credit Card In Canada

Amazon Credit Card Offer | FREE $150 Gift Card | How To Get Approved

Where you sit on the scale will determine your general ability to qualify for lending or credit requests. When applying for a credit card, you can expect the following based on your credit rating:

  • Poor. Your credit needs work, but you can potentially qualify for .
  • Fair. You may need to build up your score before you can get some forms of credit.
  • Good. You could still apply for most cards but may not be eligible for the lowest interest rates.
  • Very good. Your score is good enough to be approved for most credit cards.
  • Excellent. You should have very few problems getting a credit card, loan or mortgage.

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Where Can The Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card Be Used

You can expect to use your Amazon credit card anywhere that takes Visa, most likely anywhere in the U.S., and over 150 countries worldwide. Unlike store cards tied to use at a specific retailer, a visa card connected to Amazon.com is a regular credit card in many ways.

You will earn rewards if you use it to shop on Amazon.com or Whole Foods, but you can also benefit from rewards when used at participating gas stations, pharmacies, and other retailers.

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Best For Building Credit: Amazon Prime Secured Card

If you have a limited credit history or are working on rebuilding your credit after a few financial missteps, both the Amazon store cards and the Chase Amazon cards may be temporarily out of reach. And since nearly every new credit card application will result in a hard pull of your credit report, it makes sense to limit applications to cards that offer a decent chance at approval.

A great starting point is the Amazon Prime Secured Card, a secured version of the Amazon store cards. Also issued by Synchrony Bank, the Amazon Prime Secured Card charges no annual fee but requires you to put down a refundable deposit of $100 to $1,000 , which doubles as your credit limit.

To start, the card offers 2% back on Amazon.com purchases for Prime members. After 12 months of responsible use, you may be able to graduate to an unsecured Amazon store card, get your deposit back and boost your cash back rate to 5% on Amazon.com purchases with a Prime membership. The card also charges an ultra-low fixed APR of just 10% and a late fee of up to $5 .

Once your credit score improves, you can also look for a more flexible cash back credit card like one of the Amazon Visa cards. Just keep in mind that since the Amazon store cards and Amazon Visa cards have different issuers, you cant request a product change from one to the other. Youll need to put in a separate application and face a separate hard credit inquiry.

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Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card Review: Should You Get It

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For Amazon Prime members, there’s a lot to love about the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, which comes with a 5% rewards rate that’s hard to beat.

Whether you’re shopping for routine household products or new patio furniture, Amazon has you covered. Paired with the acquisition of Whole Foods, it’s no wonder that many consumers do the bulk of their shopping at Amazon. As an Amazon Prime member, you’ll enjoy benefits such as free two-day shipping, free Whole Foods delivery in eligible areas and more.

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Additional Amazon Card Options

If these cards dont seem like the best fit for you, there are other Amazon card options from other credit card issuers. These include:

  • Amazon Secured Card: This card is issued by Synchrony Bank and provides you with a way to build or rebuild your credit. It has no annual fee, can be used for Amazon purchases, and requires between a $100 to $1,000 refundable security deposit.
  • : Has a $0 annual fee and offers 3% back in Amazon Rewards points or no interest for 60 days on U.S. Amazon Business, AWS, Amazon.com, and Whole Foods purchases; 2% back at U.S. restaurants, U.S. gas stations, and purchases with U.S. wireless providers; and 1% back on all other purchases.
  • : Has a $0 annual fee and offers 5% back in Amazon Rewards points or no interest for 90 days on U.S. Amazon Business, AWS, Amazon.com, and Whole Foods purchases; 2% back at U.S. restaurants, U.S. gas stations, and purchases with U.S. wireless providers; and 1% back on all other purchases. An eligible Amazon Prime membership is required for this card.

Which Amazon Credit Card Is Best For You

Along with your Prime membership status, your credit score will be the main factor in deciding which Amazon credit card is the best match for you.

If you have a damaged credit score or a limited credit history or even if your credit score is just average youll likely have a hard time qualifying for one of the Amazon Visa cards from Chase. Stick with one of the secured or unsecured Synchrony store cards while you build your score, after which you can apply for a more lucrative Amazon credit card from Chase.

If, on the other hand, your score is in good shape, one of the Chase Amazon cards is the obvious choice, as you cannot only earn more plentiful rewards but also enjoy a lower APR and take advantage of Amazon financing on large purchases.

*All information about the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card and the Amazon Prime Secured Card has been collected independently by CreditCards.com and has not been reviewed by the issuers.

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Is It Hard To Get Amazon Credit Card

With so many different to choose from, many shoppers are left wondering which, if any, might be worth getting. The card that will best suit most consumers is the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. The only drawback is that it’s exclusive to Prime members, who must pay $119 per year for membership.

Furthermore, what are the easiest credit cards to get approved for? Secured are backed by a required refundable security deposit, which reduces the lender’s risk and makes it easier for people who don’t have or who have bad to qualify. This typically makes them easier to get than unsecured cards, which have no such requirement.

Likewise, how can I get approved for Amazon credit card?

To apply for a credit card:

  • Search the Credit Card Marketplace for a credit card you’d like to apply for.
  • Fill in the credit card application and click Submit application.
  • What credit score do you need for Amazon Prime visa?

    Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card Amazon reports that you‘re “more likely to be approved” for their Prime Rewards Siganture card with a score of 640 or higher. There are user reports of being approved with a score as low as 600.

    Who Should Apply For The Amazon Store Credit Builder Card

    How to Get an Amazon Business Credit Card

    This card is suitable if you:

    • Have a poor credit score or no credit history
    • Prefer to purchase from Amazon
    • Want access to regular Amazon cards
    • Intend to borrow responsibly to build a good score and payment history;

    This card is not meant for you if you do not meet the criteria. You definitely need to be serious about building good credit habits and paying back on time.

    This card has a high-interest rate so youll also have to make a deposit equal to the credit limit since this is a secured card.

    This card is a stepping stone towards better Amazon rewards cards.

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    Amazon Rewards Signature Visa Credit Card

    The Amazon Rewards Signature Visa card is another alternative if you don’t have a Prime membership but want the convenience and the benefits of an Amazon Visa credit card. The Amazon Rewards Signature Visa is nearly identical in its perks and terms and conditions as the Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, with one exception, if you are not a Prime member, you will only reap a 3% reward when you shop on Amazon.com and at Whole Foods.

    Final Verdict: Is An Amazon Store Credit Card A Good Choice For Online Shoppers

    The answer to that question ultimately depends on how much shopping you do at Amazon and how you prefer to save money.

    For shoppers who dont want to pay interest on larger purchases or get hit with an annual fee, the .

    On the other hand, if you already have a Prime membership the 5% back option with the Amazon Prime credit card offers you a little more in the way of rewards.

    If you want rewards but you dont think youll use Prime to stream movies or TV or take advantage of the free two-day shipping, youre better off sticking with one of the no-annual-fee alternatives we mentioned earlier.

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    Can You Explain What Payment Terms And % Back Rewards Are

    Payment Terms gives you the option to take an extra 60 Days to pay for U.S. purchases at Amazon Business, AWS, Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market. Payment Terms purchases do not begin to accrue interest during the Payment Terms period. See how Payment Terms purchases are treated in your Card Member Agreement for your Amazon Business American Express Card. You will not earn Rewards on purchases for which you select Payment Terms.

    % Back rewards % Back rewards are the rewards you earn under the program. % Back rewards are tracked as Amazon Rewards points, and each 100 points in % Back rewards earned is equal to $1. You can earn 3% Back rewards on the first $120,000 in purchases each calendar year on U.S. purchases at Amazon Business, AWS, Amazon.com, and Whole Foods Market, 1% Back thereafter. There is no cap to the rewards you can earn for eligible purchases in the 2% and 1% categories. Amazon Rewards points can be redeemed at Amazon Business , Amazon.com, or as a statement credit for purchases made using your Card. See the for information on using the Amazon Rewards points earned with % Back rewards. Payment Terms will not apply to any purchase for which you select % Back rewards.

    Our Pick For: Intro Apr

    Credit Score Needed To Get Amazon Credit Card

    Why we like it

    The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express comes with a solid 0% APR offer: 0% intro APR on Purchases for 12 months, and then the ongoing APR of 13.99% – 23.99% Variable APR. And it starts with a good welcome offer: Earn up to $350 in statement credits: Earn 20% back on Amazon.com purchases on the Card within the first 6 months of Card Membership, up to $200 back. Plus, earn $150 back after you spend $3,000 in purchases on the Card within the first 6 months of Card Membership. You will receive cash back in the form of statement credits. Terms Apply. The annual fee is $0 intro for the first year, then $95. Plus, it;offers an industry-leading 6% cash back at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 in spending per year, 6% cash back on streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix, HBO Now and Audible; 3% on transit and gas at U.S. gas stations; and 1% on all other purchases. Terms apply .

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    How to use it instantly

    Eligible cardholders will be able to get an instant card number;immediately after being approved online. The number can be used anywhere American Express is accepted where a physical card isn’t required. Eligibility for an instant card number is based on AmEx’s ability to instantly verify your identity. Instant card numbers are available only on online AmEx applications, not through applications processed by phone.

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    Is The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card Worth It

    The 5% rewards rate on Amazon purchases and the $70 gift card you get once approved are both great rewards that are tough to beat by any other offer currently on the market. Keep in mind that its probably not worth it for you to sign up for Amazon Prime just to get the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

    How Does It Help My Credit

    Synchrony, the issuing bank behind the card,;will report your payment history to the three national credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. As a cardholder, you also have access to free credit score monitoring and credit advice.

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    The program puts credit in the hands of people in a responsible way while giving customers access to tangible benefits;such as tools to improve credit,;Angie Hu, a spokesperson for Synchrony told USA TODAY.

    You could be;upgraded to an unsecured card if you meet certain criteria and make;payments on time;for seven straight months, according to Amazon.

    If you are somebody who keeps your balances low, pays your bills on time every time, then it is possible that you could graduate to a new card pretty quickly, Schulz said.

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    Best For Longer Financing

    Both the Amazon store cards and Amazon Rewards Visa cards have helpful financing options available, though they arent exactly the same. You dont have to sign up for these financing options, but you do need to select your Amazon credit card as your payment method during checkout for your financing options to show up. Then you select the available financing option you want to use and complete the checkout process.

    For the Amazon store cards, you get these options:

    • Equal monthly payments: Pay equal monthly payments on your eligible Amazon purchases at a 0% APR for six, 12, or 24 months.
    • Special financing: Pay no interest rate on eligible purchases if the purchase is completely paid off within six, 12, or 24 months. Minimum monthly payments are required and interest will be charged starting from the purchase date if the purchase isnt paid off before the offer period ends. Its best to pay off your purchases during the special financing period or youll have to pay a high APR of 25.99% on your entire purchase, which is a huge increase on what youd already be paying.

    For the Amazon Rewards Visa cards, you get the option to make equal monthly payments on your eligible Amazon purchases at a 0% APR for six, 12, or 18 months.

    Looking For The Amazon Rewards Credit Card

    The 5 Amazon credit cards (What Amazon doesn’t want you to know)

    There’s also an;Amazon Rewards Visa cash back card that isissued by Chase, though you need to sign up on Amazon’s site.

    This card requires credit scores in the “good” range .But with it, you do get the opportunity to earn 3% cash back rewards that you can apply to your Amazon.com purchases as the rewards are earned.;

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    Us Bank Cash+ Visa Signature

    The has a more customizable cash back program that makes it a good pick if you love Amazon.

    The card offers the option to earn 5% cash back on the first $2,000 in purchases in two categories of your choice each quarter.

    One of the choices is electronics stores, including Best Buy, which sells Amazon gift cards so you can save when you stock up.

    Faqs About Minimum Credit Score Requirements

    • What’s considered a good credit score?

      Most credit agencies agree a score of around 650 is considered good enough to be able to qualify for most forms of credit. Learn more about good credit scores in our guide.

    • Why was my application denied when I have a good credit score?

      Your credit score is just one of many factors credit card companies use to assess your eligibility for a card. So your application could be denied if you dont meet certain other criteria, like:

    • Minimum age
    • Proof of stable employment
    • Citizenship or residency status

    Find out what other reasons can cause your credit card application to be denied, and what you can do about it, in our guide here.

  • What can I do if my credit score is too low?

    The most important way to rebuild your credit is to make all of your payments on time. Even one missed payment can damage your credit score.

  • Where can I find out my credit score?

    The most reputable credit bureaus in Canada are Equifax and TransUnion. You can use these 2 bureaus websites to apply for your credit score. Or you can use services like and the to stay on top of your score and find out where you need to improve.

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