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Will Nintendo Switch Be On Amazon Prime Day

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Nintendo Switch In Stock Ahead Of Amazon Prime Day: Animal Crossing Edition Returns

The BEST Switch Deals and Sales for Nintendo on Amazon Prime Day!

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals were never guaranteed – stock shortages were a real concern in the last few months. However, you’ll find not only the original console in stock right now, but also the rare Animal Crossing special edition. Amazon itself has run out of stock now, but in a bid to compete over itself, Best Buy has plenty of units available. .

That Animal Crossing Edition is on the shelves for the first time since March, which makes this an excellent opportunity if you’ve been waiting for Nintendo Switch stock since it first flew off the shelves all those months ago.

You’ll find the handheld hybrid console available for its regular $299 MSRP right now , though the Animal Crossing Edition is also available for $299 at Best Buy .

You’ll find more information on this deal just below, but you can also browse our full round up of the best Nintendo Switch deals available now. Or, check out the latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundles hitting the market.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Dates: When Is Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2022 kicks off on July 12 and runs for a full 48 hours.

Following two abnormal years for Amazon Prime Day, the annual sales event is returning to its July roots. is set for July 12-13, so we’re less than a week away from the massive sale. Early Prime Day deals are already live, and we expect more deals to become available throughout the week leading up to the 48-hour event. As always, Prime Day 2022 won’t be the only big sale to shop. Other major retailers will be running anti-Prime Day sales to compete with Amazon. All told, Prime Day 2022 will offer a can’t-miss deals opportunity across gaming, tech, entertainment, and more.

Prime day 2022 deals

Should You Buy A Nintendo Switch Lite On Amazon Prime Day 2021

As we head into , it’s unclear what its gaming deals are going to look like. While we expect a suite of software to get a discount, the current slowdown of hardware supplies driven by a worldwide semiconductor shortage means it’s hard to tell what could feasibly get a big price cut.

If you tried buying a Nintendo Switch last year at the height of the pandemic, you probably noticed that it was borderline impossible. With everyone stuck indoors for months at a time, nothing seemed more appealing than escaping to an island of friendly critters in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, or blue-shelling your housemates in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Stock sold out quickly all year and it’s only really started to recover in 2021, with more focus now placed on the even harder-to-find PS5 and Xbox Series X stock.

If you tried to buy its handheld-only sister console, though, theNintendo Switch Lite, stock was much easier to find. It’s unclear exactly why that is but it’s probably because of the big difference in functionality. While the $299 Nintendo Switch model can function as a home console that docks and connects to your TV via HDMI, the $199.99 / £199.99 / AU$329.95 Switch Lite is strictly a portable console. You also can’t detach the controllers it doesn’t have Joy-Cons like the main Switch. It’s an all-in-one handheld.

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Should You Buy A Nintendo Switch Lite On Prime Day 2021

If you want the most powerful Switch on the market, we’d recommend skipping the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Nintendo Switch Pro a tentative name is almost certainly going to supplant the basic Nintendo Switch model before the end of the year.

The Lite, though, is expected to be available for a few years, yet. And considering it’s still less than two years old, we don’t think it’s a bad bet to grab at a sale price, especially given the deep library of great Nintendo games you can enjoy on the console.

The question is, with Switch demand still high, will we actually see it discounted? While deals are few and far between for Nintendo’s console in this age of high demand, we don’t think it’s worth biting on Prime Day without some kind of deal involved.

Perhaps the coming of the Switch Pro, too, will finally lead to big discounts on the core Switch unit, as retailers clear stock ahead of its release. Still, we’ll believe that when we see it.

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Best Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals 202: What To Expect In The Amazon Sale

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best Nintendo Switch Deals

Prime Day 2022 Nintendo Switch deals are closer than you think as Amazon’s annual summer sale event is on . We usually see a few fleeting deals on the consoles and we’re especially hopeful the new Switch OLED will get some chunky discounts.

Games and accessories are typically amongst the highlights of Switch Prime Day deals for sure. So if you’ve been meaning to grab a few new games, or maybe a nice new carry case, and you’ve waited this long, we’d certainly consider holding on for that little bit longer to take advantage of what might be the lowest prices of the year on some items.

The Nintendo Switch is a popular console, having sold close to 108 million units worldwide as of the last report. Honestly, this isn’t surprising given the console’s hybrid nature, which allows the system to either be played on your TV or on the go. The long list of hit Switch games that have already been released, coupled with the knowledge that several highly-anticipated Switch games are currently in development, also makes the Nintendo Switch a great purchase.

For anyone looking to save money, there’s also a smaller, less expensive option to consider called the Nintendo Switch Lite. It has a few limitations like not having a kickstand, cannot connect to a TV, and doesn’t offer motion controls. Still, it typically sells for about $100 cheaper than the original console, making it a great budget buy.

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Nintendo Switch Neon Red/blue: Was 26895 Now 25199 Amazoncouk

Although the new Switch OLED console came out in late-2021, the standard version is still more than worthy of your attention and there are discounts to be had in the Amazon Prime Day sale. One early deal weve spotted sees the console, with red and blue controllers, reduced by over £16.

Games can be played on the 6.1-inch screen, or on your television when connected via the included dock. The console has 32GB of storage and the battery life ranges from around 4.5 to nine hours, depending on how it is used.

What Will Be On Sale For Prime Day

As Amazon sells such a broad range of products, you’re almost guaranteed an equally wide range of deals over Amazon Prime Day. There’s everything from iPads to phones to mattresses to colouring pencils. You’ll find all the best deals right here.

Of course, historically, the biggest savings from Amazon are always on the Amazon devices. Makes sense really, as they can set the discounts on their own products, as no other retailer can. But Amazon Prime Day 2022 won’t just be about Amazon. Yes it’s mainly their show, but in recent years, other retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and B& H Photo have all jumped on the Prime Day bandwagon, and offered heavily discounted goods themselves.

Safe to say, come July, you will not be searching hard to find decent savings on a range of goods.

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Will There Be Nintendo Switch Game Deals On Prime Day

Perhaps some of the most reliable offers over Prime Day will be on Nintendo Switch games. We regularly see games taking some serious price cuts during larger sales events like this, so if you’re looking to stock up your library in the summer there will be plenty to choose from.

Last year’s Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals didn’t hit games quite as hard as the Black Friday offers found in November but now that those $39.99 prices have been seen a few times we’re confident similar discounts could return come July. We’re looking to the usual suspects Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Paper Mario Origami King, and Super Mario Odyssey for the heaviest price drops.

However, recent sales have also seen more stubborn prices starting to fall as well, on the likes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s also well worth keeping a close eye on some of the year’s early releases Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for some early discounts as well.

Homespot Bluetooth 50 Audio Transmitter

MAJOR Nintendo Switch Games on SALE RIGHT NOW! (Prime Day, Best Buy, Amazon)


In a world where 3.5mm headphone jacks are increasingly scarce, many of us are no longer purchasing headphones that use wires. And yet, the most portable gaming console everthe Nintendo Switchdoesnt have Bluetooth support. Add it with this popular and highly rated dongle that slots right into your USB-C port to deliver wireless game sound right to your favorite pair of cans, now only $24.

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What To Expect From Prime Day Gaming Deals In 2022

Gaming is one of the most popular categories to shop during and we can expect to see discounts on everything from consoles and software to gaming monitors and even gaming chairs.

During last years Prime Day, we saw big discounts on early 2021 releases as much as 50 per cent on titles such as Returnal and Hitman III . When Prime Day came around, those titles had only been out for a few months before seeing their prices slashed, so we can expect to see similar discounts on games that would have been released in a similar time frame.

The first half of 2022 has been exceptionally busy for new releases, with some of the years biggest titles already available. If last year was anything to go by, we hope to see discounts on games like Gran Turismo 7 and Ghostwire Tokyo , all of which are worth picking up if you havent had a chance to play them already.

Theres even a chance we could see game of the year frontrunner Elden Ring as part of the sale, but we would imagine that one would get snapped up fast.

How To Choose A Nintendo Switch After Prime Day

There are only two models of Nintendos latest console, namely the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The original Nintendo Switch may be played as a handheld device or as a tabletop console when placed in its dock, with the output connected to your TV. The Joy-Cons, or the Nintendo Switchs controllers, may be detached at any time. Meanwhile, the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite is a purely handheld console, and its buttons are fixed into the device instead of coming with removable Joy-Cons.

If you want to enjoy Nintendo Switch games on your TV, and the functions that are enabled by the removable Joy-Cons, you should go for the original Nintendo Switch. However, if youre on a budget, and are mostly planning to play while on the go, then the Nintendo Switch Lite might be enough for you. Be warned though that while most Nintendo Switch games are compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite, there are a handful of games and certain features in a few titles that dont work with it. For example, the Just Dance games, which use the Joy-Cons to detect your movements, cant be played on the Nintendo Switch Lite, and in Super Mario Odyssey, you lose the ability to flick Marios hat using the Joy-Cons motion controls. Additionally, the Nintendo Labo kits, which utilize the Joy-Cons for the different creations that you can make, wont function well with the fixed controllers of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Save Up To 60 Percent On Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories Ahead Of Amazon Prime Day

Just Dance Super Mario: OdysseyTess Garcia

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is less than a month away, but you don’t need to wait for the 48-hour sale which takes place on to find deals worth adding to your cart. Countless items have received markdowns in preparation for the event, including pricey tech devices that rarely go on sale.

Nintendo fans, we’re looking at you: Right now, on Switch controllers, accessories, and even your favorite games. Like Prime Day itself, some of the early deals are only available to Prime members. If you’re not signed up yet, start a free trial before you shop to make the most of every available offer.

This year’s Prime Day is sure to be a sale for the ages, but if you have specific Nintendo items on your wish list, it could be in your best interest to shop now. Seasoned Prime Day shoppers know that tech products usually sell out the fastest during the event, given how hard it is to find them on sale the rest of the year.

Thankfully, that’s where Amazon’s early Prime Day deals come in to save the day. When you shop now, you’ll secure bundles like the Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle with a 128GB MicroSD Card, which offers the console with an extra memory card that will come in handy when downloading digital-only games.

Best Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals

Nintendo Switch Was The Most Searched Product On Amazon Prime Day In ...

This year’s Prime Day event lands on July 12 and 13. Discounts for most parts of the year for the Nintendo Switch are few and far between, but these are the links to keep an eye on. Just remember to pick up a microSD card for Nintendo Switch as the Switch has very little internal memory.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for anything Nintendo related and of course any Apple Prime Day deals. But if you’re after a wider spectrum of deals, including other gadgets, mattresses, fashion, Instant Pots, and the like, then our friends over at TechRadar will be covering them in a best Prime Day deals roundup.

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Best Gaming Headset Deals

This affordable gaming headset from Turtle Beach offers a sensitive mic that folds away for easy storage, along with high-quality drivers and comfortable ear cushions. It’s currently down to $23, matching the lowest price we’ve seen for it in the past.

The Logitech G733 comes in a variety of colors to match your setup, most of which are discounted to only $130 right now. This headset is highly customizable, with programmable lighting that you can personalize to your tastes.

Amazon Prime Day 202: All You Need To Know And What To Expect

ByBeren Nealepublished 25 May 22

Prime Day deals are on the way. Here’s when the likely days are this year, and what deals to expect.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals are one step closer to your browser this year, as Amazon has recently confirmed the massive sales party will be scheduled for… sometime in July! Unfortunately, that’s all the giant retailer has released for now, but to be honest Amazon has only ever released the exact date a couple of weeks before the event itself. But we think we’ve cracked it, and may have figured out the date already!

Our guess is based on looking at previous years dates, and focussing on patterns. Discounting the turbulent 2020 date shift and the following June date of 2021, and knowing that it is definitely in July thanks to Amazon’s announcement, we think we can narrow the possibilities somewhat. Amazon Prime Day has always sat in the middle of the month of July. Furthermore, it’s never run in the single digit dates of July, nor has it been in the 20s of July. That leaves only one possibility this year: Monday 18th to Tuesday 19th July.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you’ll need to be a Prime Day member to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day offers. If you’re not already a member, you can .

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What Is Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest sale of the year. Usually held during the summer months, the annual two-day deals event is for Prime members only – while there are non-Prime offers on the site throughout the sale, all the best discounts are Prime Day deals.

To be eligible for the deals, you’ll either need to for $12.99 per month, or $119 per year, or you can start a free 30-day Prime trial closer to the date, once it’s been announced.

If you’re not intending to keep Prime after the sale, just make sure you cancel it within the one-month trial period.

4.Start browsing deals

Prime Day originally started in 2015 as a celebration of Amazon’s 20th anniversary. Designed to encourage people to spend outside of the October-December holiday season, the online retailer says its only goal was to “offer a volume of deals greater than Black Friday”.

Since then, it’s ballooned into one of the biggest sales in the global retail calendar, with many other large retailers launching promotions of their own to take advantage of the huge online audiences around Prime Day.

We’ll be rounding up the best Prime Day deals at Amazon here once they start – and we’ll bring you the biggest offers from the likes of Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot and others too.

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